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#DavidAaronovitch & the media outlets he works for, which includes #TheBBC & @thetimes, have an AGENDA, which they never talk about, at least, not publicly, & I'm pretty sure that if one broached the issue with any of them they would deny it.
Maybe they are not consciously aware of it themselves. I have no way of knowing. Most of what motivates us lies in the subconscious, which censors what it allows to become conscious.

This agenda is the ideology of post-racial multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & #AntiRacism.
It's an ideology that arose in misconceived, #NeverAgain, response to the evils of Nazi ideology of racial purity & supremacy, which it goes to the opposite but equally insane extremes of. It's a self-destructive ideology of White racial self-denial, self-contempt & self-hatred.
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I usually agree with much of what #DavidAaronovitch says in his Briefing Room on BBC Radio 4, but not in his latest one on the UK's presumed need for "economic growth".

David is also keen on UK "population growth" through immigration, criticism of which he deems to be RACIST.
I share most of David's liberal views, but not those regarding economic & population growth, which I believe to be insane, i.e. genocidal.

I attempted to engage with him on these issues, but he simply dismissed me as a RACIST.
If I'm right about David's attitude to economic & population growth being genocidal, which I'm pretty sure I am, it is of no small consequence, because his views are pretty much those of Britain's & the West's ruling elites, in journalism, politics & academia.
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London's mayor & the deluded, eminent British journalist, #OrwellPrize winner & militant #AntiRacist, #DavidAaronovitch are both committed to the #GreatReplacement of Native Britons with migrants & asylum seekers of colour, of which there is an endless supply.
That #SadiqKhan wants the #GreatReplacement to proceed as quickly as possible, I can understand, but that @DAaronovitch - himself a Native Briton - should want this too is puzzling, until you realise that he is driven by an ideology, just as his communist parents were.
What is this ideology?

It is a misconceived, #NeverAgain, response of the evils of Nazism, which goes to oppose & equally insane extremes. It goes under the name(s) of post-racial multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & AntiRacism, & the purpose it serves is this: Image
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The British state & establishment, incl. civil service, #TheBBC & Parliament, are all beholden to the Orwellian & moral-supremacist ideology of Post-Racial #Multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & #AntiRacism, which goes to the opposite & equally insane extremes of Nazism.
That this ideology goes to the opposite extremes of Nazi ideology of #RacialPurity & supremacy is no coincidence, but forms the basis of its claim to moral authority & thus POWER. Anyone opposing it is cancelled as a neo-Nazi, fascist, bigot, xenophobe or RACIST.
This is why a large, rational & democratic majority has been powerless to prevent the madness of mass immigration into our already overpopulated country, & its demographic transformation. All opposition was, & continues to be, demonised as RACIST.
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#DavidAaronovitch, an eminent British journalist & #OrwellPrize winner, who works for @thetimes, #TheBBC & @IndexCensorship informed the TwitterSphere some while back that I am a RACIST.

This is something I want the world to know, because it's important.
Anyone who has ever been called a RACIST knows the severity of this accusation & the devastating consequences it can have, which are on a par with being called a fascist, a Nazi or a paedophile. It is intimidating in the extreme.
I don't doubt David's sincerity in believing me to be a RACIST, as do some others I have discussed the issue of Race with, but nor do I doubt that they are mistaken. I know myself far better than they do, & that I'm not a RACIST. At least, not in the damning sense implied.
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Personal up-date.

I walked from my flat/appartment in Bridport to West Bay this morning, setting off at about 7am. It was very quiet, so I decided to follow the main road, which I hadn't done before, preferring the more scenic routes, walking over the fields, or the cycle route.
It was just idyllic. As I entered West Bay I found myself following a group of rowers pushing their boat along the road towards the harbour. I watched them launch & disappear out to sea. Everyone was so friendly, saying good morning & what a fine day it was.
It was a fine day, & still is. Except that on my way back too Bridport I had an unpleasant encounter with someone who expressed his contempt for me for wandering into a private field. It reminded me of #DavidAaronovitch's contempt for me for not sharing his racial ideology.
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I tweeted this almost a year ago & had since forgotten about it, but is worth retweeting, since it goes to the heart of what is rotten, not just in the state of Denmark, but in ALL states.

It is by demonising, manipulating & exploiting human tribalism that society's elites rule.
Why do the academics we look to as authorities on understanding society, the state & civilisation fail to recognise this?

Academics are privileged clients and employees of the state. That’s why.

It is of existential importance that academics themselves recognise this.
Who are these elites?

