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I’m involved in some very challenging #Passivhaus projects at the moment, and I’ve been thinking about how much easier the whole process would be once everyone in the design team has a bit of experience. Currently crazy amounts of time are spent getting data and evidence.
On top of that many of the things Passivhaus asks of architects, M&E engineers, structural engineers and builders are radically different to what they’re used to doing, so there’s often resistance and skepticism. With experience this should ease dramatically.
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The case for #MVHR…we retrofitted our home to the #passivhaus #EnerPhit standard, family and friends thought the MVHR was intriguing but couldn’t really understand the point “can’t you just open windows Sarah?” Here is why our MVHR is amazing for health & wellbeing in 3 graphs…
#MVHR installed 3rd June 2021 - where the grey line is. Before the 3rd of June we were diligently opening windows and putting up with draughts, carefully tracking levels on our monitoring system but still could avoid high daily averages well over 1000ppm Image
And the relative humidity 😳 relative humidity was up around 75% regularly & this is just in the living room, even worse data was recorded in the bedrooms over night. Last winter humidity actually got a bit low in the living room so we had to invest in some extra house plants 🪴 Image
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Wie kann man so krass abstürzen? Ken Jepsen ca. 2011Ken Jepsen ca. 2022
Ich glaub' den muss ich mir archivieren...…
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@SelkieSonja @SamRamani2 Nuclear generated electricity can be used for high-efficiency, affordable electric home and commercial heating. The units are cheap and readily available in any hardware store, home improvement store, and online.
@SelkieSonja @SamRamani2 Germany also pioneered #Passivhaus, one of the most advanced energy conservation and efficiency building design standards in the world. It delivers huge cuts in demand for artificial heating, cooling, and indoor air quality. AND it's already in wide use.…
@SelkieSonja @SamRamani2 Passive solar has been used for heating and cooling since Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt. By reducing upfront heating and cooling needs, it reduces ALL artificial heating and cooling needs, even the buy-in for renewables to cover residual energy needs.…
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While us #EnergyGeeks are still waiting on the #HeatAndBuildingsStrategy, here's a quick thread on some great UK housing projects, with interesting heating solutions (that I've had some involvement with)...

Feel free to add you own to this thread🧵
Greenwatt Way, Chalvey - 2010
10 homes to original zero carbon, CfSH 6* with v. low temp DH to test combining low carbon heat sources (ASHP/GSHP/Biomass, STHW, Fuel Cells) with a huge thermal store. Just one radiator in each house, in roof PV, EV, shared gardens, WWHRS...
Rotherham & Wakefield Retrofits - 2010
3 of the 4 best performing homes in the TSB 'Retrofit for the Future' competition by CO2 savings and energy bill reductions. Kept it simple with EWI, good detailing, Triple Glazing, Gas boiler and PV.
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This is not to say all we need to do is electrify transport and build renewables, we should also be looking to radically reduce car ownership and miles driven, and to radically increase miles by 🚲 🛴 🚶‍♂️🚃 🚊 and 🚌.
Nails arriving tomorrow so time for a bit of cleaning before putting the floorboards down. Not much use in having the low-dust house (airtight and filtered fresh air through the MVHR) if there’s a load of dust right under the floorboards! #Passivhaus #EnerPHit ImageImage
Making some more holes so I can measure exact distance between studs so @Drew_Carr_ can finalise the downstairs window sizes.

What on earth is building paper anyway? Just waxy paper? Does anyone still use it? Image
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I'm in the middle (well, actually still close to the beginning! 🤣😬) of an #EnerPHit #Retrofit of a 1970s timber frame 🏠 in the W Highlands of 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. I've decided to tweet this as one long (hopefully ~1yr from now) thread. Buckle up for the ride! #TimberFrameRetrofit #Passivhaus Image
And some folk who've expressed an interest in previous threads (feel free to stop notifications on this if you're not interested):
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Eine kleine Zusammenfassung meiner "Karriere" als Klimaschützer.

Angefangen hat es Ende 1998, als wir überlegten, ein Haus zu bauen. Es sollte das erste Passivhaus Mittelfrankens werden.
Das Glück war, dass ich damals als Architekten Dr. Schulze-Darup (SD) traf, der uns vom Passivhaus erzählte. Das war eine neue Entwicklung angestoßen durch das @IGPassivhaus. SD war sehr kompetent und spielt eine wichtige Rolle in der Fachwelt.
Natürlich habe ich ihn als Physiker gefordert. Er erzählt immer von den Physikalischen Rätseln der Bauphysik, die ich mitbrachte. Wir sind immer noch verbunden. Waren auch gemeinsam im Fernsehen.
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Un amigo que trabaja en Suiza me mandó un libro que usan para enseñar construcciones.

sale #hilo de #Arquitectura con imagenes hermosas y de paso aprendemos algo
Algunos detalles de como construir muros y losas. Atencion a la cantidad de capas de materiales y aislacion que le meten los suizos. Todo #passivhaus?
Mas envolventes suizas. Con parantes de madera, con ladrillos ceramicos (atencion a la forma!) y con aislacion externa.
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@fionnstevenson @ElrondBurrell @Conversation Actually, this article talks a lot - but gives no practical recommendation.

