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Despite a judge adding one Saturday to #EarlyVoting for the #GeorgiaRunoff, that’s still only 7 days, and in some counties only 5 days.

Not mentioned in the press: how #SB202 shutters all #dropboxes except on Early Voting days, during Early Voting hours.…
Dropbox votes fall 2:1 for Democrats. So, cutting Early Voting all but eliminates the dropbox ballots that won the runoff for Warnock in 2021.… #Georgia #Runoff #RunoffGA
More: Mail-in and dropbox voting in #Georgia plunged by over 80% because of these new rules. While the Judge will allow an extra Saturday of voting (because that’s when HE votes), Fulton County (Atlanta) could not qualify because the deadline for application is too soon. #gapol
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🧵Let's get down to #earlyvoting brass tacks. Final Total Votes:
EV: 5.15M
Mail ballots 319K
Total 5.47M which was 31% of voters
'18 EV: 4.52M
629K more votes in '22 Image
The Top 7 Urban/ Suburban bluer counties finished strong, above '18's haul yesterday. This was thanks to Harris County, which came in w/ 105K votes. Overall the top 7 came up short 297K votes from '18. Not too bad, but it means ED needs to be strong for Democrats to have a shot. Image
The bluer counties had a slower start due to limited voting hours in week 1. I place the blame squarely on the #txlege who addressed voting hours last session by limiting them. Beginning Saturday when younger, working folks could vote, they did and kept going all week. Image
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Yes! Thank You, @JeremyTN64 for being the example that proves this point! It’s doable we all see the efforts of Jeremy are proving the points I am making after seeing 4 spots, not just as uncontested Republicans for DA & Judges, with 0 candidates in District 11 all together.
So to recap from yesterday. #GOTV #EarlyVoting is here. Pick your pick for #governor. Rally behind @Campbell4TN, myself, Carson, @AD5NL, @JeremyTN64, as well as our D neighbors as (I), & the only mayor candidate that doesn’t scream self absorbed or here to help Butt.
Speaking of David Carson though, this isn’t a message for David to put out there, but it is a good 1 for @MauryCountyDems to discuss with our fellow #MauryCountians. We have a unique opportunity #HD71 gives us the chance to have 2 #StateReps from Maury County.
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2 months ago @jbsmileyjr came to Columbia to talk to @MauryCountyDems & took me back in time to an #election that felt devastating, because he told 1 of the regular stories about @HaroldFordJr’s Senate campaign. I volunteered for that campaign it was my 1st campaign to do so.
I loved hearing the story again about the guys in the Redneck restaurant saying they would #vote for Harold. I can still remember much of the phone bank script from that lifetime ago. @jbsmileyjr talking that same message is why I told everyone a while back that I believe in him
I believe @jbsmileyjr gets the idea beyond the hit the places that are going to #VoteBlue every cycle & go see other communities that are more purple than their recent past indicates. Revitalize that demographic. If @jasonbmartin wins this primary, I hope he gets that idea
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#EarlyVoting starts today, & I got to do something surreal, which was see my name on this ballot. Takeaways from my trip to #GOTV.
Butt is even more dishonest than we already thought (trailers included) as the self proclaimed “proven Republican leadership” candidate is an (I)?
Baker is not a serious candidate, he is trying to help Butt by attempting to siphon off from Charlie Norman.
How we fail as a party is by allowing so many offices to go unopposed. We need more people to step up and run for office to bring balance to the ballots.
This starts at the fact there were just no listed candidates for a field w/any distinction. @MauryCountyDems after this election cycle we need to have a serious look at ourselves to figure out a plan to increase our party listings on the ballot for 2024. We’re in all districts
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The link from @thedailyherald & conversation in @AD5NL’s 🧵 I understand, but I want to know from @MauryGOP followers on this. Does it bother you that the Mayor made a grandstanding gesture for some bogus fundraising quotes delaying @MauryCoSchools budget for the upcoming year
Just to fundraise off of something he knows can be overturned with a simple majority? Are you okay being used as a prop for his campaign as Andy demonstrates that he doesn’t care about the issues, and Andy refused to give an explanation on the actual issues inside the budget?
Has Andy ever shown that he cares for anything besides Andy? Ask yourself those questions as we enter Early voting.
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Going into the last weekend of #EarlyVoting in VA, Catalist’s Vote Choice Index suggests a narrow lead for Dems, but there are 157,665 outstanding mail ballot requests. In 2020, 4.8% of total mail ballots were returned on or after election day, compared to 6.1% in 2017. 1/3
In NJ, outstanding ballots OUTNUMBER early in-person and mail ballots already cast, likely because NJ has a permanent list of absentee voters who receive early ballots automatically. 2/3
Despite the increase in odd year turnout over previous years, it is still low: in VA only 14.6% of registered voters have voted as of today. In 2017, total turnout after Election Day was 47 percent. In NJ, turnout as of today is only 6.7 percent. 3/3
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.@IngrahamAngle .@VDHanson

