38/ We need more fundamental research & education in crypto $EGLD $CEL
40/ Don’t allow Mass #Media & False Narratives based on fear to get you to “click” & increase their profits, use logic & rationale. Your Financial Future is worth it $CEL $EGLD:
41/ Traditional Banking Leverage & Instability vs. Crypto #SystemicRisk #Banking #Crypto $CEL $EGLD
43/ Be skeptical as an investor, verify execution $EGLD ⚡️:
49/ Power of Compound Interest $EGLD $CEL:
51/ My @CelsiusNetwork Interview with @JoshuaTjo on $CEL & Banking, Investing & Financial Industry $EGLD
53/ Why #Blockchain #Crypto is an advancement in technology & an opportunity to re-design a #Financial system that is more #Equitable #Fair #Stable & #Inclusive $CEL © $EGLD ⚡️
55/ Why I increased my $HOPR position to 1.5% of portfolio.
56/ Importance of #Diversification in #Crypto Concentration=wealth so #BlueChip heaviest & (Best Risk vs Reward) $CEL $EGLD Also $MATIC due to % gains. Others addressable markets w/ promising technology, quality fundamentals & great leaders $HOPR $VRA $LIT
57/ What is reason behind "Elrond" name $EGLD ⚡️
58/ Live Romanian 🇷🇴 subtitles translation for @ElrondNetwork $EGLD @TRILLIONS_Media Video⚡️🇷🇴
60/ Passive Income = differentiator of being "rich" & being wealthy. If U Understand fully power of #Yield mathematically U would never logically trade again. If U think otherwise U don't understand mathematics not to mention risk & ergodicity. $EGLD $CEL
62/ Opportunity favors the prepared. #Crypto is a MASSIVE learning curve but this type of opportunity comes once in the existence of the world. It's an opportunity 1,000's of times bigger than the opportunity of the #Internet U R Worth it $CEL $EGLD $MATIC
63/ Full published @Medium version of the VAST addressable market & vision of @ElrondNetwork & $EGLD ⚡️
64/ Full published @Medium version of the "Biggest Misconception of #Crypto is that is merely a different currency" $EGLD $CEL $MATIC $HOPR $SAITO $LIT $VRA
65/ Stablecoins & why $EGLD & $CEL are risk managing the uncertainty around $USDT & possibly upcoming stronger regulatory environment on $USDC by choosing $BUSD which = $PAX which is not only fully backed 1:1 but issued by a fully backed BANK regulated institution @PaxosGlobal
66/The future backbone technology that will fuel #DeFi 2.0 is here, both technological & strategic sequential steps of execution has @ElrondNetwork $EGLD $MEX positioned 2 lift all tides & help usher in utility & functionality yet to be seen or experienced
67/ Transparency is the greatest antidote to misinformation or false narratives. $EGLD ⚡️
68/ Decentralization further defined conceptually. Limitations of $ETH & existing design, despite $MATIC & other “scaling solutions” The @ElrondNetwork $EGLD ⚡️ has skipped ZERO steps in its strategic execution, along with 1,000X tech improvement: Explained in detail 44 🐥👇🏼
69/ Execution of #Decentralization by @ElrondNetwork $EGLD A Smart Contract Blockchain designed for the people $EGLD ⚡️
70/ Blockchain & crypto should cater to the people NOT VC’s. Elrond Self Funded (Skin in the Game) all the way til Proof of Concept. They have worked night & day to execute not talk or theorize on a technological infrastructure that is equitable for all participants $EGLD ⚡️
71/ 4 KEY 🔑 Ingredients that the @ElrondNetwork possesses that will allow them to lift all 🌊 tides towards MASS adoption $EGLD ⚡️
73/ Investing in young companies $CEL $EGLD *NFA
74/ Celsius is building a JUGGERNAUT led by @Mashinsky $CEL © 👀🔥
76/ The Media leverages #sensationalism & false narratives. Always look Deeper 👀 #Crypto The banks have the longest track record of #corruption they see it as the “cost of doing business” 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 $CEL $EGLD $MATIC $HOPR $SAITO $LIT #BTC $ETH
77/ Core Principles of Mental Health & Outlook to continue to make healthy decisions. My favorite book all time due to its practical & transformative efficacy: $CEL $EGLD ⚡️MindWorks: A Practical Guide for Changing Thoughts Beliefs, and Emotional Reactions amazon.com/dp/0990584607/…
78/ My identical Twin Brother @MichaelGKress a software engineer 👨‍💻 who has been in #Crypto since 2013. Currently learning development on the @ElrondNetwork #Blockchain He was the one that introduced me to Elrond $EGLD @beniaminmincu @luciantodea @LucianMincu & @Mashinsky $CEL
79/ Importance of #Economics & #Tokenomics of Blockchain $EGLD ⚡️ & @ElrondNetwork @beniaminmincu knocked it out of the park. Entire Paper on Economics, most have a small section 💡🧠 🤝🔥
80/ Education is the antidote to the Mass Media Manipulation, exploiting our survival mechanisms & then leveraging whatever narrative they want or is in their best interest.#Decentralization $EGLD $DOT $ALGO $ADA $AVAX $SAITO $LUNA $SOL $MATIC $ATOM $ALGO
81/ Key strategic partnership & breakthrough via $LINK 🔗 & $CEL ©
82/ The powerful change of Business Model design & structure that #DAO Decentralized Autonomous Organizational models allow for when it comes to value redistribution & helping to shift Wealth concentration. #OperationalLeverage #CharitableOrganizations #Humanity $EGLD $CEL
83/ Narratives & Stories originate from visionaries in a nascent stage of development. Prior to space maturing as investors we must scrutinize, research deeply to understand relativity, not carried into dreamland especially as it relates to relative valuation $EGLD ⚡️ & $DOT ⚪️
84/ Why the $CEL token exists & what does it represent? - An interpretation & Explanation.
86/ #NeverForget 👀🏆🐎🇷🇴📄🤓🧱 $eGLD ⚡️
87/ Why Security is #1 when it comes to #Blockchain & #Crypto ⚡️ $eGLD 🔒
90/ Security is #1 & the merging of #WorldClass UX/UI to deliver on @getMaiar #Inclusiveness #Accessibility & facilitating #MassAdoption $eGLD ⚡️ $MEX #MaiarExchange #Privacy Best #cryptowallet
91/ Elrond is always thinking strategically. I have analyzed so many businesses & I have never continually been blown away by the strategic synergy of the @ElrondNetwork $eGLD ⚡️Strategic Mastery 🤝 Best Tech 🤯

