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What are the implications of excess global financial market volatility on economic growth? Are there threshold effects in the relationship between growth & excess global volatility for individual countries? How should we model the nonlinear effects in a multi-country setting? 1/n
We answer these questions in recent work with Alexander Chudik @DallasFed, M Hashem Pesaran @USCDornsife @TrinCollCam, @mraissi80 @IMFNews & @arebucci1 @JHUCarey @cepr_org @nberpubs:… #TGVAR 2/n
The #Covid19 #pandemic has been a shock like no other, initiating simultaneous demand and supply disruptions. In addition, it led to a sharp tightening in global #financial market conditions during the first quarter of 2020. 3/n Image
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The leak of the #FinCENFiles over the weekend has rocked global markets and augurs a #financial crisis of epic proportions as #DeutscheBank hovers over the precipice.
by Raul Diego @hijodelcuervo… #FinCENLeaks #moneylaundering
The massive German #bank faces huge potential fines from the US government following federal probes into conflicts of interest between them and President #Trump.
by @_whitneywebb…
The Anti-#MoneyLaundering Act would expose the owners of shell companies now sits alone on a shelf in the US Senate while the #FederalReserve shrugs its shoulders in the face of blatant manipulation by the too-big-to-fail banks.
by @hijodelcuervo…
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In a recent paper, with Alexander Chudik @DallasFed, M Hashem Pesaran @USCDornsife, @mraissi80 @IMFNews & @arebucci1 @JHUCarey, we develop a threshold-augmented dynamic multi-country model (#TGVAR) to quantify the #macroeconomic effects of #Covid19:… 1/n Image
Key challenges with the empirical #economic analysis of #Covid19 include the following: how to identify the shock, how to account for its non-linear effects, & how to quantify its effects while accounting for spillovers, common global factors, network effects and uncertainty. 2/n
We contribute to the literature by addressing these issues in a coherent multi-country framework. We offer an identification strategy for the #Covid19 shock considering that a synthetic control method cannot be applied in the context of a global #pandemic. 3/n
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The #FOMC today began the process of “operationalizing” the average inflation targeting framework that Chair #Powell first laid out in his Jackson Hole, WY, Economic Policy Conference speech: including new guidance on how long #policy rates can be expected to remain near zero.
Specifically, policy #rates will remain at current levels “until #labor market conditions have reached levels consistent with the Committee's assessments of maximum #employment and #inflation has risen to 2 percent and is on track to moderately exceed 2 percent for some time.”
Still, we’re skeptical about the achievability of this #inflation goal when the #disinflationary influences of technological #innovation and the #demographic trend of #population aging arguably hold a greater impact on the rate of inflation than central bank #policy does.
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12 New Bills are listed for introduction in #MonsoonSession of #Parliament
These are:
1. Multi-State Co-operative Societies Amendment Bill- to rationalize Govt role & members participation in working of multi-state co-op societies
2. Bilateral Netting of #Financial Contracts Bill
3. Factoring Regulation (Amendment) Bill - to allow #NBFCs, other than NBFC-Factors to undertake Factoring business as well

4. #Pension Fund Regulatory & Devl Authority (Amendment) Bill - Separation of #NPS Trust from #PFRDA, and to provide for #UniversalPension coverage
5. Nat'l Commission for Allied & Healthcare Professionals Bill - set up Central and State Council

6. Assisted #Reproductive Technology (Regulation) Bill - regulation, supervision of ART Clinic, Banks

7. J&K Official language Bill- for language to be used for official purpose
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A tremendous amount of ink has been spilled discussing the supposed quandary of the #equity market’s robust recovery since March, while at the same time #economic improvement has been more uneven and uncertain.
At the heart of this misunderstanding is an apples-to-oranges comparison: the fact is that the #stock #market and the #economy, while connected, are two meaningfully distinct entities.
As a case in point, the correlation between domestic corporate #profits and #GDP #growth collapsed in the 1990s and has hovered near zero for the past three decades. Image
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Let us take a closer look at a level playing field in #Banking, and why regulatory clarity is so important.

The information used here comes directly from the @BIS_org

#Ripple #XRP #Crypto #Cryptocurrency
While crises often span borders, the pain is always domestic. At the political level, therefore, the temptation is for a narrow, national policy response that tends to make the playing field uneven - the very opposite of what we should be aspiring to.
When the Great Financial Crisis hit in 2007-09, for example, national approaches prevailed - notably in the form of ad hoc ring-fencing and recapitalisation of domestic banks by governments. Cross-border #Banking receded significantly.
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What are the best channels to #invest in if I want monthly #returns?
What can we teach #children about #financialindependence?
What is the right #assetallocation strategy?
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#Assetallocation changes as you near retirement. What if your equity #investments are stuck in a phase where the markets are battered?
Can I share #income by creating a trust?
How can an IT employee generate alternate sources of income?
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👇1/X: A thread on why #opensource financial tools consisting of local apps that protect your #privacy are a necessity in today's world of constant hacks and data leaks.


