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#Marines 10/29/19 post "Submerged" 423 564 94
- Michael Pence
- Envelope
- Letter
- Cemetery

#Decode #comms #CrypticCommz #Theory
#Q #Qanons
#Marines 10/29/19 tweet 1721 1560 260…
- Traitors ruined country
- #Globalists are #Traitors
- Heighten your awareness (that Mike Pence is part of the cabal)

#Decode #comms #CrypticCommz #Theory
#Q #QAnon
#Marines 10/29/19 tweet 1721 1560 260…

Some warning signs that #MikePence is #DeepState ?... On Jan 6th we learn that Pence's salary was frozen by @POTUS & #Pence was negotiating w/ #Democrats

#Decode #comms #CrypticCommz #Theory
#Q #QAnon
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@realDonaldTrump #UkraineTranscript

“I will say that we do a lot for Ukraine. We spend a lot of effort and a lot of time.”, Trump goes on about how little Europe does, Then he say “but the United States has been very, very good to Ukraine.”
@realDonaldTrump Trump
“I wouldn't say that it's reciprocal necessarily because things are happening that are not good but the United States has been very very good to Ukraine.”

@realDonaldTrump Ukrainian President
“We are ready to continue to cooperate for the next
steps specifically we are almost ready to buy more Javelins from the United States for defense purposes”

“I would like you to do us a favor though.... I would like you to find out what happened

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The ICIG testified to congressional investigators the so-called “whistleblower” who mischaracterized @POTUS Donald Trump’s call with leader of Ukraine had a previous “professional relationship” with a 2020 Democrat candidate #PatriotsAwakened…
Schiff & Pelosi CHANGED HOUSE RULES FOR IMPEACHMENT Same Day Whistleblower Complaint Filed. COUP ATTEMPT. Durham & Barr Traveling Stealth Mode. SENATE Judiciary 4 Giuliani. Epstein-Brunel Located. Syria Kurds #PatriotsAwakened
#UkraineTranscript 58% of the people—Joe Biden & Hunter Biden should be investigated: John Solomon on Hannity give FACTS! Bank Records Burisma Exec Devon Archer, from FBI Raids Hunter paid $166,000/month; Start2015 #FactsMatter #PatriotsAwakened
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This is a big hoax! Another insurance policy designed by Democrats and liberal media. The president should be upset. # #UkraineTranscript
Barr’s investigation to blow the top off all the deep state can’t get here soon enough. The vultures are circling. One by one we will hear tells of whistleblowers who are actually spies. The have infiltrated the government and attempting to take it down.
Republicans who can’t see through this coup aren’t Republicans but rhinos 🦏 of the deep state.
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09/30/2019 Trump Deleted Tweet Comms
the Ukraine -> Ukraine
THERE WAS -> there was
End of case -> Case Closed
Translation? Ok, I'll give it a try
the Ukraine ->Ukraine
The first change is a distinction between Ukraine as independent and Ukraine as part of Russia during Soviet times.
Going from "the Ukraine" to just "Ukraine" is leaving Russia. #RussiaHoax to #UkraineScandal… #GreatAwakening
End of case -> Case closed
Likely reference to Mitch McConnell's "Case Closed" regarding the #RussiaHoax after the #MuellerReport went public. Read the #UkraineTranscript yourself, it's all public too. Even Ukraine's President says MSM is lying.… #Qanon
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.@realDonaldTrump @QTAnon1 @drawandstrike @40_head @M2Madness @martingeddes @prayingmedic @Qanon76

A tip for the Dems:
If you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result, you don’t know how to play 4D chess.
The manual can be found @ Qmap dot pub
Twisting the narrative no longer works....
Your party is now transparent...and so are your lies
People are no longer walking away...they are running from you
You aided and concealed:
- FISA Abuse
- Treason
- The truth about HRC’s 33k emails
- The Fake Steele dossier
- The Russian hoax
- The Ukraine Hoax
- The Spygate Scandal
- The creation of mass immigration on the Southern Border
- Denied funding for said wall to protect US citizens
- Pushing a Socialist Agenda under disguise of a Green Deal
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EXCLUSIVE: In a 15-minute video obtained by Bloomberg News, Trump holds a closed-door meeting and asks who gave information to the whistle-blower in the #UkraineTranscript that has spurred the #Impeach45 drive.