Watch .@PILFoundation's J. Christian Adams .@ElectionLawCtr on the Ingraham Angle:

#ElectionIntegrity - the process - has never been high on the list of Republican Senate priorities.

.@PILFoundation's J. Christian Adams .@ElectionLawCtr on the .@IngrahamAngle:

[#ElectionManipulation] has always been high on the list of Democratic party priorities. That is why you saw HR1, which would make everything you saw in this election legal.
@PILFoundation's J. Christian Adams .@ElectionLawCtr on the .@IngrahamAngle:

This has just been a priority of the left. It has not been a priority of Republicans.

#MailBallots #DeadVoters #DoubleVoters #ElectionManipulation
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2020 Electoral College Forecast Map
Donald Trump vs Joe Biden
October 31~ 2020
My Analysis Post:…
Post will continue to be updated
#ElectoralMap #ElectoralCollegeMap2020 #Election2020
#ForecastMAP #Election2020Map #ElectoralCollege
Minnesota: Trump vs Biden
SurveyUSA, 10/23-10/27. 649 LV
My Analysis Post:…
#Minnesota2020 #MN2020 #Election2020
#swingstates #SwingState #SwingState2020 #SwingStates2020
Pennsylvania: Trump vs Biden
PPP(Dem Pollster), 10/28-10/29. 1,012 Voters
My Analysis Post:…
#PA2020 #Pennsylvania2020 #Election2020
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2020 Electoral College Forecast Map
Donald Trump vs Joe Biden
October 30~ 2020. Pt.II
My Analysis Post:…

Post will continue to be updated
#ElectoralMap #ElectoralCollegeMap2020 #Election2020
#ForecastMAP #Election2020Map #ElectoralCollege
Virginia Early Voting Analysis 10/30
My Analysis Post:…
#VA2020 #EarlyVoting #Virginia2020
Added a conclusion.
in 2020 More R voters than D voters in VA? Really?
Pennsylvania: Trump vs Biden
PPP(Dem Pollster), 10/28-10/29. 1,012 Voters
My Analysis Post:…
#PA2020 #Pennsylvania2020 #Election2020
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2020 Electoral College Forecast Map
Donald Trump vs Joe Biden
October 30~ 2020.
My Analysis Post:…

