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OK here we go. Conceivably the greatest, most technical accomplishment in the history of natural history art: nearly 4000 glass models of flowers created by Rudolph and Leopold #Blaschka for @HarvardMuseum. None of the objects in here look like glass.
Readers, they're all glass. ImageImageImageImage
The #Blaschkas became famous for making glass models of sea creatures for #museums, because these soft-bodied animals could not be easily preserved. They shipped them to institutions across the world. Then @HarvardMuseum commissioned them to make the flowers exclusively. ImageImageImageImage
The #Blaschkas' work is incredible and unsurpassed. From root to petal to stamen to leaf. This gallery is unquestionably the greatest botanical display in any #museum on the planet.
Only in rare instances that there is a tiny break in the glass is the illusion interrupted. ImageImageImage
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"The established supply chain for scholarly books presents a major challenge for small or new #OA publishers to thrive. Specialised title management systems, for instance, are difficult to access and many systems are not oriented to #openaccess books." #ScalingSmall #OABooks
"@COPIMproject has dedicated time and attention to this issue developing @Thoth_metadata, a #metadata management system, that aims to level the playing field between large and small publishers by alleviating some of the difficulties faced by scholar-led presses."
@COPIMproject @Thoth_metadata Everything about @Thoth_metadata is #OpenSource on Github - the database includes chapter-level #metadata for #OABooks
Plus #DOIs #RORids #ORCids with mappings between multiple #metadata schema including MARC
#ScalingSmall Image
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For 2023, I'm going to spend much more time thinking and acting on the principles of human rights - the more we make them everyday life, the more chance we have of getting them. They are amazing, but hardly anyone even knows what rights they- or others- have. Let's get started👇
"Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,
Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind,
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Let's talk about thylacines.
The last known #thylacine died on this day in 1936 - it was accidentally locked out of the indoor part of its enclosure at a #Hobart zoo, and died of exposure.
A 🧵based on stories of how we've represented thylacines, from my #PlatypusMatters book...
Shortly after the British invaded #Tasmania, a #thylacine was caught & illustrated in 1806. As it lay dying, its captor described how its wounds made it "exceedingly inactive and stupid". Scientists in England twisted these words to imply #thylacines were generally unintelligent.
Over the following decades, accounts painted #thylacines as a mysterious, savage killer of the wilderness - coming out of the shadows to kill sheep. (We know now it is unlikely a #thylacine would have hunted many sheep).
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I was recently in Switzerland, mostly around Berne. Since there are municipal elections in #Ontario, I thought that it would be nice to talk more about quality of life beyond lower taxes. #onpoli #topoli 1/14
They come from government, the non-profit and private sectors. They may not all be applicable - of course. Thanks for the inspiration @shawnmicallef #switzerland 2/14
On Saturdays in August, all #museums in Berne were free. @museenbern… 3/14
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1/ Welcome to this @PalExFund Twitter takeover #HiddenHistories – the private lives of Levantine Neolithic masks. With generous support from the @PalExFund and @AIAResearch, this week I @mokersel started my research into a group of 18 Levantine Neolithic masks ~8800-6500BCE.
2/ I am an archaeologist who has worked in the region for years. I also have research interests in the buying and selling of antiquities and the public presentation of artifacts #museums #provenance #antiquitiestrade #followthepots @DePaulAnthro Photo by @achiii
3/ I use a combination of object biographies, itineraries, ethnographies (with IRB approval), and archival research to unmask the private lives and insecure provenience (archaeological findspot) and provenance (owner history) of these 18 masks. #HiddenHistories @PalExFund
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When I see museums curate content and miss out on vital information about the gallery pieces that reflect identity, belonging and representation, it really bothers me. What bothers me more is the lack of representative curators in the museum sector - I know this is very common...
...but when you combine that with museum engagement with underrepresented/ marginalised communities and wonder why they still don't visit museums independently, it's not that hard to see what the actual issue is.
What's worse is being aware of this and still repeating the same pattern of behaviour. Einstein's definition clearly didn't hit the hammer on the head. #museums
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A potted history of museums in the Potteries Part 4 -
In the early years of the 21st century there was an optimistic sense that years of hard work securing external recognition and investment for Stoke-on-Trent’s museums was bearing fruit.
#Stoke-on-Trent #Museums #cuts
But storm clouds were gathering. Constant Council restructuring saw the museum service move from Museums, Arts & Heritage Department into Leisure and Cultural Services, then Regeneration & Heritage. The service remained at divisional level, headed by an Assistant Director.
In the meantime, there were significant developments on the wider museum front. In 2001, after much lobbying, in particular from the Group for Large Local Authority Museums, Resource (the Museums, Libraries & Archives Commission) published its Renaissance in the Regions report.
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1/🧵 Another week of exciting content on the #WalledCulture blog:
➡️ @glynmoody covered how digital images of #PublicDomain works get captured, why #artist nor #academics should sign away their rights, & why Singapore 🇸🇬 sets an example to follow with its updated Copyright Law 👇
👉 Cultural digitisation for the many, or cultural depredation for the few: time to choose…

