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For any other creators that want to work with actors or celebrities in their videos, here’s a thread on what our production pipeline typically looks like at my studio.
We just got to work with @zacharylevi to promote the new Shazam movie. This was an ambitious project for the timeline. It was 31 shots and 12 production setups. We had 6 hours with Levi (thank you for your time).
We sort of operate like an animation studio in that we like to watch our videos before they are actually made. How do we do this? We make a rough mockup of the video, shot for shot. We iterate through this process several times before going to set.
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Now, let's go #BehindTheScenes with @CroakeyNews 👋

A general #WeekInTheLife of Croakey involves:

* a Monday mtg to discuss health-related news to cover in our bulletin (which is FREE to subscribe to this week!)

#WeekInTheLife @CroakeyNews cont...

* interviews
* sourcing health updates via Twitter, media releases etc
* attending webinars & meetings
* commissioning stories
* working on special projects
* editing opeds & other stories

#WeekInTheLife @CroakeyNews cont...

Our social journalism team of editors, contributing editors, columnists & collaborators come from across Australia (and one from the UK!), with a wide range of backgrounds & skills.

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#ESETresearch is offering you a #behindthescenes look at the diligent work required to see through the
obfuscation techniques used in the recently described #Wslink, unique and undocumented
malicious loader that runs as a server. 1/5
Wslink’s multilayered #virtualmachine introduced a diverse arsenal of #obfuscation techniques, which
we were able to overcome to reveal a part of the deobfuscated malicious code. 2/5
We also described the code we developed to facilitate our research. It is provided to the community
@github 3/5…
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جرگہ میں سلیم صافی کے ساتھ TLP کے 2017 والے دھرنے بارے انکشاف کرتے ھوئے شاھد خاقان عباسی کا کہنا تھا کہ اسوقت ھمیں رینجرز تو کیا دینے تھے پولیس کو بھی کسی ایکشن سے لگتا ھے منع کردیا گیا تھا
کو بلایا تو انہوں نے کہا کہ مظاھرین کی وجہ سے نہیں آ سکتے

میں نے پوچھا کتنے مظاھرین ھیں تو کہنے لگے تیس بندے ھیں
اب تیس ھزار نفری رکھنے والا آفیسر اگر تیس بندوں کی وجہ سے نہ آ پانے کا عذر پیش کرے تو جواب واضح تھا

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Airbnb Super Pack #BehindTheScenes
I am very excited to show you our product design process using @figmadesign #figjam
Take a look 👇🧵
Raw idea → solve the management problems of #Airbnbhosts

0. First thing that we did → We tested the market 👀 We created a free Notion Template targeted for Airbnb hosts aimed to solve the communication between hosts and guests → we concluded that they were interested ✓
1. We started by identifying all the problems associated with our raw idea
1.1 After that we used colored tags to see which problems a #notiontemplate will be able to solve:🟢For sure, 🟠Maybe, 🟤Don't think so, ⭐️Next stage Image
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“Makes me happier than a flea at a dog show to be here with you all”

We have to say, @JimHightower that the feeling is mutual. 💙

Thank you for being out on the road with @BetoORourke & us- the energy you bring is like no other!

#TexasDriveForDemocracy is #PoweredByPeople Image
“We often have candidates and congressmen that become lobbyists and disappear on us…well @BetoORourke has never disappeared on us…in fact, he keeps reappearing when we need him.”

#TexasDriveForDemocracy is #PoweredByPeople
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Since coming back to beautiful #Aotearoa, I’ve been ridiculously busy working on an exciting new focus - making films on #conservation, #wildlife & the #climatecrisis. During the #NZ summer I’ve had the privilege of filming in the stunning #OtagoPeninsula ... #Thread
... in the wildlife capital of #NZ#Dunedin (Otepoti). I’m totally blown away by the depth & breadth of the #conservation work happening all over #Aotearoa, especially to help save NZ’s endemic #wildlife. Standby for a #conservation #thread ... :)
#NZ has a number of native species currently under threat - from forest birds like the Kea, the iconic Kiwi, Kākāpō & Takahē. But it’s Dunedin that is hailed as the #wildlifecapitalofNZ because it’s here that you can see so much wildlife – from #sealions #furseals #penguins ...
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🚨 The @Coding_Career Handbook is here! 🚨

It comes in 3 flavors.