First & foremost, academics & those who passed through their hands at university & now have high-status & influential positions in society. To name just one of countless examples: #DavidAaronovitch, an eminent journalist who works for @thetimes & #TheBBC.
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#RichardDawkins refuses to apply his expertise in evolutionary biology to understanding evolved human nature & the kind of societies it has given rise to, I presume because, like all academics, he is under massive pressure from colleagues in the social sciences not to do so.
The social sciences are modern, secular heirs & in some ways counterparts of the medieval clergy, more interested in controlling society than in understanding it, for which purpose they have created a modern, secular replacement for #OriginalSin, in the form of racial prejudice. Image
Human beings are inherently prejudiced about everyone & everything, making it an ideal replacement for original sin, redemption from which demands that one submit to state authority & ideology of post-racial #multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & #AntiRacism.
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There is, of course, a racial aspect to this story, as there is to every story, which is that I would not have listened to it, if the family concerned had not been White, as I assumed it was. Otherwise, police indifference would have been put down to "institutional racism".
With 3 daughters of his own, David was very moved by the case; he could empathise with Jessie's parents, only too well, as could I. But for him, race doesn't come into it. That would be RACIST. For David, I am a RACIST, because for me RACE does come into it. It just does.
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The eminent British journalist & #OrwellPrize winner, #DavidAaronovitch, who works for @thetimes & #TheBBC, i.e is very much a member of the British establishment, believes that any White person who identifies with & cares more for their own race than for other races is a RACIST.
There is nothing I would like more than to discuss this issue with @DAaronovitch himself, but he refuses to engage with me, simply dismissing me as a RACIST.

If this were just between me & David it would be unimportant, but it is a huge & existential socio-political issue.
Apart from his very closest kin, David despises kinship & thus any sense of racial identity, which, together with the British establishment, he believes to be morally deplorable. It's an attitude which goes to the opposite but equally insane extremes of Nazi racial ideology.
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From MY #Sermon_on_the_Mount:

#NativeBritons are taught by state & academic authority to deny & despise their own kin & race, & instead to intermarry with other races, so that their own race is destroyed.

But what I tell them is this: Love your kin & your own, European, race.
Love other races too, & those that are mixed, but do not deny & despise your own White race. Those who teach you otherwise (like #DavidAaronovitch & #NickCohen) are serving #BigBrother, who wants you to love him, rather than your own kin & race.
But do not hate David, Nick, nor any of the other racial self-deniers & self-haters, for they have been misguided by a well-intentioned, but misconceived, ideological, #NeverAgain, response to the evils of Nazism.
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We all know that power is supposed to corrupt, but fail to recognise the extent to which it does so.

Most importantly, we fail to recognise that the primary purpose of the state is to facilitate the abuse of power to the personal advantage of its elites & favoured clients.
The power of the state used to be divided between a warrior class, which provided the muscle & power of the sword, & a priestly class, which provided the brains & power of the Word, i.e. moral authority.

The two principal forms of power now are Money & Moral Authority.
The abuse of money (the most versatile form of power) is manifest, but rationalised.

The abuse of moral authority, however, goes largely unrecognised. It was, & continues to be, abused in imposing the madness of mass immigration & DIVERSITY on Western societies.
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Britain has been having #CriticalRaceTheory, its practical implementation in the form of mass non-White immigration, & its ideology of Post-Racial #Multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & #AntiRacism imposed on it since the late 1940s.
#EnochPowell was the most prominent politician to oppose this madness & was demonised for his wisdom & courage. He still is demonised by the Left & such eminent journalists as #DavidAaronovitch, #NichCohen & #GeorgeMonbiot.
The inmates did not only take over the asylum, but the whole bloody country. Although, that analogy is not strictly true: Britain has always been ruled by the insanely misguided, Orwellian construct that it is & always has been. Image
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Present-day Western civilisation is dominated by an international priestly elite of moral supremacists, just as it was in medieval times.

The religion on which they base their moral authority is that of Post-Racial #Multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & #AntiRacism.
It's not just the WOKE, with their #IbramKendi & #RobinDiAngelo style Anti-Racism, but mainstream academic authority itself, which is responsible for the madness of mass immigration & DIVERSITY being imposed on the West.

And madness it is!
As Jesus opposed the misguided moral authority & supremacism of HIS priesthood, I oppose the misguided moral authority & supremacism of mine.

Notwithstanding my lack of His divine qualifications & ability to perform miracles.

I'm just a Native European, a modern-day #WatTyler.
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I have a lot of sympathy for the liberal-left leaning views of #DavidAaronovitch & #NichCohen, but profoundly disagree with them on the issue of RACE, which they both deny the importance - if not the very existence - of, dismissing those who disagree with them as RACISTS.
I have attempted to discuss the issue of race with them both, but they refused, one blocking, the other muting me on Twitter. In their eyes I'm just a RACIST.

Rather than hate them back, I have put my mind to trying to understand them & their inflexible attitude to RACE.
Both have Jewish fathers, whose direct or indirect trauma at the hands of the Nazis, they must have passed on to their sons. I can think of no other explanation.