Follow this thread for more of Trump's closed-door remarks👇
In the closed-door meeting with U.S. diplomats, Trump described former Vice President Joe Biden as "sleepy" and "dumb as a rock."

Laughter was heard from the crowd
During a closed-door gathering, Trump repeated his claims that Joe Biden helped his son, Hunter Biden, improperly win millions in dollars in business from Ukraine and China.

"He's walking away with $50,000… And then they talk about me and I didn’t do anything."
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It was a whirlwind day on Capitol Hill. Here's what we learned from the whistle-blower complaint
"That's close to a spy."

WATCH: Trump demands to know who gave information to the whistle-blower in the #UkraineTranscript that has spurred the #Impeach45 drive. More @business:
@business "Sleepy Joe Biden who's dumb as a rock."

Trump tells his side of the #UkraineTranscript in exclusive video obtained by @business
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United States Treaty With Ukraine On Mutual Legal Assistance In Criminal Matters (thread) #UkraineBiden #CrowdstrikeUkraine #UkraineTranscript

President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky are bound by law to assist one another in legal matters.

Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties (MLATs) allow for the exchange of evidence and information in criminal and related matters. In money laundering cases, they can be extremely useful as a means of obtaining banking and other financial records from our treaty partners
There are a total of 20 Articles in the Treaty. Several of which shall be highlighted here. (To read them all see PDF link above)
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Yes, indeed, @GovChristie, yes, indeed.

Pre-transcript release, CC said:

“If he’s saying, listen, DO ME A FAVOR, go investigate Joe Biden, that’s one thing"

“If he’s saying, listen, I’m concerned about corruption…becomes totally different”

Plus guess what's missing in call…
What's conspicuously absent in #UkraineTranscript is any reference to concern about "corruption" in Ukraine!

Trump was single-mindedly focused one getting the 2016 info and dirt on Biden

And here's the link for that Christie interview:…

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This pc talks about some details of the Whistleblower complaint-the complainant's allegations. Very interesting stuff. #TrumpImpeachment #UkraineTranscript #WednesdayWidsom…
2-"The intelligence officer who filed a whistle-blower complaint about President Trump’s interactions with the leader of Ukraine raised alarms not only about what the two men said in a phone call, but also about how the White House handled records of the conversation, according
3-"to two people briefed on the complaint. The whistle-blower, moreover, identified multiple White House officials as witnesses to potential presidential misconduct who could corroborate the complaint, the people said — adding that the inspector general for the intelligence
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Re: The reaction of the GOP Congress to the Whistleblower Complaint and Trump's #UkraineTranscript Article excerpts threaded here for ppl w paywall issues:
#TrumpImpeachment #WednesdayWisdom…
2-"Several Senate Republicans were privately stunned Wednesday and questioned the White House’s judgment after it released a rough transcript of President Trump’s call with the Ukraine president that showed Trump offering the help of the U.S. attorney general to investigate
3-"Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. One Senate Republican, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to speak candidly, said the transcript’s release was a “huge mistake” that the GOP now has to confront and defend — while the party argues at the same time that House
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Remember this? It’s Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, casually discussing the coup to overthrow Ukraine’s President in 2014, including finding dirt on marriages etc and @JoeBiden is ready to play his part (cont) #UkraineTranscript
And guess who else helped? The good old U.N because in Nuland’s words “f**k the EU” yes that’s diplomacy at it’s finest from the Obama admin. #UkraineTranscript
Yes, it's real. Here's the full transcript.
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🔥I would like 4 you to call AG to get to bottom of it
🔥Mueller had a very poor performance
🔥Pg 2 Ukraine wants to drain the swamp
🔥EU not helping like should
#ImpeachmentParty #TrumpImpeachment…
🔥#UkraineTranscript Pg 4 Rudy knows whats going on, like 4 you to talk to him
Former Amb woman was bad news-worked w bad ppl-she was w Obama
Ukraine-if you have any + Info-Plz provide it
Alot of talk about Biden/son-stopped prosecution
pg 1/5
#ImpeachmentParty #TrumpImpeachment
China was granted Access to Hillary's emails via Crowd strike
Clowns revealed in China/other (Ukraine?)
[Missing emails]
Only the tip
Will be made public [soon]

Ukraine has the Crowd strike Server
Mueller poor performance-A lot of it started w Ukraine
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Here's all you need to know about this summary:

Trump told Zelensky he would give Ukraine Javelins (weapons) if Ukraine helped him politically.

