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This thread is

Chapter 9, titled,

“Down the Walls of Prejudice...Between Species!

“Toward Species Relativism, Away from Anthropocentrism”

READ BOOK…… #anthro #planetmates #anthropocentrism #psychology #Speciesism #Veils #dominion #planetmates

D7V1 9/1
of the book “Dance of the Seven Veils I” by Michael Adzema

which is subtitled,

“Primal/Identity Psychology, Mythology, & Your Real Self

“Adult to Toddler, Veils One-Three”

& which is Volume 2 in The Path of Ecstasy Series

READ BOOK… #anthro

D7V1 9/2
This, Chapter 9, “Down the Walls of Prejudice...Between Species!”

is the first chapter in “VEIL ONE: Dominion & Species Superiority...Anthropocentrism”

of the book “Dance of the Seven Veils I” by Michael Adzema

THREAD…… #anthro #planetmates

D7V1 9/3
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1/🧵 I’m surrounded by an #AntiVaxxer govt now willing to hurt kids!
👎 My home state of #Tennessee made the BONEHEADED decision to halt outreach to kids on ALL #Vaccination, NOT just #COVID19. I’ve lived here since 1997. I’m embarrassed, angry & sad.
2/ Our Department of Health is halting “all adolescent vaccine outreach for ALL diseases.” What? So we aren’t going to protect our precious kids against Tetanus, Pertussis, Diphtheria, Rotavirus, H flu, hepatitis, pneumonia, meningitis, HPV (which leads to cancer)?

3/ GONE are Postcards to teens to remind them to get a second #COVID #Vaccine shot...but adults still get the postcards. Why? “Potential solicitation to a minor.” WHAT? No, this is called #PublicHealth.

Why should adults get promotions toward #wellness and not kids?

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Dear Fellow White People,

I am a gay woman of Jewish ethnicity living in #Texas and have faced discrimination in my life. However, my experiences are through the lens of a white woman, someone who doesn’t face the daily #SystemicRacism embedded in our society and institutions.
Let’s be clear. The USA was built on the backs of slaves, human beings who were considered property for no other reason than the color of their skin, and the institutions within this country were both developed and implemented by, and for, white people.
By virtue of this fact, white people have the inherent privilege of living in a world that was created for their benefit.
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Another Sunday. Another thread. #caste #privilege #merit #prejudice

My primary school was a govt. aided vernacular medium school run by an ed. institute (one of the better ones in my home city). My first recall of #caste is from when I was in 2nd/3rd.

One of our teachers that year was NOT upper-caste (unlike most teachers in the school), and the predominantly upper-caste parents (including mine) weren't happy with the "quota" teacher. The general mood was "our education system is going to collapse due to quota"

The thing is, this was decided based on his "surname", and of course based on prejudice of all the upper-caste teacher's, who had an obvious grudge against "quota system" that the govt. grant mandated. I don't even remember if he was a good or bad teacher.

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I read the story The Silver sword by Ian Serrailler. Its about 3 Polish children who separated from their parents in World War II cross war torn Europe facing war, danger & #disease. These are children like me, I thought & was so glad I had been born after the war finished. 1/20
Living through the war as RAF personnel my parents also had a horror of war, which rubbed off on me. I saw photos of the relief of Belsen & I decided that I would do everything I could to stop war #poverty & #prejudice. 2/20
I remember Dad telling us about the jigsaw at his #Methodist Sunday school with the map of the world on one side and the face of Jesus on the other. “taking care of the world is taking care of Jesus” he said 3/20
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Opening what I suspect will become a very long [Thread] on the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill (#PCSCBill) which, having been introduced last Tuesday, gets its #SecondReading *next* Tuesday - #precipitous, to say the least...
While it is all too often merely lip service, the Ministerial statement of #HumanRights compliance on the cover of this Bill 👇 is particularly #hypocritical, given its actual contents...
Many have been writing about the impact of this proposed legislation on lawful #protest, notably @IanDunt...…

...who, critically, picks up on the extraordinary #HenryVIII power @pritipatel is trying to grab.

(Let's hope THAT one gets struck quickly!)
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This was my response to a woman who describes herself as

"a thoughtful decent human being who recognises inherent prejudice".

#woke #antiracism #originalsin #prejudice #socialcontrol #DIVERSITY.
Many Native Britons left the British Isles for America, to escape tyranny of state, church &/or capital.

The tyranny of state, capital & now even the church (of #AntiRacism) has been reimposed on their descendants.

And the strange thing is, most don't seem to even notice.
The woman, @BoudicaThe, I was engaging with has now blocked me, which is a shame, but typical of those who share her ideology, which they make a moral virtue of: "I'm not engaging with bigots & racists!"

