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All BC #workers have the right to
1. know what hazards exist in the workplace.
2. report injury or illness from hazards
3. refuse unsafe work
4. be free from reprisal for refusing unsafe work

#SARSCoV2 is a BSL3 pathogen & we have a right to know if it is in the air
...Govts are trying to spread a hazard so widely that workers cannot say that there is more hazard at work than elsewhere.

But if you slipped & fell at work, your slipping at the ice rink does not remove your employer's responsibility to remove a work hazard #SARSCoV2
...and if it is so easy for them to trample on a worker's right to *know* that a hazard is present,then watch out! They will make other looming hazards *endemic* too:

#wildfire smoke? You inhaled that at the gym!!
#heatstroke? Why it is hot everywhere!

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Part 3, what wartime and martial law in CONUS is like for civilians.

In short, you thought COVID was bad and the Patriot Act draconian? We're going full bootstomp. Image
On the practical side, airports will probably be closed 9/11 style for at least the first day out west. Then flights and travel will be restricted, certainly internationally. Cancel your Hawaiian vacation.
Second, martial law in the US means the military can engage in police duties & subject civilians to court martials. This can only happen in places where the courts are non-functional b/c of war or insurrection. The Guard will be federalized so they won't have state police powers.
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Covid-19 Awareness Week: April 3-7 2023
The Covid-19 Awareness Week is meant to  wake up the general population that Covid is not over, and still highly prevalent and Not mild.

The Website with info, and editable letters is
The main objective of the Covid-19 Awareness Week is to educate people about the lasting health impacts of a Covid-19 infection, that can even result from what feels like a “mild” one.
Social Media Blitz:
All hands on deck for this wave of information, which will include the mass, and repetitive sharing of pertinent, generally accessible articles, studies, posts, videos and any other relevant information related to Covid-19 and its lasting effect on health.
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OK, the results are in & most of you believe that in the face of likely danger the Precautionary Principle says we should #DoSomething.

SARS2 is an example.
However, there are ppl who feel the Precautionary Principle means that until an intervention is proven safe, we should #DoNothing.

SARS2 is an example.
Bizarrely, both definitions can be found in medicine even though they represent opposite philosophies & proponents of each believe, often fervently, that their definition is correct.
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@juliasm18659356 @JohnWest_JAWS @PennyMordaunt @RishiSunak This follows on from Brexit Coup in 2016, which our #UkSecServices #Police #ElectoralCommission #DCMS #Parliament #Cps #Politicians all ignored because they were too cowardly to stand up to Tories. Some LabourPolitians were complicit: Hoey /Lexit ; for example.
@juliasm18659356 @JohnWest_JAWS @PennyMordaunt @RishiSunak So even though people like @carolecadwalla @IanCLucas @BylineTimes @ByDonkeys @Heidi_Cuda @RealBristolNews kept on providing the receipts- they were hounded / ignored. In USA Trump launched Jan6th and all the same names came up in Court again and again. In U.K. it’s ignored.
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🧵1/ This #IndependenceDay, let’s talk about how to keep our democracy. This is not hyperbolic—right *NOW* the GOP is enacting an *ongoing* coup 50+ years in the making. #53PickUp #VoteBlue
2/ Odds are you don’t have a strong understanding of US civics because our government didn’t *WANT* you to understand it. The GOP’s most reliable voting block are uneducated whites. They want it easier to dupe voters with diversions & propaganda. 🧵:
3/ It’s also easier to fool people into thinking the Democrats are purposely or incompetently messing things up if your audience doesn’t know how civics works. The GOP & enemy countries have massive & effective propaganda networks to turn public opinion. Image
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“[Johnson] is showing signs of being extremely impatient in regard to the constitutional constraints upon him. He gets angry if the courts or parliament try to interfere...'

- Ken Clarke, Nov '21 (…)

🚨 & now Johnson has rewritten the #MinisterialCode 🚨
- adding this clause:
1.7 Where the PM determines that a breach of the expected standards has occurred, he may ask the Independent Adviser for confidential advice on the appropriate sanction. The
final decision rests with the PM...
...Where the PM retains his confidence in the Minister, available sanctions include requiring some form of public apology, remedial action, or removal of ministerial salary for a period.

Now, Johnson alone decides the fate of any minister, including himself 🚨🚨🚨

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‼️OMG 14 elementary school students—children— and 1 teacher are dead after a mass shooting by an 19yo gunman in Texas.

Damn you @GovAbbott and every Republican who with the gun lobby have perverted our laws & society into this daily hellscape of massacres, trauma and grief.
@GovAbbott The 18yo (or 19yo) gunman is dead. He drove to Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and killed 14 children & 1 teacher with 2 guns. Kids were 2nd, 3rd, 4th graders.

