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The Chinese edition of my new book, #PermanentRecord, has just been censored. This violates the publishing agreement, so I'm going to resist it the way I know best: it's time to blow the whistle. You can help. Here's how: (THREAD)
I asked to see a copy of censored passages, and was given a list of a few of the worst examples. I'm going to post them right here on Twitter, and we're going to translate them and expose exactly what the censors were trying to hide. Let's use Twitter for something good.
Let us compile a correct and unabridged version of #PermanentRecord to publish freely online in Chinese, by assembling a cadre of translators to expose every shameful redaction the censors demanded. We will work in service to the greater Republic of Letters and a better internet.
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THREAD — So many remarkable passages in #PermanentRecord. Here’s what stood out to me. 1/
The ideals of the so-called “Inteligence Community” are to subvert our democracy, destroy our freedom, and to rule us in secret. There was never a golden age when the “IC” was anything other than state-sponsored criminals and terrorists who deserve to stand trial at The Hague. 2/
Technological illiteracy creates a technocracy—those who grok rule those who don’t. Combine with a lack of right to repair laws, and you have a recipe for “technological tyranny.” 3/
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If you read only one thing about my memoir, #PermanentRecord, make it the cover story in this month's New York Review of Books. It is an extraordinary piece. @nybooks…
With Permanent Record suddenly considered among the year's best books, I again must thank the many who made it possible, from those mentioned in the text and acknowledgements to the countless hidden hands behind every timeless story.
I had set out merely to write a book, but when the manuscript was completed, it had become more—a work of literature. It took the better part of my year, drafting from night to noon, for that picture to come into focus. But at the outset, I was hardly an author.
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Ya en nuestro poder el libro imprescindible para conocer el recorrido de la última década en materia de control poblacional en los países democráticos. Gracias @Snowden por hacer posible este debate. #VigilanciaPermanente #PermanentRecord
@Snowden Quienes hemos crecido en el mundo anterior a la omnipresencia de los dispositivos digitales evocamos nuestra infancia mediante el recuerdo. Las generaciones actuales lo harán a través de un archivo digital que empieza el día de su nacimiento.
@Snowden La arquitectura del Internet noventero nos obligaba a separar nuestra "vida real" de nuestra "vida virtual". Ahora estas esferas se han fusionado y la conexión es permanente.
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The government of the United States has just announced a lawsuit over my memoir, which was just released today worldwide. This is the book the government does not want you to read: (link corrected)…
Statement by the American Civil Liberties Union on the government's lawsuit against myself and the publishers:…
It is hard to think of a greater stamp of authenticity than the US government filing a lawsuit claiming your book is so truthful that it was literally against the law to write.
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1. #Snowden's book,#PermanentRecord,will be out tomorrow My views: It's beautifully simple: the story of a nice guy who does nothing to appear special when in fact he is
2. #PermanentRecord highlights some of the unsung heroes: @4TheRefugees who had the courage to shelter #Snowden in #HK when in fact they are among the most vulnerable on this planet(please help them),#FidelNarvaez who finally lost his job,and most of all, #SarahHarrison
3. no one did what #SarahHarrison did for #Snowden and NO editor/media organisation did what Julian #Assange and #WikiLeaks did to help him: they will have extremely serious legal troubles for life
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