In a world dominated by closed source SaaS someone has to freaking say it!👹
2/X: What does #opensource mean? Why should the user care?

Opensource means that the tool is #transparent and #auditable about what it does. The code is open for all to see and judge.

The user can then verify (probably through other experts) that all claims of the tool are true
3/X: What does "protecting your privacy" mean?

Protecting your privacy DOES NOT MEAN having a freaking privacy policy🤦💩

No organization intends to leak user data. Yet it happens all the time

Financial data are among the most sensitive data we got. Hacks can lead to targeting
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Wish me luck!!! Taking my financial accounting exam today. Though am taking the class pass/fail, the exam is a large part of my grade. Thing with exec education: you do have to try hard to fail. But having realized that, I cut it closer and closer

Okay, have always been this way
My whole life is game theory. I end up figuring out the rules and the winning strategy and then I put just the right effort needed to "win", unless I just adore the subject cuz once I focus, OMG, it is laser focus and intense and deep. That's the way I've always been.
Which basically is the description of a high functioning woman with ADHD and why I tend to violate expectations of women, be out of box, innovate, strategize, rather than be linear in ticking off boxes in the right order and staying within boxes others draw. Nope. Not me.
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During prayer this morning I rejoiced because I'm not #homeless. The last time we had a politically motivated #financial recession, the pres bailed out banks & big corps instead of the citizens. Contrast 2009 with this year. And, yes, it should be obvious to any thinking person
that we have a severe economic disruption every decade. Why is that? Is it b/c there's a new admin every 8 years? Yes and no. Perhaps we should amend the law so @realDonaldTrump can remain in office until Jan 2029 so we can KAG permanently. Make it so, LORD God Yehovah!
@realDonaldTrump Americans are waking up to realize how blatantly demonic, lifelong politicians mess around with the country's financials to create the appearance of disaster so they can shuffle #money where they want it. This one backfired big time, though, b/c DJT loves the country and people.
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"...consistent pressure by the US & #Israel on other nations to demonize Hezbollah & discredit them in the eyes of their supporters may well be the only provable fact surrounding the tragic incident that took place in #Beirut last week."
by @hijodelcuervo…
With #Lebanon already suffering from a food crisis, currency collapse, and #economic #sanctions, the devastating explosion at #Beirut’s biggest port may be a death knell for the country’s #economy.
by @AlanRMacLeod… #BeruitBlast #LebanonExplosion #news
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A relative of mine came to me to look for best #FixedDeposit option available today, and that got me thinking that there should be a #Stock which can fulfill this purpose, and voila i got 1 #SJVN, so here is a thread, why at current levels it is a FD.
#SJVN is the principal business activity #Electricity #generation of the company. The company is also engaged in the business of providing consultancy. Both of these segments are not affected due to #COVID19
SJVN Ltd. been honored with the CBIP Award-2020 of Best Performing #Hydro #Power Company. Company has 5 working projects. 2 #Hydro, 2 #Wind and 1 #Solar. Capacities & Locations are mentioned below: Image
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It was a privilege to recently speak with @LHSummers at the institutional #BlackRockFutureForum on a wide range of topics, and in addition to the highlights that follow, keep an eye out for summary sessions from the event on @blackrock’s The Bid podcast in August.
Prof. Summers argued that the proper paradigm for viewing the #economic #recovery is the tripartite series: 1) collapse, 2) sharp bounce back and 3) a long slog. Unfortunately, he thinks most of the bounce back has occurred already and we’re in for an economic slog now.
He continued by suggesting that the aftershocks to be most concerned with were: 1) continued deterioration of the #Covid situation in the U.S., 2) forthcoming problems in the loan and commercial #RealEstate sectors, and 3) possible #EmergingMarketsDebt crises.
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“The current #pandemic has accelerated #consumer needs; the demand for instant access to #financial #services and products from a #mobile phone seems inexhaustible. The #UK, therefore, is in a unique position to continue to unleash financial #technology…” Image
Current socio-economic conditions are spurring on technologies that plug gaps in the market for the underbanked, who lack access to financial products & services, such as Investree in #Indonesia, joining us tomorrow morning for Future of Fintech in #SEAsia Image
#Future of #Fintech in #SEAsia - 8 July, 9.30am - Joel Yarbrough is the VP for #AsiaPacific for @RapydPayments, a #global FinTech-as-a-service platform and is responsible leading their #growth efforts in the region, join here #webinar #tech #finance #ASEAN Image
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Showing your kids the 'Value of #Money' won't happen overnight. It requires numerous little steps. Remember, that they will most likely chaos up en route, yet mistakes are the means by which they learn. #SaarthiZarooriHai @iRadhikaGupta @NileshShah68 @AmitMTrivedi @monikahalan Image
Lack of #FinancialLiteracy of children & not teaching by parents the 'Value of #Money' can be a reason behind such cases being reported. We wonder how many more such cases would be unreported. Build a strong #Financial foundation today. We at @MMFA_IN are here to guide & mentor. बच्चों की वित्तीय वित्तीयता...
बच्चों की वित्तीय वित्तीयता में कमी और माता-पिता द्वारा ''पैसों की अहमियत'' न पढ़ाया जाना ऐसे मामलों के पीछे एक कारण हो सकता है। हमें आश्चर्य है कि इस तरह के कितने और मामले अप्राप्त होंगे। आज एक मजबूत वित्तीय नींव बनाएँ। हम @MMFA_IN में मार्गदर्शन और संरक्षक के लिए यहां हैं।
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Webinar - The Future of #Fintech in #SoutheastAsia

