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Day 440 of isolation. Perfectly healthy child attending virtually because @Sflecce & @fordnation refused to adequately fund #onted to ensure @ONThealth & @GovCanHealth recommendations were met in schools.
Why weren't these same experts advocating for ALL students in the fall? 1/
Our most vulnerable not provided a safe place to learn; otherwise healthy children sacrificing their own #mentalhealth, bearing the burden of protecting the lives of their vulnerable/high-risk loved ones... 2/
Why did these experts permit schools to open in the first place without adequate safety measures in place? 3/
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Yesterday I posted a brief thread on information about staff allocations I'd received from the principal of the @OCDSB school one of my children attends (link: ). Here is confirmation of the teaching allocation issue from the board:… Image
The issue is not whether Ontario school boards have told parents they can ask to switch mid-year from remote to in-person. Yes, of course, they all have. The issue is whether schools will be able to accommodate those requests in practice, without a change to teaching allocations.
As a parent, I think the question to the boards and province isn't "Can I ask to switch?" (Yes, you can *ask*) but instead "How will you accommodate requests to switch?" Again, this information might have been useful earlier, before making a forced choice #onted #safeseptemberON
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Listening to this live. @JILLSLASTWORD calls for a #SafeSeptemberON. Our children are our most precious assets; must protect them at all costs. Let's get it right for our school communities. #SmallerIsSafer! #topoli #onpoli #onted
.@AndreaHorwath up now, introduces @etfopresident as well as a local St. Paul's parent. Horwath notes the superhuman efforts of parents since March. Notes the "bargain basement" back to school plan that doesn't inspire confidence in our school communities. #topoli #onpoli #Onted
Parents have no options if their child is sick in the morning; there's no paid sick days available, with the government removing the 2 paid sick days from the previous government. Also class collapsing will drive up numbers & full school buses. #topoli #Onpoli #onted
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Spoke to principal of kid 2’s school yesterday. Learned that remote learning is pretty much a 1-way street. Boards & prov had said there would be a point in school year for parents to revisit choice. Not really it seems. Here’s why: 1/n
Seems schools are only getting staffing budgets for count of in-person students. Classes will be organized and timetables set for the year. Some teachers taking leave or requesting accomodation. 2/n
So first few families requesting mid-year change to come in person may get lucky, especially in smaller schools or if willing to switch schools. But beyond that, if you are now remote, unlikely that there will be room in your school this year, I was told. 3/n
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Ontario #students, #parents, #grandparents, #teachers, #eduworkers #doctors, #nurses, #frontlineworkers, #busdrivers, #businessowners, and EVERYONE ELSE who is concerned that a failed #OntEd plan will undo all our efforts of the last 6 months: we need your voice...
Share a selfie video w/
to share your concerns and push for SMALLER CLASS SIZES based on evidence & expert advice.

We need submissions by FRI., AUG. 28. They will be compiled & edited to create a video open letter.

Follow the script, but make it your own:
Dear Premier Ford,
I am _____ (your name, profession, whatever you want to share)
I live in ____ (where are you in #Ontario?)
I want smaller class sizes b/c _____ (share whatever you like; why is this important to you?)
Please reduce class sizes. Smaller is safer.
Thank you.
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AUGUST 20th: 1️⃣.0️⃣3️⃣ (ONTARIO COVID-19 Rt)

Weekly Cases: 23.1 / 100k
14-Day Trend: -1.0%
Highest # of Cases: 🇵🇪Peru
Highest Growth: 🇳🇿New Zealand

Manitoba with an Rt of 1.20

⭐️Ontario Regional Data on Next Page⭐️

...1/3 ImageImageImage
🌉 Rt’s with CI’s
📊 Weekly Cases Per Capita
🚑 Hospitalizations

Hardest Hit Cities: Huron Perth, Toronto, Peel and Hamilton

... 2/3 ImageImage

🌇In a Toronto gathering of 50, you’d have a 1.4% chance of encountering someone with COVID-19

🏫In a Huron Perth class of 30 students, there would be a 6.9% chance of encountering a student with COVID-19.🏫 ImageImage
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I have a 3 & 6 year old registered in a @TCDSB school, the 1st ON board to mandate masks for kids Jk to Gr 3. The pushback on this by parents is mond-boggling so a thread on why I am very supportive of this decision. #SafeSeptemberON #TCDSB
Unfortunately @Sflecce has not given the boards resources to allow for small cohorts with 2m distancing in well ventilated areas. If we had that, masks would not be needed. But instead what we face is 32 people enclosed in a small room 5 days a week.
Anyone who thinks this is remotely safe without masks with this virus either has not been paying attention or expects other people to work in conditions they would never put themselves in.
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School boards are noticing @imgrund's handy back-to-school policy comparison chart 👇 because people are speaking up 🗣️‼️

This weekend, e-mail your school trustees 📧demanding safe schools (template/contacts below). Your voice matters.

