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Real People to Follow, Real codes to Break, real speeches to Listen to with Hidden Meanings Has no Gone Public. Q done Posting on Boards. Q is Mainstream. #DarkToLight

One Q Clip Watch
Q gone Mainstream 2nd Q clip watch

@seanhannity is Part of Q Mainstream
Q gone Mainstream 3rd Q Clip to Watch

Do jr Calls out Joy Behar on The View
This is So Q
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Senior Trump official Mina Chang embellished résumé, lied about being a Harvard biz alum and War College grad, had face on fake Time cover…
Mina Chang. Dallas. CEO of Linking the World she says.
Benefactor: Brian Bulatao. Also of Dallas. Old Mike Pompeo biz partner in his failed, Koch-sponsored aviation biz. (Notice Brechbul there, too, State Dept #UkraineScandal witness.)
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10/31/2019 LIVE PIGS are used as crash test dummies in China to mimic 6-year-old children - This appears to be symbolism comms for an activity I've talked about a lot here as of late -… #Qanon
Getting a hold of the strings of blackmailed "pigs" and then forcing them into a crash. Testing out how to manipulate the MSM when they are forced to be ever-more overt with lying for a narrative.
#UkraineScandal #GreatAwakening
It's similar to this test I mentioned months ago ty
for reminding me of the similarity. (long thread if you want to take a look) #ProjectMockingbird #Qanon
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This is HUGE. If Ciaramella (Chee-ra-mel-ah) is the #Whistleblower, it is STRONG evidence of coordination b/w #Ukraine, Brennan, the DNC, Biden, & Hillary.

@realDonaldTrump @POTUS
The military would have grounds to mop up this coup attempt. Treason!
Biden's links to Ukraine's organized crime groups / Neo Nazi militias.⬇️

Chalupa is connected.
The DNC is connected.
Schiff is connected.
Hunter Biden is connected.
Obama is connected.
Hillary is Connected.
Brennan and Ciaramella probably are too.
The Chalupas blocked us long ago.

They were terrified of the questions we asked & information we found.

They know regular Americans won't piece it together because they don't understand Ukraine in detail, but we do.
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Another great dig by Polly @99freemind ~
Exposing #UkraineScandal 'witness' (Whistle blower #2) Alexander Vindman's - whose father is Semyon Vindman. The family moved to Brooklyn in 1979. A man of the same name was involved in what sounds like Human Smuggling in NJ in 1990!
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#UkraineScandal 'witness' Alexander Vindman's father is named Semyon Vindman. The family moved to Brooklyn in 1979.
A man of the same name was involved in what sounds like Human Smuggling in New Jersey in 1990!
#CIA operation QRPLUMB
Vindman has two other brothers in the military.
One is in a fairly important position.
This operation of subversion has been very, very successful.
This is how WW2 continued... the front is Ukraine.. and the puppet is the United States.
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Ryan Goodman has kept his eye on the prize. #UkraineScandal starts with Trump, Russian/Ukraine asset Paul Manafort and the Hunt for Clinton Dirt. Four years later the story and the players have not changed.…
@rgoodlaw has uncovered an embarrassing dissonance between the memory of a Trump donor and a serving officer in the U.S. military. I am sure Matt Gaetz can will explain it for us.
@rgoodlaw We are not even close to Peak Trump Connection Chart
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Devon Archer => Hunter Biden's business partner
He had previously been a top fundraiser for John Kerry @JohnKerry, who was Secretary of State at the time.
And soon after Devon and Hunter joined the Burisma Board, the company channeled $90,000 to a lobbying firm
called ML Strategies,
which was headed by none other than David Leiter, John Kerry's former chief of staff.
That's handy because then-Secretary of State John Kerry himself has visited Ukraine with promises of U.S. aid and assistance.

