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Today marks the 27th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide in which Serb forces systematically killed more than 8,000 Bosniak Muslim men and boys.

Ramiz Nukic, a survivor, has been searching for remains of victims of the massacre since 2005 ⤵️
This virtual memorial tour serves as a reminder that Srebrenica should not happen again to anyone, anywhere | #SrebrenicaGenocide
“People often ask us who supported us, who had our back early on. But it was no one, we did it on our own.”

- Sehida Abdurahmanovic, 'Mothers of Srebrenica' ⤵️
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27 years ago, on 11 July 1995, the Srebrenica genocidal massacre began which resulted in the killings of more than 8000 Bosnian Muslims at the hands of Bosnian Serbs
It was a cold blooded genocide which happened in a UN designated safe area

#Srebrenica #SrebrenicaGenocide
Dutch soldiers of the UN who were supposed to protect civilians in the safe area didn't move a muscle as the Serbs conducted the killings. The designated "safe area" became a vast killing field as a result of this indifference/cowardice.
The murderers shared the same land and ethnicity with their victims. They shared linguistic and cultural bonds dating back centuries.
But all that didn't matter to the murderer Mladic and his thugs as they "cleansed" Srebrenica of "Islamic vermin"

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Por estos días se cumplen 27 años de la masacre de #Srebrenica (#BosniaHerzegovina), la mayor y más sistemática matanza en Europa desde el fin del nazismo.

Hilo 👇 Image
Yugoslavia se había partido desde 1991 con las independencias de Eslovenia, Macedonia, Croacia y Bosnia.

Pero Bosnia era un tanto particular, un poco porque tenía la composición étnica más heterogénea y otro poco porque estaba en el medio, entre Serbia y Croacia. Image
Bosnia se convirtió en un campo de batalla entre tres partes: los bosniacos (musulmanes), los serbios (cristianos ortodoxos) y los croatas (católicos). Las élites quisieron mantener el poder y explotaron los nacionalismos. Cada uno fundó su país: Bosnia, Srpska y Herceg-Bosnia. ImageImageImage
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Today marks 27th anniversary of #SrebrenicaGenocide when muslims of bosnia were seized and butc-hered by Serb nationalists in the heart of europe.

The Siege was the longest siege in the history of modern warfar lasted for 3 years, 10 months, 3 weeks & 3 days.

11,541 civilians were ki!led, 1601 of those were children. Thousand of Muslim women were ra-ped just because of their religious affiliations. Small kids were sh-ot by serb snipers just to check their rifle range. It was horrible.

The bosniaks were cut off from rest of the world. It was total blackout of even water, electricity & other basic necessities.

Picture shows huge number of people lined up just to get water that they would get after days.

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Srebrenica is a town in eastern Bosnia and was a UN "safe area" in the 1990s upon which the Serb Army forces imposed a siege and famine that, 27 years ago, culminated in the worst act of mass murder in Europe since World War II. This is my thread on the #SrebrenicaGenocide.
"You are now under the protection of the UN forces. I will never abandon you." -- UN General Philippe Morillon, speaking to Srebrenica Bosnians in 1993.
Despite Srebrenica's status as a UN "safe area" and UN's disarming of the Srebrenica inhabitants--a policy which would help facilitate the genocidal killing of over 8,000 civilians--UN, at no point, fired a single bullet to protect the people of Srebrenica.
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This week we remember the #Srebrenica genocide victims.

This is a nomadic art installation from Aida Šehović called Što te nema (Why aren’t you with us?) reminding of the suspected 8372 men and children systematically killed in the week preceding the 11th of July 1995.
With the ongoing Russian invasion on #Ukraine, the spotlight should be again on this troubled community.

#Srebrenica #SrebrenicaGenocide
Now in Bosnia-Herzegovina, #Srebrenica happens to be located within the Serb entity, which represents 49% of the country. On the image above you can read in Cyrillic "Protectors of the orthodox faith" showing Milorad Dodik (Serb Presidency Member of BiH) and Putler together.
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1/ Last year I visited #Srebrenica - here is my photo and video diary. I took these photos and videos myself.


#SrebrenicaGenocide #Srebenica25 #Srebrenica25YearsOn @SrebrenicaUK @srebrenicahasan @E74HRG
2/ On the road to the former UN base at Potocari where thousands of terrified Muslim refugees arrived from Srebrenica in a hot, sweltering July 1995.

3/The former UN base at Potocari and the #Srebrenica Memorial Center where over 8000 victims are buried.
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#UN is responsible for #Srebrenica massacre because its battalion in the city kicked out 350 men who asked for protection.

Secretary-General's video message in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina…
8,372 people were exterminated by the 'Butcher of Srebrenica' Ratko Mladic in July 1995 and yet he still without a final verdict. #SrebrenicaGenocide Image
#Europe did not learn its lesson from the most violent war in the continent after WWII. It is delivering weapons 2destroy #Yemen (will apologise 25 years later). It is contributing to starve a population in #Syria & still following the destructive #US policy worldwide.

Wake up.
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Today we mark 25 years since the Srebrenica Genocide in which 8372 Bosniak civilians were brutally murdered. They were killed after Serb forces attacked the UN "safe area" of Srebrenica on July 11, 1995.

#Srebrenica25 #SrebrenicaGenocide
The UN Security Council had declared Srebrenica a "safe area" in the spring of 1993. However, Serb troops led by Ratko Mladić - who later found guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide - overran the UN zone that was supposed to be protected by Dutch troops.
The Dutch troops failed to act as Serb forces occupied the area, killing about 2000 men and boys on July 11 alone. Some 15 thousand Srebrenica people fled into the surrounding mountains, but Serb troops hunted down and killed 6000 of them in the forests.
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