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@mrubin1971 @TheNatlInterest @AEIfdp 1. Problem with the likes of Mike Rubin is b/c people ignore their nonsense they think they are right. He writes “At one time, he [Isaias] also considered attacking #Somaliland in order to gain a port on the Red Sea.” He gets an F in geography. Somaliland is not on the Red Sea.
@mrubin1971 @TheNatlInterest @AEIfdp 2. Rubin writes “Isaias cares nothing about the #Eritrean people.” It’s outrageous. Mike Rubin a hired lobbyist is telling us he cares about #Eritrea more than the incorruptible, selfless servant leader, who gave more 3/4 of his life for his people and country!
@mrubin1971 @TheNatlInterest @AEIfdp 3. Rubin “Isaias’ rule depends in part on his ability to cut Eritreans off from the outside world.” WRONG! #Eritreans have more access to information than Rubin and his neocon friends allow Americans to have.
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@mvreisen 1) It looks @mvreisen is loosing it. #TPLFTerrosristGroup must have shipped her “absho” (ኣብሾ) a known local hallucinogen. In disinformation campaign on behalf of TPLF, she is denying fact admitted by #TPLF: that it preemptively started the war on 3 Nov 2020. #EritreaPrevails
@mvreisen 2) Fact: #Eritrea didn’t start z 3/11/20 war in #Ethiopia. It was z making of @mvreisen patrons: #TPLFTerrosristGroup. To z contrary it’s TPLF that attacked #Eritrea by firing rockets. Her hate of everything #Eritrean has turned her into disinformation agent. #EritreaPrevails
@mvreisen 3) Neither #PFDJ nor #Eritrea are responsible 4 any atrocities in #Tigray. #TigrayGenocide was part of the pre-planned choreography of #TPLF enablers.

If there’s anyone responsible 4 crimes against #Eritreans in #Libya it’s @mvreisen & her criminal syndicate. #EritreaPrevails
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1/ 5.5 million people died of COVID-19 under @DrTrdros's watch. The fall from grace of the @WHO under #TedrosTheTerrible might have caught many people by surprise but not many #Ethiopians.…
2/ Ethiopian health professionals gasped in disbelief when @DrTedros was elected to lead @WHO in May 2017. A man who grossly mismanaged three Cholera epidemics getting elected to manage the World Health Organization; what could possibly go wrong?🤔
3/ In October 2005, @DrTedros was appointed as the first non-MD Minister of Health in #Ethiopia. His only qualification to hold the post was him being a member of the Central Committee of the #TPLF.
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Dear #Amhara & #Afar.
Sephat Nega is a monster who master minded all the crisis in our region.
I know this is a very difficult times for you & I completely sympathise.
But be aware of the Digitalweyane. Their private chat reveals a nasty plan & I will share it.
From our 20yrs experience, TPLFites only strength is sowing discord & perpetuating conflict.
They split their group into 5 sub-groups & each assigned their own tasks.
They pose as:
1. #Oromo.
2. #Amhara.
3. #Eritreans.
4. Pro-Abiy
5. Anti-Abiy.
Task of those posing as Oromos are to attack Amhara relentlessly & exploit any historical misrepresentation to the maximum.
Those pose as Amhata will insult Oromos.
Those who pose as Eritreans, their task is to attack both Amhara & Oromo, & also lie about Eritrea's motives.
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1/ “gaslighting” refers to a specific type of manipulation where the manipulator is trying to get someone else (or a group of people) to question their own reality, memory or perceptions. ...
Gaslighting is not a new invention; it has been used successfully to justify slavery, colonialism and racism to the victims themselves and now in 2021 it is being used with little subtlety to break the spirit of #Ethiopia.
2/ As part of the strategy, black journalists and politicians are being co-opted as faces of this campaign to further undermine the legitimacy of the grievance of millions of #Ethiopians who know beyond a shadow of doubt that a coordinated campaign is being employed against them.
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Why Do We Need A Government In Exile? Rationale:

Because (a) the Government-in-Power has lost the legitimacy to govern on legal, political and socio-economic grounds and (b) the conventional opposition approach does not rise to the state of emergency #Eritrea is facing.

