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Remember when the LEFT exclusively told us we were/are all going to die from/because of:

(Not in order)
"The dictator" Donald Trump
North Korea's nukes #Rocketman
Chinese trade wars #WW3
al-Baghdadi #WW3
Soleimani #WW3
Murder hornets

We're still alive aren't we!?
In fact, we are we are better off than before in most if not all cases...

If it weren't for the COVID-19 overhype America & it's people would be thriving like never before! All these massive trade deals & production/business...
[They] ruined America & are actively pursuing control/dominance over you. [They] want ignorant sheep.

Which brings me to my next question: Why should we go on trusting [Them] & the media when they've consistently lied about & overhyped literally everything!?

We shouldn't.
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The Boss onto something?


Is he making a point about who and how his Administration will communicate?

(Imagine if the entire Admin tried to copy @POTUS' confrontational style - and applied it poorly?)
Thomas Modly @realDonaldTrump Appointee Great cv

POTUS throws word-jobs like a boxer. Words were used in the most dire of circumstance to elicit an anticipated response
#rocketman #FakeNews

Is he setting the Administration's boundaries on name calling?…
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Comenzó una nueva edición de los premios #Oscars2020 y podés seguir la ceremonia en este hilo de @elpaisuy
Regina King entrega el primer #Oscars2020 de la noche, a mejor actor de reparto, y el Oscar va para...
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Merry Christmas. And a thought for all those who can’t be home for the holidays.
Just checking to see if #NORAD is tracking #Santa or #RocketMan tonight
looked under the tree...nothing from #KimJongUn except funny memes...
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Mark's top 5 films in UK cinemas, a thread...
5: @SupporttheGirls (Dir. Andrew Bujalski/ Writer Andrew Bujalski)
4. @apollo11movie (Dir. Todd Douglas Miller)
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#Qanon bible students re: #FakeNewsAwards
1) Let's examine a historical/biblical fact, and then retrace the past few days events. Could this be pure strategy to set the Media up for its final fall, clearing the way for the upcoming MOAB of TRUTH?
#qanon bible students
re: #FakeNewsAwards
2) Historically, Cyrus had to conquer the Medes prior to Babylon. If His-story repeats, then Trump has to conqueror the MEDia first before he finishes off the DeepState/Elites. How would he do this?
#Qanon bible students
re: #FakeNewsAwards
3) By positioning them into a place where everyone can
see with no doubt they have LIED and spread a HUGE lie, that can be backed up with indisputable FACT.
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(1) Team Trump Photos Thread starting Oct 27, 2017. #MAGA

Info and a LIST OF LINKS to previous photo threads here:…
(2) A delightful Halloween experience for these kids in the Oval Office today. Expect the haters to be triggered af. They shd see Joe Biden.
(3) #HappyHalloween from the President and First Lady. Kids having fun, not caring about "cultural appropriation" PC gone mad.
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