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In the end, @kdmcdonald2020 crushed 3-term incumbent Jessica Cooper by a nearly 2:1 margin. Let me explain why this one was so important to me personally:
Before I begin, it's important to understand:
1. For more than a decade before I delved into being a healthcare policy analyst, I was a freelance website developer.
2. I've had a long-standing policy of not discussing details of past clients publicly. This is the sole exception.
Back in 2012, I was hired by Cooper (who was then in her first term as Oakland County Prosecutor) to develop her re-election campaign website. It wasn't a huge job, and the site itself was a fairly standard campaign site for a county-level position. Nothing unusual.
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“With the exception of Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, & Wisconsin...”
FWIW, there's ~200 countries nationally, and over half of them have a case rate below 1.5 per thousand residents.

Every U.S. state & territory has a higher case rate than that except American Samoa & the Northern Mariana Islands.…
"What about *mortality* rates, though?"

Well over half of countries have a COVID19 mortality rate below 0.04 per thousand.

Every U.S. state & territory is higher than that except Alaska, Hawaii, N. Mariana Islands, Guam & American Samoa.
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Ijue Bermuda triangle na matukio mengi ya kusaajabisha juu ya Bermuda 🇧🇲 triangle

Chukua popcorn 🍿 kabisa shuka na huu uzii mpaka mwisho
🔁Retweet iwafikie wengii

#FunFactFriday #wapwatuinuane
Bermuda Triangle ni eneo la Bahari ya Atlantiki pande zote mbili za ikweta mbele ya pwani ya Amerika Kaskazini, baina ya Florida, Puerto Rico na visiwa vya Bermuda.
Tangu mwaka 1964 jina la "pembetatu ya Bermuda" lilibuniwa na kusambazwa na waandishi wa habari wakijaribu kueleza kupotea kwa boti, meli na ndege katika eneo hili
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Not So Long ago .
He is Still Associated with Congress Party !!

I will Give Some Examples !!
He is a criminal who helped and sheltered ridiculous online troll papri banerjee who posted anti India messages after pulwama terror attacks. This papri went on an online hate post spree calling Indian martyrs names and abusing our forces for which a court ordered her arrest,
but she disappeared only to be sheltered by this Idiot. Then he was intimidating users on twitter

It doesn't Stop Here !!

More to come
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Today’s #OldSchool chat will be about “Cooley High,” one of the great #Chicago classic films that often gets drowned out by other flicks like “The Blues Brothers” or even “Adventures In Babysitting.”
Cooley was a break from the "blax" films that were popular at the time. An autobiographical piece by Chicago writer Eric Monte, he modeled the main character "Preach" after himself. CH was a real high school that served the kids of Cabrini-Green before it was demolished in 1980.
While much of the cast was made of up-and-coming actors like Glynn Turman, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs and Garrett Morris, the producers hired a lot of residents as cast members, including Jackie Taylor, who later founded the Blk Ensemble Theater. Some of them were natural actors.
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For each like I'll tweet a useful fact about the Swedish language.
Swedish nouns have two genders: "utrum" and "neutrum", also called the common gender and the neuter gender in English. More names are en-ord/N-ord or ett-ord/T-ord.
2. When in doubt which gender a word has, either use a dictionary (😜), or use the common gender (en), since the majority of Swedish nouns take that one.
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Uff! @HGoebel, anscheinend eine Anhängerin der Neoklassik, darf mal wieder ihren Sermon verbreiten!
Ein Sammelsurium fescher Sprüche - und vor allem unwahrer Behauptungen.
Ein Thread.
"Sonnenstrom bleibt... ein teurer Zuschussbetrieb für Stromkunden und bald auch Steuerzahler": Wow, das liest sich, als hätte es ihr jemand von der @insm direkt i.d. Feder diktiert!😉
Kurzer Blick auf d. (NICHT geförderten!) Ausschreibungen von #FFA > 750 kWp.
Die Grafik zeigt die Ergebnisse der letzten beiden Ausschreibungen. Was man daraus ableiten kann:
1⃣Da die Errichter großer Freiflächenanlagen mit einem Preis von um die 5 Ct./kWh immer noch Geld verdienen, muss der Gestehungspreis wohl niedriger sein.
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Innenminister von @CDU und @CSU erleichtert:

Ihre #Polizei|Beamten können wohl auch in #Berlin genauso weiter diskriminieren, wie es "zu Hause" keineswegs unüblich ist.

