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While the nation only recently became familiar w/the blatant racism rampant in the #tnleg bc the expelling of @Justinjpearson and @brotherjones_, the @tnhousegop has a long history of Reps who haven't even bothered trying to hide who they are. A 🧵to bring you up to speed.
Note: I found so many examples that I actually had to sit down this morning to figure out if it made more sense to do it chronologically or by Rep. I decided to go by Rep. Buckle up, y'all. This is ugly.
Let's start with former Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver. In 2010, Weaver's first year in office, she posted a pic on social media of herself w/her pastor-who was in black face posing as Aunt Jemima. For a caption, Weaver wrote “Aunt Jemima, you is so sweet.” Image
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🧵 There are currently 28 children reported missing from #Tennessee since Jan 1. 2023. This does not include the total 102 children missing from this state. If you search a good majority of these children’s names you will find little to no information about them, that is because…… Image
Rep Littleton (@78RepLittleton) brought HB1106/SB0611 to the floor which allows a juvenile court to transfer a 16 yo or older to a criminal court of to be tried as an ADULT for committing the offense of escape from a youth development center. 2/ Image
In 2022 an audit released by the #Tennessee Department of Children’s services shows MULTIPLE failures by DCS to keep children safe once they are taken into custody. “An abuse hotline took as many as 40 days to report sexual abuse of children in state custody to investigators” 3/ Photo shows children in #Te...
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TOMORROW'S #TennesseeCapitol #TennesseeThree ACTION INFO THREAD ⤵️

Firstly: Go to for an overview and schedule. (Try a different browser if it won't come up.)

#LocalActionsTN #LocalActionsNashville #TN3
#GunSense #MarchForOurLives
An ask from us: #TNLeg is notorious for cutting cameras and we suspect GOP leaders will try to prevent reporters/the public from entering the #TennesseeCapitol viewing gallery.

PLEASE SHOOT VIDEO. Upload to the #TennesseeThree hashtag ASAP. THANK YOU.
@AftynBehn is the media contact for the #TennesseeThree website. Follow her if you haven't.

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Later TODAY: Join @Nashtivists for a #GunSense #NotOneMore phonebank calling #Tennessee legislators on gun bills (lowering permitless carry age, guns in cars etc.)

TODAY OR TOMORROW: If you haven't already, contact your Metro Councilmember prior to the vote on #NoNewNashvilleStadium tomorrow night.

Our petition here contains language on why we think it's a bad idea, feel free to copy/paste.…
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🧵The bill cutting the size of Nashville's Metro Council was filed in the #TNleg house today.…
For the purposes of this thread, let's stipulate that it's better to have a smaller Council (it might be) and that it's appropriate for the state to make that change (it's not). 2/
The bill makes the change from 40 members to 20. It does not dictate the number of district members and at-large members. So how is that determined? The Nashville charter says it's 35 districts and 5 at-large members. That can only be modified by charter amendment. 3/
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I would typically let this go, but Clay is a a Tennessee business leader and this tweet was liked by his colleague @EdwardBurchTN.

Armed teen serial killers ARE political, Clay. Otherwise, your governor wouldn’t have signed the permitless carry bill at a fucking GUN FACTORY.
Saying teen serial killers will get access to guns no matter what is INSANE. You know why, @ClaytonRWalker and @EdwardBurchTN? BECAUSE IT DOESN’T HAPPEN IN PEER NATIONS.

States with weak laws have more gun violence; states with strong gun laws have less.…
So guys, let’s extrapolate that data to your state. Tennessee has the 8th-highest rate of gun homicides in the US. In an average year, 1,273 people die by guns in Tennessee. And you’re “businessmen” - did you know gun violence costs Tennessee $18 billion EACH YEAR? #tnleg
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#ImpactFees in 2020 @dsjernigan had his attempt for #MetroNashville to impose #ImpactFees shot down by Republicans in favor of #RealtorsLobby and have the audacity to blame Nashville for not being capable of keeping up with the growth demands.
In 2022 they killed it again as #metrocouncil offered it as a compromise to hosting the #RNC in 2024. Cepicky who is backed by the same group paying to kill #ImpactFees authored his own #ImpactFee bill, but refused to work with @dsjernigan for a bipartisan movement.
His also didn’t get any traction because the @TNGOP is beholden to donors not #voters. The lackluster response by Cepicky is who spent more of his time in the #TNLeg talking adolescent genitalia than helping prevent the need for a #MauryCounty property tax hike.
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2 months ago @jbsmileyjr came to Columbia to talk to @MauryCountyDems & took me back in time to an #election that felt devastating, because he told 1 of the regular stories about @HaroldFordJr’s Senate campaign. I volunteered for that campaign it was my 1st campaign to do so.
I loved hearing the story again about the guys in the Redneck restaurant saying they would #vote for Harold. I can still remember much of the phone bank script from that lifetime ago. @jbsmileyjr talking that same message is why I told everyone a while back that I believe in him
I believe @jbsmileyjr gets the idea beyond the hit the places that are going to #VoteBlue every cycle & go see other communities that are more purple than their recent past indicates. Revitalize that demographic. If @jasonbmartin wins this primary, I hope he gets that idea
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I buried best friend. I fixed her hair as she lay in the casket. I still wonder what would’ve happened if I returned that last call. Instead I am left telling her children about her. Gun violence took her from them, from me. You and your cheering crowd of sycophants make me sick.
And now as not only a 3x gun violence survivor, but as a mother of 3, and a Tennessean, I can assure you I this is not what I want - to worry when I go to the park or the school who has a gun and whether they’ve been trained. To live constantly in fear.
With every right comes responsibility. My dad gave me my first gun at 9yo. It came with ample training and supervision. But you don’t have to believe me. Ask police chiefs or gun range owners. They are against this law too.
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ShoutOut to @SavetheChildren Chattanooga, Raising Awareness Rally

