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My friend with his arm around me has been murdered during the calculated genocide against the people of Tigray, Ethiopia happening now. I share this photo because it is important to see people (brothers, sisters, family) & not just numbers.

Please pay attention to this crisis!
Hundreds of thousands are in danger of genocide and starvation and the news hardly talks about it. Thousands of innocent people have been murdered in the last 100+ days for no reason beyond where they’re from.

#StopWarOnTigray #TigrayGenocide #ReconnectTigray #Tigray2Tigray
Here is a link to resources for education and donation compiled by some amazing friends. Many of whom have lost loved ones and/or cannot locate their families.

Thank you for caring 🇪🇹…
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On VAW and rape in #Tigray:

A thread on how and why rape rises during conflict.

#StopWarOnTigray #WeaponizedRape

We have endless examples of the impact of conflict on women and girls, & marginalized groups. It is already known that women and girls are at risk of violence and discrimination even during “peace” time. 1/18

When VAW occurs women that have nowhere to go, no access to justice or protection from community are the most at risk. And that is often the majority of women. But some structures attempt to protect women at least from the most obvious attacks. 2/18

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On the humanitarian Situation in TIGRAY. What we know so far, why the Fed government is impeding access and what needs to be done.

A thread —

Ever since the Abiy Ahmed led government declared war in Tigray on Nov 3 - precious human lives have been lost, Tigray terrorized and infrastructure looted and destroyed. The impact has been devastating.
The humanitarian crisis in tigray has been discussed by many outside of Ethiopia but the federal government has remained silent and actively obstructed access. Starving the very people it claimed to be “saving” through this cruel war.

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@MSF was allowed to enter #Mekelle on 16 Dec & here is their account 👇

"no basic supplies. The local hospital was running at 30 to 40 %, with very little medication"

This is why one of the reason why we demand unfetters #HumanitarianCorridor
#Adigrat "The situation was very tense & its hospital was in a terrible condition. Most of the health staff had left, there were hardly any medicines &there was no food, no water and no money"
After 1 month since @AbiyAhmedAli declared victory

"#Adwa & #Axum. There we found a similar situation: no electricity & no water. All the medicines had been stolen from #Adwa general hospital & the hospital furniture & equipment were broken"

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Just a periodic reminder to #Ethiopia Twitter of @zborkena ( disclaimer that they’re not responsible for mis/disinformation. There is no editorial transparency or disclosure of their funding. Home»Archives»Disclaimer Di...
-@ZekuZelalem recently explained how Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) are leveraged to develop realistic looking avatars on social media. It’s also important to note, the SM algorithm prioritizes engagement over objectivity. This incentivizes emotionally charged language
Ethiopian politics is polarized, and in the context of shrunken civic space-social media platforms that distort what you see and how you experience it-have an outsized impact. Meaning, it’s not merely censorship or amplifying fake news.… In other words, platforms d...
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- #Mekele & #Adigrat - densely populated regions
- 1992-2012 (Meles)📉Infant Mortality by 36.5%
- #Ethiopia has a youthful population (60% is <25years old)
- Morality rate of mother while giving birth is high
- 42% lacked access to water
- 72% struggled to maintain sanitation
2/8 - #TigrayGenocide - Tigray:
- Remains w/out food & water
- Lack of medicine (looted/destroyed) - concern for sanitization & health +COVID-19
- Women giving birth on-route while seeking Asylum
- Current death # >9K
- Education & livelihood jeopardized
Stats from Nov. 2020:
- >222K IDP
- Critical humanitarian aid needed
- Nov. 28-#Abiy claimed victory

Stats from end of 2020 (Ethnic profiling): #Tigrayans were
- Dismissed from their jobs
- Unable to leave #Ethiopia
- Detained| jailed - corruption of the justice system
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(1/6) Thread: Who started the war on Tigray?

The fed gov't circulated this video from Tigrayan television seemingly to exhonorate themselves of initiating the war on Tigray.