Post will continue to be updated.
#ElectoralMap #ElectoralCollegeMap2020 #Election2020
#ForecastMAP #Election2020Map #ElectoralCollege
#Elections2020 Image
Virginia Early Voting Analysis 10/30
My Analysis Post:…
#VA2020 #EarlyVoting #Virginia2020
Guys sometime analysis it yourself. I gave a valuable data!
I spent 1.5 hour to write this damn post.
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: RESTORING AND STRENGTHENING OUR DEMOCRACY:
Protecting and Enforcing Voting Rights
Only one party recognizes the right for every American to cast a vote as a fundamental, sacred, constitutional right. 1/13
Our government and our elections are supposed to reflect the interests of the American people, not only the wealthiest few and the biggest corporations.2/13 #DemPartyPlatform #Election2020 #ForThePeople
Dems will fight to restore & protect Americans’ fundamental right to vote, including by aggressively pushing back against Republican governors, legislatures & state officials who have disenfranchised people of color, young people, low-income people & people w/disabilities. 3/13
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Good morning and welcome to the final week of #EarlyVoting! Voting Centers are open until 7 p.m. today, but there are changes ahead! Rather than our usual GIF post, this is your thread for voting this week, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a voting newcomer. #HarrisVotes
Note the change in hours this week:
- Today and Friday are 7 a.m.-7 p.m.
- Tuesday-Thursday are 7 a.m.-10 p.m. at ALL locations.
- Also on Thursday, EIGHT locations will open at 7 a.m. and won’t close until 7 p.m. Friday. #HarrisVotes
We’re calling this 24-Hour Voting, though, yes, it is technically 36 straight hours of voting at these eight locations. The point is that these locations will be open overnight to serve shift workers. #HarrisVotes
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#FL #EarlyVoting This poll was conducted 10/20 to 10/23. Conservatively I will use 10/23 data and assume that 5.2m votes have been cast and 4.8m still to go. Let’s be generous and give Biden 52-48 for NPAs. Let’s assume equal crossovers. ---
2/ That gives ~470k Biden lead with those already voted. Out of 4.8m remaining, using this poll’s data, Trump will lead by 912k votes. Adding these together, Trump will win by about 442k votes, or about 4.5 percentage points. ----
3/ Again, this is based on very conservative assumptions. Trump should win FL comfortably. Winner of FL has won each of the last six elections. #MAGA2020
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Takin' it to the Street
a rally in tweets

In Chamblee @ Peachtree Blvd & Pierce Dr Saturday. Back today at noon! Handful of angry Trumpers showed up and rallied at the outhouse(!) OTOH, a nice lady came by to give us VOTE panties. She's in Deccatur today! 30K pairs involved 1/3
We win: Trumpers fled after an hour or so. This is a 73% blue area, after all. (Pro tip: use big sign to block view of theirs) I think they were mad that I was taking a picture of their retreat, but it is what it is. 2/3
Team Blue had 15 volunteers drawing attention to CORE4 early voting site from 9 am til rain. Also giving away yard signs: gave out nearly 200 so far. Come get one!

Also, photographer came by, shooting for @ACLU to document #earlyvoting. Now we're historic! 3/3
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Not sure if this will be helpful, but here are some top tips for #earlyvotingnyc (as experienced by me, a 1st time #pollworker) 1) Check your early voting location! It is often NOT your election day location.If you're at the wrong location, you will have to fill out an affidavit
2) Bring your fast pass tag! You will have received it in the mail, it's a mailer from @BOENYC that tells you when early voting/elections are--this is the flip side from your address Mailer from NYC Board of Elections. Has a masked image of th
2.5)Once you open the mailer the tag is attached to your voter card. BRING THE TAG as it SHORTENS your wait time!We HAVE to process them differently; if you don't have your tag w/you, we have to look you up by your address @ the info table. #earlyvotingnyc Picture of a new, 2020 "vote nyc fast pass tag"
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The lines to vote this morning at the David Rubinstein Atrium in Lincoln Center (Upper West Side) are insane, even while I was taking this video, I was confused to where the lines began/ended
The scaffolding here (and my somewhat poor videography) makes it hard to capture the full extent of the lines, the entire block was absolutely packed with people
I went to Central Park and came back to Lincoln Center about an hour and a half later, and the lines were still just as long. Here’s a sped-up video I took of the line — as you can see, some people brought fold-up chairs to sit on, crossword puzzles, and books #VoteEarlyDay
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[ 🇺🇸 #Election2020 🗳 J-11 ] C'est vendredi, on revient sur la semaine écoulée, à onze jours de l'élection présidentielle américaine. Déroulez ! 👇 Image
L’ancien président @BarackObama a mis tout son poids dans la campagne mercredi à Philadelphie, terre natale de #JoeBiden. L’occasion de tailler en pièces le bilan de son successeur, de manière inédite, et d’appeler à voter pour son ancien vice-président. Image
#EarlyVoting 🇺🇸 Le vote a déjà commencé en Géorgie, profitant du système de vote anticipé. Dans cet État du sud-est, berceau du mouvement des droits civiques, beaucoup espèrent tourner la page #Trump.