Adrian Gunadi, Co-Founder and CEO, Investree

His experience working for leading #financial institutions has made Adrian see the many #Indonesians who are having difficulty in obtaining access to #finance Image
#Webinar: The Future of #Fintech in #SoutheastAsia

Joel Yarbrough Vice President for Asia Pacific @RapydPayments

Joel is the #AsiaPacific Vice President for Rapyd, a global FinTech-as-a-service platform and responsible for leading their value proposition Image
Webinar: The Future of #Fintech in #SoutheastAsia

Alderman William Russell, Lord #Mayor of the City of #London

Alderman Russell will act as a spokesman for the City, leading overseas #business delegations to key international markets on behalf of the #UK Image
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.#Markets keep pivoting off of a great deal of noise running through the #media, but as we’ve indicated for some time, it’s worth taking a step back to consider the power behind #monetary rescue programs and their influences.
Critics of the efficacy of quantitative easing (#QE) often contend that asset purchase proceeds remain stranded in the #financial #economy
but the transfer of #capital to #MainStreet actors; amounts to the first direct payment of money creation from the #Fed into the real #economy since WW2, catalyzing broad #money and incremental #NGDP growth, and Chair Powell also indicated those purchases won’t run off.
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As #WuhanCoronoVirus recedes from public eye in #CCPChina


#China tries to return to Normalcy

Its #Banking & #Financial sector woes return to Haunt

Run on 2 Banks

Cracks appear at the grass roots of China’s banking system with two bank runs
This by #CHINESE Prime minister is quite revealing




This is what #CCPChina is facing

Via @jenniferatntd…
Key Paragraphs Screen Shot ImageImage
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1/ Highlights from three days of Financial Modeling #bootcamp at the Nest for #founders and #startups - a #thread

2/ Fixed costs are not evil.

They are a part of scaling up or building intellectual property. Great if you could keep them low at the beginning but you can't avoid them if you need to scale
3/ Cyclical and seasonal changes in revenues require you to build a monthly financial model.

Build an annual model going forward 3-5 years. Then build a short and sweet 12 month model.

Building both will keep you honest.
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1/ The financial modeling thread for #startups and #founders

I put together a series of lecture notes from my #financial #modeling #bootcamp at @TheNestiO in year end 2019

Here is the entire series of #articles in the form of a #thread reproduced on request

Read in sequence
2/ Modeling revenues for #startups and #founders.

Build models for founders not #investors. Use models to test run your businesses in #Excel.

Faster, cheaper and less painful than doing it in real life…
3/ Unit #economics for startups and founders

Why #LTV > X * CAC is the first relationship you need to learn before you scale.

Also if you can't make money on a single order, best of luck with the next 10,000…
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#Day #Trading #Options

#Basic Concept - options day trading focuses only on the underlying #mathematics. It does not rely on any #financial predictions, company results, or market direction.
A #realistic approach is to take advantage of occasional pricing inefficiencies that arise in the #options market.
These #distortions can be related to #earnings announcements, expiry week, weekend #theta decay, intraday implied #volatility swings, differences between overnight and #intraday volatility, or news and #rumors.
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Since late April, when the #FOMC last met, a lot has changed: #financial conditions have improved, the labor #market began to recover from the #economic shock related to lockdowns, and the central bank’s crisis rescue actions have worked to improve the flow of #credit.
That said, the #Fed is still rightly concerned about the massive shock to #employment, #inflation and growth prospects, and the central bank has committed to keeping policy rates low for a very long period and continuing #QE “at least at the current pace.”
This strikes us as an appropriate #policy mix, but critical areas for the #Fed to remain focused on are the Main Street lending program and further assistance to State and Local #municipalities.
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