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Actually, there is something we can do. Every person who works in a school building should stop coming to work. Every single one. All across the country. Stall the economy and demand sensible gun laws. Until they pass, we don't work.
Reminder to all: I do not debate with people who won't do anything to protect our children. I will block. I don't care about your opinion. Children keep dying. Teachers keep dying. Enough is enough.
There shouldn't be a debate about ANY of this. CHILDREN ARE BEING MURDERED IN THEIR SCHOOLS! Has everyone just completely lost it? FIX this. NOW. Do SOMETHING. ANYTHING. #nomore
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The mendacious propaganda of #Somali troops being involved in the #Ethiopian civil war, particularly in the #Tigray region, is undoubtedly deceptive and I will dispel it once and for all. (🧵) 1/25
The @nytimes freelance reporter @MarksSimon deceitfully uses this screenshot in an attempt to give credence to the notion that #Somali troops were brought into #Tigray and were present around the city of #Aksum. 2/25
Marks uses the UN Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in
Eritrea, written by Mohamed Abdelsalam Babiker, as his source. 3/25
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In its May 17th edition, #Eritrea's newspaper, Haddas Eritrea, had an editorial titled, "The #TPLF's new war adventurism: Why & for what objectives".
The editorial asserts that the main target of this latest TPLF war preparations is Eritrea & its people.…
«Because they never learn from their previous disastrous experiences, are never bothered by massive deaths of the people of #Tigray about whom they pretend to care, & the only thing they care about is their hunger for power, #TPLF are now beating the war drums for the 3rd time.»
«In #Ethiopia, #TPLF's lust for power has as its aim to control again Welkait, Tegede & Humera, where they've committed genocide in their 27 years of misrule, & to open the corridor to the #Sudan, thereby plunging the country into chaos & disintegration.»
#BreakTheSilence #NoMore
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The US has military operations [outposts] in 53 countries out of 54 on the African continent. The only country in which they don’t have any military activity on the continent is Zimbabwe, hence there is no pin on Zimbabwe.
#BreakTheSilence #Nomore
2/ This is information you will not easily find in the conventional mainstream media because it’s being handled with such secrecy by the US State Department. Albeit, due to the Access to Information Act, some information has been released through pressure from civil society ...
3/...groups to shed light on US operations in Africa.
These military operations or outposts range from:
• Military Bases
• Forward Operating Sites and Locations
• Contingency Security Locations
• Contingency Locations
• Lilly Pads
• Refueling stations
• Airports
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“What Does Jaime Thomas have to do with anything happening in the world today”
-Random Comment



The WHOLE WORLD has been living either dead inside for the past 150+ years, Living unfulfilled or living with regrets. .
Everyone is ‘DYING TO LIV’!


I Will bring YOUR INNER CHILD OUT OF YOU, you ARE A child of God & YOU will GROW into this Brave New World with A heart of FLESH !!
#NoMore Hearts of stone !
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Imran Khan is not going quietly, rather he is raging against the dying of the light.

Thinking saturation media coverage of Ukraine could provide cover for other “foreign interests” political meddling initiatives is the worst idea the US @StateDept has had in sometime.
Whilst their “social media platform” initiatives have incurred some blunt force damage, e.g. to #NoMore, the strategists behind these efforts do not appear to understand that social media is a global media echo chamber.
Just because Europe and America is dominated by endless TV footage of the horrors of the war in Ukraine, that doesn’t mean the 90% of global population not in Europe and America are similarly focussed.
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Dear @twittersafety I don’t know whether this is real or not, but I do know it is suddenly being shared by a known TPLF disinformation account as news is breaking about mass graves being found in Welkaite (aka Western Tigray).
One of the replies says this is a video of military training which seems possible, but the video cold literally he from anywhere, and when it comes to misusing images and videos of atrocities, starving children and dead bodies TPLF’s disinformation army are the experts.
I appreciate @twittersafety that you are currently focussed Ukraine but it’s worth noting that the death toll in the Ethiopian war started by the TPLF on U.S. election night last year - civilian and military - is much higher than that yet experienced in Ukraine.
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The fact that we have people in our midst that believe there's "nothing to be outraged" by sanctions is outrageous. On moral grounds alone, what right does the US, a country that goes around the globe bombing others, killing/displacing millions, stealing trillions, have?
Plenty has been said about how #sanctionskill - directly and indirectly - no matter how "benign" the language & "targeted" the clauses are. This is said by the people on the ground & the voices/analysts/experts that mainstream media loves to ignore. Again, plenty and fact-based.
So let's just talk on moral grounds. The US of chaos & wars, of economic/political bullies & special interest groups, of homelessness & no health care, of marginalized Black/Brown people, etc etc, has no moral grounds to *suffocate* the victims of its own killing machine, TPLF.
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They are nothing of not consistent about this. See no evil, hear no evil, speak only evil.
… by omission.

