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HAPPENING NOW: @SeattlePD rushes through barricade of Antifa Militants and BLM protesters outside of Seattle Police Officers Guild. Multiple protesters get arrested. #seattleriots #seattleprotests
The aftermath after @SeattlePD rushed through the Antifa barricade made of umbrellas. #seattleriots #seattleprotests
Antifa Militant under arrest getting treated by Antifa Medics. #seattleriots #seattleprotests
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JUST IN: Washington State Patrol arrests every single criminal BLM driver for illegally protesting on the NB- I5 freeway.

Great work, @wastatepatrol! #seattleriots #seattleprotests
These arrests come after the “Seattle Morning March” shutting down Highway 99 yesterday. Image
BLACK LIVES MATTER illegally blocking traffic and protesting on NB-I5 Freeway.

Moments later they get arrested by @wastatepatrol and cry victim. #seattleriots #seattleprotests
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🎥🔊📣 #BackTheBlue @SeattlePD #SeattleProtests @FBISeattle @carmenbest #MAGA2020 @DHS_Wolf




GET THIS TO #LawEnforcement!


Seattle #BLM / #ANTIFA Abolish ICE March - 7/19/20
@SeattlePD @FBISeattle @carmenbest @DHS_Wolf Seattle #BLM / #ANTIFA Abolish ICE March - 7/19/20
@SeattlePD @FBISeattle @carmenbest @DHS_Wolf Seattle #BLM / #ANTIFA Abolish ICE March - 7/19/20
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Breaking: Mob of #antifa in Seattle gathered in the former CHAZ area and have broken into several businesses. #SeattleRiots
Antifa have broken into the Capitol Hill Seattle Starbucks yet again and trashed the inside.
Antifa in Seattle are breaking into the @Chase bank. #SeattleRiots
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Austere Peaceful Rioters vs @SeattlePD.

There can only be one champion.

The night is still young!

#seattleprotests #seattleriots
Independent Filmmaker gets assaulted and harassed by Antifa Militants and Black Lives Matter protesters. Their umbrella crew prevents him from filming. #seattleriots #seattleprotests
Black Seattlite kicks over the barricade that Antifa Militants and BLM protesters set up and yells, “All Lives Matter. Fu*k Black Lives Matter.” #seattleriots #seattleprotests
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THREAD: This is going to be a long one. But I want to take a few minutes to point out some of the obvious moral and logical shortcomings at Seattle City Hall. If the press doesn't do it, then who will? #TheDivide #Q13FOX #SeattleProtest #SeattleRiots
Let's start with Councilwoman @Lisa_Herbold, who only calls for peace in Seattle when it allows her to make a political point against the president.
And while Councilwoman Herbold speaks with absolute certitude about what's happening 200 miles away in Portland, she acts as if she can't possibly know for sure what's happening in the city she is elected to serve.
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🚔 Seattle, Washington 🚔
4:20pm 7/25/20
Known Account 👇🐸

"Antifa & Rioters set fire to construction vehicles outside of the Youth Jail. They tipped over porta potties and set fire to them as well. Scene is chaotic."
#seattleriots #seattleprotests

🚔 Seattle, Washington 🚔
4:30pm 7/25/20
Known Account 👇🐸

"The Construction Site where the new Seattle Youth Jail is being built has been set on fire. Here you can see the trailers burning."
#seattleriots #seattleprotests

Earlier 👇 preparing for today's march.

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Downtown Seattle Businesses are boarding up in anticipation for tomorrow’s “peaceful” protests.
#seattleprotests #seattleriots
.@SeattlePD West Precinct, also SPD HQ, has boarded up their windows and brought in cement barriers to keep “peaceful” protesters from vandalizing and breaking-in.
.@SeattlePD East Precinct, the Precinct that Antifa and BLM protesters previously overtook to create CHAZ/CHOP, is boarded up and fenced off.

The “peaceful” protest kicks off here tomorrow. #SeattleRiots #seattleprotests
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Boooom! 🚔💀
Tonight should be interesting 🧐

"Federal judge denies Oregon attorney general’s motion to restrict federal police actions."

#PortlandRiots #PortlandProtests…
Weekend = More protestors will be out tonight. I expect way more arrests tonight.

#PortlandRiots #PortlandProtests
Last Night 😂 I missed this one 👇🤭

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BOOM! Man punches member of Antifa’s ‘Bike Brigade’ for blocking off streets so rioters can march in Seattle during rush hour.
#seattleprotests #seattleriots
If anyone knows who this man is I have someone who would like to interview him. DM me!
Someone may have accidentally added music for dramatic effect!
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Happening Now: Hundreds of Antifa Militants vandalizing and protesting against police brutality outside @SeattlePD East Precinct.

Crowd is chanting “All Cops Are Bastards, A-C-A-B.”
#seattleriots #seattleprotests
Antifa Militants continue to block me from filming with their umbrellas. Crowds chanting “Take it to the streets and fu** the police no justice no peace.”
Antifa Militants and protesters approached an entrance to @SeattlePD East Precinct. A smoke bomb was deployed. Unsure if Antifa Militants deployed the smoke bomb or SPD.
#seattleriots #seattleprotests
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NOW: Antifa Militants and Black Lives Matter protesters Downtown Seattle protesting against ICE.

Antifa Militants are riding around armed in unmarked cars. #SeattleProtest #AntifaDomesticTerrorists
NOW: Antifa Militants and Black Lives Matter rioters are breaking into Amazon Go Downtown Seattle. This protest has turned into a riot. #SeattleProtest #AntifaDomesticTerrorists #seattleriots #BlackLivesMatter
Department of Homeland Security is now on the scene. Antifa Militants blocking off the roads tried to prevent him from entering. #seattleriots #AntifaDomesticTerrorists
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1/Last night a Police station was taken over by protesters and demolished. The Police had to flee
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