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Collecting key COVID-19 emerging facts to highlight key questions the Australian government has never provided satisfactory responses to in their mindless pursuit of policies that are killing our country ...
#1: First Line of Defence
- Vitamin D levels need to be up to improve immunity
- Daily exercise can improve immune system
- Being outside improves immune system
- Politicians / experts do not promote measures to improve immune systems – why?
#2a: Therapeutics (Second Line of Defence)
- HCQ + Z +Anz. as a prophylactic as has no downside risk, is inexpensive, and anecdotal evidence suggests it works – proven medicine for 60+ years
- 55+ recent medical studies show HCQ + Z + Anz. taken early is beneficial vs. 4 not...
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To my Black American Brothers and Sisters...

The GIFTS that Socialist Democrats are offering PALE in comparison to GOD GIVEN gifts they would take away..

The United States Constitution and Bill of(HUMAN)Rights is last Firewall to Slavery...

Defend it...
@POTUS @TrumpWarRoom @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @PressSec

If COVID-19 is as dangerous as claimed...

...ANY AND EVERY Politician who encouraged, supported, attended or failed to control mass gatherings should be held ACCOUNTABLE for every death of individuals NOT at rallies
These Politicians have PLANNED a genocidal SECOND WAVE of COVID-19 deaths in America to ensure mail-in ballots and anti-@POTUS propaganda...

...Governors and Mayors of the Cities encouraging or not stopping these “rallies” should be held PERSONALLY liable for EVERY DEATH #KAG
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Unha Consellaría que permite un caso de nepotismo é unha institución enferma. Perseguir as desviacións de poder e o enchufismo debe ser unha obriga de quen defendemos o público. A xustiza confirma as denuncias da @CIGEnsino nun enchufe clamoroso en Educación. Abro fío 👇
Altos cargos da @Xunta amosaron un interese enfermizo desde 2014 por “colocar” á cuñada de Susana López Abella, naquel momento Secretaria Xeral de Igualdade @igualdadenarede, funcionaria docente destinada en Asturias
Quixeron colala na listaxe de interinidades dunha especialidade para a que non tiña titulación. As reclamacións de persoas afectadas pararon esa decisión.
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1.) #RedFlagLaws, yes they violate the Constitution, let me show you the ways.

#2A - It never ceases to amaze me how the phrase, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”, simply cannot be understood by such a large swath of the American people.
2.) I understand there are folks who don’t like the #2A , but pretending it’s not there or that it says something it doesn’t is lazy, arrogant, and tyrannical.
3.) #4A - We all have a right to be secure, in both our homes and our property, and against unreasonable search and seizure. But how secure are you when someone can make an unfounded claim and your house is entered and your property seized?
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The history and primary causes of Alzheimer's Disease…
You don’t have to go to medical school for 8 to 12 years to understand that toxins we consume not only affect our heart and body, but our brain as well. And yet, medical doctors wouldn’t make nearly the income they do now if they told you to fix your diet, never drink tap water.
Boycott foods imported from China, quit taking antacids, avoid metal hip replacements, and quit getting vaccines… now would they?
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