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#weekend #Motivation
Cultivating a habit of self-motivation and self-validation is essential for personal growth, resilience, and overall well-being.

Here are some tips to help you develop these habits:

A thread

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Set clear goals:
Define specific and realistic goals that align with your values and aspirations. Having a clear direction provides motivation and a sense of purpose.
Break it down:
Break your goals into smaller, manageable tasks. This allows you to make progress and celebrate small victories along the way, keeping your motivation high.
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Covid-19 Awareness Week: April 3-7 2023
The Covid-19 Awareness Week is meant to  wake up the general population that Covid is not over, and still highly prevalent and Not mild.

The Website with info, and editable letters is
The main objective of the Covid-19 Awareness Week is to educate people about the lasting health impacts of a Covid-19 infection, that can even result from what feels like a “mild” one.
Social Media Blitz:
All hands on deck for this wave of information, which will include the mass, and repetitive sharing of pertinent, generally accessible articles, studies, posts, videos and any other relevant information related to Covid-19 and its lasting effect on health.
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Confirmation #midterms. Le sénateur démocrate Kelly est réélu en #Arizona contre le trumpien Masters. On en est à 49-49 pour le Sénat. Les républicains doivent gagner les 2 dernières courses (Géorgie, Nevada) pour 1 majorité, les démocrates 1 seule des 2.👇…
2. Et presque aussi important pour les démocrates, dans cet Etat d'Arizona traumatisé par le déni de la présidentielle 2020, pour le poste de secrétaire d'Etat supervisant les élections, le négateur extrémiste Finchem est battu lui aussi...#midterms…
3. Masters, Finchem... les candidats de #Trump négateurs de la victoire de #Biden tombent en #Arizona, confirmant la difficulté à gagner lors de ces #midterms pour 1 droite radicale et antisystème plébiscitée en primaires. On en parlait dans…
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#Pittsburgh: See thread & stop "rehoming" #cats #kittens rabbits #dogs & other animals, including farm animals, online. See RT & report dogfighters:
#DogsOnTwitter #dogsoftwitter #CatsOfTwitter #CatBoxSunday #PittsburghSteelers
#Pittsburgh: See thread & RTs. Crime Stoppers & the Humane Society of the United States both offer reward #MONEY for tips leading to the arrest of dogfighters.
#DogsOnTwitter #dogsoftwitter #CatsOfTwitter #CatBoxSunday #PittsburghSteelers #weekend
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We know how artistically magnificient and culturally rich Indian temples are which have a story of its existence, architecture,location and tradition. So a #weekend #philately trial to take a tour of #templesofindia with some stamps #IndiaAt75 #Indianphilately #indiawiththeme ImageImageImage
India is a land of #festivals and every festival is celebrated with happiness.A #philately display of some festivals of all the religions of India.Every festival has a moment of joy,celebration,excitement of its own #Indiaat75 #Indianphilately #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav
#indiatheme Image
India has the sixth largest number of UNESCO world heritage sites,in which 32 are cultural sites. So here are the stamps of 23 cultural sites- a showcase of culturally #vibrantIndia with a timeline of different phases of #Indianhistory
#IndiaAt75 #philately #Indiawiththeme ImageImageImage
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1/As promised & after reading $NTLA latest Q1 2022 financial report here is my analysis regarding @intelliatx latest corporate status. I have focused only on the main issues that I found to be the most interesting & relevant. #CRISPR #GeneEditing #BioTech #FinTwit #Genomics👇
2/NTLA-2001 is the most advanced In-Vivo #CRISPR/#Cas9 #GeneEditing program in $NTLA portfolio & is aimed to treat Transthyretin Amyloidosis - (ATTR). NTLA-2001 could potentially halt & reverse the disease in a “one time” treatment by knocking out the TTR gene with a single dose
3/In February $NTLA has presented an updated clinical data from its Phase 1 study of NTLA-2001 which included 15 patients with ATTR amyloidosis. IMO NTLA-2001 readout looks promising & here is a summary that I wrote shortly after @intelliatx’s presentation of NTLA-2001👇
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JUST LEAVE IT principle:

-🖋️ Try convincing a person once or twice. If he or she refuses to get convinced
Just Leave it

- 🖋️When the children grow up and take their own decisions, do not impose
Just Leave it
- 🖋️Your frequency doesn't match with everyone in life. If you can't connect with someone
Just Leave it

- 🖋️After a certain age if someone criticises you don't get upset
Just Leave it
- 🖋️ When you realise that nothing is in your hands, stop worrying about others and the future
Just Leave it

- 🖋️ When the gap between your wish list and your capabilities increases, stop self expectations
Just Leave it
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“I was a classic example of a person who belongs to ‘Russkiy Mir’ … Until 2014 it all looked very different and, I would say, theoretical. Then, it all fell apart… the war happened’’
🇺🇦 journalist and writer Stanislav Aseyev on #Weekend@bbcworldservice⁩ 📻 1

