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Plants As Water Protectors for Toxic Cleanup. @EPA @EPAregion7 @DOESBIR I have solutions to help clean the #OhioTrainDisaster Water Issues. Why is it so hard to work w/ your organizations???
The Pollution Solution Call for Assistance Invitation To the World - I just added an invitation for anyone who wants to help clean the pollution up on our planet.…
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If you’re not informed, mainstream media, your politicians and your governments make you believe all these #ConspiracyTheories

🔴 Trains derail all the time
🔴 Young athletes #DiedSuddenly
🔴 #VinylChloride is #SafeAndHealthy
🔴 Controlled chemical burn is good
🔴… Image
Bill Mahar reveals that over 60 countries have concluded NATURAL IMMUNITY IS AS GOOD OR BETTER than the vaccine...

They forced us all to believe that natural immunity is a conspiracy theory… vaccines are best in the west
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1/7)💣BREAKING BOMBSHELL: #VinylChloride MANUFACTURER CAUGHT REVISING Safety Data Sheet THE DAY AFTER THE #OhioExplosion that put it in the air! #Scandal2023
#OhioChemicalDisaster #OhioChernobyl #OhioTrainDisaster #OhioCoverup
2/7) The Chemical Company, manufacturer of #VinylChloride, REVISED their Safety Sheet to REMOVE Skin Absorption + Remove "FIRST AID REQUIRED ASAP"
Compare the "INHALATION" SECTIONS shown below
(Red = today. Blue = 2017) #OhioChemicalDisaster #OhioChernobyl #OhioTrain
3/7) It appears the #VinylChloride Manufacturer, the day following the #TrainExplosion also altered the Safety Data Sheet section called "FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES" to downplay the severe toxins
(Red = today. Blue = 2017)
#OhioChernobyl #OhioTrain #OhioChemicalDisaster
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Some of the elevated levels in the report is Benz[a]anthracene is one of carcinogenic constituents of tobacco smoke. Dibenzoahanthrace. EPA even stated they seen it going into storm drains 6 different lakes/rivers…
Vinyl Chloride is a known human carcinogen.
According to CA The basis for the listing of vinylidene chloride (1,1-dichloroethylene) 1,2-Dichloroethene, commonly called 1,2-dichloroethylene or 1,2-DCE which is one of the elevated samples from the 6 lakes/rivers
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1. If you heard that a town in Ohio was offered free medical devices as a testing site for a bracelet that tracks medical data and gives that info to first responders, then 3 weeks later the deadliest train derailment in US history happened there, would you be concerned a bit?👇 Image
2. Well, that's what happened:
3 weeks ago East Palestine, OH, launched the MyID campaign for its 4,700 residents, "a medical information system that helps first responders provide care." #OhioTrainDisaster…
3. MyID provides wearable devices that have QR codes & EMS use a camera phone to access the medical information.
“We’re not doing this to gain anybody’s information, to try & steal information. We’re doing this to help the public in medical emergencies,” Fire Chief Drabick said. Image
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So I was looking into the air quality reports and noticed that it said prepared by Tetra Tech. So, I was curious. And they were sues by DOJ in 2019
Tetra Tech, Inc. is an American consulting and engineering services firm based in Pasadena, California. The company provides consulting, engineering, program management, and construction management services in the areas of water, environment, infrastructure, resource management,
energy, and international development. Specific services for consulting and engineering projects include applied science, information technology, engineering, design, construction management, and operations and maintenance.
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Politicians are so blatantly corrupt in many ways. Some seek re-election repeatedly despite the fact that they messed things up, didn’t implement anything they promised.

It’s people to blame for getting them elected. Helping other countries while ignoring your own has been the…… Image
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⚠️ONE TIME WATER💦 TESTING NOT ENOUGH—@EPAMichaelRegan says he’d allow his kids to drink or bathe in the water in #EastPalestine OH if home tested. ➡️However, soil contamination means EVERY TIME IN RAINS—new/more chemicals can be flushed into the water!
2) Soil contamination ==> new water contamination every time in rains is well known! It’s not speculation. Norfolk Southern admits they don’t know how much soil leakage. And they DID NOT CLEAN UP SOIL!!! See 👇
3) Water… possibly not safe even 15 miles away. Listen:
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🎥Watch—TRAIN SAFETY RULES—"When Obama tried to make [new, more effective brakes] mandatory after a bunch of derailments in 2014—the lobbyists fought it hard. They gutted it. In 2018, Trump’s DOT, Elaine Chao was DOT secretary, rolled it back entirely."
2) The ECP (electronic controlled pneumatic) brakes are the modern brakes we needed, but @nscorp didn’t install on the recent #OhioTrainDisaster derailed trains.
3) The ECP brakes were recommended in 2014 with the rule requiring them on flammable trains set to start in 2023… but was blocked by @ElaineChao @SecElaineChao in 2018.
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My god—“newly public document says potentially contaminated soil was not removed—a critical step [to be] completed quickly so that toxic materials are not further dispersed into the environment & groundwater”—EVERY TIME IT RAINS! #OhioTrainDisaster @nscorp… Image
2) Cleanup and monitoring of the site could take years, Kurt Kollar of the Ohio EPA’s said February 8, vowing that after the emergency response, “Ohio EPA is going to remain involved through our other divisions that oversee the long-term cleanup of these kinds of spill.”
3) The federal EPA, too, will “continue to do everything in our power to help protect the community,” Administrator Michael Regan said Tuesday.
Norfolk Southern is responsible for cleaning up the site, according to a February 10 notice sent to the company by the federal EPA.
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Il Premio #Pulitzer Seymour Hersh ha affermato che sommozzatori della #USNavy hanno piazzato bombe che hanno distrutto il gasdotto #Nordstream2 sotto il Mar Baltico lo scorso settembre.

