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#NFT 2.0蓄势待发,你准备好了吗?(NFT2.0 is coming, are u ready?)

带动的“元宇宙”概念股飙升、由 @BoredApeYC 带动的“NFT 1. 0”盛世,加之白名单机制等因素,@opensea 2021年交易量较2020年增长*646*倍,如果总结#Crypto 行业趋势,2021年,NFT大放异彩。
如果说 @cryptopunksnfts@BoredApeYC#NFT 领域的OG,在2021年下半年和2022年初的众多“蓝筹”则是毫无疑问的新秀,包括但不限于 @doodles @AzukiOfficial @sartoshi_nft, 而在 @yugalabs 估值40亿的映衬之下,曾经预防科学家包场的白名单制度和 @Twitter 裂变扩散的运营方法显得如此陈旧又苍白。
尤其是在经历疯狂小周期(2021.12~2022.1)之后,市场再无新叙事,#NFT 曾经引以为傲的“野蛮生长”和“自下而上”的精神与优势,早已在一次又一次的 #rugpull 中被稀释、被消耗、被磨灭。而加密领域的通病-安全问题,相比 #cryptocurrency 领域,有过之而无不及。
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🔥The connection between GameFi and the Ponzi scheme.

👉Let's dig into the problem GameFi is currently facing and come up with a solution.👇

#P2E #P2Egaming #GameFi #Metaverse #PlayToEarn #NFTGame Image
1. Components of a GameFi Image
1.1/ Gameplay

It's defined as the method the game is played, which includes the rules, plot, objectives, and how to achieve them, as well as a player's overall experience, which is one of the most essential aspects of gaming and helps decide the game's success
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Top Blockchain Gaming Projects Currently in Live

Along with the explosive growth of Play to earn, many games are created to quickly profit and only have cake pictures. One way to avoid these types of projects is to only invest in projects that already have complete gameplay #P2E Image
The gaming project is tremendously expanding, the tricks to attract attention and investors' money have also since become diverse. Indeed, there are projects that spend 30-40% of tokenomics just for marketing to attract users, the gameplay over time is still on the whitepaper.
These types of projects gradually become more because of the easy-money mindset from developers, making money becomes simple because there are just limited shields to protect investors.

#playtoearn #P2E #NFT #metaverse #NFTgame
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State of NFT: A Weekly Update

A thread 🧵
Top NFT Collections with the highest volume over 7 days

NFT Transaction Volume on each blockchain

#Ethereum #Harmony #SolanaNFT
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🔥The backer or investment fund behind each project is the top factor to consider when choosing a GameFi project.

👉In this article, we will take a closer look at this factor and why it contributes to the success of the project.

#PlayToEarn #NFTGame #GameFi #Metaverse The importance of backers for blockchain gaming projects
1/ The importance of backers for blockchain gaming projects
Firstly, a GameFi project cannot be implemented without abundant capital. A powerful backer behind each project is an affirmation of the feasibility and sustainability of that project.
Next, a good backer will identify areas where the project needs help. It could be tokenomics of the project, governance, technical, or with an extensive network of partners, they can help the project get wider coverage in the media.
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Why #NFTs matter?
Thread here.🧵
From cryptocurrency to digital art, and then to electronic data, #NFT is an "exclusive pass" which bridges many fields undoubtedly.

And, the most unique features of NFT are:
1. Non-homogeneity
2. Cultural component
3. Identity attribute
4. Brand carrier
5. Scalability.
actually, the first test of #NFT is started with the colored coins built in #Bitcoin network. and it's named by Rare Pepes which were related to the illustration of Pepe the Frog. And some of them had been sold out in eBay and u can learn more about it in below websites.
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What is @crypto_unicorns and why am I excited about the game?.. A 🦄 🧵[1/23]

FYI - I will do my best to boil down the key parts into high level summaries but I highly encourage you to read supplementary documentation.
30,000 ft. summary - Crypto Unicorns is a not so serious, fun farming simulation game which will also include Battle loops such as Jousting, Racing and Team RPG.

Ok so what?...Lets unpack this a bit.. ending thread with the juicy parts. [2/23]
The game features a player owned economy starting with NFTs in the form of Unicorns and land.

There are 10k Genesis eggs (Unicorns) and initial supply of 30k units of land separated into 3 categories of rarity (Common, Rare & Mythic).

More - [3/23]
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1/x The Evolution of #Guilds
A thread on how #P2E Gaming #Guilds are transitioning. With the development of #GameFi 2.0 and growing base of gamers, guilds have to balance between incentives, sustainable growth of player base and building community (providing entertainment value)
2/x Market Capacity of #Guilds
Guilds differentiate through few categories:
1) Manpower Management & Recruitment
2) Venture Capital & Incubation
3) Tooling (ERP, CRM, #SaaS platform)
4) Identity (Gamification of performance, scholarship analytics & efficiency, #DeFi passport)
3/x Manpower
Guilds earn facilitation fees from #AxieScholars & managers earnings and allocate them efficiently. Toolings will help with scaling and guilds can further optimise in-game trading/leasing of #NFT with their #P2E game economy expertise
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@GalaxyFight_NFT is the first cross-IP Player VS Player (PVP) game for the NFT Universe.

