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These are the faces of the 28 Transgender and Nonbinary lives lost this year to bigotry.

This time last year there where 19 deaths recorded. 2020 is one of the deadliest years for TGNC folx in past five years.

#NotOneMore #Trans #ENBY #SayTheirNames
Dustin Parker, Neulisa Luciano Ruiz, Yampi Méndez Arocho, Monika Diamond, Lexi Sutton, Johanna Metzger, Penélope Díaz Ramírez, Serena Angelique Velázquez Ramos, Layla Pelaez Sánchez, Nina Pop, Helle Jae O’Regan...

Jayne Thompson, Tony McDade, Selena Reyes-Hernandez, Dominique Fells, Riah Milton, Brian Powers, Brayla Stone, Tatiana Hall, Merci Mack, Shaki Peters, Draya McCarty, Bree Black, Summer Taylor, Marilyn Cazares, Tiffany Harris, Queasha D Hardy & Aja Raquell.

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1st day at my 1st duty station. 1st guy I meet is an LDO ensign. Shakes my hand & says, “You gonna be like our last female intel officer & sleep w/every squadron CO who comes through?” 1/
Met my 1st P-3c aircrew a little later. The plane commander introduces himself & says, “Are you going to be like our intel officer? She only sleeps with O4s and higher.” 2/
Hit on by 3 married colleagues, the AFOSI officer who did my CI polygraph, & too many deployed aviators to remember at that assignment. 3/
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@neiltyson 1. The medical errors number is wrong. It’s based on grossly extrapolated data with no autopsy confirmation and assumes that if someone died after surgery it was due to the surgery and not to the underlying disease the surgery was for. 2. Mass shootings are homicides.
@neiltyson 3. @neiltyson do you really want to use comparative data to effectively minimize the human reaction to the horror of a mass fatality incident? All of these deaths are preventable and we should be working on all of them. #NotOneMore
@neiltyson 4. We have public health measures & evidence based legislation in place to address flu deaths, medical errors, MVAs, even suicide. Why don’t we have it in place to address gun violence? @ResearchAffirm #ThisIsOurLane
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Graham was once one of Trump’s sharpest critics (“I think he’s a kook,” in 2016), and is now one of his staunchest supporters, whether it comes to supporting his Supreme Court pick, or his golf game (“Anyone who says he’s not a great golfer, that’s fake news,” he said).(WaPo)
Sen. Lindsey Graham advises President Donald Trump to “stick to his guns” in the fight over funding for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and warned that giving in to Democrats' demands could be "the end of his presidency." (USAToday)
#GOPFail #DemSenate2020 #NoWall
@FiveThirtyEight which tracks congressional votes, reported that as of October 2018 Sen Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) had voted with Trump's position 100% of the time. #GOPComplicit #GOPFail #DemSenate2020
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Have you ever wondered what goes on in those school shooter trainings your child’s teacher is required to undergo?

…as it turns out, I took extensive ethnographic field notes of the one I did.

Want to know some of what's in them?
The start of the day:

Our principal made a big show of welcoming the officers to the building, laughing & greeted them by their names like they were old friends.

We had never seen them before. And the officers never introduced themselves to the group, never told us their names
The whole thing turned out to be facilitated by an LLC run by former law enforcement who perceived a business opportunity in the private sector.

From the sterling client roster they rattled off at the beginning of the session, there’s $$$ to be made
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Within weeks of the Orlando nightclub shooting, Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM) participated in a sit-in at the House to demand votes on gun control legislation, saying, "We owe it to the LGBT community & all families harmed by gun violence to keep terror suspects from obtaining guns."
Since he was first elected to Congress in 1998, Sen. Udall has taken a leadership role on a wide array of environmental issues, receiving a lifetime score of 96% from the League of Conservation Voters.
#DemSenate2020 #DemsWork4USA #DemFuture #ForThePeople
Sen. Udall was one of the original co-sponsors of the Arctic Wilderness Bill, and more recently has worked closely with the Navajo and Pueblo nations in New Mexico to oppose new leasing, drilling and fracking near Chaco Canyon National Park. #DemSenate2020 #DemFuture
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Earlier today, 'Mapache', an 18 year old from San Antonio, Texas. Mapache was picked up at the @abolishICEsatx vigil. He's currently detained at the Webb Detention Center.