Well, Leiter registered as a Burisma lobbyist in mid-2014.
But in the year leading up to that, he gave close to $60,000 to Democrats, including a select group of U.S. senators who would later be instrumental in pushing cash towards Ukraine's energy sector,
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Sydney Powell answer me this why was General Flynn of Flynn Intel Group working for Hillary Clinton, or better yet why is your initials on Mil Intel Paper leaking out info to MSM made up crap about #TrumpRussia. Answer this Why was Did Flynn use Eric Holder part of Cov & Burl?
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Bill Taylors employment history: 1st govt job he served for five years on the staff of U.S. Senator Bill Bradley D-N.J
Taylor was confirmed as United States ambassador to Ukraine by the U.S. Senate on May 26, 2006 and was sworn in on June 5, 2006; he held the post till May 2009
On September 30, 2009 Barack Obama nominated John Tefft as U.S. ambassador to Ukraine.And Taylor was appointed Special Coordinator for Middle East Transitions in September 2011

In 2015 Taylor was appointed executive vice president of the United States Institute of Peace #Ukraine
Taylor become chargé d'affaires ad interim for Ukraine in June 2019, taking over the role from the deputy chief of mission, Kristina Kvien, after Marie Yovanovitch departed Ukraine. Hired by @SecPompeo

THIS is where it gets interesting. #MAGA #UKRAINE #CoIntel #
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New Thread on #USNationalSecurity & #FreedomOfFreePress and all the Distractions being caused by the #Elites to Take Down #America & the Free People. #NWO #Agenda21 #NATO #un
Real Current Events happening Now #MSM & Dems doing Distractions to be Able to get hands on Assange and perm kill him off #FreeAssange #FreeJulianAsange #FreedomOfSpeech
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@POTUS @realDonaldTrump ..A whistleblower in #Ukraine says that George Soros was behind Biden’s successful attempt to get Ukrainian chief prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired. Ukraine #whistleblower, Andrii Telizhenko, was a top advisor to Shokin, and he claims that Biden wanted Shokin gone so he could not..
..expose Burisma & Hunter Biden. He says that George Soros has an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that was working hard to get Shokin removed before he could finish his investigations. Unlike Adam Schiff’s personal whistleblower, Telizhenko is not afraid to be seen or have..
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17=Q #TrumpRallyDallas
#JFK SHOT IN DALLAS 1963 look at photo. Legos evergreen in back. #Whistleblower
#StarWars #Futtons
The press set up in the Formation of the Toys.
Message to #NancyPelosi you do the crime, you do the time. TAKE THAT TO THE BANK.
Joe Biden said 17?? 17=Q in alphabet. Us Joe Biden turning Grey Hat here warning Dallas Rally the 17th. Message received... PRAYERS 🙏❣️🙏 4 @realDonaldTrump on rally later today. Patriots keep eyes open at Rally. #TrumpRallyDallas
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At this rate Rudy Giuliani is gonna hafta be like Otis, Mayberry's town drunk, letting himself out of jail every morning to defend Donald Trump and checking back every night to serve his own time.…
@willjordan and @alJazeera covered the hell out of Ukrainian corruption. It didn't get much traction back in 2017 but worth a viddy to get up to speed on the latest Trump #fuckery and…
@willjordan @AlJazeera Worth 50 minutes of your time. #Ukrainegate #UkraineScandal
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Questions that I would love to see asked of Biden or his team.

When you decided to announce your candidacy for President, were you aware the Ukrainian Government had reopened the investigation into Burisma holdings in February?

If you were aware, did you announce your candidacy with the hope of shielding yourself and family from inquiry and deeper investigation in the US?
When you announced your candidacy, were you aware that an Ukranian court had ruled Ukranian officials were complicit in meddling and aiding HRC in the 2016 election?


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Today my 12 year old asked me why people still support trump. I answered that I really didn’t know. Later, while mowing the yard, I thought about it and came up with several reasons.
As I thought about it, I realized that a lot of the reasons sounded like things various characters from the Office would think. Here’s what I came up with:
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#Democrats may appear to have no message, no platform & no viable candidate, but all of that is irrelevant. The Democrats ONLY quest is to destroy our President at any cost. And I do mean ANY. Getting #Hillary back in the White House was merely to give Democrats access again
2/ the government printing presses. America was to finance the entire NWO and the Elites along with it. The #DeepState is an elaborate cover used by BOTH sides of the political aisle. I find it highly ironic the DNC has been exposed, along with Joe Biden, his son, John Kerry and
3/ HIS son, as well as Nancy Pelosi & her son, as beneficiaries of countries like #Ukraine #China & #Iran We have heard stories of different companies funded handsomely in large part using TAXPAYER DOLLARS & at the behest of AMERICAN covert agencies: the CIA, the FBI & NSI;
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Turkey is bombing Northern Syria.
U.S. Troops have not completely withdrawn.
Turkey has no idea where U.S. Troops are or will be.
In essence Trump has given Turkey permission to invade and a pass if our Troops are harmed or killed by friendly fire.
This is exactly what Putin wants. Kurds gone. Nothing stands in the way of Russian naval sub base. This will stop the Qatar Natural Gas Pipeline and now Europe is 100% dependent on Russia for Natural Gas.