#ChildTrafficking has been reported as having risen 106% during COVID Shutdowns… #RevTN #CHA #Chattanooga #SaveOurChildrenChattanooga #SaveTheChildrenChattanooga #SaveTheChildren #tnleg
Tennessee has large hurdles to overcome when it comes to #ChildTrafficking #HumanTrafficking…
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Dear @CSexton25 @ltgovmcnally
We respectfully request #tnleg call vote of "NO confidence" re: #tnedu Comish, whom hired a non-resident, to manage & "clean" datasets, during COVID Hiring Freeze, re: "whole child health, economic, edu, safety, well-being for a statewide "project?" ImageImage
This reads like Fauci & Gates talking.
But these data-mining goals are aimed at TN citizens minor children
Moreover, there is TN residency requirement to *access* public records - but not to "manage" them??

Irony - no record of the "new hire" in TN database?
#RevTN ImageImage
Maybe its just me?
Does anyone else find it curious that the #tnedu "Data Manager" lists every category dataset - yet NO mention of actual "education or academics" as data she assembles.
(Her list, in order):
"& other metrics" Iike an afterthought Image
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In a week where 1000s of Tennesseans still can't get their unemployment benefits, the US reached 100k COVID deaths, TN COVID cases continue to rise & our broken nation is wracked w/ grief & anger over the killing of George Floyd, here's what the #tnleg House GOP was working on:
An extreme anti-abortion bill that even the most far right, pro-choice organization in the state opposes.…
A permitless carry bill opposed by public safety experts, law enforcement, and firearm instructors across the state. The bill has a seven figure fiscal note. If passed, it would cost the state millions to implement.…
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Tonight the #tnleg will be voting on a resolution honoring Rush Limbaugh, clearly a top priority in a state with hundreds of thousands suffering without health insurance & one of the worst gun violence problems in the entire country.

This is who the TNGOP want to honor {THREAD}
He argued that white people shouldn't be blamed for slavery. "It's preposterous that Caucasians are blamed for slavery when they've done more to end it than any other race," he said in 2013, adding that "if any race of people should not have guilt about slavery, it's Caucasians."
He called the Georgetown Law student Susan Fluke a "slut" and a "prostitute" in 2012 when she argued before Congress for contraceptive coverage under the Affordable Care Act.
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A thread to highlight something important in the the anti-choice bill Tennessee is trying to pass.

The bill grants an embryo legal status the moment “when the human sperm has penetrated the female ovum.” #tnleg…
This definition of viability is PRIOR to implantation.

The indirect consequences of this bill will now make hormonal birth control methods, including IUDs, which prevent the implantation of a fertilized egg, an instrument of abortion.
This would make it a crime for any doctor who prescribes hormonal birth control, any pharmacist who fills the prescription and any woman who takes it -- an unintended but real consequence of the bill.

This is dangerous. This is unconstitutional. This is why your vote matters.
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Thank you @NC5PhilWilliams for applying the pressure to Casada and his former CoS about the foolishness. I also want to thank @TheTNHoller for continued voice on these issues. Today is a small step forward and it shows that alternative media with mainstream media can work... 1
In holding elected officials accountable. Folks have complained about @TheTNHoller & @stopbyrd but guess what? Their willingness to go where mainstream media wouldn’t go worked! Pressure was applied and 2 major resignations followed.
We the people feel voiceless because our “leaders” act bad and mainstream media doesn’t always do the best job in highlighting the bad actions. But with alternative media these narratives can change.
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"Who am I to hold that against someone when they've turned their life around?" Speaker @GlenCasada tells me about his chief of staff's admission to previously using cocaine at #tnleg.…
@GlenCasada House Speaker Glen Casada says he continues to stand by his chief of staff Cade Cothren after newly surfaced texts obtained by @Tennessean show Cothren solicited sexual acts from an intern.…
BREAKING: Cade Cothren has resigned, calling the recent stories about his conduct “a distraction.”…
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Keene and his wife were, of course, introduced to Butina's handler Alex Torshin- and likely Butina- by longtime @VoteMarsha associate (frmr campaign finance chair & re-elect head) Kline Preston.

Want a scandal-free Senator? Vote @PhilBredesen for #TNSen.
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