(2) In 1992, #Eritrean Peoples’ Liberation Front (EPLF) issued a Proclamation 23/1992 that
defined the Structure, Power, and Function of the Provisional Government of Eritrea (PGE).
(3) The Proclamation unequivocally stated that TGE shall govern “until the #Eritrean people
decides its rights to self-determination through a plebiscite and until a constitutional
government is established." The mandate lasted until the successful conduct of the 1993 referendum.
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Happy Friday: #Ethiopia|ns & “fellow #Eritreans across the border”! After 4 months of lies & denials, and less than a week after @ChrisCoons delivered the @POTUS msg that #Ethiopia is committing “systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing” in #Tigray, @PMEthiopia folds like a card: Image
The move came less than a week after @AbiyAhmedAli chose the parliament as his venue to admit what the whole world, except a few in #Eritrea|s NNNN Party #PFDJ and #Ethiopia|s Abiy Cult, knew: #Eritrean|s have been fighting inside #Tigray with knowledge & approval of @PMEthiopia Image
Now, there is only one country in the world whose media has not shared the news that #Eritrean|s are fighting in #Ethiopia and its leader has agreed to withdraw its troops. The country? Hint: its state media slogan is “serving the truth.” Image
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- #Mekele & #Adigrat - densely populated regions
- 1992-2012 (Meles)📉Infant Mortality by 36.5%
- #Ethiopia has a youthful population (60% is <25years old)
- Morality rate of mother while giving birth is high
- 42% lacked access to water
- 72% struggled to maintain sanitation
2/8 - #TigrayGenocide - Tigray:
- Remains w/out food & water
- Lack of medicine (looted/destroyed) - concern for sanitization & health +COVID-19
- Women giving birth on-route while seeking Asylum
- Current death # >9K
- Education & livelihood jeopardized
Stats from Nov. 2020:
- >222K IDP
- Critical humanitarian aid needed
- Nov. 28-#Abiy claimed victory

Stats from end of 2020 (Ethnic profiling): #Tigrayans were
- Dismissed from their jobs
- Unable to leave #Ethiopia
- Detained| jailed - corruption of the justice system
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PEOPLE ARE DYING IN #TIGRAY: #HumanitarianReliefNow
A Thread

It’s almost 2 months since #WarOnTigray was waged. Since then, much of #Tigray has been under a complete blockade of all life supporting services, including medicine, food, & access to cash. 1/17
It’s also almost a month into an agreement for ‘unimpeded’ humanitarian access to #Tigray the #AbiyAhmed regime signed with the @UN. Yet, even a needs assessment is not conducted to date. 2/17…
In the meantime, people are actually dying of hunger in #Tigray. These past 2 days, I had calls with some people that made it to #Mekelle from Wukro, Edagahamus, Abi-Adi & Hagereselam and environs. The stories are similar and harrowing. Words cannot express the desperation. 3/17
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The brazen audacity of pro-TPLF Tigrayans is incredible. “How can #Eritreans|ns forget their bitter struggle against #DERG and side with #Amhara to wage war against their Tigrayan brothers?” they ask. Unreal!
Obviously, the question itself is flawed on so many levels, but I will get to that point later. First, how is it that their own egregious transgressions against #Eritrea never register in their mind? Have they voluntarily wiped their memory of the last 24 years?
Pro-TPLF Tigrayans don’t seem to remember how in 1998 #terroristsTPLF deliberately stirred preexisting anti-Eritrea sentiments and rallied every Ethiopian ethnic group under a false flag of border dispute.
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Today’s #Yiakl #SundaySpotlight goes out to Lidiya T @KitchaFitFit1 in acknowledgment of her consistent, creative and pragmatic actions that she undertakes to support #Eritrean refugees in #Libya.

#Yiakl #WeAreComingHome #Eritrea2020 ImageImage
Lidiya is a 21 years old prominent activist & organizer who has been passionately involved with her Eritrean community from a very young age.

Ever since she witnessed the daunting & overwhelming plight of Eritrean refugees in Libya, Lidiya got determined not to sit back & watch.
Instead, she picked up the slack left by the organizations which simply abandoned these refugees, and found a way to provide financial and moral support to these refugees and make meaningful contributions to help ease their suffering.