And then there's #SamHarris, both of whose parents, I believe, are Jewish:
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We have an existential lesson to learn (or not) from the ancient Greeks:

If you fight amongst yourselves, you will destroy yourselves, or weaken yourselves to such an extent that another people (non-Greeks/non-Whites) will.

#WhiteSelfGenocide #GreatReplacement.
The West (Britain & America in particular) are dominated by an ideology of White racial self-denial, self-contempt & self-hatred.

So too was #PhilipOfMacedon when he threatened to "destroy the farms, slay the people, and raze the city" of his fellow Greeks.
Philip's son, Alexander, who we are taught to admire as a "great" conquerer, Greek & man, was no different from his father & responsible for the destruction of Greek civilisation, which was NOT so great.

He should be called Alexander the Great Arsehole.
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#DavidAaronovitch has denounced me (& no doubt others) as a RACIST for non-compliance with #BritishValues in regard to Race, National Identity & Nationhood, which presume to stipulate how one should & shouldn't FEEL & THINK about RACE, national identity & nationhood.
David isn't just anyone, but a prominent member of the British media establishment, working for @thetimes & the BBC. He is closely associated with @IndexCensorship & has been awarded the #OrwellPrize, no less. And yet he defends & supports such Orwellian values as cited above.
What motivated me to broach these taboo issues with David personally were his liberal values & good sense which I had observed in his journalism. One could surely discuss them with him, I thought. But I was wrong. No discussion was possible.
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This is a quote from #DavidAaronovitch, in which he ridicules the notion of "kith & kin".

It is testimony to his contempt for kinship & race, which also reflects that of the British state & establishment & goes to very heart of that is wrong with western civilisation. Image
Actually, it is not just what is wrong with our civilisation. It is what has caused every civilisation before our own to decline & fall, as ours will also do, very soon, unless we correct it. It represents a flaw in nature of the state itself. Image
KING has the same origin as KIN, & kings were originally expected to rule in the interests of their kin, i.e. society at large. But this was before the emergence of the state, which is dedicated to facilitating society's self-exploitation.
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DarkHorse Podcast with Douglas Murray & Bret Weinstein. via @YouTube
I wanted to comment on this podcast when I tweeted it, but didn't know how to express myself. I still don't.

I like Bret a lot & would love to be friends with him & his family. When I watch his & Heather's podcast, esp. when live, I feel as if I'm looking in on friends.
I don't feel the same warmth towards Douglas. I'd still like to be friends with him, but can't imagine us becoming close friends. I find something alienating about gay men, which makes me want to keep my distance. There is also something of the arrogant intellectual about him.
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#DavidAaronovitch believes it morally virtuous to express contempt for one's "kith & kin", as he does in the @thetimes article I'm responding to here.

Why would he feel like that?

I don't know, but suspect it is because he considers it RACIST.
I'm contemptuous of #DavidAaronovitch's contempt for his own race.

But even were he to recognise how wrong his attitude is, what could he do about it, having, like mostl British journalists, built his career on it?
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#DavidAaronovitch is an eminent British journalist & #OwellPrize winner, who works for @thetimes & #BBC, but presumes to tell people how they should & shouldn't FEEL & THINK about RACE.

I will NOT be told how I should & shouldn't FEEL & THINK about ANYTHING, including RACE.
This is a profoundly important issue, since it is not just @DAaronovitch telling us how we should & shouldn't FEEL & THINK about RACE, but the British state, establishment & Parliament themselves, demonstrating their power to tell us how we should & shouldn't FEEL & THINK.
This is how they control us. This is Big Brother. Who tricks us into loving him by deceitfully posing as our nation.

Wake up, Britain! Wake up, America! And every other country being told by its elites how they should & shouldn't FEEL & THINK about RACE.
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"Beheading of a teacher near Paris has been called a terror attack"

There is a reason why people of different race & culture have traditionally lived in their OWN countries, & THIS is it.

Western & Islamic culture are incompatible. Each needs its OWN space. That's all.
So WHY did western elites invite millions of Muslims to come & live in the West, which it was difficult for them to refuse, given the huge advantages over their countries of origin?

I have some answers to this question, which I invite you to assess:
Mass immigration & DIVERSITY served an ideological & power-political purpose, the consequences of which have been catastrophic for Native Europeans, whose civilisation it now threatens to destroy.
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The trauma Ashkenazi Jews suffered at the hands of the Nazis is behind the madness that is now paving the way to hell for ALL humanity.

The trauma is now largely trans-generational & subconscious, thus there is very little recognition or understanding of it.
This trauma was built into an ideology of White racial self-denial, self-contempt & self-hatred, which serves Big Brother as a instrument of socio-political rewards, intimidation & control, which has given rise to numerous conspiracy theories.
I'm going to give 3 examples of well-known individuals in whom this trauma expresses itself most clearly:

@SamHarrisOrg &

I'll start with #GeorgeSoros:
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