It's an 80% Hispanic school district, with large immigrant community. So could be a Buffalo style hate crime. Image
@GovAbbott Senator @ChrisMurphyCT: WHAT ARE WE DOING?? Why are you here? I'm begging my Republican colleagues, DO SOMETHING. It will not solve everything. But by doing something, we at least stop sending the quiet message of endorsement of gun massacres.

#StopGuns #GunControl #DoSomething Image
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Why I became active in #politics

#civic action #government
via #Memes #PhotoModeMonday

a 🧵
Inspired by @Teri_Kanefield
2/ I was raised Catholic and believe in this (ctto via reddit)

Love thy neighbor.
All neighbors. No exceptions.

If I really hated them then I just did not hang out w them 🤷🏻‍♀️. No hateful speech or hateful laws.
3/ Most of my family in Texas is religious, republican, & single issue voters. Anti abortion, no matter what. Even if M@ga Trumpism breaks all the other 9 commandments.

I hate that I now have to discuss forced-birth issues w beloveds.

I'm a social entrepreneur #feminist
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By the way, everything I said about Senator Warren in that thread could be applied to Bernie, to AOC, to Bush, to any leftist member of Congress you want. Any shmuck can identify problems and state their plan. These people have the agency to #DoSomething, and they don’t.
These are members of the United States Congress, not some neckbeard in a South Philly coffee shop ranting about politics. They have the ability to put their causes on the floor of Congress for action. Instead they blame Democrats who do stuff for not going far enough.
I’m just going to be impolite about this, it is very frustrating to watch these edgelords of my generation and younger lionize these people who do nothing on their jobs, but yet they call Kamala Harris a cop. Us youngish folks don’t get politics at all.
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In 2018 Sen Menendez introduced an election security bill that included conducting post-election risk limiting audits & cyber security standards

McConnell didn’t put it to a vote😡

I want HR1 but let’s not put all our eggs in an HR1 basket.

Put all these past bills to a vote
In 2017 Sen Gillibrand first introduced the Voter Empowerment Act. It included online voter registration & it required states to audit federal election results.

Mitch McConnell killed it & refused to bring it to a vote😡

It was reintroduced in 2021. Let’s bring it to the floor.
In 2019 Sen Klobucher introduced the SAFE act requiring voter verified paper ballots, establishing increased cyber security & risk limiting audits

Of course Mitch McConnell wouldn’t let it go to the floor😡

Let’s put it to a vote now

Get Manchin, Sinema & the GOP on the record
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Okay #fundraisingtwitter, now is the time to step up. Do you care about the principles of #IDEA? Please reach out to the AFP South Sound chapter and let them know it is NOT acceptable to host this event.…
@thattomahern is spending time diminishing the voices, qualifications, and validity of BIPOC fundraisers and this is unacceptable. I would implore you to reach out.
And @AFPIHQ @AFPMikeGeiger and other sector leaders should be calling this out. This is an active attack on fundraisers of colour. This is part of the systemic racism that festers in our industry. We MUST call it when we see it.
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Bipartisan group of lawmakers call for hearing into Robinhood app for restricting small investors -… #OANN
Wall Street insiders that want to blow the whistle on corruption or market manipulation can send @Project_Veritas a DM or contact us securely at or on Signal 914-653-3110

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After the Dayton shooting, Ohioans begged its state leaders to #DoSomething.

Instead, Gov. DeWine and the Ohio legislature have enacted this dangerous "stand your ground" bill that makes Ohioans LESS safe.

This is nothing short of a dereliction of duty.…
'Stand your ground’ laws are NOT about self-defense and they DON’T deter criminals.
They let private citizens take the law into their own hands and increase the risk of violence toward innocent people, particularly individuals of color.
That's why everyone from civil rights activists to prosecutors to the Fraternal Order of Police opposed this legislation.
We should be working to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals - NOT placing communities and law enforcement officers at greater risk.
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🔹️LA in Crisis🔹️ 1/
"He's dying! Aren't you going to help him?"
Are we deaf to death & screams for help from healthcare community?

🔹️5 key hospitals collapsing, LA >10M residents
🔹️Limited oxygen
🔹️EMS diverted >12 hrs
🔹️EMS leaves pts @home
2/ "Are you going to pull the oxygen off and give it to someone else?"…

3/ High flow oxygen is not functioning because the infrastructure cannot handle it. Crisis for 5 key LA medical centers caring for millions of Americans.…
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Today is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Violence against women is preventable.

Its elimination is possible.

Prevention is possible because we can all take action.

We can all #DoSomething to create an Australia where women and their children live free from violence, but no one individual, community, organisation or government can do it alone.

