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1/ #heatpumps can help reducing imports of natural gas and CO2 emissions. But they also cause an increase in electricity consumption. We had a look how this plays out in the power sector. 🧵on our latest @DIW_Berlin_en #weeklyreport (first published in 🇩🇪)… Image
2/ What do #heatpumps do? They extract heat from the environment (usually from the air or the ground) and make it available for space heating at a higher temperature level. For this, they require some electricity. Image
3/ With our #opensource model #DIETER, we analyzed the power sector of the year 2030, using scenarios with different stocks of heat pumps: a reference with 1.7 mio, and three target scenarios with 3.9, 6.5 or 7.5 mio heat pumps. Image
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Our new modelling report from @DavidSuzukiFDN shows that 100% zero-emissions electricity across Canada by 2035 is possible, reliable and affordable.

Buckle up for a #CleanElectricity thread 🧵…

#Climate #energytwitter #cdnpoli
This is the first modelling report of its kind in Canada. It goes beyond #NetZero to reach #ZeroEmissions by 2035, primarily by relying on:

☀️#Renewables like wind & solar
🌊Existing #Hydropower
🔌More grid connections between regions
Overall, Canada's electricity capacity grows by 2.8x by 2050, and the amount of electrical energy we use grows by 1.8x

All #FossilFuels on the grid are phased out by 2035, including all #NaturalGas. And no nuclear or fossils with #CCUS are needed.
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Is humidity control just for warm-humid weather? Or can you grow mold in winter?

A little thread for the part of #energytwitter that hasn't seen the bigger picture of #buildingscience.

First, if you think you're immune to moisture & mold problems because your climate is dry in summer, let me invite you to take a look inside your fridge. What's inside that container in the back that you've forgotten for a couple of months.

Extreme example: Family in Kansas had a poorly insulated building enclosure. They kept the inside relative humidity at 50% while outdoor temperature was -5 °F.

Yes, that's ice on the walls & ceiling inside the house. Here are the details:

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@prlambert @energysmartwv @curious_founder One per room is way too many. They’re not small enough and the turndown isn’t low enough for that.
@prlambert @energysmartwv @curious_founder We usually do ducted #heatpumps for the whole house in our #HVAC design projects. When people come to us wanting all #ductless units, we try to talk them into ducted for the bedrooms.
@prlambert @energysmartwv @curious_founder Here's an example from a small high-performance house we did in Virginia.

Loads (in BTU/hr)

Bedroom 1
htg = 1,944
clg = 320

Bedroom 2
htg = 1,454
clg = 511

htg = 1,665
clg = 1,063
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1/9 Dedicating #RenewableElectricity to #Hydrogen cannot free the EU from #RussianGas.⚠️ What can, is using renewable electricity efficiently.
📚Read what #REPowerEU gets wrong and how to make it right.
#REPowerEU #RenewableHydrogen #Fitfor55 #REDII
2/9 How we use each TWh of electricity has a huge impact on whether we break free⛓️ from #RussianGas.

Using it in #HeatPumps displaces three times more fossil gas than using it to produce.👇
3/9 #REPowerEU foresees the total installed wind 🌬️& PV ☀️capacity to increase from today’s 360 GW to almost 1000 GW + 80 GW of renewables earmarked for #H2.

This will produce over 1000 TWh of electricity⚡️ per year. That’s the 🇫🇷 & 🇩🇪 demand combined.
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As #UkraineRussiaWar continues, and @IPCC_CH publishes it latest #Climate report, we take a closer look at the energy policy measures Europeans can take to weaken both Putin and climate disruption.
Take a look at the most efficient measures we have found so far 👇
First, #EnergySufficiency measures (in plain English: stop wasting energy) are by far the best. Quick to implement. Efficient. Cost-effective. They should become a national security priority and give ideas for people to tangibly #StandWithUkraine in those dark days.
Second, #EnergyEfficiency targeting oil/gas heating buildings is a must. It however takes time to be rolled-out to significantly impact our dependence. All the more reason to start now!
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What are retrofit options for someone with 90-100m² ‘hard to treat’ home, concerned about rising gas prices and the planet? Installing a heat pump is single largest measure for lowering the carbon footprint, but how soon to fit one on retrofit journey? #retrofit #heatpumps 1/
Doing nothing on fabric or gas means bills will escalate
and there is a serious risk that such a home will have lower resale value in the future. By starting to think about retrofit, home owners might do things they have put off for years, like clearing the loft. /2
Getting off gas early prioritises planet, without bills needing to rise.
Install ASHP early alongside
Limited fabric measures, such as loft insulation to modern std; seals / brushes for doors / sash windows for drafts (and cavity wall insulation added if applicable) 3/
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Hey, maybe we should all install one of these in our homes?🤔 A heat pump!
A heat pump extracts heat from the cold outside air and transfers it inside our home...
- @ThisOldHouse

