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The @UE expose of @BP_plc lobbying for relaxing US rules on emissions of methane, powerful greenhouse gas, shows split in oil majors, and possibly directions of travel…
By contrast, Greenpeace are no friend of @Shell , but they are publicly calling for *tightening* of those same methane emissions rules…
and Shell is clearly setting out to be a different kind of energy company with ambition to be world's biggest power generator in 15 years time (although gas clearly playing a big role, not just #renewables)…
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I have had a major change of heart on an important matter. I would no longer oppose the building of new nuclear power plants - even using conventional technology - on the East Coast. Let me explain why. (Thread) /1
First, as I have said over and over again about the #energytransition, this is geographical. The entire Western Interconnection should have no problem phasing out coal, gas _and_ nukes and moving to very high portions of #renewables - by 2030 or so. /2
The Midwest/Plains should be able decarbonizing electricity using a combination of new renewables and existing nukes in around that timeframe. The South will be harder, unless major offshore wind is deployed. Places like Louisiana could import power from Plains/Midwest wind. /3
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On the not so shocking revelations in the @bchydro IPP review.

Honestly folks we all told you the fight against #ClimateChange was not going to be cheap… #bcpoli @nbennett_biv @richardzussman @MikeSmythNews @Mike_A_Bernier #renewables @Bernardo1130
Alt title: How is it possible that a review of green energy policy completely omitted the reason for the policy #ClimateChange and what has happened in every other jurisdiction where they tried to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels? @keithbaldrey #bcpoli #renewables
Alt alt title: If you demand that we do what it takes to fight #ClimateChange then you shouldn't really complain when you discover that the cost of doing something is a lot higher than the price of doing nothing. @jjhorgan @Wilkinson4BC @AJWVictoriaBC #bcpoli @BCLiberalCaucus
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I predict hydrogen is going to become the next energy transition battle ground. On one-side there will be the coal and gas companies and the other the renewables industry. Good to see @AustralianLabor come down on the side of #renewables today. #climateelection2019
Some thoughts on the ALP's announcement today... 1. This Plan to make Australia a renewable hydrogen exporter a key step to making Australia a renewable superpower. But there are other renewable export opportunities - services, DC cables etc
2. Renewable hydrogen is going to play an important role in lowering the climate pollution of some of our key trading partners such as Japan as the #OneEarth project shows
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Een draadje over hernieuwbare energie en de beperkingen ervan.

Opgedragen aan @MeyremAlmaci, @kristofcalvo en alle #klimaatbrossers.

RT = 👍
Eerst even een live beeld:

Het is vandaag een typische winterdag. Onze windmolens staan stil (werken aan 1% van hun capaciteit), de zonnepanelen werken aan 10% van hun capaciteit.

Samen zorgen zij op dit moment voor 2% van onze energiebehoefte, die nu zo'n 13GW bedraagt.
In de marge: onze elektriciteit komt op dit ogenblik dan ook vooral van nucleair, gas en import uit NL.

En we verbranden ook nog wat bos. Want dat is hernieuwbaar.

Maar goed, terug naar de #renewables
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What a year! During 2018 @ActOnClimateVic investigated, rallied, promoted, engaged and reported on all things #ClimateImpactsVic and #VicClimateSolutions. A thread, looking back over #2018 1/13
#February2018 We celebrated the first year of the Climate Change Act 3/13
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India hasnt seen a species extinction as an independent country. But that could change. Do you know of a bird called the Great Indian Bustard?
Allow me to acquaint you. THIS IS A GODDAMN THREAD. SO READ ON.
The Great Indian Bustard is endemic to India.

The amazing fact is that it was to become our national bird but it was denied the honour for the worry that its name might be misspelt! Bastard 😒😒

But this is not it. Infact the National bird title is the least of it. India has been pretty hostile to this majestic bird.
The bird has vanished from nearly 95% of its historical range.
Less than 150 remain today.
Take a look at this map. And let that sink in for a sec.
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1/ Last week @CoinSharesCo released our latest report on #bitcoin mining along with a follow-up Medium post detailing some of the economic concepts that drive this industry. As promised, here's part two of my follow up - this post re: bitcoin's energy mix:…
2/ Now that the "death spiral" argument has been thoroughly debunked by @arjunblj, @nic__carter, @matt_odell, @danheld and others (👉…), I want to focus on the second body of our findings: those around bitcoin's energy use and the sources that power it.
3/ While I am a bit hesitant to even engage with those opposed to the inviolability of liberty and the free market () because we just fundamentally disagree, I still have a few things to say on this matter.
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1/ @CoinSharesCo just published the latest update in our #bitcoin mining research series:…

