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Say, I ask you what year we just marched in yesterday?

You would say, "2022."
Then I ask what measure does this number represent?
You would say, "AD or CE".

So what do they mean?
2/n According to the @CambridgeWords

AD (Anno Domini)=a Latin phrase meaning "in the year of the Lord", the full form of the abbreviation AD, which is used when referring to a year after Jesus Christ was born
3/n CE (Common Era)=the period from the birth of Jesus Christ, when the Christian calendar starts counting years as AD

SO basically it is the "year of Jesus or year of Christianity".
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Boston #FreeAssange Rally early #FirstNightBoston
Brought in the New Year praising Julian & #WikiLeaks Positive, sympathetic reactions!
Tide is turning!
✴️Letters to Merrick Garland @TheJusticeDept
✴️Petition to senators @ewarren @SenMarkey
Thread 👇
"Assange's only crimes are exposing the crimes of the war makers, of the genocidal war machine that exploits and oppresses working people in countries around the world. ...He is our hero. Please join us in the campaign to #FreeJulianAssange." John Harris,
"Here we are New Year Eve's day as part of #FirstNightBoston. We are very concerned about Julian Assange. He just lost his case...who knows how long he'll be in jail?...@POTUS & Merrick Garland could just #DropTheCharges & the case would go away" Susan McLucas, Activist Organizer
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In a devastated democracy—where an invisible virus and an in-your-face monster are running riot—newspapers are doing their bit to elevate the mood. As #NewYear2022 dawns, there is plenty of pop advice on offer on how to navigate zindagi’s “chunautis”. (1/4)
2️⃣ @DainikBhaskar has a 10-step guide on how to “unlock happiness”. Happily lifted from Danish writer Aksel Sandemoss’s ‘Jante’s Law’, the newspaper lists the 10 commandments that have made Finland the world’s happiest nation, year after year: (2/4)
3️⃣ @AmarUjalaNews reads no different from an inane @PMOIndia speech. Its 5 steps to happiness is a boilerplate 🙏 bullshit message 🙏 forwarded by WhatsApp uncles: family first, stay happy, take care of your health, invest in a new skill, read good news. (3/4)
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My INTERNT Friends
(PS: Long thread alert)
-‘Blood is thicker than water’, goes the old saying. And this proved absolutely true during my COVID ordeal.
- My whole family rallied behind me; from getting a bed to gain access to even trying to shift me +
#NewYear2022 #COVID19
+ to a bigger hospital in-between, they did everything.
- But this story is not about them.
- Its about another family which stood behind me, prayed for me, & helped me out in ways which I could not have imagined.
- This story is about my INTERNET friends.
#NewYear2022 #COVID19
- But here is a kicker - I have never met anyone of them in person!
- So, how did we become friends?
- Except for one chap, I’ve interacted with most of these gentlemen for more than a decade on a platform dedicated to defense and geopolitical issues.
#NewYear2022 #COVID19
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IT’S THE FINAL DAY OF 2021. We’re closing in on our goal of 200 new recurring monthly donors by midnight TONIGHT. Why do we need support? Because we’re fighting for democracy on five fronts. Click to chip in, and read on for the final two in our countdown:…
We’ve talked about Robin Vos and the shamtacular Michael Gableman investigation. We’ve talked about Mike Gallagher, Derrick Van Orden, and GOP members of Congress. We’ve talked about (yikes) Ron Johnson. Now it’s time for #2: Wisconsin’s Supreme Court and Partisan Gerrymandering. Image
Wisconsin’s Supreme Court is officially nonpartisan. The reality, though, is that it’s a 4-3 conservative-majority body that is, at this very moment, working to lock in Republican control of Wisconsin’s state legislature for the next decade.
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5yrs ago, my friend told me about using a “Word of the Year” to manifest an intention instead of a #NewYearResolution.

I gave it a shot and I have had some very powerful experiences since.

But it comes with a warning… 🧵 1/13

You really need to choose your word wisely.

I’ve found the universe (or God) has its own ideas about how to creatively interpret your chosen word.

Sometimes for the better, sometimes maybe not. 2/13
For 2018, my first year doing this, I chose “Metamorphosis.”

That year I ended my toxic marriage, moved cities, quit my job, worked another provincial war room, and started at a new firm with some of my closest friends.

That was a big year. 3/13
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Keutamaan Muhasabah

Muhasabah berarti melakukan perhitungan, yakni terkait diri sendiri terlebih dahulu

#Republikathread #NewYear2022
2. Secara kebahasaan, muhasabah berasal dari akar kata hasiba-yahsabu-hisab. Artinya, 'melakukan perhitungan.' Secara istilah keagamaan, muhasabah berarti suatu upaya mengevaluasi diri sendiri atau kolektif, yakni memeriksa adanya kebaikan dan keburukan dalam segala aspek.
3. Muhasabah juga dipandang sebagai suatu sarana yang dapat mengantarkan seorang manusia untuk mencapai derajat yang tertinggi sebagai hamba Allah SWT. Ada setidaknya empat poin penting dari bermuhasabah.
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My Ambition is To Be Free And Awesome!… #FEMINISTGIANT #NewYear2022 A picture of Mona in a yell...
Take #FEMINISTGIANT with you into the the #NewYear
Feminism is not a few women hurdling over patriarchy's obstacles. Feminism is the destruction of those obstacles.… #FEMINISTGIANT #NewYear2022 A picture of Mona in a yell...
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