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This is wrong. Do not be fooled by this "attack on India" nonsense. Shorsellers get their fingers burned when they target a sound company and predict a drop in its share price. They target companies that are "over-valued" acc to the fundamentals. Read
It is as natural for Owners and CEOs of target companies to rant and rail angrily at Short Sellers. They don't want their misgovernance to be suspected let alone called out. Elon Musk famously fumed at savvy traders who shorted Tesla Stock.
He once famously referred to the SEC (Securities and Exchanges Commission) as the ShortSellers Enrichment Commission. President Hoover labelled the short sellers of 1929 'unpatriotic' much as #Sanghi PseudoNationalists now are draping Mr Adani in the #Tiranga.
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How Astrology Influenced the Date of India’s Independence

Astrology has a great influence amongst Indian families for forecasting or predicting future events mostly. Astrology has the importance on every aspect of our life is connected to our past, present, and
future.Astrology is also used as a medium to get rid of any kind of future mishap related to planetary positions.

Astrology is a study of the planets and stars & their influence on our lives and at the time of birth the planetary position that determines our present and future.
For which a Horoscope is prepared which is a chart consisting of 12 squares or houses wherein the planetary positions at the time of the birth of an individual. This is being studied at a time of prediction connecting it with the planetary positions.
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1/n I can’t thank enough to @narendramodi ji for #HarGharTiranga .

This is going to be an emotional & nostalgic moment for me.

My childhood was all about passion for the Tricolour. I desired to see Tiranga on rooftop of Nath Cottage (house built by my Dadaji) each day.
2/n Though I couldn’t as I would be told that it is illegal to have #Tiranga unfurled on normal days.

As I would return from school on August 14, playing my part in decoration regarding the celebration next day, I would rush to find appropriate flagstaff.
3/n Most of the time it would be the discarded staff (bamboo) of the Ramanavami Dhwaj of last year though I tried best to arrange metallic pipe all along.

I would disband one of the broom at house, to find a metallic wire (it tied the whole broom together).
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Can see some people who are considering themselves as intellectuals,stating that our country is having many issues. So,what is the need of #HarGharTiranga.
First of all, I have to say that, celebrating Independence day doesn't mean that we are fully developed superpower.
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It is celebrated to remember our freedom fighters and their struggle to make #India free from evil British empire. 75 years of independence is a great landmark. It is a fact that we are one of the fastest growing countries in the world. We have come a long way from 1947.
But these stupids won't see that. They'll see only the black dot in a white paper and barking that India has these xyz issue. They can't show a country which doesn't have any issue. Every country have issues. According to their logic, no country should hoist their flag.
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Today is “August Kranti Diwas”, the day Gandhiji launched #QuitIndiaMovement in 1942. Yusuf Mehrally coined the slogan “Quit India” that inspired Indians against British. Mehrally went to jail 8 times. Wrote no mercy petitions & never collaborated with the British. #IndiaAt75
British shot Indians who saluted tiranga, arrested at least one lakh Indians, carried out public floggings & levied collective fines

Mehrally & most senior Congress leaders were jailed. At the time, he was Bombay’s mayor. He was the first socialist to be elected to the post
Mehrally would only come out of imprison in 1946.

He reportedly came up with “Quit India” at a meeting of Gandhiji’s associates some time before the launch of the movement. He presented Gandhi with a bow bearing the inscription ‘Quit India’. Gandhi said in approval, ‘Amen’.”
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Death anniversary of #Tagore today. We do not know what the author of our National Anthem would have said about the #Tiranga campaign. But we do know how strongly he opposed uber patriotism any hyper nationalism. 1/n
“Patriotism can’t be our final spiritual shelter. I will not buy glass for the price of diamonds and I will never allow patriotism to triumph over humanity as long as I live.” #Tagore #Tiranga 2/n
“I am willing to serve my country; but my worship I reserve for Right which is far greater than country. To worship my country as a god is to bring curse upon it.” #Tagore #Tiranga 3/n
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Everyone let's join the movement and make bhagwa our dp,let's do something which isn't done in the history of India,let's break the chain of false secular history which had been taught to us.That for tiranga lots of indian had sacrifice there life.