Offenbar hat keiner von ihnen das #LADG gelesen, geschweige denn verstanden.

Besonders interessant: das Zitat von @IM_NRW-#Reul.

"Das war eine zwingend notwendige Klärung. Ich bin wirklich froh, dass meine Polizisten nicht dem Zugriff dieses komischen Gesetzes unterliegen"

"Komisches Gesetz"? Ist das etwa irgendeine #Berlin|er Schmonzette?

Was viele (leider auch @tagesschau) irgendwie überlesen haben: ein bloßer "Vorwurf" reicht keineswegs!

Zunächst muss ein ggf. Betroffener "Tatsachen glaubhaft" darstellen, die ein Vorliegen eines Verstoßes „überwiegend wahrscheinlich machen".

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Recommendation 1 is to reform fiscal stabilization and hold an equalization referendum. Okay, fair enough to debate.

The analysis presented around Recommendation 1, however, is 100% false. It's mistakes like this that undermines the credibility of the panel's work. #ableg
It's not that these numbers are made up. Not at all. You can review them for yourself here:…

These represent the gaps between federal revenue from Albertans and spending in the province. It's not specifically about equalization. Not at all.
To learn more, I wrote about how to measure such fiscal transfers, and how to account for them by program, for the Canadian Tax Journal here:…

TL;DR: Gap due to strong econ. And EQ accounts for as much 'transfer' out of Alberta as the GST. #FunFact
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#Germany #Sad/#FunFact #BLM

RKI= Rober Koch Institute

(Named after Rober Koch who was one of the lost important doctors and resarchers in the world, he died 1910, the RKI was found 1891 under leadership of Koch and after his death named after him.
The RKI is the institut for pandemic and tropical disseases since 1891. Robert Koch won even a Medicin Nobel price for his work with tuberculosis. And also with anthrax before and prevented a epedemic.
His carrer begun as a country doctor who resarched in its own crafted labrotory and found there for the first time with knowledge of that time the anthrax and tuberculosis bacterias. And he got a master in hygenic and even advised the German empire.
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Time for some Fun Facts.
We've not had any #FunFact for more than a month now.
Today we will thread about Mother's Love.
I decided to do this after @zeema_k asked a question why Mother's love increases when daughter are away.
As usual, there is something interesting going on. 1/n
Let's start with some basic reasons we think we love our mothers. A lot of Love theorist, used to believe it is primarily due to the strong attachments we had as kids because mothers were our source of food and nutrition. But is this true ?? Welcome aboard
I invite you to a controversial experiment conducted in the 1960s by Harry Harlow from University of Wisconsin Madison.
(side note: It strikes me, the level of unethical experiments that were allowed to take place in/before the 90s) but anyway!
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See the backpacks citizen journalist carry, while they are filming? I created something like that, which included wifi that could not be hacked, so upload streams could not be interfered. I gifted it to a global movement & within 3 weeks there were 3000 cities using it. #FunFact
Another time in a war zone, with a tracker on my teammates 24/7 to ensure they were safe, we added solar panels (they folded up into the pack, the geni was kind of heavy tho), then gifted it to villagers & transmedia platforms, so they could get footage of war crimes out.
It's beautiful to see so many people filming, documenting injustice! #Witness

Save footage, archive offline. Some of it may become historic.