Here are screenshots of our exchange, as far as it got: ImageImage
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*An appeal to NON-autistic people: please take a few moments to read this thread*

We (#Neurodivergent people) were taught early in life that everything YOU (#Allistics) said and did was what WE (#Autistics etc) had to aspire to.

We weren’t even told an alternative existed. 1/9
Our #Autism was suppressed before we knew the word for it.

When we protested, we were met with punishment and ostracism.

When we suffered in silence, we were never rewarded for protecting YOU from our *legitimate* anger.

We were converted to #AutisticMasking to survive. 2
All children need mirroring for healthy development. We #Autistics received very little.

Our talents were often not recognized or acknowledged. If they were, it was not for our benefit, but for yours.

Our faults were all noted and attributed to us alone. 3
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Their warped sense of “gains” bares no resemblance to any actual reality. It is in fact #prejudice #stigma & #disabilitydenial

What they think & project on to patients vs the actual reality: A thread. Image
1. I earned better money, kudos & respect in my job in film. Benefits process is cruel, demeaning & arduous & for a pittance.
I think I will randomly throw away a great career, money & status for a shitty stigmatised emprisioned demeaning life on the dole ... said no one ever!!
Equipment? Wtf. What “equipment” is that? 🤨🤷🏻‍♀️

I have not received anything to help my day to day life living with this disability in 20 years.

I bought myself a stick seat and a shower seat. I know how to really spoil myself with something fancy(!) 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️
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1 - Why Raja Sahab Mahmudabad aka Nawab Mohammad Amir Ahmed Khan (surrogate / adopted son of #Jinnah ) left Pakistan ? Explains Renowned Historian Mr Hassan Jafar Zaidi

#TwoNationTheory #Democracy #Pakistan #India via @sujagvideos
2 - Why Raja Sahab Mahmudabad aka Nawab Mohammad Amir Ahmed Khan (surrogate / adopted son of #Jinnah ) left Pakistan ? Explains Renowned Historian Mr Hassan Jafar Zaidi

#TwoNationTheory #Democracy #Pakistan #India via @sujagvideos
To say that #Jinnah & #AIML wanted to make #Secular #Liberal #Pakistan not the Theocratic State is a Half Truth ! How would you explain #Islamic Speeches of Jinnah ? Reference:… ( cc @Dr_IshtiaqAhmad @omarali50 )

#TwoNationTheory #Islam #India #Partition ImageImageImage
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Summarizing #BasicIncome @ $196B/yr
Avg cost $5,214 non-taxable

🆘20 Million Canadians
💰 Min $18,329 floor
🛑Perm Job Losses
🚑 Masks & Preventatives
🚑Essential Workers
⛑️BI Helps #CEWS by 📢#CreatingJobs
♿️#RaiseTheRates for #PWD

RT & #SpreadTheWord Image
How many Employers result in Permenant Job Layoffs because they can't commit to hours...

A #BasicIncome is also a means to protect these workers from loosing Weeks to Months of Income before they qualify for benefits. It's FASTER than EI. It's FASTER than Welfare.
How many mothers need to work 2 or 3 jobs just to pay the rent and bills? Sacrificing #FamilyQualityTime is not helping our society increase benefits of life by not having enough time for family outings, and experiences that can benefit creativity in the workplace.
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As you may know I’ve a new book out 😊 so for today’s #FollowFriday I’m going to credit everyone on Twitter who helped, inspired or are a source of support listed in #BeingWellInAcademia

It’s going to be a marathon thread! Get ready and prepare to follow some amazing folk 🌟
Let's go! Beginning with a #FollowFriday for @DrHelenKara and @ThomsonPat who are the series editors of the Insider Guides to Success in Academia… of which #BeingWellInAcademia is a part
Who's in the acknowledgements of #BeingWellInAcademia? A lot of folk not on Twitter and @lindsay_odell @butlerceri who are here and who I've enjoyed working with for longer than I can remember 😊 #FollowFriday
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حصہ اوّل - مؤرخ / استاد / مصنف ڈاکٹر مبارک علی صاحب کے متعلق تمام پنجاب اور تمام پنجابیوں پر طعن کرنا اور ایک ہی لکڑی سے ہانک دینا غلط ہے ۔ کیوں ؟ دیکھیئے

مکمل :

#Punjab #Punjabi #Prejudice
#پنجاب #پنجابی #تعصب #نسل_پرستی
حصہ دوم - مؤرخ / استاد / مصنف ڈاکٹر مبارک علی صاحب کے متعلق تمام پنجاب اور تمام پنجابیوں پر طعن کرنا اور ایک ہی لکڑی سے ہانک دینا غلط ہے ۔ کیوں ؟ دیکھیئے

مکمل :