“ Russians understood the Russian World as drunken cossacks guarding check points in Donetsk who robbed any passing car. The Russian World was torture chambers in cellars where those cossacks &local so-called special forces tormented people with electric shock” @bbcworldservice
Aseyev, a Donetsk native, covered events in Eastern Ukraine as they unfolded until one day in 2017 when he was arrested by Russian-backed separatists because of his work. He was kept for 2.5 years in detention 3 #Weekend @bbcworldservice
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“Millions of people are marching to starvation.” 1   @WFPChief David Beasly summing up impact of #Ukraine war  in an interview on @bbcworldservice radio #Weekend programme
“Ukraine is the bread basket of the world. 400 million people receive their food because of what happens in  #Ukraine and that is now shut down. So what impact that is going to have , it’s going to be catastrophic” 2
@WFPChief on @bbcworldservice radio #Weekend
“WFP’s monthly expense now increased 71 million dollars more per month which means we will be feeding 4 million less people and we are already cutting rations to ppl around the world because we don’t have the money and the food we need.”3 
@WFPChief on @bbcworldservice #Weekend
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Berdasarkan dari kejadian nyata

@IDN_Horor @bacahorror @lenteramalam_id

#ceritahorror #CeritaSeram #HariMinggu #kesurupan #weekend

*Image by Google
Malem sob!
Menemani sisa akhir pekan kalian, ane akan menuliskan sebuah kisah yang dulu sempat terjadi di tempat tinggal ane!

Seperti biasa, nama tokoh dan lokasi yang bersangkutan akan ane samarkan demi kenyamanan bersama.
Dan seperti biasanya juga, yuk ramein trit nya dengan like rt dan komen sekalian.

Kalo udah, so let the haunt begin!

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The online casino #INDUSTRY is changing at a furious pace. New online casinos are launching with increasing frequency. Several new casino games make their appearance every #weekend . The legislative framework for online gambling is taking different shapes in different parts of the world. Unfortunately occasionally there is news of online casinos ripping off its players. To extract the best from the online casino industry a player has to be aware of the tricks of the trade and be up to date on all this information. Fortunately this is not as daunting a task as it may at first seem. A player need not surf through dozens of online news sites and online casinos. If he has to do so then he will have no time left for online gambling.
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1. The world's oldest known wild bird is a Laysan Albatros.

She is called Wisdom, because of her age and surviving many current threads like fish-lines, climate change, and plastic pollution. 

This is her. Isn’t she beautiful?

🧵Start of a thread

2. While I work on this thread (with more albatrosses videos), you could subscribe for The Planet newsletter.

You will like it if you are interested in #nature and #wildlife.

🧵This thread continues

3. Wisdom was probably born around 1951. Five years later, in 1956, the young albatross, got a red ankle band with the number Z333.

By now, that albatross, Wisdom, has become famous as the world's oldest known wild bird. 

#birds #nature #wildlife
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Dear world, don't say you weren't warned about a potential conflict in BiH.

Here's the leader of Bosnian Serbs, Milorad Dodik threatening with the Republika Srpska withdrawing from the BiH Armed Forces on @bbcworldservice #Weekend.

This means new war.
BiH's High Rep, Christian Schmidt is clear: Dodik's actions lead to the undoing of the #Dayton Peace Agreement.

Dodik dismissed his claims using the same words as the Russian Amb to UN: Schmidt is a private person, and his UN report was written by the "Muslim intel agency".

In her strong response, @arminkahelic rebuffed Dodik's claims by stressing Schmidt was appointed by PIC, legitimately representing the int'l community.

"There is no Muslim intelligence service. In fact, the BiH Intelligence Service is headed by a Bosnian Serb", Helić added.

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1. I’m fascinated by the beauty of nature and enjoy learning more every day. Look for instance at these mushrooms realising millions of microscopic spores to propagate.

🧵 A thread about the beauty of planet earth, our only home.

#nature #science

2. That’s right, it’s our only home. That means we have to be extra careful, we don’t have a spare.

When it heats up, or loses it’s complex ecosystems, we will all be in trouble.

NASA took this photo of the dark side of the moon from 1 million miles away.



3. If you care about the beauty of nature and follow issues like climate change, read The Planet.

Subscribe, and start your day with this newsletter, it really needs your support. 🙏

🧵This thread continues with more videos.
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8/21 Texas C19 Pos%, Case, Hosp & Fatality Update:



1) More good news!
2) Rt & PCR Pos% all looking good
3) Cases decline vs last week!
4) Hospitalizations pretty good day!
5) No fatality breakdown today. 190 reported, +73 vs LW

8/21 Rate of Growth (RoG) Analysis:

** For Case & Hosps, RoG is calculated by comparing Week over Week (WoW) 7DMAs

* PCR Pos% Rate of Decline of 2.1% WoW. 6 straight days of decline. (More in 3/n)
* Case RoG down to 13.7!%
* Hospitalization RoG down 2.0% to 19.5%

. Image
8/21 Positivity Rates & Rt:

* PCR 8/9 peak holds
* PCR pos% is 18.23%, down 2.1% WoW
* As mentioned yesterday, by Monday, the PCR graph will be a nice peak.
* Covidestim Texas Rt revised up to 0.97 (below magic # of 1.0). No worries right now.