The Handbook: 450+ pages of everything I have learned about building an exceptional and *sustainable* coding career. This is the ultimate guide for the 4-8yrs from Junior to Senior Dev!…
The Community: Every book should have a community section (). We get so much more out of it when we can *talk* to fellow readers!

I stepped down from my active /r/reactjs moderator role and will be personally moderating this new @discord!
The Creators: For those who want to peek #BehindTheScenes, I have put up 2+ hours of Author's commentary and 10 hours of recorded writing sessions to show you how @Coding_Career was put together.

I'm also doing some Workshops (to be recorded) where you can ask me anything live!
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Wie sich die Zeiten ändern:

TV-Interview vor Corona: Bis zu 5 Personen drehen O-Ton mit mir im Café.

Heute: Bekomme "Remote Interview Box" zugesandt, die ich im Homeoffice selber auf & abbaue & mich selber filme. Kurier holt Box danach wieder ab.

#BehindTheScenes #coronavirus Image
Die "Remote Interview Box" ist zurück in der Redaktion. Weil einige Rückfragen kamen & ich wohl einer der Ersten war, der so für das @ZDF gedreht hat - hier ein kurzer #Thread zu meinen Erfahrungen: ✍️🎬

tl:dr: Es war einfacher als ich dachte & es hat sogar Spaß gemacht 😇
Zim Inhalt: Im Paket, dass der Kurier 📬 brachte, lagen lediglich:

- Stativ
- iPhone 11 (ohne Sim)
- Ladekabel iPhone
- iPhone-Halterung für das Stativ
- Schwarzes Panzertape (zum wieder verpacken)
- Briefing-Anleitung (10 Punkte)

Das Paket war sehr leicht ... Image
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Show & tell by @CBP - a haul of #counterfeit thru #Miami ... #designer” boots & bags ... @SuperBowl rings & potentially more harmful dupes ..
(Serious question- why would anyone buy this stuff ?!!!!)
@WPLGLocal10 ImageImageImage
#BehindtheScenes @CBP #miami - That’s Nero - sniffing for bad stuff coming in from abroad
3/ They regularly find shipments of Fentanyl - one of the most dangerous finds. They keep Narcan doses on site per
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🙋🏻‍♀️Good morning from #Miami City Commish taking up the billion-$ #soccer & #commerce complex at Mel Reese.
On the table:
* no-bid lease agreement
* stopping all talks & putting it all out for bids
* Mayor’s request to delay
* any unexpected twist
@WPLGLocal10 stay tuned!⚽️ ImageImage
Gist of public comments so far:
Pro: “voters approved negotiations”, “...good revenue source”, “world-class #MLS soccer & park space”
Con: voters were “bamboozled”, “save the green space”, “no-bid sell-out to special interests”
@WPLGLocal10 #MiamiFreedomPark
#Miami Freedom Park people came to make presentation.
Commish Manolo Reyes (a “no” vote):“We don’t need a presentation...we’ve heard it all...”
Reyes says he is not vs soccer or project; but is opposed to circumvented process & vote swayed by deep-pocket campaign
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.@GovRonDeSantis on Miami Dade’s 3DCA Judge Robert Luck as new Florida Supreme Court Justice
“Everybody loves this guy - they call him smart, great judge..” Image
Judge Luck went to kindergarten at this Jewish day school; his children are students here now. Parents and grandmothers are here.. He is talking about being a 7th generation Floridian.. his grandfather sliced brisket at a deli....
Gov often gives little teases about what’s coming:
...Says he’ll be back to S. Florida soon with news about Florida and Israel
...Says he’ll have news soon about advancing medical marijuana laws, implementing amendment
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