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توفّي، أمس الأحد، الأرشمندريت #بندلايمون_فرح، وسيُدفَن في جبل آثوس في #اليونان حيث نُفي لمدّة خمس سنوات بعد الحكم عليه بقضايا #تحرش بقاصرين والاعتداء الجنسيّ عليهم.
#لبنان Image
وكان قرار النفي قد صدر العام 2017 في دير سيّدة #البلمند، بعد أربع سنوات على إصدار مطران #جبل_لبنان للروم الأرثوذكس جورج خضر قراراً بانعزال الأرشمندريت داخل دير سيّدة حماطورة الذي كان يرأسه في كوسبا- #الكورة، ومنعه من أداء الخدمة الكهنوتيّة أو استقبال الزوّار.
مع وفاة #بندلايمون_فرح، تطوى صفحة «راهب» #متحرش، لكنّ صفحة ضحاياه ومعاناتهم لا تزال ربّما مفتوحةً، هم الذين تجاهلتهم المحاكم المدنيّة، ولم تمنحهم المحاكم الكنسيّة إلا حدّاً أدنى من العدالة.
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When I see this tweet, I get a sick feeling I’m the pit of my stomach. The way I read this, is, “Kids are killing themselves in #AISD,” and if Meagan, the counseling coordinator for secondary education is sending up #flares like this in #ATX it must be bad, because she’s polished
Does anyone realize that #Suicides in the schools are not reported in the news? They are very #confidential Why? They are #minors AND school officials are trying to prevent #copycat #suicides.
Yep, when kids hear about #Suicide they think about doing it too. Kids in the #ATX are in trouble. This isn’t Meagan talking. This is me. I know what #mentalhealth crisis means.
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Uttar Pradesh Court, Bulandshahar rejects bail plea of Man named “Osama”, accused of raping and sexually assaulting a 14 year old girl.
Court finds that prima facie, Osama has raped the minor girl.
Court rejects contention that it was a conspiracy against Osama & family.
Special Judge (POCSO), Bulandshahar was hearing Osama’s bail plea in which he argued that the case was falsely made up to harass him.
An FIR was registered by girl's father stating that Osama and his family members were known to his family and Osama took his daughter to a hotel room deceptively, where he made her drink a cold drink after which she fainted and he committed rape on her.
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CIA, Mossad and “the Epstein Network” Exploiting Mass Shootings to Create an Orwellian Nightmare
Epstein, known for blackmail through the sexual abuse of the underaged girls, also had “damaging information” on prominent figures in Silicon Valley.…
Operation Parachute reminder: Harvey #Weinstein & Black Cube 'a select group of veterans of elite units in the #Israeli intelligence community, combined with financial and legal experts' based in London, Tel-Aviv and Paris.… Image
It took 30 years of rape before this guy was arrested!
Epstein-linked French modeling agent with office in Tel Aviv charged with rape of minors… #KGB #Mossad #Chutzpah #Brunel #Epstein
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1/ I would like to start a DIALOGUE on #SexSlavery #Trafficking in the USA!

Please join me in discussing & dealing with this issue!

In light of Florida’s #Trafficking sting …
2/ It is a serious issue (that I have made fun of myself).

#Sex #trafficking accounted for 6,081 of more than 8,500 reported cases of trafficking in the United States in 2017, according to statistics from the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

The Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office, which is a part of the multi-agency crackdown, said 100s of people will end up facing charges, with dozens arrested so far.

The Florida sex trafficking sting resulted in nearly 50 arrests and 200 warrants & more are coming!
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Yesterday @POTUS said that #Immigrants trying to enter the US are #animals, not people.

Let's look at who he's talking about.

#Trump will separate children from parents to discourage #Immigrants, even those legally requesting amnesty. 1/6 #sanctuary
Not people? So it's okay to separate children from their parents indefinitely?

Does that @CBP officer look proud of his job? 2/6 #dehumanization #RacismInAmerica #SanctuaryCities #sanctuary
This mother and son look like #people to me.

For some reason the @CBP officers don't seem to want to be in the picture. 3/6 #prisonreform
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