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Good evening to Aussies & Good afternoon, Good morning to anyone else around the planet who comes across this thread. Time has been spent this week looking after real life issues outside of the internet. Today's thread is again about misogyny, AGP trans person, & transwidows
I've come across this article by Tatum Street in the Spectator,…. I don't think she quite understands the role of AGP in trans women, but does use a well known ex AFL footballer as an example, so I'll run with it. 2/* #transwidowsOz #transwidows
Men who abuse women, are feted, particularly celebrity but when you add in a dash of blue & pink, it absolves one of their sins. Recently a #transwidow discovered her ex husband, an AGP trans person was showcased at a feminist event. It stopped her from speaking up. 3/*
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Good afternoon everyone, in Australia, it's a great day if the Federal ICAC passes through parliament, to friends on the other side of the planet, winter is coming, buckle up. Getting to today's subject of sex, kinks etc. 1/*
Today is part IV from @PankhurstEM 's written analysis of AGP men in relationships and the role of pornography has in the development of this paraphilia.…

#transwidowsOz #transwidows
Many women who've been involved with transwomen who are AGP, would agree, there is a strong element of pornography. Not all the time, but it's safe to say, that it's the opinion of this account, that pornography serves to validate & normalise this behaviour. 3/* #transwidowsOz
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On another note, while reading articles on sexuality & gender for couples who have a transitioning partner, some papers are presenting the concept that female partners have left rather than stay. In my experience, that hasn't happened. However, there's not enough data yet.
And interestingly, all the papers suggest affirmation and sexual therapy for both people in the relationship to learn how to be with each other again. That sounds like conversion therapy to my uneducated eyes, so more reading will need to be done.
Giammattei, Shawn V. “Beyond the Binary: Trans-Negotiations in Couple and Family Therapy.” Family Process 54, no. 3 (2015): 418–34.….

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Good afternoon everyone, I hope you have had a fabulous day in Australia and for those who are elsewhere, I hope you have a great day coming up! #transwidowsOz - today, we're going to talk about abuse. 🧵
I present part III of @PankhurstEM's analysis of AGP males in heterosexual relationships, involving unwilling women, coerced into doing things they don't want to do.… 1/*
It's hard when the domestic abuse that these women experiences doesn't involve physical violence as we understand it. For years, domestic violence, even with the white ribbon campaign has focused on physical abuse, drugs, alcohol etc. 2/* #transwidowsOz #transwidows
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This is part II of a series of articles that @PankhurstEM wrote regarding Autogynophilic men in relationships with women. Despite a few people who believe that AGP has been debunked, it hasn't.

Dr EM discusses the techniques used in these relationships to maintain coercive control, emotional blackmail.
If you support the AGP man as being brave and needing support, you are contributing to the loss of agency that the spouse (wife) has in this situation. #transwidowsOz
Women in these relationships are subordinate to the male. AGPs claiming their spouse supports them, is causing deep psychological harm to the woman that they think they love, and their children, by forcing them to accept a change that they did not consent to. #transwidowsOz
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@AnaLogica18 Danke dafür!
DAS ist genau das, was ich hier seit 1 1/2 Jahren verzweifelt versuche zu sagen: Hört Frauen zu, die es erleben! Insbesondere #transwidows!
Mein Mann hat nur den Fetisch. Davon wusste ich jahrelang nichts. Gerade weil es so unvorstellbar ist, sieht man es nicht.
@AnaLogica18 Gerade die, die so gerne Mitleid mit den Männern haben und sagen: der tut doch nix, der ist ja nur im falschen Körper oder ist verwirrt oder oder, gerade die können sich das Bild dahinter nicht vorstellen!
Ja, ihr wollt nett sein, bloß nicht diskrimierend, strategisch schlau,
@AnaLogica18 aber so funktioniert männliche Sexualität nun mal nicht.
Die Tatsache, dass das Register für Fetische, sex. Störungen etc. zu großen Teilen von Männern bespielt wird, sollte aufhorchen lassen.
Klar ist es leichter, zu denken, jemand leidet halt, also sollte er kriegen, was ihn
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So, yesterday I filmed a video, reading Debbie Hayton’s latest justification for public displays of fetishism. My video is informed by child development and safeguarding frameworks
However, for those that are short of time, I’ll be able to give you a summary, now.
No 3 yr old can possibly have AGP, which is an adult paraphillia.
3 yr olds are at Piaget’s pre-operational stage, and believe that dressing up as a thing transforms you into a thing.
If a 3 yr old were to display overt sexualised behaviours, it would be a massive safeguarding red flag.
Childhood ‘cross-dressing’ is only associated with shame and fear in deeply homophobic households.
Adult AGPs like to use retconning to adultify themselves in their memory.
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Today at 2.30 we will be giving evidence to Women & Equalities Committee alongside @fairplayforwomen @filia_pix #womenatwesc Thank you for all your messages and long-standing support. Nothing about us without us.
Our portfolio of written consultation submissions relating to the rights of women including this #WESC consultation can be viewed here

We welcome our new followers watching #WomenatWESC

We are a left wing feminist organisation

To read our manifesto & our campaigns 👇🏿…
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Listening to today’s Women’s Human Rights Campaign webinar where #transwidows Jennifer Kimmel (Ireland) Hrafnihildur Hjaltadottir (IS) and Pauline Kranendonck (LUX) have been giving details of how self-ID affects women and children.
Also Cansu (TU) and Claudia Bergermayer (AT) give compelling testimony.
Stealth employed in IS and LUX to achieve trans rights.
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