That's impeachable. Period.

#trumpimpeachment #impeachmentparty #rudycolludy #ukrainetranscript
Here's the memo in full.
It implicates Barr and Giuliani as well.

Don't let anyone tell you this is a nothingburger.
This is 100% impeachable.

And we haven't even seen the whistleblower report yet.
#trumpimpeachment #impeachmentparty #ukrainetranscript…
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Masterful Chess move by @realDonaldTrump
Forget Biden. That’s small compared the DNC server and Crowdstrike details found here.
“The server, they say Ukraine has it”

Full Transcript:
DNC Servers hold many answers...
Does one conclude all statements made by the FBI (think nonhack of server as single example) could be false?
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#BREAKING: Trump asked the President of Ukraine to investigate @Crowdstrike, a now publicly traded company $CRWD that 1st determined state-sponsored Russian hackers hacked the DNC. There is no server in Ukraine .. but that's beside the point #infosec
Here's our thread on @crowdstrike from 07-24-19 documenting the continued propaganda efforts coming from the Kremlin 2 smear & muddy the waters on something that has been fact 4 a number of yrs & confirmed in the Mueller report #infosec #osint #Hamilton68
This is a good breakdown of the Ukraine call with Zelensky and spells out numerous problematic sections #UkraineTranscript
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TRANSCRIPT President Donald Trump Telephone Conversation with President Zelenskyy of Ukraine (page 1 of 5) #UkraineTranscript
Transcript Page 2 of 5
Transcript Page 3 of 5
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1/16 It has begun. The GOP is spinning that the sole transcript Trump says he will release is more important than the #WhistleblowerComplaint as a tactic to insist everything should ride on this one supposed piece of evidence.

#ImpeachTrump #ImpeachmentParty #UkraineTranscript
2/16 All reports indicate this was a months-long conspiracy Trump and Giuliani were engaged in, subverting & bypassing officials who tried to stop them.

A single call does not BEGIN to give an accurate depiction of the events that lead up to this.…
3/16 And Trump already has a shady history with releasing information.

Forget the obvious like his tax returns, school grades, and secret meetings with Putin.

Actually, a reminder of those secret meetings:
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01/05/2019 (START)
3:15 Watch 1 (day obscured thus hour/minute = comm)

3:42 Watch 2 (day 2 = 2nd watch)

03/15/2019 (END)
Q confirms markers concludes at 3:42 with Activation of William Barr authorizing National Emergency.
#Qanon #GreatAwakening #BillBarr

Q sets up 2 new Markers - Note "Ready sir" Q acknowledges in reply to "game"

Marker 1: Day 19-4:49
Marker 2: Day 27-3:06

I believe this is happening now - i.e. 09/19/2019-09/27/2019 - We know it was still to come in July (last full month of Q) cause...
07/18/2019 Q reposts Marker 1 with a "Worth Remembering" Q does same potentially connecting it with other subjects including EO blocking property of Human Traffickers, Perverse Facebook Quiz about pedophilia (testing public acceptance), voting fraud, and HRC crimes, #Qanon
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👉Hunter Biden’s $1.5 Billion Bank of China Deal
👉Joe & Hunter Biden fly on Air Force 2 to Beijing,China
👉10 Days later
👉Hunter Biden’s gets a $1.5B deal with the Chinese government, not with the Chinese corporation, With the Gov…
@Potus @GenFlynn #QAnon
@POTUS @GenFlynn What drives Adam Schiff’s never ending hysteria?
Adam Schiff is an owned hatchet man of Ukrainian arms dealer Igor Pasternak. Schiff’s narrative is carefully orchestrated by his Ukrainian handlers
#QAnon #FridayFeeling #Ukraine #WhistleblowerComplaint
@POTUS @GenFlynn Gangster Joe Biden Ukrainian Threats
👉Biden “threatened to withhold $1 billion in US loan guarantees if #Ukraine's leaders did not dismiss the country’s top prosecutor” #Biden
👉Panic in DC
#QAnon #WWG1WGA #LivePDNation #SaturdayVibes
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