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President Bone Spur's abandoned his troops under heavy fire

The Federal Govt's standing in the way of our front lines getting the Protective Equipment they need

His inability to appropriately enact the Defense Production Act & to repair our broken Supply Chain is KILLING people
Think of clothing brands. If the US Govt used #DPA to ensure that every clothing manufacturer making clothes in the US turn their factories around to make Masks & Gowns then we'd see a surge of product available for the States while supplying much needed jobs. But they haven't.
If instead of ASKING Corporate giants to 'promise' to make ventilators in exchange for PR...what if he just TOLD them to just get it done. The US Govt could've said 'You've got 1 month, start producing'. #DPAnow should be happening but Trump doesn't wanna risk pissing off donors.
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FYI - i didn't kill myself. 🤨✝️ 🇺🇸❤ my time has not come yet.👍🤗 #FightFightFight #NeverGiveUp #Expose2020 #TruthMatters #TruthNeverDies
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@JonathanSimon14 Feel free to browse this info, it helps explain how & where they did it. Mostly smaller communities, where it wouldn't be as noticeable.
Problems were never resolved, nothing has been addressed and you are months away from another Trump term
@JonathanSimon14 To cement the "win" there were 50 illegitimately seated Electoral College members, including Pam (bribery) Bondi.
Hillary only needed 37 votes to confirm her place in the Oval Office.…
@JonathanSimon14 Here are the conclusions of an extensive 1,000-plus page legal briefing prepared by a bipartisan nationwide legal team for members of Congress, being urged to object to certifying the 2016 Electoral College results.

The results were certified anyway.…
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Late addition to the Gov Oversight Cmtee schedule tmrw? SB 237, a new Stand Your Ground Bill.

Not scheduled for any hearings? SB 183 (backgrnd chks) or 184 (red flag) - both bipartisan and supported by Ohioans.

When folks demanded the OH Leg #DoSomething, it wasn’t to intro SYG
📣 Now what?

☎️ Cinci folks: call your state Sen. Johnson (614) 466-8082

☎️ Everyone else: call Cmtee Chair Sen. Coley to ask where the hearings are on SB 183, 184 -these bills will save lives, have bipartisan support, and are supported overwhelmingly by Ohioans (614)466-8072
A reminder: 90% of Ohioans support background checks and a majority of us want *stricter* laws on gun access.

SYG laws are quite the opposite. The reintro of this bill (as the others stall) is exactly why we need #FairMaps - our state leg isn’t moving bills voters want.
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Yesterday Democratic and Republican leaders in the Maine legislature blocked gun safety bills from being considered during the 2020 legislative session. (thread)

These included bills to:

-prohibit straw purchases (gun trafficking)

-add leaving a loaded, unlocked gun accessible to a child who then uses it in a threatening/illegal manner to the child endangerment law;

-end the sale of assault style weapons

-require liability insurance
These evidence-based policies have led to reduced gun deaths in other states.
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Trump advisers & WH aides are beginning to talk to the press about his state of mind. They're reportedly worried @ him but they should worry @ America. As Trump said, #AmericaFirst
2-""He's deteriorating in plain sight," one Republican strategist who is in frequent contact with the White House told Insider on Friday.
But one person who was close to Trump's legal team during the Russia investigation told Insider his public statements are "nothing compared to
3-"what he's like behind closed doors. He's like a bull seeing red. There's just no getting through to him and you can kiss your plans for the day goodbye because you're basically stuck looking after a four-year-old now."
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Let's have a conversation about alcohol and guns. The arguments against guns are well known. Now let's apply them to alcohol. Alcohol leads to the corruption of youth and over 10,000 DUI related fatalities every year. Hi, @BetoORourke Yet nobody is calling for a ban on alcohol.
Alcohol contributes to rapes, murders, assaults, instances of child abuse, and spousal abuse every single day. Nobody needs alcohol. Unlike firearms, alcohol never saves lives. It's never used in self defense. Alcohol has never helped a woman defend herself against a man.
Firearms are often blamed for suicide deaths, but alcohol has driven far more people to suicide than firearms ever have.
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THREAD: @VP Mike Pence is again calling for Red Flag Gun Grabs, citing that Indiana’s gun confiscation law could be a model for the country. THIS IS DANGEROUS.…
In every Gun Confiscation Order bill that GOA has examined -- including Indiana's -- due process is thrashed by allowing for ex parte hearings, meaning the accused isn’t present while the judge is hearing the case.
And judges rarely toss out cases when only the accuser is present, which has led to a HIGH percentage of mistakes.
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Twitter should be facing a massive lawsuit from millions of Americans, for allowing Trump (a United States president) to spread his hate and racism on this social networking site/app. They'll suspend and penalize us, but won't do anything about Trump's broadcasted racism.
Twitter doesn't do anything to stop Trump, because Trump is cutting a check. His racist cartoon tweets helped save their social networking site. Jack knows what he's doing. He also thinks the public won't ever stop using Twitter. We the people made this app popular, never forget.
.@brycetache and @TalbertSwan had to fight hard to get their accounts back up after bs suspensions. Why isn't Trump held to the same standards with consequence. How many more mass shootings need to happen before Twitter does something? #ElPasoShooting #DaytonShooting #DoSomething
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Donald Trump should be banned from El Paso forever. He is the reason people were massacred in that Walmart. He's fueling the destruction of America. #ElPasoBanTrump #WhiteSupremacistTerrorism
Latinos and Black people are under attack in America. Donald Trump is your enemy. #WhiteSupremacistTerrorism
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Thread 👇