The TPLF Leadership who are solely responsible for maintaining their attacks on Afar since mid December are enabled and empowered by the silence of UN Agencies @OCHA_Ethiopia @who and @WFP_Ethiopia on the truth about why aid is not getting to Tigray.

Why can’t @OCHA_Ethiopia @WFP_Ethiopia just say it. They must know.

“The humanitarian crisis situation in Tigray is due to ongoing offensive military action against Afar civilians by TPLF forces which has been blocking the aid corridor since July 202.”
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#ExtremeWeather Split screen.

Two world's apart.

The US Eastern Seaboard and Madagascar.

The US experiencing yet another of what it calls "bomb cyclone". Madagascar about to experience a cyclone which will be much more like a bomb.
Both #Extrremeweather events caused by climate change, and 30+ years of failure to address known extreme damage to the biosphere caused by avoidable harms.

One nation responsible for the peril.

Another defenceless against it's catastrophic harms.
In one nation the harms will be felt mostly in travel delays.

In the other nation many will likely die, and 100s of thousands will have their lives scared and livelihoods threatened, and will likely be dependent on humanitarian aid for months if not years.
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Love you too, ### ..

.@DanScavino, Trans-Siberian Railway/ Souther Russian Railroad …
Tsar Bloodline

21St Century Silk Road Image
Silk In the shape of A Dove …

Everyone can prosper. Someone back in the day, many many years ago wanted to make it to where EVERYONE got exactly what it was they needed without feeling ripped off ..

1 Belt, The Belt of TRUTH …

Time to make peace publicly, #NoMore War. ImageImage
This is an Uprising … Image
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MiddleEastEye | Francis Ghilès | Fransa, Kuzey Afrika'daki etkisini nasıl kaybediyor?

Elysée'nin dış politikası yalnızca Avrupa'nın itibarını zedelemekle kalmadı, Türkiye ve Rusya’nın da işine geldi. 1/8
Fransa, 2011'e göre daha az karta sahip ve Türkiye ile Rusya'nın Afrika’daki artan etkisini engelleyemiyor.

Fransa, Libya konusunda, Arap müttefiklerinin rolü konusunda sessiz kalırken, Türk müdahalesini hemen kınamıştı.

Macron'un Türkiye'ye takıntısı, yakın zamanda Türkiye'nin Cezayir'deki Osmanlı dönemindeki sözde “sömürgeleştirmesini” 1830'dan 1962'ye kadar olan Fransız sömürge yönetimiyle karşılaştırması gibi diğer politika alanlarına da sıçradı.
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This article from #NoMore co-founder @Stesfa and @AnnGarrison about @DrTedros's use of his influence within the UN on behalf of TPLF interests is the best analysis of this issue so far. A thorough and deep dive into his world which makes use of @jeffpropulsion's stolen audio.
@stesfa @AnnGarrison @DrTedros @jeffpropulsion A logical place for the UN to have started its efforts to determine whether @DrTedros has broken rules (he has) would be in begin an inquiry around this audio recording by talking to Dennia Gayle, Maureen Achieng and the ETH Resident Coordinator, Catherine Sozi.
@stesfa @AnnGarrison @DrTedros @jeffpropulsion From what we can tell the two @UNEthiopia suspended staff members and publicly exposed whistleblowers Dennie Gayle and Maureen Achieng have simply been placed on ice, recalled to Geneva where they are required to stay silent.
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URGENT: @AsstSecStateAF asks @AbiyAhmedAli for MORE compromises with ZERO demand to the rebels. We welcome Amb. Satterfiled to the Horn but are perplexed by the doubling down of a failed policy that exclusively & foolishly supports a mortally wounded TPLF. #nomore #disarmTPLF 1/9
2/9 If @AsstSecStateAF continues to give TPLF hope that it can somehow negotiate out of this situation; it will continue to take hostages, plunder communities and commit more atrocities in its efforts to force GoE to negotiate, dragging the US right behind it. #nomore #DisarmTPLF
3/9 Unless @AsstSecStateAF addresses the legitimate concern of Ethiopians that the US stands with the TPLF rather than the ppl of Ethiopia & their young democracy; it stands to lose not only the Horn but Africa with its 1.3 Billion people & emerging economies. #nomore #DisarmTPLF
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1/ 5.5 million people died of COVID-19 under @DrTrdros's watch. The fall from grace of the @WHO under #TedrosTheTerrible might have caught many people by surprise but not many #Ethiopians.…
2/ Ethiopian health professionals gasped in disbelief when @DrTedros was elected to lead @WHO in May 2017. A man who grossly mismanaged three Cholera epidemics getting elected to manage the World Health Organization; what could possibly go wrong?🤔
3/ In October 2005, @DrTedros was appointed as the first non-MD Minister of Health in #Ethiopia. His only qualification to hold the post was him being a member of the Central Committee of the #TPLF.
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Ethiopian fascism at its climax stage!