#SafeSeptemberON #onted #Masks4Canada
✉️ Find your trustee's email address:
York Catholic:
Halton:… /2
✏️Here's a template for a letter (e.g. for Durham):

Dear [school trustee] ,
Thank you for all the hard work school boards are putting in over the summer for this exceptional year. However, our school protocols are still missing key pieces to keep our children & teachers safe. /3
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I've seen some people (including a TRUSTEE or two) advocating for using their school board's reserves to lower class sizes in September.

Let me give a super-simple explanation why that is a REALLY BAD IDEA.

#SafeSeptemberON #UnsafeSeptemberON
#onted #onpoli

So ONT gets BILLIONS from the fed gov't for COVID recovery and, instead of putting some of that $$$ into making schools safe for children, @Sflecce tells school boards to USE THEIR OWN RESERVES ($500M total in Ont) to pay for extra safety measures, like more staff.


Staff payroll is a PROV responsibility. This is why @fordnation was so bent on ⬆️ class size avgs over the last few yrs. To save $$$.

For every 22 Ss, they were paying for 1 T; now it's 23:1.

They don't want to pay for more, even just for a yr or two during an emergency.

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School is scheduled to start in 24 days. In Peel we need to decide by Monday whether to send our kids in to full-size classes with masks, or keep them home for hours of screen time each day for the foreseeable future. Neither choice is good. We're stuck.

#SafeSeptemberON #onted
We know we're fortunate b/c we *have* the choice. I've worked from home for years. I don't believe the remote option is right for my kids and would never choose it if more had been done to make our schools safer during this time. Many don't have a choice.…
No one is saying this is easy. We're living in extraordinary times and there are things we can't do the way we normally would. We know better is possible. I would urge @fordnation and @Sflecce to take another look at @StevenDelDuca's plan. #onpoli #onted…
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What was the ventilation requirement for your school when it was designed? Have rates been measured this summer and repairs made (tighten fan belts, open dampers)? Have portable HEPA air cleaners been added to low-ventilated rooms? #SafeSeptemberON #onpoli
Older schools with natural ventilation didn't necessarily achieve 30 CFM/person but it was certainly more than in the 1980s
That dip in the 1980's was a response to the energy crisis. It resulted in sick building syndrome. If smoking was present, outdoor air rates had to be 25 CFM/person, though good filtration with recirculation permitted reduced rates, the floor still being a mere 5 CFM/person.
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I'm re-upping this with screenshots because I feel like this is a pretty big deal. The way @OCDSB has programmed the Qualtrix form, they are going to get garbage and contradictory responses. #SafeSeptemberON #returntoschool
Here's the page to enter your name / contact info as a parent/guardian. Now let's click "next" without entering anything... Image
And here's what you get: Image
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I gather that @fordnation was asked today about schools’ access to community spaces to reduce density & improve class distancing.… Here was his response : #SafeSeptemberON #onpoli Image
The imagery is one of kids being sent to abandoned warehouses. But, as @KenBoessenkool and I wrote a while ago now on childcare, there are community spaces that are good and safe alternatives without being industrial wastelands. Here are 2 examples right in @fordnation’s riding:
Option 1: Rexdale Community Hub.

It appears to be currently closed with programs online only.
But it is a nice looking space. It has a gymnasium (provincial plan suggests school gyms be used to increase distancing). ImageImage
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Excerpt from the @OCDSB email today.

Seems they are waiting to see what demand will be for remote learning before deciding whether to create online classes or.... just have some kids dial in to their usual school(....)

A few thoughts: Image
In fall 2018, middle child had knee surgery and couldn’t attend school for several weeks (old building, v not accessible). Solution for a while was she would FaceTime to “join” in-class instruction. It was.... not successful.

Microphone on device muffled.
Blackboard rarely visible.
No real way to ask question or participate in discussion.

I don’t blame the teacher.
Doing in class and online delivery is REALLY hard.
For a few years, I taught a graduate class that was offered as a synchronous hybrid (online & in person).
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