Mapache is our client. His DACA renewal was pending.

Mapache is now locked up. He has a hearing date in October. We don’t know what ICE will do with him until then.

Mapache was first transferred to the Pearsall detention center, then to the Webb Detention Center in Laredo, Texas, where he is now.

Mapache recently completed high school. He is a committed community organizer and budding filmmaker.

This is an act of terror by the US government to keep the public from protesting the unethical and immoral treatment of immigrants by ICE and DHS.

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Release: Because for-profit or military imprisonment is unnecessary and illegal
Represent: Because represented children and families have a 96% court appearance rate and are 400% more likely to win their claims for relief
Reunify: Because we can do it faster than the government
@RAICESTEXAS @MigrantFreedom @TXCivilRights @ACLU @ProPublica @ThinkLawLab @abogadatejana @AlOtroLado_Org @aldea_pjc @immcouncil Are ready, willing, and able to put these families back together much more efficiently than the government ever could.
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Feels like we're living in an alternative reality. Or it's opposite day. A few things:
1) The immigration bill Trump would veto is not a "compromise" - it's a deadly attack on immigrants and asylum seekers that would, among other things …
...give DHS the power to jail asylum seeking families indefinitely; promote racial profiling by giving DHS sweeping authority to arrest and deport young people for being brown; and further dismantle our asylum system by setting impossibly heightened evidentiary standards. 2.
2) The administration can and must end family separation now. No law or policy requires it. The bill Rep. Ryan is supporting does NOT end family separation, it just gives the government more power to jail the families it doesn’t separate. 3.
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Let us take a moment to remember Peter Wang, 15. Let us each pledge to help students everywhere be safe. #NotOneMore #NEVERAGAIN
Let us take a moment to remember Carmen Shentrup, 16. Let us each pledge to help students everywhere be safe. #NotOneMore #NEVERAGAIN
Let us take a moment to remember Alex Schachter, 14. Let us each pledge to help students everywhere be safe. #NotOneMore #NEVERAGAIN
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My name is Khary Penebaker. I’m the Everytown Survivor Fellow for WI, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America volunteer & proud WAVE board member.
#SurvivorStrong #MarchForOurLives
I’m glad to see you all at this march, but I wish the context of it didn’t exist. I’m inspired by the young folks here & around the country who’ve mobilized and organized around the issue of gun violence prevention
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THREE separate events have been announced to demand gun violence end in America.

March 14: #NationalSchoolWalkout
March 24: #MarchForOurLives
April 20: #NationalSchoolWalkout

Please join me in supporting our nation’s children. Sign up at an event near you. 1/ 👇
Event 1: #NationalSchoolWalkout

Via the @womensmarch

➡️ Wednesday, March 14 at 10am

Students, Teachers, Parents and Friends will walkout of schools for 17 minutes, commemorating the 17 #Parkland victims and action for #GunReformNow

Sign up➡️

Event 2: #MarchForOurLives


➡️ Wednesday, March 24

Students and allies will be marching in DC and nationwide to demand our lawmakers take action to enact #GunReformNow

Sign up here ➡️

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In face of intense NRA lobbying & continued obstruction by Congress, @POTUS right to take executive action to curb gun violence. #NotOneMore
Expanding background checks for gun purchases, expanding mental health access & increasing # of ATF agents investigating gun law violations.
Overwhelming majority in US support universal background checks, including 74% of NRA members. And yet, Congress repeatedly refused to act.
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This morning, I was briefed by the FBI on the investigation into the mass shooting in #SanBernardino.
FBI is conducting investigation into suspects to determine motive & whether there is any connection to terror or evidence of radicalization.
At this point it is too early to rule anything in or out – it may have been workplace violence or it may have been more.
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