. ImageImageImage
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8/19 Texas C19 Pos%, Case, Hosp & Fatality Update:



1) PCR Pos% peak holds at 8/9
2) Rt at 0.99
3) Cases decline WoW, predicting weekend peak
4) Hospitalizations rate of growth down to 24.1%
5) Breakdown of 194 reported fatalities and comp to 2020 wave

8/19 Rate of Growth (RoG) Analysis:

** For Case & Hosps, RoG is calculated by comparing Week over Week (WoW) 7DMAs

* PCR Pos% flat. Up 0.2% WoW after 5 days below 0% and in decline. (More in 3/n)
* Case RoG down to 26.7%
* Hospitalization RoG down 2.0% to 24.1%

8/19 Positivity Rates & Rt:

* Cases arrive to state over time. Pattern is Tue, Wed, Thurs - pos% is higher, Sat, Sun, Mon, pos% gets revised down. Happens over and over
* 8/9 peak holds
* PCR pos% 18.50%, Up 0.2% WoW
* Covidestim Texas Rt at 0.99 (below magic # of 1.0)

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Weekend time is a good list of movies yet again for you to enjoy

1. Trading Places (1983) -- Stock Trading Movie

2. Billion Dollar Day (1985) - Documentary

3. Wall Street (1987) -- Stock Market Fiction

#movie #entrepreneur #weekend #business #Thread
4. Barbarians at the Gate (1993) -- True Story

5. Rogue Trader (1999) – Stock Trading Movie -- True Story

6. Boiler Room (2000) – Stock Market Fiction

7. The Corporation (2003) -- Finance Documentary
8. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005)

9. Gafla (2006)- True Story -- Stock Market Movie (Hindi)

10. Wall Street Warriors (2006) -- Wall Street Documentary

11. The Ascent of Money (2008) -- Finance Documentary
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Endlich wieder leben.
Oh yeah!
My hometown Berlin - amazing me again and again and it seems, I have only seen a tiny glimpse in the past almost 40 years.
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This #weekend when you’re off to see your #family, hugging parent(s), having a pint with mates, pls spare a thought for hundreds of foreign #NHS doctors who’ve no family in the UK & are desperate to go home to see their parents/loved ones after 18 months of working non stop 1/n
This includes me, too. I haven’t seen my parents since Jan ‘20. This is the longest I’ve gone without seeing them. Even when living in Aus 🇦🇺 I used to fly home at least x2/year. We are a v close family and this has been the toughest thing to endure for all of us 2/n
It is incredibly difficult to hide your emotions on a video call when you see your parents getting older (comes as a shock every few weeks) & when they ask you ‘just come home we miss you’. You need to be strong for them and yourself and hv an ugly cry after hanging up 3/n
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#Firsttime #weekend #NFTGiveaway #raffle 💣
to #pimp my little #nftproject #NFTYSKATEBOARDS a bit
Curious to see the reaction, let's go:
🛹Follow me on Twitter
🛹Tag 3 friends
I'll pick winners on sunday evening CET
and give away 5 Boards of your choice!
#NFT #NFTshill
...i hope 5 people will reply at all! ♥️
This is todays release btw:
#nftyskateboards #nft007 Aveal "hillside heroes" #fiberflex from 2002
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#weekend #thread 4
Vedic History
According to some estimates Earth is said to be 4 Billion years old. The history of Earth and her human being’s origin, all are estimates based on the chanced findings of evidences, where human imagination is also mixed. 1
The contradictions on periods sometimes overlapping on time period must be understood in the light of human endeavour in piecing up the jig-saw of their own historical evolution.
Prehistoric India: It is estimated that humans set foot in India about 200,000 to 40,000 years ago
Palaeolithic Age: (first Stone Age)-lasted till 8,000 years BCE, they (humans) learnt about fire too.
Mesolithic Age: from 8,000 to 4,000 years BCE, they learnt farming.
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Some info about avocados 🥑

The avocado export market in Kenya is dominated by Kakuzi, Vegpro, Sunripe, Kenya Horticultural Exporters, and East African Growers.

Thread ...
#KOT #SundayMotivation #SundayThoughts
Hass variety is exclusively for export market and their prices in the international market are higher compared to most fruits.
2019 statistics since 2020 was cancelled..
-Kenya exported 60,000 tonnes of avocados. -Holland was the chief importer with 13,306 tonnes.
- France (8,793 tonnes)
- UAE (7,190 tonnes)
- Saudi Arabia (5,127 tonnes), UK (3,704 tonnes)
- Russia (3,041 tonnes).
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