The demonisation & dehumanisation of ethnic #Tigrayans have been conducted publicly by Ethiopian journalists, politicians, public figures, activists, & genocide apologist & paid sympathisers of the Ethiopian regime.

Here I provide tangible evidence to support my claim.

Alemneh Wasa of zehabesha is a journalist by profession and has been at the core of the anti-#Tigrayan movement, especially, for the past 15 months.

Pan-Africanists should #KnowMore before saying #NoMore!

@HabenGirma Image

An English translation to his bio on his @Twitter account:

<<This holy country Ethiopia is in trouble today due to her traitor children. The treasonous are unapologetically doing their best to destroy her. Beloved Ethiopians, I will do all I can in the battlefield of ...>>
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1/ Revolutionaries are created by circumstances, each era has its own revolutionaries, Africa is now ripe for unification revolutionaries, a United Africa is a big economy with capacity to self sustain in all circles. #NoMore #NoMoreTPLF #HandsOffAfrica #AfricaAwakening #Africa
2/ Our greatest Liability on the cause are varied foreign interests. We embraced neo colonialism at our negotiated settlements at independence which is now costing us the sovereign being of Africa as a whole. #Nomore #nomoreneocolonialism #NomoreDivisions #HandsOffAfrica #Africa
3/ We were apportioned amongst our would be colonisers at the Berlin Conference & with that came varied legal jurisdictions which we were obliged to pay allegiance & homage to. Our settlements at independence were therefore varied... #nomoreneocolonialism #NoMore #HandsOffAfrica
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1) የፕሬዝዳንት ኢሳይያስ ቃለ መጠይቅ!

የኤርትራው ፕረዚዳንት በዚህ 2 ሰዓት ከ50 ደቂቃ በፈጀው ቃለ መጠይቃቸው ዓለም አቀፋዊ፣ ከባቢያዊና ሃገራዊ የፖለቲካ፣ የኢኮኖሚ፣ የወታደራዊና የጸጥታ ጉዳዮችን በጥልቀት ዳስሰዋል።
#Eritrea #Ethiopia
2) የኢትዮጵያን ጉዳይ በተመለከተ ከተናገሩት አንኳር ጉዳዮች መካከል:-
- የኢትዮጵያ የፌዴራል ሰራዊት በሰኔ ወር ላይ ትግራይን ለቆ ለመውጣት ሲወስን ያልተጠበቀ ውሳኔና "ታክቲካል ሰትባክ" (tactical setback) እንደነበር…
3) - የኢትዮጵያና የኤርትራ መንግስታት ከፍተኛ የምዕራባዊያን መንግስታትን ጫና እንዳስተናገዱ፣

- ወያኔ ገና ሲመሰረት ጀምሮ አንድን ህዝብ በጅምላ በጠላትነት ፈርጆ በማኒፌስቶ ፕሮግራም ቀርጾ ለ 50 ዓመታት ሲንቀሳቀስ የነበረ ጠባብ ድርጅት መሆኑ፣
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Dear #Amhara & #Afar.
Sephat Nega is a monster who master minded all the crisis in our region.
I know this is a very difficult times for you & I completely sympathise.
But be aware of the Digitalweyane. Their private chat reveals a nasty plan & I will share it.
From our 20yrs experience, TPLFites only strength is sowing discord & perpetuating conflict.
They split their group into 5 sub-groups & each assigned their own tasks.
They pose as:
1. #Oromo.
2. #Amhara.
3. #Eritreans.
4. Pro-Abiy
5. Anti-Abiy.
Task of those posing as Oromos are to attack Amhara relentlessly & exploit any historical misrepresentation to the maximum.
Those pose as Amhata will insult Oromos.
Those who pose as Eritreans, their task is to attack both Amhara & Oromo, & also lie about Eritrea's motives.
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Many #Ethiopians are shocked, confused and disappointed by the sudden release of the TPLF leaders including Sebhat Nega, the father’s of TPLF on Ethiopian’s Christmas night without any explanation of why. #Ethiopian people need some answers to this.
If their crimes were so bad they were in prison for so long, how can they all be released so quickly, in a single night, without even examining their individual cases? If they were innocent of crimes, why were they being held in the first place?
Was it for political reasons or foreign pressure? If so, why do we tolerate such a unscrupulous system?