#Passivhaus has always recommended 30 m³/Person/h fresh air supply. The air exchange rates given by this will be different in a school/a kindergarden/an office (with e.g. only 1 person sitting there).
@fionnstevenson @ElrondBurrell @Conversation Do the math! In a typical school room that will be 3...6 ach. But, keep in mind, what you can implicitly read in that article: Even the highest vent.-rate will not 100% protect you; yo'll have to wear a mask, too. Because the droplets are in the airstream; and still can hit you
@fionnstevenson @ElrondBurrell @Conversation These are all academic discussions. Now let's be clear, what could be a best possible path to protect us:

1) If indoors and together with other people - wear a mask, and a good one. The mask can't be substituted by ventilation.
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Actually,we heat our passive house with 1(one) 2.2 kW Minisplit-unit with an investment of less than 2500€ incl. installation.Even if you would use 2 of these (you'd never need more in a #Passivhaus), it's extraordinarely cheap. Total el consumption: 1072(heating)+56kWh(cooling)
There is NO problem if all buildings would use el for such heatpumps (if built to PH standard): max. electric power 525 W (!); no problem for the grid and no problem for a fully renewabale energy generation in this grid. (Your cooking plate has 2000W. )
Uninsulated homes: 4 to 8 times that max. load. Some transmission lines would melt (literally). No place for so many wind-generators; whith a lot of excess electricity during summer.
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1/ I've been thinking about quality assurance (sad I know). The following thread presents what we know about dwellings:
2/ For ventilation provision - as assessed against Building Regulations - #Passivhaus provides much greater certainty.

(Currently working on a review examining delivered IAQ)

Data drawn from:……
3/ For heat loss #Passivhaus consistently performs within measurement error - and therefore provides much greater certainty.

Drawn from:…
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It’s a bit overdue, but I did promise to write a report on my trip to China, to attend #IPHC23. (23rd International Passive House Conference.) Here it is.... as long, and probably rambling,🧵.
I’ll break my #iphc23 report into chapters: 1. Plenary & Policy Overview, 2. Conference presentations, 3. Expo, followed by 4. An editorial. (And perhaps some highlights of the short vacation I took afterwards to #Xinjiang, if I have time.)
1. Plenary & Policy: it was clear from the first moment I landed in Beijing that this event would not be a typical #Passivhaus conference. The Chinese Gov rolled out the red carpet, not just for practitioners, but as an all out International trade event. #IPHC23
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I was sorry not to be able to spend more than 20min at this @HighlandCouncil event yesterday. Some really good looking plans, but...

2 big housing developments, a big development of holiday accom & a hospital, none to very good energy standards.


Yesterday @scotgov announced a target of 75% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030, and the Highlands have even more ambitious targets under discussion of net zero by 2025. Fantastic, but we need focus on #EnergyEfficiency as well as #renewables.

Continuing to build inefficient houses is crazy, not just environmentally but also in terms of the health, fuel poverty and comfort of the people living in those houses. This sounds v critical, but it’s exactly what @theCCCuk said here.

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Belated posts from @CABECdotorg conference: Keynote from @CalEnergy Commissioner McAllister told us we need to double our efficiency by 2030. 1/
Looked ahead to what this means for 2019 code cycle.... (which is starting to look kinda familiar..) 2/
And then he actually said it....(drumroll please.) The California Energy Commission will be looking at including alternate ratings, incl. #PASSIVEHOUSE, in the 2020 code cycle. (And he didn’t drop the mike, but should have!) 3/ @CABEC dot .org
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🧵: I’m in Heidelberg 🇩🇪 today and have made my way to Bahnstadt, to take a closer look at what an entire neighborhood of #Passivhaus looks like...1/
Large portions of the district are still under construction, but much of the central boulevard and offshoot streets, mostly comprised of residential units, are complete. 2/
While it’s clear that much care has been taken on the details of each building - and carefully balancing public and private spaces using interior courtyards, alleys and pedestrianized streetscapes - I’m struggling with the relentless boxiness & homoginaeity of it all. 3/
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The £75m bonus paid to the Persimmon boss equates to ~£5,200 per home. According to @theCCCuk housing report the cost of building to #Passivhaus standard is £4,800 per home. #Priorities…… @RupertNeate @RHarrabin @MollyMEP
For the sake of accuracy the 14,500 homes figure came from the mobile site (
Main site says ~16,000 homes ( so bonus is only worth about ~£4,700 per home

Still, this excludes bonuses to other execs, dividends etc.
Persimmon are probably not alone here (they just happened to make the headlines), it just that when numbers align like this it strikes a chord and puts the claim that £££ is the barrier to building more efficient homes into perspective.
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