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Don’t know where to start with these ridiculous people

If the Leave Architects had told the truth about the danger of losing reciprocal Health benefits, the leave voting pensioners in Spain or thinking of retiring to Spain would have voted Remain.

However, though the proponents share most of the blame for lying one wonders why the people voting did not engage brain in their haste to pull the ladder up behind them having benefited from EU citizenship and the strong contribution has made to their standard of living.
The one man says he knew he was being selfish by changing his mind in wanting back his FOM, I am afraid his selfishness was his leave vote. The idea of having all the benefits of EU membership and no responsibilities is pure selfishness and greed whichever way you look at it.
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You can’t get a much starker warning than this. Airbus relies on working within a multinational cross border industrial and business environment.
We know that contingency plans have been made and people have been unable to speak out about that. But I urge you all to listen carefully to what Tom Enders is saying. It’s not just the jobs at Broughton at stake
It’s also the jobs reliant on the Airbus presence in the region, suppliers, supply chains, local businesses serving the workers, shops, restaurants. A large employer drifting away is like a domino falling over.
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Here is a round up of our activities today. It was a busy day. We sent volunteers to the Cross in Chester and to Northwich to get out and talk to the people. THREAD
We took our lovely Mascot #EUnice and she really attracted some attention which allowed us to get into conversations with all kinds of people regardless of how they voted in the 2016 referendum.
People wanted to talk to us about how they felt about the #brexitshambles. We asked them what they thought about Mays deal, No-deal or Remain. There was quite a buzz and these were the scores on the doors about half way through.
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There is something terribly wrong with a country that’s preparing for shortages in peacetime thanks to something it’s government, Brexiteers and lexiters between them are railroading it into.
All on the basis of a dodgy referendum result based on promises we now know can’t be kept
We know #VoteLeaveBrokeTheLaw yet government have done nothing to pause and examine what that means for the validity of the tiny margin on which we are now turning away from the largest trading bloc in the world…
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There is something seriously wrong with a government who first denies a meaningful vote to parliament hoping for some miracle to break a deadlock and then tries to argue that putting the question before us back to the people is undemocratic.…
How can you damage democracy with more democracy. If you are asked to put your money into an investment fund you get a cooling off period to make sure
1. You understand the implications and risks
2. To make sure you have not been misinformed or mis-sold or pressured into buying
We were asked by Leave to invest in their imagined brexit ideas. We are now being asked to invest in the government’s actual brexit details. So now we have more information to examine our understanding of the implications of the vote and it’s not good.
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What has the EU done for You? Our EU membership has put us at the heart of Europe for 40 years and together with our partners we have created thousands of initiatives and programmes which benefit all all us. Thread/. #ch4eu #FBPE
I want to tell you about a resource you can access which allows you to look at the multitude of ways in which the EU helps us in our lives together as EU citizens. I have pulled out a handful of examples to show you but there are hundreds of documents on the link
Many regions in the UK have had money back from the EU budget in order to support projects which benefit local residents or the local economy. In the website you can search your own region and there are links to further detail but here are some examples from the North West.
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People’s family lives interfered with needlessly, livelihoods aand businesses threatened, rights removed wholesale from the entire population, our EU27 families turned into the B team and THEY have the temerity to CRY?
Can I remind everybody it was all sold to us as an easy thing
We were going to have sunlit uplands
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Paphos has some continuing benefits from being capital of culture last year. Money became available for renovation particularly the old town. Visitor numbers are up. -
The city held some amazing cultural events and was really put in on the European map. The Berlin Philharmonic played to sell out crowds in Paphos harbour but there were exhibitions of art and history and all kinds of music and theatre…
Perhaps it drew people who had never visited before to enjoy the wealth of history under the sun here. It’s also the epitome of the joys of Freedom of Movement. -
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One of my friends just went to a workshop about EU citizens rights. Am appalled. She has come away quite despondent. EU27 citizens, our families friends and neighbours a vital part of our communities, are about to be marked down as the B team and they have done nothing wrong.
Before that she went to speak to her mp who asked her to trust him. It’s a very difficult thing to trust MPs who are unwilling or unable to be very clear and openly support #PeoplesVote with #remainoption even if in private they are supportive
At the end of the day MPs will not actually suffer or be made second class citizens. VPrivate support will not make #peoplesvote happen and this applies to voters. If you are as appalled at the effect of brexit on all in our communities you must speak out.
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