#HeatPump #HomeHeating #Heating #furnace #airconditioning #EnergyEfficiency
In depth Explination, like really in depth; by Technology Connections

#HeatPump #HeatPumps #HomeHeating #Heating #furnace #elecricity #EnergyEfficiency #Energy
... To this end, a compressor inside the device uses electricity to increase the temperature of the heat extracted from the outside air. The heat pump can also provide cooling by transferring warm indoor air to the outside.…
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My task this weekend, ahead of the heat and buildings strategy launch and #cop26 is to show the work involved in installing a #heatpump and #lowtemp heating. To get to #netzero you don't have to have a heat pump, but you will need low temp heating and an energy efficient home 1/9
Firstly, even if you get a hydrogen or electric boiler, you are going to need to run your heating cooler in the less cold weather and hotter in the colder weather. This saves energy and is called weather compensation. For some this will mean bigger radiators and larger pipes 2/9
Just to stress, #lowtemp heating, running the water in your heating system between 30-50 degrees instead of 70-80 (with good home insulation) is going to be needed in EVERY home to reach #NetZero. This will actually make your home more comfortable and still as hot as you like 3/9
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Starting now. After brief opening statement by Chair Schwertner. Sen @whitmire_john asks why do we have to incentivize power plants to do what they're supposed to? Sen Nichols says they're profit seeking companies and they won't invest unless they can make money.
Whitmire responds: are you talking about providing government subsidies for gas generation? Tells Nichols he's sounding like the Biden Administration. Not sure why we would throw incentives at thermal generation.

#txlege #txenergy
Whitmire says we've reshuffled boards and commissions but we may be worse off now in terms of energy reliability than we were in February.
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How much could heat pumps earn selling wholesale grid services? I estimate $25-100 annually per nameplate electrical kW from regulation + synchronous reserve in PJM. A typical home's central air-source heat pump could earn $75-300.

