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Man, I swear - if this world burns & gets destroyed (Plug gets pulled) it’s because people REFUSED to listen to God by choosing all the “Stars”/Idols over God & Gods ACTUALLY words - Not the words that were taken out & replaced with pages to keep confusing everyone.
Everyone’s true colors are coming out … He is Purposely making it easy to see who is who among everyone, even the “stars” ..

Don’t play into THEIR hand, I explained this in fine detail ..

You wanna win this war?
KNOW WHAT & WHO you’re fighting for !!

The Writing On The
#WALL . .

Watch the clown collapse now.

I bet he is saying this PURPOSELY because of all the shit that guy was talking last night & because of all the other people that won’t stop running their mouths about someone giving them the whole truth ..
Meaning, he is talking shit
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I have a VERY good source who briefed me on some of the abuses alleged at #WallHighSchool.

Reporters & #Wall residents, I hope you’re paying attention.

Bc it’s time to excise the tumor.

Stay tuned for after the BoE meeting 😉

#NEWS #BREAKING #newjersey #wall2021 #monmouth
1] Exclusive details & allegations from a very credible source about the #WHSScandal (quotes paraphrased):

"It's bigger than that. Rape, attempted sodomy, steroids, cover ups by school officials and local police..."

#WallHighSchool #walltownship #walltwp #newjersey #NJ #WHS2021
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Please, DO NOT say God did not Warn EVERYONE ...

911 is down because of the Hurricane?
Kanye Releases A song called, 'Hurricane' ..
I SHOWED everyone 'The Writing is on the Wall' post Kanye made, THEN, Iron Maiden releases A song called, 'Writing On the Wall' ..
The writing on
MY #WALL/Twitter Page/Wall tells the whole story. Not just the whole story but also what is going to happen before it happens. I have been doing this for 5 years now, SHOWING everyone the #REAL world YOU ALL live within.

Are you figuring it out yet?
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(1/25) - Thread: Here’s list of some movies by genre!!


1. #Atonement (2007)
2. #SavingPrivateRyan (1998)
3. #FullMetalJacket (1987)
4. #HacksawRidge (2016)
5. #Valkyrie (2008)
6. #WarHorse (2011)

#StayHomeIndia #StaySafe #StayHomeStaySafe
(2/25) - WAR MOVIES (7-10):

7. #EnemyAtTheGates (2001)
8. #TheThinRedLine (1998)
9. #TheEnglishPatient (1996)
10. #DownFall (2004)

1. #TheGoodTheBadAndTheUgly (1966)
2. #OnceUponATimeInTheWest (1968)

#StayHomeIndia #StayHomeStaySafe
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For 2020 I'm going to try the one photo a day challenge. I'll reply tip this each day with a photo.
Marble Kaleidoscope.

Sony a7iii
FE 2.8/90 Macro G OSS
ISO 400
1/30 Image
Carew Sconce

Samsung Note 10+
6 mm
1/17 Image
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With my wife, we are building an extremely ecological self-sufficient house (made of straw, wood and earth), while being modern too.

The house is out of the grid for electricity & water, and there is no heating system.

The construction has finally started after 1.5 years.

1/3 ImageImage
We share our story on a blog, in French only so far (I will translate the story in English later).

Last week was the first day,…

And yesterday it has started for real,…

If you have any questions, please ask. Answers will land on the blog, but I will be happy to answer here now.


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Steel slats need paint every few months, because rust.
It costs at minimum $7 to paint steel per lineal foot including labor.
Each 20’ slat $70 ( forget the Mexican side)
$370,000 a mile.
$730 million to keep border baby from rusting and falling apart twice a year.
Knowing how “efficient” our bidding and contract award process is? Round that up to a billion.
This fuxker knows about construction as my dog knows about geometry.
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I recently met with a desperate #Venezuela family about to overstay tourist visa. Dad (professional), mom (professional) and kid. Staying w/ relatives & desperate to find a way not to return to political threats, hunger, utter lack of services, including medical care...
Why me? I have #HumanRights background, a university job & #LatinAmerica experience. Basically bupkus in the terrordome politics of desperate people in Trumpland. But I bought them coffee (and a snowman cookie for a young 'un) and listened...
What separates me from them? Increasingly little. They were upper middle class and now scrounge for off the books manual labor. Would they be killed if they returned? Not immediately -- but slowly: no work, no food, no medicine, no hope. They've become #Refugees ...
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1/Here is a nugget for all these smart #wall folks:

Even if trump gets his $50 biwall money, he can only build at best 800 miles out of 1900+ miles.
We do not have roads and roads good enough to handle heavy loads of cement/steel/trumphotair to get it to almost 500 miles.
2/ he will push another $20-30 billion in infrastructure costs to border states for roads no one will use because let’s face it, it is a fuking desert.
However we will create a smooth network of roads for smugglers to enjoy a cushy ride inland.

Your racism is costly MAGAIDIOTS
3/ not to mention the only concrete manufacturer that can handle the volume is in

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🌿Hang in There🌿

Mueller is preparing to accelerate his probe & deliver indictments by Fall 2018.

Oh goodie! I am hoping for sooner surprises!🤗

Mueller needs to have a little chat (without coffee) with #TraitorNunes. HouseGOP are trying to extort Rosenstein for more doc.
🌿Hang in There2🌿

Federal court rules against Va. House in racial gerrymandering case, orders new districting plan by Oct. 30th.

US is backing away from Syria de-escalation enforcement = destabilization

SCOTUS upholds Trump ban on travel from several mostly Muslim countries
🌿Hang in There3🌿


The whole clusterfuq: RU hacking, CA, Trump & Leave Campaigns was not only a coup, but an unprecedented shorting of the market through mass manipulation of the electorate, w/the aim of controlling not only geopolitics, but the financial markets too.
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