They even went as far as circulating an English transcript ...

#TigrayGenocide #StopWarOnTigray
(2/6) See the transcript below (emphasis mine).

In it, the speaker alludes to an imminent threat from the south (Amhara region), from the north (Eritrea) and from within (from federal forces stationed there).

Therefore they deemed it necessary to take preemptive action.
(3/6) On Dec 20, Abere Adamu, Chief Commissioner of Amhara Region Police revealed that the Amhara region had indeed deployed forces to their border right before the war.

This corroborates the transcript speaker's words indicating provocative troop deployments.
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Connecting the dots as @sec_council continues to dither on the #WarOnTigray:

1/9 The 'hidden' war on #Tigray is active as well as the atrocities on #Tigray.
@reda_getachew also provided some insight from the ground.
2/9 On top of all the weaponry, #Ethiopia is engaged in the mass starvation of the people of #Tigray. This is a war crime that warrants an immediate @UN intervention.…
3/9 The failure to enforce international rules has given Abiy and Isaias a carte blanch to jail, kill, loot, destruct, commit genocide and war crimes. It’s reprehensible not to use all available leverage to stop such appalling violations.
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Eritrea’s involvement is as certain as the sun rising in the east.

Who and why encouraging a doubt on this?

1/2 The deliberate inaction by the enablers of the #DuoDictators maintains the doubt, regardless of the humanitarian crisis and war crimes in #Tigray.
2/2 Condemning Eritrea means taking actions for breaching international law. This would then spoil the complex and grand plan for the Horn.

In 2020, it seems acceptable to commit war crimes whilst powerful forces provide the perfect cover!

No crocodile tears later please.
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A plot, to steal the 𝗔𝗿𝗸 𝗼𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗖𝗼𝘃𝗲𝗻𝗮𝗻𝘁 & other #Tigrayan churches artifacts, is engineered by key advisers of #AbiyAhmed on Religion Affairs 𝗗𝗲𝗮𝗰𝗼𝗻 𝗗𝗮𝗻𝗶𝗲𝗹 𝗞𝗶𝗯𝗿𝗲𝘁 and 𝗨𝘀𝘁𝗮𝘇 𝗠𝗼𝗵𝗮𝗺𝗺𝗼𝗱. /1

#StopWarOnTigray #TigrayGenocide
In the initial phase of the plot, #Addis played a key role; jailed staff&assistants of the Archbishop, isolated & encircled him to stay away from his daily duties. One of his key supporters, Abune Gabriel, died (poisoned & deprived of medical support as some claim) a week ago. /2
Then on the war front, the #Fanos & #Amhara Leyu Hayle have been leaping from church to church in every city, town & village of #Tigray they entered, ransacking them, claiming there are weapons hidden by TPLF in the churches. /3

#StopWarOnTigray #TigrayGenocide
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What happened to moral?!                    
What happened to ethics?!
What happened to commonsense?! 
************************************** 1/
#AbiyAhmedAli and Eritrean forces are using heavy artilleries and drones to kill Tigrayan civilians indiscriminately on a daily basis. The same forces are looting public and private properties in Tigray. 2/
Despite the total blackout, people on the ground are trying to report the facts as they see them.  3/

#AbiyAhmedAli, while seating hundreds miles away, denies non of that has happened.4/
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Update on #Tigray
Strange things are happening in Tigray right now. The world is quiet either out of tacit approval or lack of knowledge
1. Isayas Afeworki has deployed 35 divisions of army in the war against Tigray. For all intents and purposes, the main
fighting force now is the Eritrean army. There should be clarity on this fact.
2. This is the 30th day since the war on Tigray started. Abiy Ahmed presented it as if he has finalized the war he called “a law enforcement operation”. As we speak, heavy and intensified fighting is
still going on five fronts, and different places. Only today, there were 4 Eritrean tanks captured; and 3 tanks destroyed.
3. The youth in the surrounding of Axum were very angry at the different looting and destructions being carried by the Eritrean army and went into
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This is a war crime against humanity being waged in a total darkness, but the international community is watching idly

Thousands of #Tigrayan children and parents have been victims of aerial bombardments and shelling perpetrated by @AbiyAhmedAli
and #IsaiasAfwerki with their ally’s the #UAE drones.