And always go with a buddy, who also films. Cameras on each other if necessary! Invaluable tip, saved my life 1x.
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Been down the rabbit-hole of #Croatian #folklore - here's a #thread of what I found:


This one is especially close as its my family island.
'From #Folklore to Fiction: Early Literary Manifestations of the #Vampire Motif'

Fun fact: the term 'vampyr' first appeared in an 11th century Slavic manuscript vilifying #Bogomils, a #Gnostic dualist heresy that was endemic to the #Balkans
'#Witches' Zoopsychonavigations and the Astral Broom in the Worlds of #Croatian Legends as (Possible) Aspects of #Shamanistic Techniques of Ecstasy (and Trance)'…
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#FunFact #Mongolia

Mongolia home of world known Genghis Khan and the coldest capital in the world Ulaanbaatar. The first hotel build in Mongolia was 1961 with the name "Ulaanbaatar hotel". Ulaanbaatar itself means "red hero". And the word Mongol means brave.
Most mongolians, including these wich life in the citys and dont travel threw the country owns a Ger (meaning home) and lifes there between May and july normaly. Ulaanbaatar is one of te worst poluted citys in the world. Thats why many people have air filters in the citys.
In Mongolia you can find the biggest desert in Asia wich is also part of China, the Gobi desert. The endangered 2-hump camel, the Bactrian camel, is native to Mongolia. It got brought to Arabia by the mongols itself. Since Monngolia is also the place with the biggest
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Hey @DeutscheBank, you make a decision: make a #PositiveImpact to the fight against the #ClimateCrisis, or continue to support fossil fuels! A #Thread in english. #divest #followthemoney #gofossilfree #dbagm #BanksAgainstFuture
In 2019, the german climate activist @luisamneubauer said at the annual general meeting “It is the Deutsche Bank, which like no other bank, is stealing our future.” 💯 Whereupon CEO #Sewing announced "fewer projects to finance fossil fuels".… 2/12
In order to avoid a similar situation this year, a PR campaign was rolled out in advance and now advertises in a press release with "ambitious sustainability targets".… 3/12
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#FunFact #Armenia

Armenia that land that has its enime Azerbajian next to its borders, two times and the country wich implemented christianity first as nation wide religion. And its one of the 6 ancient countrys on the world. Its also the place of te first church,
the Echmiadzin Cathedral build 303. The catherdal is also home of the so claimed spear of Longinus, its the spear wich is sayed to have killed Jesus. Also the capital of Armenia Yerevan is one of the oldest citys in the world and the 13th capital of Armenia it was build 782 BC.
its only 29 years older then Rome. Armeina is also the heritage of the apricot. The Mountain Arat who is name in the holy writtings as Noah landed with its ship can is symbol of the country (Genesis 8:4) but the mountain isnt in Armenia anymore. Its in todays Turkey.
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#FunFact #Iran

Iran is on terms of szeis a super power in the area and is the Shia power against Saudi Arabia as Sunni. Iran is on of less countrys that never got fully invaded threw its history.
Approximately 14.2% of Iranians are obese, making it the 41st most obese country in the world. American Samoa is the largest, with 75% of its population obese.  Iran’s capital and largest city, Tehran, has some of the worst air pollution in the world.
An estimated 27 people die a day from air pollution-related diseases. The polutiom is so bad since Tehersn is surrounded by a big mountain chain. The Persian Gulf holds 60% of the world’s oil reserves. Iran alone has reserves of 125 billion barrels of oil,
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#FunFact #Peru

Peru owns the biggest sand dune in the world with the Cerro Blanco, located in the Sechura Desert in the south of Peru, measures 3,860 feet /2080 meter. And Peru owns also the most varieties of potatos in the world with over 3000 diffrent potatos!
There are 3 official languages in Peru: Spanish, Quechua and Aymara, there are also 13 diffrent langueges spoken in the Amazonas. Peru is also the only place where you can find the biggest bird on earth the Andean condor. Its also te place of the highest lake in the world
the Titiccasea at 3812meters/ 11000 feet. Until today guinea pigs are a commen traditional dish there, and btw we europeans ate them too in the history thats why the human keeped them to eat them later. In Peru also the Amazon river begins and is the longest river of the country.
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#FunFact #Estonia

