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Save these numbers in your phone!
In our carceral society there are no clear alternatives to calling 911. Even for fire or EMS, there is always a risk of police responding.
We hope to help folks understand their options for social services and crisis support in Toronto, beyond the police. We must continue to build community alternatives for policing and push to #abolitionthepolice and #abolishprisons.
We want to acknowledge the harmful legacy of social services & social work in "Canada" and the ways that these systems continue to cause harm. We’ve linked some articles about this harmful legacy in our Instagram highlights, along with other resources like The Access Point.
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ICYMI: Police departments and the FBI gather intel on us from Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and even private channels on encrypted messaging apps

#DDoSecrets released this info via #BlueLeaks…
#DDoSecrets also revealed through #BlueLeaks that law enforcement ‘fusiom centers’ collaborate with fascist orgs to spread disinfo about the left…
And now authorities in Germany have seized #DDoSecrets server containing the #BlueLeaks…
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The time for platitudes and reforms is over.

We have worked for weeks, reviewing and incorporating feedback from the abolitionist and Black communities, developing #TenForJustice: The Road to Abolition

#TenForJustice envisions a new society in which prisons and police are no longer necessary, and communities are equipped to provide for their own health and safety.
#TenForJustice provides a roadmap for the defunding and then full abolition of police and prisons, beginning with immediate actions to end police violence as well as racism and classism in policing, prosecution and sentencing.

We are the 99%. We are for #PeopleOverProfit.
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Mal paar Gedanken zu #DefundPolice #AbolishPolice #Polizeiabschaffen
Ein wahrscheinlich länger werdender Thread 1/x
Wäre es nicht eigentlich gut, wenn jede Organisation, die sich mit Problemen der Gesellschaft beschäftigt, also auch die Polizei, ihrer grundsätzlichen Funktionslogik nach (letztlich wohl sisyphoshaft) auf ihre eigene Überflüssigkeit hinarbeiten würde?
Was ich stattdessen sehe: Obwohl die Kriminalität sinkt und unsere Gesellschaft insgesamt immer sicherer wird, rüstet die Polizei materiell (Panzer, Maschinenpistolen etc), juristisch (Polizeigesetze) & verbal ('noch nie dagewesene Gewalt gegen Polizei pipapo') immer weiter auf.
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That time I was arrested for having sex and the cops almost completely ruined my life and someone almost certainly died; a story.
I grew up in a small town of a few thousand people in Alabama. The kind of place that was very excited when the super Walmart and Applebee's opened. The kind of place where nothing happens after 6pm.
When I was 18 I had a girlfriend I had met at work and we both lived at home with our parents. And like many 18 year olds, we were very horny. So, in order to satiate our teenage desires we often had sex in the car. Usually parked somewhere out of site after dark.
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Welcome to the S&P 30 Days Challenge #TowardAbolition! Take 2 actions every day until July 4 in solidarity with communities everywhere resisting fascism, state violence, gender-based violence and racial capitalism! Use #TowardAbolition to let us know you're participating.
DAY 1 Action 1 #TowardAbolition

Support @supporthosechi #FreeLeLe campaign! In honor of #PRIDE and #IWD2020, let’s get #AlishaWalker free. "LeLe" is a Black sex worker who was criminalized for self-defense against sexual violence.

Toolkit w/ directions:
Like many, Alisha Walker is being punished, criminalized for surviving. There are countless others just like her.

Use: for numbers, sample tweets, scripts & call/email/fax/bombard @GovPritzker to demand he #FreeLeLe #FreeThemAll!

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Welcome new followers! #SurvivedandPunished is a prison abolition organization. We believe that prisons, detention centers, all forms of law enforcement, and punitive prosecution are rooted in systems of violence, including racial, anti-trans/queer, sexual & domestic violence. 1/
Our work focuses on criminalized survivors and the integrated relationship between systems of punishment + the pervasiveness of gender violence. We aim to #FreeAllSurvivors via mass defense projects, which would require the abolition of prisons and other systems of punishment. 2/
Our collective est. 2016 when freedom campaigns for 2 BIPOC criminalized survivors, @freemarissanow and @standwithnanhui joined hands, along w/ the Chicago Alliance to #FreeMarissaAlexander (now @LoveProtectOrg) and @c_c_w_p to come up w/ a national strategy to #FreeThemAll. 3/
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Thread: The closest grocery store to my house is an Eastern European market. On my most recent trip there, everyone working the registers was Black, the first time I've ever seen this.

They were all there picking up the temporary positions that #COVID19 has made necessary.
Some of the workers had lost side jobs recently due to the economic downturn, others were searching before the #COVID19 crisis.
A brother told me the positions are part time, don’t come with healthcare, and are not guaranteed after the #COVID19 crisis. Many of the Black people in my life--particularly youth--who were previously out of work are currently taking up or applying for these jobs.
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Wow, that last #thread really took off. Let’s try another. I want to think with folks about how we can talk about #SurvivingRKelly outside the logic of the prison industrial complex.
Many of the people who responded to my last thread engaged in carceral logics saying some variation on “his ass should rot in jail” if not calls for his death. Are there other ways we can imagine justice, accountability and healing?
Prison abolitionist Mariame Kaba has said, as ppl raised w/ carceral logics it’s hard for us to imagine or desire alternatives. The #prisonindustrialcomplex has limited how we think about justice—even though other nations do things differently.
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We won Ny Nourn's appeal! A DV survivor, Ny was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole at 21. In addition, she faced mandatory deportation if she ever got out. The odds she'd ever be free were minuscule. Here's why her story is critical to #AbolishICE: #FreeNy (1/8)
You can read more about Ny's story in this piece by @LVikkiml… #FreeNy #AbolishICE (2/8)
The immigrant rights movement has struggled to criticize incarceration instead pointing to statistics that U.S. born Black people have higher incarceration rates and ignoring immigrants in prison. #FreeNy allowed us to change that. #AbolishICE (3/8)
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Thank you @EricFlackTV @wusa9 @charlesallen for confirming what we’ve been saying for years. @ChiefNewsham @DCPoliceDept @DCPoliceUnion @USAO_DC @SafeDC @MayorBowser are #GUILTY

#StopMPD #StopFOP #NoNewMPD #DivestFromPolice #DisarmThePolice
#BlackLivesMatter #BrownLivesMatter
# of people killed by police in 2018: 264
Police officer isn’t in the top 10 most dangerous jobs.
Roofer: 4x more dangerous
Sanitation worker: 3.5x
Truck driver: 1.8x…

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