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🧵 NEW: White supremacist propaganda distributions hit an all-time high last year, according to a new ADL Center on Extremism assessment. With more than 6,700 incidents, there was a 38% increase over 2021 and the highest number of incidents we’ve ever recorded.
Even more concerning – antisemitic propaganda more than doubled from 2021 to 2022. The surge was largely because of the GDL’s growth and initiation of propaganda campaigns, but the formation of several new white supremacist groups also contributed.
Propaganda was reported in every state except Hawaii, but some states were hit harder than others. Texas, Massachusetts, Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, California, Utah, Florida, Connecticut and Georgia had the most activity.
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1) Here’s my (day late) #OdeToJ6ers who are unConstitutionally locked away from their families for another year! 🙏


Goes to classic,
“Twas the Night Before Christmas” 🎄🎅🦌🦌🦌

“Twas the Night Before J6”
‘Twas the night before J6,
when all through the People’s House,
HBO creatures were stirring,
with Nancy the Louse;

The votes were all counted by each state with care,
Ensuring the electors were rigged and not fair.
Antifa was planted along with the Feds,
In the Patriots’ assembly that POTUS Trump lead;

Mike Pence in the chambers and Pelosi there too,
Playing their parts in the Fedsurrection coup.
When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
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Vielen Dank @semanthis!
Wir steuern auf eine #Exklusion s gesellschaft zu, in der #Inklusion nur noch ein wokes Kriterium der politisch abzuhakenden rhet. Begriffe geworden ist, um sich nichts vorwerfen lassen zu müssen.
An ihren Taten sollt ihr sie erkennen. In jeder Hinsicht 😢
Die Twitterhetze besagter Dame & ihrer (und weiterer) Bubbles, die ihren Twitterzweck darin sehen, Menschen (Wiss./Politiker/Initiativen/Verbände/Einzelpersonen) mit größerer Pandemievorsicht oder pers. Betroffenheit zu beobachten und mit & unter Screenshots bösartig zu
kommentieren, (letztes Jahr auch in sog. "Galerien des Grauens", deren Name schon für sich spricht, wenn darin dann auch Familien mit vorerkrankten Kindern/Angehörigen "ausgestellt" wurden), um sich im Beifall der sabbernd wartenden tw. afd-nahen Meute zu aalen, ist die
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Longtime Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio now faces conspiracy charges for his role in the Jan. 6 attack. This is a key development as federal prosecutors continue to seek justice:…
As part of our mission to #stophate, ADL is serving as co-counsel in a separate suit against the Proud Boys & Oath Keepers for their role in the Jan. 6 attack:…
To learn more about Tarrio and the Proud Boys’ violent history, read our backgrounder here:
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Hoy toca una lección de como la utilización de memes para fomentar el odio es un ejercicio que practican habitualmente quienes ustedes saben
Por ejemplo, esta imagen que circula por las redes
Y aprovecho para mandar un abrazo y ánimos a LA PALMA
#fakenews #stophate
Mini hilo
Han visto la imagen y los textos
Pues es falso, manipulado y un montaje con un solo objeto : generar odio, desinformación y caos en una situación dramática como esta. Eso hacen
Por partes
Ven esta imagen?
Pues corresponde a 500 TURISTAS
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THREAD: Let’s talk about the incidents of antisemitism we are seeing right now.
A key part of our work is combatting #hatecrime, specifically by strengthening hate crime laws and improving data collection. In addition to the immeasurable harm done to individuals and their families, hate crimes devastate entire communities.
Despite a well-documented problem of significant underreporting, federal hate crime data does help us understand trends.
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Este hilo lo podría llamar :
Hablemos de QAn0n
Pero con algunos datos
#Fakenews #StopHate #StopOdio
Escribí un hilo sobre lo que es esta corriente de conspiraciones que se ha traducido en un grupo presente en las redes, y que ha saltado a la actualidad porque algunos de sus componentes han participado en el Asalto al Capitolio en US
Yo, fiel a mi estilo, prefiero hablar con datos.
He intentado hacer una visión sencilla, sin mucho detalle, del alcance que tenemos en las redes de esto
Para ello he hecho un ejercicio que les expongo a su consideración
No trato de acusar a nadie. Documento como son las cosas
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Veamos que nos dicen los datos de 1 solo canal en España que distribuye las mentiras de Q y si deberíamos preocuparnos por su expansión desde el punto de vista de los datos
Me acompañan?
Mini hilo
#Factcheck #StopFakeNews #Stophate
Los números del canal son estos
3495 miembros del Canal
Más de 33.000 mensajes
De ellos he extraído 15.776 enlaces de contenido correspondientes a 1886 Dominios/webs/redes sociales diferentes
La imagen del aporte de los Dominios a este canal, es decir Dónde tienen información que luego comparten, es esta
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[Thread] Gegendemo #b2908

Wann? Am 29.08. ab 09:30Uhr

Wo? Am Mahnmal für die im Nationalsozialismus ermordeten Sinti und Roma (Simsonweg) [Berlin]

Wie schon am 1. Augustwochenende mobilisiert d bundesweite „Querdenken“-Bew. um den Stuttgarter IT-Unternehmer M. Ballweg am Samstag, den 29. August erneut nach Berlin – diesmal sogar europaweit. Ungehindert von den Veranstaltern präsentierten bereits bei d „Querdenken-Demo“ 2/11
am 1. August etliche Nazis selbstbewusst ihre Reichsflaggen, Reichskriegsflaggen, Hakenkreuz-Tattoos u anderen Nazi-Symbole. Die fasch. „Patriotic-Opposition-Europe“ organisierte sogar einen eig. Party-Truck gemeinsam mit den „Corona-Rebellen“, um ihre braune Propaganda
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The GOP, Trump, Jr., and others are openly engaging in targeted harassment of Representative @IlhanMN, and I see no evidence of any attempts to stop these precursors of violence. Is there nothing @TheDemocrats, @TheDemCoalition, and @SpeakerPelosi can do? This needs addressing!
Here's the latest. I know things are crazy right now, but this has to be addressed even so.
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So much for the @facebook crack down on #hatespeech and #fakenews Video claiming Paradise burned because they were 100% @realDonaldTrump supporting white supremacists has almost 1 million views. 80 people dead, 800+ missing #CaliforniaWildfires #Facebook $FB
Many have reported the video and nothing has been done. Please take a moment to report it as 44k are currently displaced and thousands of family members still don’t know where their loved ones are. Maybe @chuckschumer can call his buddies? $FB…
It just proves exactly what know #Facebook discriminates against Conservatives and obviously feels this video being shared over 33k Times is justified.
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