It takes a shared, consistent approach to addressing gender inequality.
Because gender inequality is deeply entrenched in our culture, society, community, and daily lives, and it drives this violence.
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As we go through the final 30-some days, the window to try to stop Trump from stealing the election is closing. And @SpeakerPelosi intends to stand firm to make sure no action is attempted. Her anti-#DoSomething mean girls are bullying harder than ever about it.
I had to unfollow two people the other day, because they thought it was great that someone posted a tweet saying #DoSomething Democrats, people in opposition to the CA-12 candidate, should be hit in the head. They didn't even get that it was *real* voter intimidation.
They don't think of Nancy Herself as an actual *candidate* who has to *be voted in* and *might lose*. She held that seat for 33 years, by making sure no other democrat was ever another option. Until now. And her fans don't know how to handle it, that she's normal, not a god.
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He upstaged his own boogaloo bois by blurting out that of course he has no intention of a peaceful transition of power, after the story leaked that he was planning to ask governors to overturn their states' elections and just seat red electors. #TrumpCoupPlot
I used to think we were lucky that Trump pathologically brags about his crimes, because what if we got a competent tyrant who hid them. But he might as well be the most competent criminal ever, since no one does anything. #DoSomething about #TrumpCoupPlot.
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"Something far out of the norm is likely to happen. Probably more than one thing. Expecting other­wise will dull our reflexes." I shout this on here every day, but here is an important checkmark man also saying it. Wake TF up, #PollyannaDems. #DoSomething
And this isn't even *all* the scenarios, this is only the ones where they exploit ambiguities in election law to, say, send competing slates of electors, or run out the clock to throw it to the House, where 26 red states outnumber blues. There are worse things that can happen.
Pundits and #PollyannaDems treat it like a joke that Trump accuses our party of treason. Maybe it is a joke if you live in a castle with your own security guards and would never be caught dead at a protest for this democracy. But for regular Dems it's a serious threat.
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THREAD: #Trump is intentionally sabotaging the #USPS to cheat in the election, as he knows he will lose in a fair election.


USPS removing mailboxes in Eugene, #Oregon…
#USPS deactivating sorting machines used to sort mail, the inevitable outcome will delay the #USMail and intefere with prompt delivery of ballots.

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President Bone Spur's abandoned his troops under heavy fire

The Federal Govt's standing in the way of our front lines getting the Protective Equipment they need

His inability to appropriately enact the Defense Production Act & to repair our broken Supply Chain is KILLING people
Think of clothing brands. If the US Govt used #DPA to ensure that every clothing manufacturer making clothes in the US turn their factories around to make Masks & Gowns then we'd see a surge of product available for the States while supplying much needed jobs. But they haven't.
If instead of ASKING Corporate giants to 'promise' to make ventilators in exchange for PR...what if he just TOLD them to just get it done. The US Govt could've said 'You've got 1 month, start producing'. #DPAnow should be happening but Trump doesn't wanna risk pissing off donors.
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@JonathanSimon14 Feel free to browse this info, it helps explain how & where they did it. Mostly smaller communities, where it wouldn't be as noticeable.
Problems were never resolved, nothing has been addressed and you are months away from another Trump term
@JonathanSimon14 To cement the "win" there were 50 illegitimately seated Electoral College members, including Pam (bribery) Bondi.
Hillary only needed 37 votes to confirm her place in the Oval Office.…
@JonathanSimon14 Here are the conclusions of an extensive 1,000-plus page legal briefing prepared by a bipartisan nationwide legal team for members of Congress, being urged to object to certifying the 2016 Electoral College results.

The results were certified anyway.…
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Late addition to the Gov Oversight Cmtee schedule tmrw? SB 237, a new Stand Your Ground Bill.

Not scheduled for any hearings? SB 183 (backgrnd chks) or 184 (red flag) - both bipartisan and supported by Ohioans.

When folks demanded the OH Leg #DoSomething, it wasn’t to intro SYG
📣 Now what?

☎️ Cinci folks: call your state Sen. Johnson (614) 466-8082

☎️ Everyone else: call Cmtee Chair Sen. Coley to ask where the hearings are on SB 183, 184 -these bills will save lives, have bipartisan support, and are supported overwhelmingly by Ohioans (614)466-8072
A reminder: 90% of Ohioans support background checks and a majority of us want *stricter* laws on gun access.

SYG laws are quite the opposite. The reintro of this bill (as the others stall) is exactly why we need #FairMaps - our state leg isn’t moving bills voters want.
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Trump advisers & WH aides are beginning to talk to the press about his state of mind. They're reportedly worried @ him but they should worry @ America. As Trump said, #AmericaFirst
2-""He's deteriorating in plain sight," one Republican strategist who is in frequent contact with the White House told Insider on Friday.
But one person who was close to Trump's legal team during the Russia investigation told Insider his public statements are "nothing compared to
3-"what he's like behind closed doors. He's like a bull seeing red. There's just no getting through to him and you can kiss your plans for the day goodbye because you're basically stuck looking after a four-year-old now."
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