#Punjab #Punjabi #Prejudice
#پنجاب #پنجابی #تعصب #نسل_پرستی
1- Historian / Teacher / Author Dr Mubarak Ali says “it is wrong to condemn entire #Punjab & #Punjabis and judge them with a single yardstick ! ( @MushRajpar )

Full :
#Racism #Prejudice
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وفاقی وزیر تعلیم جناب شفقت محمود صاحب جب #پرویز_مشرف کی کابینہ سے فارغ ہوئے تھے تو انہوں نے یہ کالم لکھا تھا ۱۶ نومبر ۲۰۰۱ کو دی نیوز میں ۔ بڑے شوق سے #ایک_نصاب کا شوق پورا فرمائیں

#AikNisab ImageImageImageImage
وفاقی وزیر تعلیم جناب شفقت محمود صاحب نے محترم عمران خان صاحب کی سیاسی اہلیت پر یہ کالم لکھا تھا ۱۵ مئ ۲۰۰۹ کو دی نیوز میں “عمران خان کی عجیب سیاست ۔ بڑے شوق سے #ایک_نصاب کا شوق پورا فرمائیں #AikNisab کی بات کرنیوالے کا اپنے لیڈر کے بارے میں عدم اعتماد👇… Image
Aurangzeb was asked to expel the #Hindus & #Shias from his administration, he said that religion & politics were two separate things & they should not be mixed with each other. (Historian & Teacher Dr Mubarak Ali )
@KumbharHafeez ! URL :
—— #AikNisab
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Interesting how some people really struggle to accept the Truth of someone else's lived experience, as if our Truths are mutually exclusive.
In struggling to accept another's Truth they then proceed to dismiss, minimise and attack the other person's lived experience, as if the other couldn't possibly have experienced it in that way. #projection #prejudice #privilege
If a strong projection (aka defense mechanism) is launched at you, a response may be to dismiss your own Truth, to accept their perspective or understanding of the situation, to withdrawn or shut down your own voice! Their perceived 'power' comes from taking yours away #privilege
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On April 23, 2020, @Harvard_Press tweeted the below racist and evocative picture about #Hinduism and #Hindus to promote a talk by @ajanthasub with @tmkrishna @BIC_Blr.
Picture shows a #Hindu religious figure grinding a mill stone, conjuring up a devilish figure and crushing black figurines or throwing them into fire (one figure is even seen holding the religious figure's foot).
@Harvard_Press failed to to review the contents of the link. Interestingly, the picture is not even from the book and was used specifically to promote the book and the lecture.
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@TheBMA @BMANews "FRONTLINE" 4th August displays worrying prejudice. Please refer your pseudonymous ED consultant Charles Lamb to the following:…

We no longer call people "schizophrenics", "diabetics", or "cyclists". To do so risks lazy prejudice.

@TheBMA @BMANews From Lamb's article:

"Where there are cycle lanes some choose not to use them" - correct; may I refer you to the UK's unfit for purpose cycling "infrastructure" or "farcilities":…

@TheBMA @BMANews And (referring to someone riding a bike):

"After all they all look the same"

This is never an acceptable way to describe any group of human beings.

Particularly when you use dehumanising language to "other" them - this is prejudice and out-group homogeneity bias again.

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If we live on a tiny ball in a ginormous universe with no god then why does the cabal focus so much on manipulating consent? As apex predators, the sociopathic elite have access to sacred knowledge. Their power comes from hiding the truth. #TheGreatAwakening
2/ this means we can extrapolate sacred knowledge by analyzing the stories they tell us. The gnosis is revealed by awareness of the cabal's true nature. So in a way, the truth is coming out regardless of what the cabal did/does. We are seeing this right now with @potus and #msm
3/ i've always thought it tragic and ridiculous we don't discuss cosmology in school. We act like its for good liberal reasons but we are suppressing discussion and exploration. Why would science want this? Is that even science really? Or is it scientism?
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You have heard about our #AI Code and #global summit, but take a look at some of our other recommendations in the #LordsAIreport #justkeepreading:
We had a lot to say about #data and #AI, and who should have access to it.
We also thought carefully about #diversity and #representation in #artificialintelligence and how we should address #bias and #prejudice
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The current dialogue about #DACA affects everyone in the US. How?

#Racism & #scapegoating & affect all minorities.

Deporting #DREAMers & undocumented #immigrants will have very negative impacts to the #economy. That affects everyone else. THREAD 1 #DreamActNow #immigration
The sociological concept of the “other” is important to this discussion. If you haven’t heard of it before, here is a brief overview from…. 2 #identity #race #sociology #Science
People in power define social identities as they have the means to control the narrative – news coverage, platforms to broadcast their platforms, & the power to influence law enforcement and legislation. Social identity affects how people perceive themselves and others. 3
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