#Museums #ArtGalleries #PublicDomain #GLAM #CHIs #Wikimedia #Wikipedia #WalledCulture
👉 Why are #TaylorSwift and #academics all in the same boat? And why is she more fortunate?…

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Once again, @robertjweisberg surfaces a critical question for #museums: have we reached (or passed) Peak Conference?…
I've been thinking about starting a Twitter thread with "Conferences, we need to talk." The conferencing model is broken - and chairing two (good!) conferences in 2021 made that super clear to me.
And it's a question of association models as well - and how associations are funded. @robertjweisberg correctly notes " the membership model is never going to capture more than a tiny minority of the field as well as privileging those farther along in their careers...
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Today is National Indigenous Peoples Day & to recognize this occasion, we're highlighting Indigenous cultural organizations across the country, many with whom we are privileged to work. We encourage you to like, share, & follow them!

#NIPD2021 #NIHM2021
1) @CurveLakeFN Cultural Centre (📍Curve Lake, ON) supports the understanding of community culture, language, history while caring for cultural items & an archive related to the community & Kinomaage-Waapking (Teaching Rocks) Petroglyph site, which is community-managed! #NIPD2021 A colourful totem pole stan...
We're grateful to @CurveLakeFN Cultural Centre for helping us build strong relationships w/ First Nations on whose territories the Museum resides!
We also acknowledge & are committed to including local water-related challenges (ex: boil water advisories) in new exhibits #NIPD2021
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Our project website is online 😍 enabling to discover and explore our objectives, our teams and universe by visiting

#creativity #ErasmusPlus #PrimarySchools #game #quests #citizenship
🔍Get creative using our template for sharing your ideas of quests related to #societalchallenges #SDGs #citizenship…
This work has been strongly inspired by the amazing work of @fabline06 managed by @margaridaromero on card games for approaching SDGs and educational playful activities 👏🙏…
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We set up a fund to support projects that enable trustworthy and ethical #datasharing. These projects aim to help citizens and businesses lower their impact on the environment, improve public services and save lives.

Meet the projects:
1/8 @OpenClimateFix has been exploring how opening up #energy #data can help reduce energy costs and achieve net zero emissions.

The team identified that recurring revenue is very important for economic sustainability, and created guidance around this:…
2/8 @eticlabuk looked at how #datasharing could unlock the value of data in the #charity sector.

The team researched whether the #datafederation model could be a viable approach:…
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UK taxpayers throw nearly 1/2 bn A YEAR at DCMS-funded nationals who do little engagement & increasingly seek to lock their publicly owned collections/archives etc behind closed doors.

This is why we get bad history.

Funding reform is needed.

Not this.
#Museums #Heritage
This entire shambles is an exceptionally painful episode in how little Dowden appears to understand his portfolio, UK Heritage PLC and the creative sector in general.

I mean that DCMS has little control over institutions they substantially fund must be frustrating.
These organisations are nebulous corpo-QUANGOs often operating under a veil of dozens of subsidiary companies and various additional charities/trusts to stow away comfortable rainy day funds with director salaries frequently above the PM's own!
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Bonsoir ! 👋😊 Aujourd'hui, on va parler d'une pratique essentielle dans la vie d'#illustrateur·rice #naturaliste : le #croquis, indispensable pour comprendre son sujet & préparer sa réalisation et moment-clé dans le quotidien professionnel. C'est parti !

Le #croquis, c'est avant tout un entraînement qui permet d'améliorer ses aptitudes au #dessin : c'est en dessinant tout et n'importe quoi pendant heures, des jours, des années, qu'on exerce son œil et sa main. ✏️
Professionnellement, je travaille parfois avec des références qui me sont fournies par mes client·e·s et/ou en collaboration avec un conseil scientifique. 👩‍🔬🧑‍🔬Mais la plupart du temps, je travaille seule ; je dois me débrouiller...
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We are starting our Christmas Countdown a little early this year with the A-Z of @drakonheritage #ChristmasIsComing #ChristmasCountdown
First up. A is for Archaeology. Our year has been full of many great objects from the field. Swords, brooches, lots of iron and so many coins... #ArchaeologicalConservation #Archaeology
B is for Broken. This Anglo-Saxon vessel was hit by a plough. By re-joining the fragments we can appreciate its form but I loved seeing the repairs made in the past. What a valued object this must have been to someone. What stories it could tell. #conservation #ChristmasCountdown Riveted repair inside the c...Vessel before conservation....Vessel after conservation. ...
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/14/2020…
The Pfizer Vaccine News Is Good. Here's the Bad News.…