From last Saturday #Mekelle bombardment and shelling, documented reports show 27 deceased, including 4 yrs old baby and 78 yrs old grandpa, both parents and two children of a family, and 86 seriously wounded patients
checked into Ayder Hospital #Mekelle with no power, generator, water, gas, phone/internet, medication or ambulance. This is a war crime against humanity being waged in a total darkness.

On top of daily bombardment and shelling by @AbiyAhmedAli , #IsaiasAfwerki, Somalia
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ፀላእትና መበገሲኡ ዘይፍለጥ፥ ዓቐን ዘይብሉ ፅልኢ ተሸኪሞም ንትግራዋይ ከበሳብሱ፥ ተኽኢሎም ድማ ዘርእና ከብርሱ፤ ኩለ መዳያዊ ኲናት ኣዊጆምልና ይርከቡ። ንዚ ብኹሉ መዳይ ዝተኸፈተልና ኲናት ንምምካት ድማ ብኹሉ መዳይ ክንቃለሶ ኢና።
ስለዝኾነ ድማ ትዊተር ሓደ ዓብዪ መቃለሲ ሜዳ ሙኻኑ ተረዲእና ኣፀቢቕና ክነጥፈሉ ይግባእ። ፀላእትና ተኣኻኺቦም ኣብ ልዕለና ኲናት ዝኸፈትሉ "ምኽንያት" ዲሞክራሲያዊ መሰልና ተጠቒምና መረፃ ብምክያድና እኳ እንተኾነ ንዙይ ተጎዝጒዞም ዘርእና ከጥፍኡ
ይህንደዱ ከምዘለው ንዓለም ግልፂ ንገበሮ። እዙይ ንምግባር ትዊተር ፅቡቕ መድረኽ እዩ። ኣፀቢቕና ንጠቐመሉ።
እቲ ሓቂ ናትና፥ ተወረርቲ ንሕና፥ ዝስደድ፥ ዝሕረድ፥ ብዘርኡ ምኽንያት ዝእሰርን ዝበሳበስን ዘሎ ህዝብና ሙኻኑ ዓው'ልና ንዓለም ነፍልጥ።
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Ethiopia's Civil War: A Geo-Political War

1/5 For the U.S.:
"U.S. policy, under Trump, has been to give free rein to its key allies in the region—Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE"...including lifting sanctions against vicious Dictatorial regime in Eritrea.
2/5 For Egypt:
"Ethiopia in turmoil is something they desired. A strong Ethiopia challenges Egypt’s control over the Nile Waters and its agenda for influence in the region."
3/5 For the UAE:
"a weakened Ethiopia as a commercial-military dependent would fit in with its overall designs on the region."

#USDefundEthiopia #EUDefundEthiopia @antonioguterres @EUinEthiopia
@SenateGOP @StateDept
@JosepBorrellF @USEmbassyAddis
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and to get the attention and support from the international community to help Ethiopia overcome the eminent danger of collapse it was and still is facing.But sadly,he used that opportunity to consolidate his political power at the expense of peace and stability of the country
I said, he never did anything notable to deserve such a prize. It may sound an outrageous claim but let me clarify
The “no peace, no war” condition that lasted for two decades was basically a reflection of the deeper conflict that existed for decades between two
6) dominant political parties: TPLF/Tigray and PDFJ/Eritrea. While in power TPLF called for peace on several occasions, but Eritrea has never been willing to answer such calls. PDFJ sees TPLF as an eternal enemy who ruined the dream of EPLF(former PDFJ)and young Issias to become
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