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#DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: RESTORING AND STRENGTHENING OUR DEMOCRACY: Strengthening the U.S. Postal Service
Only one party will protect the Postal Service’s universal service obligation as a core American value and ensure it is not privatized. 1/7 #USPS
The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is the world’s most efficient mail carrier, and #Democrats are wholly committed to supporting a public #USPS. 2/7 #DemPartyPlatform
#Democrats will fight all efforts to privatize the #USPS and will work to ensure the USPS is financially sustainable, including by repealing the mandate that the agency “pre-fund” retiree health costs. 3/7 #DemPartyPlatform #USPSsabotage
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It's SEPTEMBER!! Which means #Election2020 has officially begun!
So exciting!
10 States have #EarlyVoting or In-Person Absentee Voting in September:
Dates below for all States
Planning to #VoteByMail?
In 34 States, you can Apply for your Absentee Ballot RIGHT NOW for #Elections2020
#AbsenteeBallots #AbsenteeVoting
Concerned about #USPSsabotage and delayed mail?
Here are all the alternate ways to request your #AbsenteeBallot to #VoteByMail
It differs by State


Find all the info you need in dropdown menus by State here:…


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Doing yard work.

I’ve seen the mailman’s truck breakdown and struggle to start 2-3x so far.

I hollered, “damn man, Trump won’t even give y’all gas?”

He laughed and shook his head.
Some of this is true. Some of it is not true.

It’d be funnier if it was all true.
Oh man. He’s still stuck. This part is very true lol
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1. I once thought that my spiritual life was separate from and more significant than my civic life. As a pastor I operated in this way. I was always involved in the community, but it was secondary. I now know this was wrong. #WeThePeople
2. I know this was a luxury grounded in #privilege. Civic life makes the rights of the vulnerable possible. Civic life makes access to education and health care possible. Civic life is based on equality. And equality flows from free and fair elections.
3. The history of #racism in the United States is the history of voter suppression. The suppression of the vote through #USPSsabotage, the dismantling of the #PostalService, is the latest chapter in voter suppression. It violates our democracy. It cannot be justified.
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#USPS isn't just taking 20% of its sorting machines offline. It's dismantling the machines, each worth millions, & throwing parts in dumpsters, while simultaneously ending #overtime for the workers needed to replace the automation.…
Trump: "They want $3.5b for something that'll turn out to be fraudulent...mail-in votes...They want $25b for the PO... to make the PO work so it can take all of these millions & millions of ballots. But if they don't get those 2 items you can't have universal mail-in #voting."
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Trump's #USPSsabotage is the act of a desperate man willing to do anything to stay in power. And, the fight ahead will be fought on many fronts. Here are 5⃣ things to do if you want to #SaveThePostOffice and win in November. /THREAD
.@SpeakerPelosi called the House back to vote this week on @RepMaloney's Delivering for America Act to prohibit the Postal Service from implementing any changes to the operations or level of service it had in place on 1/1/20 until COVID pandemic has ended.…
STEP 1⃣: Call your representative and demand they cosponsor and support the Delivering for America Act. We need EVERY Rep on the record on the need to ensure the USPS doesn't become a tool of any political party.

Text USPS to 977-79 and we'll text you the script.
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THREAD: We know how critical the @USPS is, especially for this election and we know Trump is trying to steal it. Again. But the right-now, can’t-wait issue is medication. A man said yesterday his cancer meds are 12 days overdue! Life-sustaining Insulin delivery is delayed 1/
which, btw, is rendered useless in heat. Cold pack packaging can only stay cold so long. Roughly 34% of Americans get at least some of their prescriptions by mail. 12% are required to use mail-order by their insurance plans. (source: - unvetted) 2/
Asthma medication, Epi pens, blood pressure meds, blood thinning (cardiac) meds, anti-depressants - much needed medications are now stalled or severely delayed due to Trump’s attack on the post office 3/
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Progressives and their media friends are flat out lying to you about mail in voting.

What they are doing is an EXCEEDINGLY dangerous attempt to delegitimize the 2020 election if/when they lose it.

#USPSsabotage #USPS #MailInVoting #MailInBallots

First off, mail in voting so far this year has...indisputably...been a disaster.

The NY Congressional race between Maloney and Patel makes this clear.

TWENTY PERCENT of ballots were tossed in that race. TWENTY PERCENT!…

Same thing happened in NJ

2/16 ImageImage
It took SIX WEEKS to declare a victor and (more) progressive candidate refused to concede...went on MSNBC and said “voter suppression is a real thing" in the Dem party.

This happened because #USPS got overwhelemed in a fairly low turnout race relative to general election.

3/16 ImageImage
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We have to talk about #USPSsabotage and a new bill in the House to stop it. /THREAD…
Trump is doing everything in his power to destroy the #USPS and make it impossible for voters to vote by mail during a pandemic -- slowing down Social Security checks for seniors, prescriptions for veterans, and hurting small businesses in the process.…
He's opposed emergency funding for USPS and the Nov elections contained in the Heroes Act, but denying USPS the funds it needs is only a part of a larger plan. (Yes, you should still demand your senators pass emergency funding for USPS and our elections:…)
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THREAD: #Trump is intentionally sabotaging the #USPS to cheat in the election, as he knows he will lose in a fair election.


USPS removing mailboxes in Eugene, #Oregon…
#USPS deactivating sorting machines used to sort mail, the inevitable outcome will delay the #USMail and intefere with prompt delivery of ballots.

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