#COVID19 #vaccine
A Possible Covid Vaccine Means It's Time to Fix Cold Chains…

#distribution #vaccine #PandemicResponse #health
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it would be nice if the iwm had another type of innovation hub where experts could go to explore the most pressing conflicts through the lense of history

an open one free to all to access

that would be very nice wouldnt it

but they paywalled it
#history #heritage #museums
this is what we call an archive
the iwms commercial decisions have been beyond damaging for public discourse and actively encouraged a wealth of unhelpful actors in spreading disinformation and misinformation through structurally violent image access and film fees killing engagement and production of content
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#SlaveryBuiltAmerica yet #ADOS history within #AmericanHistory continue being eased.We current have 59 Holocaust Museums & Memorials in U.S. base off what happen to Jews in Germany.700 Confederate Monuments to traitors,racist,kkk,(#WhiteDomesticTerrorist).…
Building the First #Slavery Museum in America…
Notes: How Many #Museums Are Devoted to American #Slavery?, by @mimbsy…
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Today saw HRH the Princess Royal visit our #MonstersoftheDeep exhibition, years in the making, at @TheNMMC #Falmouth. I'm guest curator & worked with the museum's Stuart Slade, @tammy_horton of the National Oceanography Centre - and others - in bringing it all together. Thread... ImageImage
#MonstersoftheDeep weaves together medieval beliefs about sea monsters, the scientific discovery of deep-sea life, the cryptozoological movement, and modern exploration and discovery. We have LOADS of stuff on display, much of it for the first time...
We open with a section on medieval maps... did people of those times believe in the sea monsters shown on maps like the Carta Marina, or were other forces at play? Jenny hanivers, mermaids, sea monks, sea bishops, sea unicorns and more occupy this part of the exhibition... ImageImageImage
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This is a #handmade #terracotta panel from a 19thcentury #temple in #murshidabad in #Bengal it depicts #soldiers with their #arms we can clearly see from their #costumes #headgear #footwear #swords that they are part of the #local population @dStephenB @arthysteriaa @MuseumBuddy Image
This #terracotta panel from a 19thcentury #temple in #baranagar in #Bengal shows #European #Soldiers How do we know they are? From their #muskets #attire #headgear the presence of these soldiers must have had a great impact in the #lives of their local people #museums #stories Image
Another stunning #terracotta panel from a temple in #atpur in #Bengal @DalrympleWill said in his talk yesterday that the #British carried away 40 boats of wealth from the #murshidabad treasury in 18th cen. No wonder these #European soldiers are even in #temples flanked by #gods Image
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Thank you @MuseumBuddy Hello everyone😎we are both independent consultants for #museums & #heritagespaces in #India & #England we’ll be sharing our work,exchanging #stories & #SharedFacts from #History #art #culture #heritage &our #oralhistory projects. Be with us the whole week
Welcome @dStephenB to #museumbuddy 😊 Stephen is a #museum professional #curator if fabulous #exhibitions #projectmanager #educator Through the last day of August to the first week of September, we’ll be chatting about his work, experiences on #heritage and #curation @MuseumBuddy Image
@dStephenB will be sharing his #research project on the representation of armed forces during wars,especially of #Indians in the #britisharmy Check out his profile @StephenBarker_ for his work,like attached photo. His website is #worldwar #photography Image
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PM statement

Very disappointing news that with rise in infection rates we cannot press ahead with sports pilots with fans this weekend

I know the huge efforts cricket, snooker & horseracing have made to welcome fans back

We’ll keep working together on their safe return asap
PM has confirmed we cannot go ahead with some easings planned for 1st August - we are hoping for a postponement of a fortnight

This means bowling alleys, ice rinks, casinos cannot yet reopen and indoor performances cannot now go ahead from tomorrow
From 8th Aug we will also require face coverings to be worn in #museums, #galleries #cinemas and #libraries

Please mask up & support the arts safely


@ace_national @Tate @royalacademy @NHM_London Image
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Much-awaited @LaPlacaCohen report on COVID and arts/culture orgs is out. Just reading the topline PDF and a few things jump out (thread).…
1. Strong patterns in "what people want more of" and "what people miss most": connection with others, fun, relaxation, escape. Information/learning too, but it comes 4th on list of 5 choices.
81% report doing something creative during stay-home - and for 62% of them, it included baking. Huge opportunity for #InterpretingFood!
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