If you read no further, we show that #bitcoin mining is predominantly powered by #renewables, with a lower bound of 78% renewables penetration vs the 18% global avg.
2/ Huge thanks to Three Body Capital, @nic__carter, @danheld and @GarrickHileman for contributions, review and suggestions. For a full look at the report, you can find it here:…
3/ The report is a follow-up on our last one, published in May, where we introduced some new methodologies for calculating the overall power draw of the #bitcoin mining network and calculated market average all-in creation costs.…
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France presented today its #energy and #climate strategy. It has four goals:
1 - To cut #energy consumption
2 - To turn away from #fossilfuels
3 - To diversify its #energy mix
4 - To keep things affordable, increase jobs and innovate…
The overall target of France's strategy for #energy and #climate is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 through cutting GHG emissions down significantly and also increasing carbon sinks
France wants to cut #CO2 emissions down to 227 Mt in 10 years by cutting final #energy consumption 14% and primary #energy from #fossilfuels by 35%. Also, increasing #renewable heating and doubling the #electricity from renewables. Note: transport emissions vanish by 2050.
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For Our Present & #Future, for Ourselves & Our #Children, We Must #ActOnClimate Now!
#Renewables #Carbon
@gvalan @ActDontReact @ShiCooks @Totalrecoverys1 @09Clive
@SaleemulHuq @johnlundin @TomRaftery
#Science Says:
#ClimateChangeIsReal Detrimental & Irreversible

But #Trump Knows
"IDK If It's Manmade..."
"It Will Change Back"

There are No #Jobs on a Dead #Planet!

@ProfRayWills @MichaelEMann @NancySinatra @Jackthelad1947 @NNUS @cberrl

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Today much of the world's population lives safer, more comfortable, healthier, longer, more productive lives than ever before. And yet, around half of the global population currently lacks access to enough electricity, and 1.2bn people have no access at all. #IPCC 1/n
Global electricity access is rising, which is improving the lives of millions. But this means our decarbonisation challenge is even greater, since we not only have to replace our entire fossil fuel infrastructure, but probably double it to meet rising global energy demand. #IPCC
The question is where will this energy to come from? A: Right now, mainly from #coal. #IPCC
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Steeling myself with a strong coffee to sit down and read major new report on avoiding dangerous #climatechange (@IPCC_CH #SR15, available here: My takes to follow (1/n)
As always, the #peerreview effort by @IPCC_CH is Herculean. A couple hundred volunteer scientists read & cited 6,000+ studies to support conclusions w/ evidence. Responded to 42,001 comments in 3 rounds of review. The most robust process there is to establish scientific consensus
Now, this #SR15 report title is descriptive, but doesn't exactly roll off the tongue...
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Reminder: While U.S. is arresting adults and abusing kids from Central America, China is pledging to invest $38 Billion to rebuild SA power grid, incl new #solar, #wind generation - #climatechange
Money quote: "We can install a (transmission line) that can send (#solar and #wind power) where it needs to go. We could even send it all the way to the U.S." - #renewables
Ironically, this was precisely the strategy of "Connect the Americas 2022" program launched by Secy State @HillaryClinton under @BarackObama in 2012 - - #climatechange #RenewableEnergy
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To extend your analogy, the key difference between retail goods and electricity is that electricity can move at the speed of light as long as there is a wire to move it on. 1/
What Euro (and now Chinese) power mkts are doing is using UHV #transmission lines to move surplus power to mkts with excess demand. This benefits #renewables which are not dispatchable also uses more capacity of baseload plants. /2
As @ABBgroupnews and @Siemens will tell you, the power loss w/ HVDC #transmission > 2,000 mi is very low and can easily tranverse water boundaries, which is why it's being used for offshore wind and across North Sea. /3
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China's Bold Vision: A Global Energy Interconnection (GEIDCO) to Connect #Renewables #solar #wind #supergrid #HVDC
ICYMI - @JeffDSachs presenting with @CarlPope and others at @SLU_Official's "Saint Louis Climate Summit, Apr 22-24" - @earthinstitute @MikeBloomberg @SierraClub @geidco @GCAS2018 @PeterGleick -
ICYMI - @JeffDSachs served on panel at @geidco Conference in Beijing, Mar 28, 2018. Complete video here, presentation at 3:14:40 mark - @earthinstitute @GCAS2018 @BloombergDotOrg @GENINews
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