• • •

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7 Aug
(1\63)In the early stages of any Disruptive Technology, narratives or stories dominate the space. Y? Disruption comes from visionaries & the best narratives originate here. Investors who scrutinize, research deeply & don’t get swept into dreamland, succeed.Let’s talk $DOT & $EGLD
(2\63) Prior to discussing further I would like point out an incredible comparison done earlier in the year by my identical twin brother @MichaelGKress who is a software engineer & has been in crypto
(3\63) since 2013. I believe in a multi chain universe & do not see $DOT & $EGLD competing directly particularly because $DOT is more focused on customization, which may be a closer competitor to $AVAX As I have researched deeply into the crypto universe spending over 1,000+
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6 Aug
(1\22) One of my more important posts. In my 44 page research paper & investment thesis I discuss DAO’s or (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations): 32prosperity.medium.com/is-elrond-netw… $EGLD $DOT $ALGO $ADA $AVAX $SAITO $LUNA $SOL $MATIC $ATOM $ALGO Explained in detail below & visually👇
(2\22) openly discussed how I believe crypto & blockchain organizational model’s (DAO’s) can change wealth opportunity & distribution. $EGLD $CEL (Visualized) Explained below: All our structures & systems R modeled in Hierarchal Caste Pyramid Enslavement model.This is just one of
(3\22) the reasons wealth inequality accelerates. The biggest contributor is actually the #CantillonEffect which accelerates the most during times of crisis. Why do you think the 2 largest wealth transfers in the history of the world occurred during the 2008 Financial Crisis
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5 Aug
1/ My favorite #Crypto video outside of the Elrond’s @ElrondNetwork $EGLD ⚡️ Marketing video’s that I will list below & Celsius @CelsiusNetwork $CEL © Power to the people video (Below) is this one by @RektHQ 🔥Do you agree?

$CEL ©
$EGLD ⚡️ #1
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5 Aug
(1\21)Media or those w/ limited understanding of how value of networks operate at times make headlines “GOVT or XYZ company can build their own blockchain making everything worthless" This is a logical fallacy $EGLD $DOT $ALGO $ADA $AVAX $SAITO $LUNA $SOL $MATIC $ETH Explained👇
(2\21) This debate is not a new debate when a network with “disruptive technology” has occurred in the past. It’s important to understand that what makes a network valuable is the participants on that network, not only the technology. In fact if you have the best
(3\21) technology but no participants it means you really don’t have much. #Adoption is key. The telephone was not very valuable initially as adoption didn’t happen overnight. Another way to put it is the size of the network (number of participants was limited). Ways in which
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4 Aug
(1\20) Blockchain & Crypto was to give equitable opportunity to the people. Democratizing Money & Finance. Not to cater to Venture Capitalists or Wealthy. Many talk about this but they are narratives or stories not execution. Time to talk about funding $EGLD $SOL $DOT $ADA $ALGO
(2\20) Elrond Network led by @beniaminmincu @LucianMincu @luciantodea had been in the crypto space since 2013. They invested & worked on many crypto projects which included $DOT $ZIL $XTZ $BAT among many others. They realized none of these crypto projects were the future as
(3\20) they were not solving the bigger problems that would allow for mass adoption. Elrond saw the vision for humanity & how no one was really solving the larger problems. There was much theorizing & lots of money raising but very little substance. What did Elrond do?
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