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But the truth which we wasn't able to see and was never came across that tiranga came in existence in 1916 designed by pingali venkayya.Invasion started in india against hindus from 711AD,The first king who faught for bhagwa was Raja dahir,and from 711Ad till after British rule.
Hindu king like SUHELDEV PASI, Maharana Pratap, Samrat hem Chandra, Rani Laxmi Bai, Chatrapati Shivaji all had sacrificed there life for bhagwa.
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We know how artistically magnificient and culturally rich Indian temples are which have a story of its existence, architecture,location and tradition. So a #weekend #philately trial to take a tour of #templesofindia with some stamps #IndiaAt75 #Indianphilately #indiawiththeme ImageImageImage
India is a land of #festivals and every festival is celebrated with happiness.A #philately display of some festivals of all the religions of India.Every festival has a moment of joy,celebration,excitement of its own #Indiaat75 #Indianphilately #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav
#indiatheme Image
India has the sixth largest number of UNESCO world heritage sites,in which 32 are cultural sites. So here are the stamps of 23 cultural sites- a showcase of culturally #vibrantIndia with a timeline of different phases of #Indianhistory
#IndiaAt75 #philately #Indiawiththeme ImageImageImage
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Going gaga over Arabian #oud /bakhoor?
Has it replaced #Agarbatti in your Mandir,home?
Did the dessert cult give traditions of Dhoop, Itr,Shringaar?
The largest producer of agarbatti in the world,Indian incense industry declined courtesy,foreign backed anti agarbatti campaign!
#DharmaSimplified #Thread that explains all you Must Know.
1- Mahavishnu Himself incarnated as Bhagwan Dhanvantri, who taught the secret of Medicine to Rishi Sushrut. Charak Samhita (Agnivesha Samhita revised by Charak ) & Sushrut Samhita mention en number of medicinal plants..
2- over 2,000 medicines, minerals
metal substances,herbal compounds,perfumery,alchemy; diseases,surgical techniques
sutures,extracting foreign objects kidney stones etc
An individual can recuperate by establishing,
‘connection between elements of life, food & body’ - #Ayurveda
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#nationalflagadoptionday: On this day in 1947, #nationalflag of India was adopted by Constituent Assembly; Real #History of #IndianFlag and significance of #Tricolour; How Flag evolved over decades:
#Thread #FlagAdoptionDay #NationalFlagDay #flagadoptionday2021
#Indian #Tricolor, designed by #pingalivenkayya, became India's official flag on July 21, 1947. Several designs were scraped before Tricolor accepted by people of country. Final design #IndianNationalFlagAdoptionDay, hoisted by #PrimeMinister Nehru on August 16, 1947 at Red Fort,
Had history of several decades preceding #Independence.
Indian Tricolour is matter of pride for country. Symbol of #Unity, #diversity, #Courage and patriotism. Representation of country, its spirit, power and majesty, comprises 4 colors - #saffron, white, #green and blue.
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This is how our flag would have looked like, if Mahatma Gandhi had his way. Of course, Gandhi bhakts won't tell you this, so read on...



#राष्ट्रीय_झंडा_अंगीकरण_दिवस #तिरंगा_दिवस
#FlagAdoptionDay #FlagDay #Tiranga #FlagDay
This day in 1947, the Tricolour was adopted as India's National Flag. But do you know that Mahatma Gandhi wanted a Union Jack in one corner of the new flag? Something like this flag design seen here which was proposed by our first Governor-General Lord Louis Mountbatten. 2/n
Gandhiji, unlike Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, was not an enemy of the Empire. He favoured Dominion Status under the British monarch (which we got in 1947), not Purna Swaraj, or complete freedom of India as Netaji strove for. 3/n
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