#electrifyeverything #energytwitter #heatpumps
Not huge revenue, but enough to cover aggregation/instrumentation costs within a couple of years. A heat pump aggregator may be able to provide these services alongside others, like demand response curtailment, voltage support, or energy price arbitrage. 2/
These estimates are for reversible variable-speed air-source heat pumps, which both heat and cool, so can provide grid services most of the year. Revenues will be lower for heating-only or fixed-speed (on/off) units. Source is a forthcoming paper. 3/
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Aware that #heatpumps are currently costly and difficult to fit, but this article is neither objective, nor factual. Error 1: "When it comes to winter warming, you can't beat gas central heating.". Fact: Low temp heating with a heat pump is more comfortable than with a gas boiler
Error 2 "some of the new-style kit can't heat the UK's cold, draughty houses." Ignoring that some of our old-style kit can't heat our draughty houses and we have the worst #fuelpoverty in Europe. Fact #heatpumps can heat draughty houses, but why would you want to? Fix the homes.
Error 3: "Hydrogen lobbyists say it can travel through existing pipes - at least until it reaches the home." Key words there (apart from the 2nd) are the last 7. Presents #heatpumps as disruptive, which the installation can be, but then glosses over replacing internal gas pipes.
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👏@IEA for publishing such a great work on #innovation #energy #climate
Here are my 6 takeways from this 400p document #Thread
Full @IEA document here 👉…
1. We can already cut global emissions by 55% with already commercially available technologies (i.e. early adoption + mature). But we also need to further develop technologies to get to #NetZero
2. Technologies for #buildings renovation and ligh-duty #transport are already largely there
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@ng_eso Future Energy Scenarios #FES2020 creates new insights into the future of energy. With the demise of coal power generation, the carbon intensity of electricity has fallen off a cliff recently and it could go NEGATIVE within 10 yrs! 1/11
Heating your home via a direct electrical panel heater or your hot water from an immersion is now lower carbon than using a natural gas boiler. It was 2-3x worse just 8 years ago. There are 2 big issues with direct electrical heating - cost and capacity 2/11
Cost could be largely addressed with agile tariffs [@OVOEnergy @octopus_energy], particularly with smart storage heaters.
Capacity impacts could be reduced by with passivhaus levels of insulation.
But the proposed Future Homes Standard is driving new homes towards #HeatPumps 3/11
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This big breakthrough from @RishiSunak is to be welcomed unequivocally as a stimulus measure - & for #NetZero too, provided it becomes a piece of a larger puzzle, a #GatewayDrug to next-level #decarbonisation and credible #COP26 presidency - THREAD (1/11)…
🧩 rented homes: my reading is that private landlords will be able to access the voucher scheme, but lets see. Social housing has a £50m pilot - I think this will kick off the £3.8bn Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund, but let's see. (2/11)
🧩 jobs: safe to say we want the 120,000 jobs from this to be around for more than a year. This is a big number and more will be needed - let's think how these can be folded into a #justtransition, which includes ending #fuelpoverty. (3/11)
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Thread (1/9) Proud of our new report! So many messages distilled for you, by our team @EU_ScienceHub and from a polyphony of #EnergyScenarios. Let the deeper understanding of it mature now. Enjoy its taste !… #EUGreenDeal
(2/9) Scenarios achieving 50-56% CO2 reduction by 2030 see total #coal use reduce by 70%, #oil by 25-50% and #naturalgas by up to 25%. The use of total #biomass ranges from limited growth to an increase of up to 60%. All compared to 2017.
(3/9) The growth of #wind power generation varies between a factor of 1.5 and 3.5 and the growth of #solar power between 1.5 and 4.5. Between 2017 and 2030.
#Hydrogen and #CCUS emerges in some but not all scenarios.
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With the release of the consultation on the Clean Heat Grant Scheme this week, I thought it'd be worth sharing some analysis we've produced at @Ecuity_UK. How does the CHGS stack up compared to similar schemes internationally and will it be enough? A thread #lowcarbonheat (1/9)
UK heat pump deployment per capita lags behind the majority of European markets. Action is needed and the shift to upfront grant potentially simplifies the consumer offering and increases deployment. I'm personally a big fan of upfront payments vs spreading payments out. (2/9)
The £4k flat grant is larger than most grants from similar schemes in European markets. (Leaky UK homes = larger #heatpump = increased cost). So interest could be high, but overall deployment depends on the total funding available. (3/9)
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It’s a bit overdue, but I did promise to write a report on my trip to China, to attend #IPHC23. (23rd International Passive House Conference.) Here it is.... as long, and probably rambling,🧵.
I’ll break my #iphc23 report into chapters: 1. Plenary & Policy Overview, 2. Conference presentations, 3. Expo, followed by 4. An editorial. (And perhaps some highlights of the short vacation I took afterwards to #Xinjiang, if I have time.)
1. Plenary & Policy: it was clear from the first moment I landed in Beijing that this event would not be a typical #Passivhaus conference. The Chinese Gov rolled out the red carpet, not just for practitioners, but as an all out International trade event. #IPHC23
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Great turn out for our session on #SmartCities @LucyPadfield of @ramboll_uk kicking us off. She's talking about #heatnetworks in #denmark and applicable applications to the UK. ImageImage
In Copenhagen they have used #wasteheat and #heatpumps as part of low temperature networks. They put the new infrastructure on the network to enable pick up.
She's given UK case studies, from #bunhill @IslingtonEnergy project recovering #wasteheat from the tube, and #queensquay in Glasgow, which is using water based heat pumps.
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