Re: #DoSomething
People have been asking the government to “do something.” That almost sounds like we are clueless, like we have no idea how we could deal with gun violence in America. Like we are little kids, asking daddy to pretty please _do something, do anything_.
As if they know something we don’t. But that is not the case. We know EXACTLY what can be done. So does the Senate.
There are currently 2 life-saving bills that have passed the House of Rep., but are waiting for @senatemajldr & his Senate to bring up for a vote, & pass.
Both of these bills are VERY POPULAR and have research to back them up. Not pie in the sky. Not “something, anything,” but actual plans.

What are those?

The first is close the background checks loophole.
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Apparently our leaders value the rights of the ppl who want to buy assault rifles over the rights of MOST OF US to live our lives without dying....
Apparently it's ok for Donald Trump to spew hate on this platform, have the media cover it 24/7 WHEN we KNOW this fuels white supremacists & legitimizes violence....
Apparently it's acceptable to have people in power (looking at you #GOP) completely ignore the will of the people who want common sense gun laws so they can take blood money from the NRA...
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This #GallOfBitterness being dished out in this video by this man is not the representation of the Church, please let it be clear that this man's hatred and BIGOTRY was what's leading him. This does not represent #Christianity:

And Rev Canon from the South East with his heart of BIGOTRY still went ahead to dish out his #BIGOTRY to these hearts just because of his hatred for Buhari.
This level of #GallOfBitterness can destroy faster than HELL...#AvoidIt

The #JubrilFromSudan started from Nnamdi Kanu just a few days after Buhari returned to Nigeria against all odd & contradiction of your vision SEERS.....
Now even the educated folks & religious leaders joined him in his #GallOfBitterness
Who should we blame now?🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Hey @GOP, can we talk?

It's been clear–even before the inauguration–that Trump has a questionable past, and when he took office, he almost immediately showed an aversion to protocol and decorum.
He hasn't released his tax returns, while arguably the most financially complex person to be seated as president. Almost daily, he acts to erode the pillars of democracy, with policies that eschew common knowledge, thinly-veiled racist policies–petty ad-hominems have become par.
He's failed to fully staff the government. He's risked our place in the world by alienating our allies, praising dictators and enemies, and manufacturing crises, simply so that he can have the appearance of a "solution."
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When you can't come up with a pair of balls
no matter how many Congressional Republicans
you put in the room....

@thespybrief @20committee…
why impeach a traitor when you can pass a "resolution" that says "we're not with him"

what's the other name for a cat?
Flake @JeffFlake thinks saying "Hey, FBI, I'm here for you" will suffice?

"For Congress, the Senate, not to reaffirm our support and that to let people know that we don't question the intelligence, we're there," he added.

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I'm losing faith a lil more each day. I don't see progress against the massive pedo swamp of #Minnesota which has obvious & proven ties to #Clinton, #Podesta and others. There's only one other person with the courage to call a spade a spade in this state👇
This doesn't help. Why are we investigating and exposing this all the while our lead law enforcers go hand and hand skipping down the yellow brick road to Oz with the child traffickers?!
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@olgaNYC1211 Doing nothing is not an option. Here are ten simple things you can do today to make a difference:
@olgaNYC1211 Buy this sign for about $15 from "Signs of Justice" .com and put it in your yard. Better yet, buy 10 signs and get your friends and neighbors to put them in their yards too! #SignsOfJustice
@olgaNYC1211 Sign up for Postcards to Voters. #PostcardsToVoters @tonythedemocrat
Sending hand-written postcards is one of the most effective things you can do.
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I've been part of the Twitter resistance for a year now. I'm going to share some thoughts about why & how I resist.

Some people may not like some things I say here. I’m sorry for that, but they need to be said. 1 #WhyIResist #HowIResist #RebelScum #TheResistance
Some things in the first year were fun: meeting like-minded people, the #scifi characters, learning how to take effective action. Celebrating #victories like beating the #ACA repeal bills.

A lot of it wasn't fun - the threats of nuclear war, the daily stress of bad news. 2
Follow parties were fun, and a good way to promote a message and raise awareness, connect with other resistors and grow our followings. They had themes and served a purpose and there was about about one a month.  3 #PartyWithAPurpose #trending #amplify #effective
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Trump is a lying, selfish, corrupt a$$ who committed collusion to win the election. It may make me feel better to write that. It may make you feel better to read it. We may get some followers out of it. BUT THAT'S NOT RESISTING. #FridayFeeling THREAD 1
Living under the Trump admin is frustrating. There's bad news every day, and he acts like a jerk on an ongoing basis. We're human & we need to vent. But PLEASE do more than vent. Snarky comments alone won't accomplish ANYTHING. 2
One of the best things you can do to fight Trump is call your Members of Congress (MoCs). It's not glamorous or sexy, but it's one of the most important things registered voters can do. The deluge of phone calls is what helped to kill previous ACA repeal bills. 3 #CallYourReps
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