#Yiakl #SundaySpotlight #WeAreComingHome ImageImage
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Today’s #Yiakl #SundaySpotlight goes out to Semhar Ghebreslasie @semharnay in acknowledgment of her leadership and commitment to fighting injustice in #Eritrea with courage, compassion and resilience.

#WeAreComingHome #Eritrea2020 ImageImage
Semhar started her activism in 2013/2014 when she was still in Asmara working in an Internet Cafe. Her courage and access to the internet gave her the opportunity to air her frustrations and post about the situation in #Eritrea on Facebook.

#Yiakl #WeAreComingHome #Eritrea
In 2014, when she decided to leave #Eritrea by crossing the border, she was caught at one of the Tesenei checkpoints until she finally managed to escape from the temporary prison by running for 3 hours & eventually making it to #Sudan.

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Today’s #Yiakl #SundaySpotlight goes out to the organizers of the project #MissingEritreans in acknowledgment of their initiative to tackle one of the most daunting but critical tasks of documenting Missing #Eritreans and working hard to reunite separated families. #Eritrea ImageImage
The project currently uses web application ( - under construction now), traditional media (through a program in @ERISAT3) & social media (FB & YT) to assist #Eritreans in search of their loved ones whose status remains unknown.… ImageImage
#MissingEritreans was 1st started by @meronina on Facebook. After 10 years of managing the page by herself, Meron has recently handed down the torch to young activists at Ubuntu Haus who continue to do an excellent job in expanding the project.

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For this special March 8 #WomensDay edition of #Yiakl #SundaySpotlight, we have chosen a very special person – a living heroine who embodies everything that is inspiring about #Eritrea's women: Mama Abeba Tesfagiorgis Baatai. ImageImage
Mama Abeba’s awe-inspiring activism and work of more than six decades, starting from the rebellious Asmarino young school-girl of the 1960s to the exiled gracefully greying grandma of today, provides a much-needed inspiration for all #Eritrean girls & women. ImageImage
In the following thread, we will attempt to do the impossible by focusing on a few milestones taken out of the impressive fat dossier of Mama Abeba.

#Yiakl #SundaySpotlight #WeAreComingHome #Eritrea
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Today’s #Yiakl #SundaySpotlight goes out to Elsa Chyrum @ElsaChyrum in acknowledgment of her passionate and relentless work to defending the rights of #Eritrea|ns all over the world.


#Yiakl ImageImage
@ElsaChyrum Elsa’s human rights activist work started in London, UK after setting up an org called Network of #Eritrea|n Professionals in Europe (NEPE) in 1998, to highlight the horrific situation of Eritreans.
#Yiakl #SundaySpotlight #Eritrea2020…
@ElsaChyrum Elsa visited #Eritrea in 2001, where she witnessed extensive human rights abuses 1st hand & vowed to speak for the voiceless Eritreans. She has since been actively campaigning for the rule of law, justice, and respect for the rights of #Eritrea|ns.

#Yiakl Image
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Today's #Yiakl #SundaySpotlight goes out to Abrar Osman in acknowledgment of his long-standing unwavering faith, integrity and pure love for #Eritrea and #Eritreans through his work.

#Eritrea2020 #SundaySpotlight
#Yiakl #WeAreComingHome ImageImage
Abrar Osman’s lifetime accumulated work has become, to borrow the words of the poet Kahlil Gibran, ‘ made visible’

“It is to weave the cloth with threads drawn from your heart, even as if your beloved were to wear that cloth.

It is to build a house with affection, even as if your beloved were to dwell in that house.

It is to sow seeds with tenderness & reap the harvest with joy, even as if your beloved were to eat the fruit.”
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By @southfronteng
LNA Claims Misrata’s Militias Are Withdrawing From Tripoli’s Outskirt…
By @FortRussNews
MAJOR: #Tripoli Awaits a Decisive Battle at ANY MOMENT #France #GNA #Haftar #Italy #Libya #LNA #Turkey #US
By @southfronteng
LNA Commander-In-Chief Used “Magicians” To Subdue His Supporters: Defector…
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