@alexisbuisson est allé à leur rencontre :
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ALL 50 states ALL Info you NEED #VoteByMail
Alternate ways to REQUEST & RETURN #AbsenteeBallot
LINKS to apply #AbsenteeVoting…
Medium article:
& Postcards for each State
Retweet your State!
If #EarlyVoting appeals, you can actually #VoteEarly in all States! Even ones that don't, technically, have #EarlyVoting
(Some by #AbsenteeBallot which you can hand deliver if you prefer.)
If you see a list that says you can't vote early; it's wrong.
All Dates for all States⤵️
Here are the dates that States require a REQUEST for #AbsenteeBallot to be made.
All info, including links to Apply, Alternate ways to return - including & DropBox locations on #PostcardsforAmerica Website:…
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1/ #FL #EarlyVoting Explanation on why Dems Need such a Large Lead going into Election Day:

So many people were wondering why Dems need 653k to 900k lead going into 11/3/20. The main reason: 800k+ more Dems than Rs have asked for VBM ballots this year versus ----
2/ about equal numbers (D = R) in 2016. Other reasons: Voter registration numbers have shifted from about 330k D+ in 2016 to half that much lead in 2020. There, 100k+ more votes shifting from D to R. ---
3/ In 2016, D lead on election eve was 88k translating to 113k Trump win. People assume that the differential was about 200k (88k+113k). They wrongly assume that if on 11/2/20, Ds are leading by 200k, it would be a toss up and if Ds lead by more than 200k, Biden wins. ---
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#FL #EarlyVoting update: Dem lead increase after the first day of in person EV is 8.5k (combined VBM + in person). Dem lead is now projected to be well below the red line threshold of 653k. I suspect it might take a downward trend by this weekend. Rs will crush on ED. #MAGA
Here is the updated graph:
Here's the explanation for the purple line.

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Influence policy w/ Postcards for America
Contacting Elected Officials; All levels
*Focused until Nov 3rd on #Elections2020*
#GOTV postcard opps here:…
FB Group Postcarding…
#PostcardsforAmerica Image
Check it out!
ALL Democratic Candidates for ALL 50 STATES #Congress2020, Govs, AGs, SoS
Postcards & Links to Support!…
Ready-made Tweets & Posts for each Candidate here…
FB:… Image
36 states have ballot drop boxes
THREAD #DropBox locations
States allow #AbsenteeBallot delivery to Election Office
Find here…
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The presidential election isn’t the only thing on the ballot! Make sure you research ballot initiatives 1-3 as well!

issue 1 is to make taxes for infrastructure (roads) permanent instead of being voted on continuously by the citizens.
Issue 2: Don’t be fooled by the phrase “term limits,” it actually increases the number of years career politicians can serve. Term limits are a mixed bag but I don’t think this is the right way to go about addressing them, ESPECIALLY since this initiative was referred BY the SH
Issue 3, if passed, would make it nearly impossible for regular Arkansas citizens or advocacy groups to get ballot initiatives on the ballot in future elections. This initiative is one of the most ANTI-DEMOCRATIC (as in democracy, not the party) initiatives we’ve seen....
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#earlyvote day-end update 10/18

At least 28 million people have voted in the 2020 general election 🥳… Image
Most of the votes in this update are from Ohio, with a small number added from Colorado and Texas
Read my analysis of #earlyvoting for the week ending Sunday, Oct. 18. Enjoy!…
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