Estonia a beautiful little country in the balcan with has some special parts. Like that Estonia is one of 3 countrys (excapt the ethnic groups in Russia itself) wich have a finnish- ugric langueg as national langueg. Finnish-ugric is likely the most special
langueg in the world due to its spreading. The closes langueg is finnish. The only 3 finish-ugric countrys are Estonia, Finnish and Hungaryen. Estonia is also in terms of technologie and internet the South korea of Europe. Its leading Europe with techbological investments.
Estonia ranks first in terms of electronical pay and often you cant pay cash. The oppesite is the case in Germany as last place. Estonia is also one of less countries wich used a image of the nature as there national flag, another example would be the Ukraine.
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#FunFact #Germany (My Country)

Germany the country were you have on 65% of all Autobahns (like a Highway) no speedlimits and still one of the lowest traffic deaths in the world. And likely the only place you have often to pay to use public restrooms.
Germany is also one of the most dentsly populated countrys in the world with 83 millions simply due ee have no gigantic citys. Biggest is Berlin (3mil) followed by Hamburg (2mil). Also the first printed book ever made was written in German also the first magazine ever made 1663.
Also a funny thing but many know as JFK visited Berlin, he infamously said “Ich bin ein Berliner,” which also translates in some Areas in to “I am a jelly donut.” The first foregin documentry of Berlin in the 1570s in its early days was as "not inviting swamp area with no worth"
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(1/20) Day 4 – Dr. Spicer with Communication and Misinformation in the SoMe Era as well as Epi 2: Public Health Measures to Control the Spread of SARS-CoV-2 by Dr. Menza #IDMedEd @w_menza @JenniferSpicer4 @Armstrws @lstrnad5 @ahvillamagna @OHSU_ID @OHSUSOM @OHSUIMRes @aoglasser
(2/20) Aaaand – no judgement on this twitter thread on how to twitter 😉
(3/20) Using twitter as a medical professional comes in many forms: virtual communities #BlackMenInMedicine, twitter chats #WIMchat, networking, advocacy #GetMePPE, lit discussion #IDJClub, dissemination of work
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#FunFact #TheGambia

The Gambia is the smallest nation on mainland africa and is surrounded by Senegal. Its also called the smiling coast of Africa. Its the 159th largest nation in the world with 10,689 square kilometers (4,127 square miles).
The Gambia is a very small and narrow country with the border based on the Gambia River. The country is less than 48 kilometers (30 miles) wide at its greatest width. 11.5% of the country is total water by the Gambia river.
The first written records of the region come from Arab traders in the 9th and 10th centuries. The Portuguese reached this area by sea in the mid-15th century, and began to dominate overseas trade.
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(1/19) Exciting new multidisciplinary COVID-19 #medstudent intersession @OHSUSOM @OHSUIMRes @OHSU_ID @OHSURadiology @OHSUPulmCCM, @OHAOregon @publichealthpdx psychiatry and even @EmoryDeptofMed @JenniferSpicer4 ! Day 1: SARS-CoV-2 virology, presentation, dx, CC mgmt #idmeded
(2/19) will tweet highlights and random fun facts from the day's sessions. @lstrnad5 @marissa_maier @ahvillamagna @SikkaMon
(3/19) Session 1.1 @PDXdengue #funfact – Coronavirus name evolved from its structure that resembles a crown (credit CDC image library)
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Information regarding CO2 insufflation in laparoscopy and robotics has been murky, overwhelming, and confusing. I put together this tweetorial to distill down the information into one thread. To be clear, most info is speculative and extrapolated (
To start, some basic virology needs to be explained. Coronaviruses are a family RNA viruses. The one we’re dealing with today has been named Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) aka coronavirus disease 2019 (i.e., #COVID19).
This RNA virus has a size range of 0.06 to 0.14 microns ( and has been isolated within the epithelium of both the respiratory and GI tract. We don’t yet know if it can be isolated within the peritoneal surface or ascitic fluid, but studies are underway.
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