Here are the MUST-KNOW points from the #GalaxyFightClub Whitepaper 👇
@GalaxyFight_NFT is a Cross-IP fighting game set in the year 2049. The first battle arena will be set in a cyberpunk-themed high rise rooftop.

Cross-IP means you can login with an #NFT from another collection and battle to earn rewards through the game’s play-to-earn mechanics.
Instead of creating new utility-based collections, #GalaxyFightClub aims to add utility for existing #NFT avatar collections.

This means that you could play the game and battle with your @BoredApeYC NFT.
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543 plot savannah estate in lunacia.

conservatively, i could sell this for 1,629 $eth ($5,219,087.94 $usd), but I haven’t…

an @axieinfinity 🧵
i don’t know who you think i am, but let me enlighten you. i’m a 33 year old dreamer, living in the midwest clouds. until this year, my bank account never had more than a few hundred dollars in it. i am the definition of a starving artist.
until last nov. i lived with my aunt, and even now, i only live in a modest studio in wisconsin. very few people in the regaverse know i’m cloudwhite.

in short, 5 million in land sales would change my life forever. i could ride into the sunset, but i’m not…
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- FAQ-

Q: How do I sign up?

A: simply navigate to our sign up page and click on one of the buttons to register directly using Twitter or Google. You can use the same button to easily login again at a later point. Image
- FAQ-

Q: How do I make sure to never miss another #NFTdrop / #NFTlaunch ?

A: Sign up for our NFT Drop Alert by clicking here -->…
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El juego se basa en ensamblar un robot con un piloto para luchar contra otros

Estética 2D que a los más veteranos les traerá recuerdos a MetalSlug y Pac-Man entre otros juegos y a gráficos de consolas como Nintendo y SEGA Master System

(1/14) MetGear- NFT Game Whitepape...

Desarrollado en colaboración RocketStudio (OneSoft) y OnePad 🇻🇳

Motor gráfico Unity estará disponible en PC, Android e iOS

Contrato $GEAR :…

Indican que el contrato está auditado y será publicado. Actualmente no está

(2/14) Tecnología MetaGear - NFT GAME

Está compuesto de 4 partes : Chasis, Ruedas, Arma y Accesorio
Rarezas : Común , Raro, Mítico y Legendario

Vamos detallar cada parte que forma nuestra máquina a continuación.

(3/14) MetaGear NFT GAME - ROBOT
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- Low market cap ($252 m)
- #Metaverse & #PlayToEarn
- On $AVAX
- The game looks amazing
- VC vesting is great

Not financial advice, do your own research.

@Talecraftio #NFT #NFTGame
Metaverse is a booming sector. A $25m market cap would put this in the top 80 metaverse. In my opinion this is much higher than a top 80. Long-term I would expect a market cap of a few hundred million.

This is not financial advice, it's my personal expectation.
The tokenomics for CRAFT are phenomenal. 1.7m circulating supply at the moment, the max supply is 30m but there is a burning mechanism which will eat away 5m of the supply.

CRAFT is required in order to play the game, which will keep demand for the token high.
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#NFT everywhere like:

#1. My IELTS teacher in uni has shared the whole album on fb called collection abt her crypto investments including #Elemons #Mars4 #Metamon
#NFT everywhere like:
#2: My ex-colleague at my 1st company, real estate project dev team and then owning his own hotels, has started NFT game on tourism, asking me to quote design fee for pitch deck, brand logo and 2D character design
#NFT everywhere like:
#3: My secondary classmate who has completed 2 years of military service and then open a fast food service, shared his assets, profits as well as huge knowledge and exp abt how to stake with right timing.
He started by beginning of 2021
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The long-awaited screens of the @RogueWestNFT combat are here! Here is a thread with a one particular #NFTGame from start to finish.

More info and #NFTproject roadmap:

@opensea #NFT collection:…

#NFTs #NFTGaming #NFTGameComing Image
It all starts small. Totgard goes 1st, putting "Sally the Waitress" on the battlefield. "Rotten Chief" is saved for a late game.

According to the rules of @RogueWestNFT, power of the first played card is reduced to 1, so instead of 2 victory points (VPs), Totgard gets only 1. Image
How about an early aggression? Vladimir plays "Crawling Half", which is great for the early stages game, as it can receive buffs for each beaten opponent's card. The zombie eats Sally and immediately gets a boost from the Feast ability. The score is now in favor of Vladimir: 2/0. Image
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