Who was involved in this decision? Does the rule of law and a system of justice exist in Ethiopia or not?
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#NoMore Breaking News Thread

A new video of an EU Parliament Dec 6th. briefing attended by 600+ delegation providing context to the @UN_HRC 17th Dec meeting, and in which TPLF involvement & lobbying is strongly indicated has been released.
Research / Video Thread follows….
This morning video of an important EU Parliament briefing held on December 6th was released by one of it’s two hosts, French MEP (Greens) Michele Rivasi (@MicheleRivasi) on her personal @youtube channel.

This is the invite, the speaking list is worth a close look.
@MicheleRivasi @YouTube Four of these speakers were added at last minute (details follow in this thread).
3 of whom were strongly pro-TPLF:
Meaza G. Gebremedhin (@meazaG_);
Ghent Uni. Prof. Jan Nyssen;
And Leiden Uni. Prof. Mirjam Van Reisen (@mvreisen).
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1/ In as much as I despised the late former President R G Mugabe, there is one thing that I respected about him; he had ideological clarity & a no nonsense attitude on imperialism. He loved his country & Africa, after his eyes were opened he fought against neocolonialism. #NoMore
2/ Today the current government is enticing neocolonialism. @ZANUPF_Official now lacks ideological clarity. The African liberation school of thought has since departed from the revolutionary party. It's sad that millions of dollars are being spent on reengagement #NoMore
3/ Reengaging who? For what? How does a whole ministry spend resources on Reengaging imperialism? Why is the current government paying western PR firms to sanitize Zimbabwe's pro-land reform reputation when hospitals have no medication, citizens have no access to basic amenities
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Waxaan aad ugu xumahay in dalka gaar ahaan muqdisho waqtiyada ugu danbeesay ku soo bateen caruur nafsadahooda dhibaateenayya iyagoo isku adeeg sanayya dhagxaan tooreey iyo aalado kale oo nafta qofka dhaafsiin karta waxaan aad ugu xumahay in dhamaaneen aan
Ku mashquulnay siyaasad , waxaan aad ugu xumahay waalidiinta iney badankood gabeen hooshi ilaahey u wakiishay ee eheed iney caruurta baraan dhaqanka suuban ee diinteena ey na fartay , waxaan aad ugu xumahay wasaaradaha ey ugu horeeso tan waxbarasha in ey ka gaabiyeen
İn iskuulada systemka ama jadwalka wax barasho ee dalka dib loogu laabto loona qaabeeyo hab jiilka cusub u horseeda iney ku mashquulaan waxbarashada eysan fursad u helin in waqtigooda ey ku lumiyaan barashada wax mustaqbalkooda fog dhibaateenayya waxaan kaloo aamin sanahay
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1/ Understanding Zimbabwe Crisis & US Sanctions. Kanyemba, uranium, gas & oil hub. At the intersection of Zimbabwe, Mozambique & Zambia, on the Zim🇿🇼 side, is a small hardly known place called Kanyemba.
#NomoreUSsanctions #NoMoreNeocolonialism #HandsoffAfrica #HandsOffZimbabwe
2/ Kanyemba is rich in Uranium & nearby in Muzarabani, are some of the biggest inland oil & natural gas reserves in the world. In the1860s, Kanyemba was named after a Chikunda (conquerer or mixed race) ... #NoMoreNeocolonialism #NomoreUSsanctions #NoMore #HandsoffZimbabwe #Afrika
3/...son of powerful Tande (Malunga) Chief Chowufumbo and a Goan (Indian & Portuguese mixed race) mother named Maria Kanyemba. Kanyemba’s Portugese name was Jose Rosário de Andrade & he was a notorious slave trader & renowned hunter, ... #NoMoreNeocolonialism #HandsoffZimbabwe
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