It's always about the oil.
This is a distraction to the #impeachmentinquiry, Trumps Taxes, #UkraineScandal, #WhistleBlower. Everything Trump touches is destroying our Nation, Our standing in the World and our commitment to our Allies.
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Timeline of Events
2014 BO JB help uk Pres >>Corruption 1.8 billion
2014 JB & HB fly AF2 2 China & UK > Energy= Millions
2015 UK helps CF HRC server & China > Crowdstrike
NSA Snowden Leaks
June 2015 @realDonaldTrump #Trump2016
July 2016 Blame Trump> Russia hacked elections
JC runs investigation in HRC & Clears HRC & CF
VP JB brags got UK prosecutor fired
HRC email investigation happens
@realDonaldTrump wins 2016
#MSM runs #FakeNews using @nytimes story as Credit
#DCRats try 2 sweep all crimes under Rug By Blaming Trump
Gen Flynn > Flynn Intel Group under HRC wings
CF funds> George Soros *Mastermind*#Trafficking #SexTrafficking #Israel #LexWexner #Hollywood.
Hunter Leaks to NYT he works with Ukraine Energy…
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𝗧𝗵𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱 | 𝗧𝗵𝗲🍑𝗜𝗺𝗽𝗲𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗼𝗳 𝗗𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗹𝗱 𝗝. 𝗧𝗿𝘂𝗺𝗽
Nancy Pelosi Announces Formal Impeachment Inquiry of Trump

🔗 #Trump #ImpeachTrumpNow #Resist #ImpeachTrump
Here’s a timeline of Trump’s Ukraine scandal. It’s damning.

🔗… #Trump #ImpeachTrumpNow #Resist #ImpeachTrump
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How a $1 million donor to Trump’s inauguration (with no other qualifications) seized control of US-Ukraine relations with the blessing of Trump himself.…
“Newly released texts exchanged by Sondland, Volker and other U.S. officials during this period read like a government-sanctioned shakedown.”
This article is a devastating account of what appears to be a “multipronged political conspiracy” by Trump and his allies to use official arms of the US govt to squeeze Ukraine for dirt on Joe Biden. Devastating.…
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This tweet told us far more than it first seemed. Was this the “Go order” for the Whistleblower?
The phone call was 7-25-19, just 4 days after this JC tweet. The call had been scheduled at least one week in advance, and Trump had directed Mick Mulvaney to withhold aid until...
He completed the call with Zelensky in order to ensure the funds would be used as intended. Please R/T @ProfMJCleveland @TrueEyeTheSpy @Chris11962 @RudyGiuliani @IPOT1776 @TomFitton @JfkJuni0r @DrDannielle @SaraCarterDC @seanhannity

#UkraineScandal #DeepStateCorruption
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1) This is a follow-up thread to our examination of the #UkraineScandal now exploding like pop rocks over the coup plotters’ heads.
2) The first part of the thread is here - it centers on process (the form revision/uploading):…
3) This entire tweet from @seanmdav is extremely important. Congress has not seen the “whistleblower form” yet (there is one, per ODNI).

ODNI admits form was filled out incorrectly.

My view: The complainant flat-out lied, & ODNI is covering for them.

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09/30/2019 Trump Deleted Tweet Comms
the Ukraine -> Ukraine
THERE WAS -> there was
End of case -> Case Closed
Translation? Ok, I'll give it a try
the Ukraine ->Ukraine
The first change is a distinction between Ukraine as independent and Ukraine as part of Russia during Soviet times.
Going from "the Ukraine" to just "Ukraine" is leaving Russia. #RussiaHoax to #UkraineScandal… #GreatAwakening
End of case -> Case closed
Likely reference to Mitch McConnell's "Case Closed" regarding the #RussiaHoax after the #MuellerReport went public. Read the #UkraineTranscript yourself, it's all public too. Even Ukraine's President says MSM is lying.… #Qanon
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