#dimartedi #NATO #OhioTrainDisaster…

Seymour Hersh ha citato una fonte anonima nel riferire che gli americani hanno piazzato esplosivi a distanza che hanno distrutto 3 gasdotti costruiti per trasportare #gas naturale dalla Russia all'#Europa…

#Russia #Nordstream2 #NordstreamSabotage

La portavoce del ministero degli Esteri russo Maria #Zakharova ha detto in risposta al rapporto di Hersh che #Mosca ha "ripetutamente espresso" la sua convinzione che gli Stati Uniti e la NATO fossero coinvolti nelle esplosioni.

#Pulitzer #Russia

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Možná jste také sledovali havárii vlaku s velmi nebezpečnými chemikáliemi, která se stala na začátku února v Ohiu.
Konečně máme pocit, že je k dispozici dostatek informací k tomu, abychom k ní dokázali něco říct.
První zprávy mluvily o tom, že při havárii unikl hlavně vinylchlorid. Nyní se ale ukazuje, že toho bylo víc. Aktuálně se ví o vinylchloridu, fosgenu, chlorovodíku, fridexu, ethylhexyl-akrylátu a izobutylenu. Co to je za látky?…
Vinylchlorid se používá pro výrobu PVC a podobných materiálů. Je to rakovinotvorná látka a skutečně může představovat největší problém. V tekuté formě je značně těkavý a na vzduchu podléhá rozpadu během několika dnů, přičemž mohou vznikat další škodliviny…
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Lots of #ConspiracyTheories lately that are coming true despite the fact that your #government or #media don’t cover them. There is always a doubt in public mind that any event that causes more harm to the current establishment than favor by covering that even in detail is…… Image
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Hey, America: I wonder what would happen if we all got together & started RT a map of all these recent “chemical spills” & WHICH chemicals & how they impact human health. A 5 minute Google search 👀: MO,IL,KY + the entire Ohio River area due to
Add TX too 👀😳Our leaders are liars and literally poisoning our air, water, ground, our health & our Country…
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So of course, I had to jump into this.
About 50 cars, including 10 carrying hazardous materials, derailed in a fiery crash Friday in East Palestine, according to rail operator Norfolk Southern and the National Transportation Safety Board.
In Norfolk Southern 2021 Annual Report
Transportation of certain hazardous materials could create catastrophic losses in terms of personal injury and property (CATASTROPHIC) in personal injury!
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NEW TOXINS IDENTIFIED—“We basically nuked a town with chemicals so we could get a railroad open,” said Sil Caggiano, a hazardous materials specialist. Rail company Norfolk Southern is paying just $25k to the town, or ~$5 per resident.🧵

HT @therecount
2) DRINKING WATER now endangered. East Palestine police in Ohio is warning that drinking water may be "at-risk" for some people.

A task group is going door-to-door to test water.

HT @therecount
3) Yesterday I advocated potentially warning and advising everyone within 50 mile radius to be on high alert after the vinyl chloride rail spill. Here is 50 miles… it includes all the way to Pittsburgh!
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Ohio Trains Explosion Effects EVERYONE

Everything along this pathway will experience one of the world worst carcinogens on the planet. 100 mile radius is reporting mass animal die offs.

This wasn’t negligence. This was intentional #OhioChernobyl #OhioTrainDisaster READ. MORE……
If you’re sharing this. I’m working on digging up more information since this post is gaining a lot of traction my request.

Follow me!! Be safe. Follow Truth.

If you’re near this. Post videos of damages dead animals. Information

Citizen journalism is needed now. Be safe
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What is going on in East Palistine, Ohio?

Why are journalists covering the story being arrested?

Praying for the communities affected by the apparently toxic gases (dead chickens) and toxic runoff (dead fish).

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Most #ConspiracyTheories are coming true lately. The main origin of “Conspiracy Theory” was by the CIA and FBI. The mainstream thinking was that the killing of JFK was organized by CIA. Then they coined the term to induce doubts into public.

A thread🧵 for your awareness👇 Image


#ConspiracyTheories turned out to be truth and truth turned out to be lies

#misinformation is being spread deliberately to hide the truth and introduce an element of doubt into the broader public minds. Image
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#ClimateChange is one of the easiest selling points for your woke politicians to spend money they don’t have on weather problems they can’t fix and keep y’all in a state of fear on an impending doom.

The reality is all those experts, scientists, politicians follow the money Image
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