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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/18/2022…
Euler’s 243-Year-Old ‘Impossible’ Puzzle Gets a Quantum Solution | Quanta Magazine…

#EncodedInformation, #QuantumMechanics, #EulerPuzzleSolution, #Mathematics
Transmission T-026: Eric Maskin on mechanism design for the market | Santa Fe Institute…

#MechanismDesign, #ExtraordinaryCircumstances, #ComplexityScience
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First, #USPS refused to release Postmaster General Louis #DeJoy’s calendars.

Then, USPS gave us calendars that were almost entirely redacted.

Last week, a federal judge ruled that USPS failed to “meet its burden” under #FOIA for its excessive redactions.…
In summer 2020, USPS rejected our #FOIA for DeJoy’s calendar, saying the “calendar maintained on a USPS computer” was for DeJoy's personal use and the entries ”are not agency records subject to the FOIA.”

So, we appealed.
After we sued for these records, USPS agreed to release DeJoy’s calendars. But the documents were almost entirely redacted. USPS didn't specify which specific exemptions applied to the individual redactions.
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#BackToSchool With all the investigations and coverage of House/Senate Committees, it’s important to review how it all works, how it’s structured & what it all means. What do Congressional Committees do? How are members selected?… 1/18
In 1885, Woodrow Wilson famously observed, “Congress in session is Congress on public exhibition, whilst Congress in its committee-rooms is Congress at work” (Wilson, 1885). This statement is no less true today. 2/18 #demswork4usa #Congress
Committees are the lifeblood of Congress. They develop legislation, oversee executive agencies and programs, and conduct investigations.
There are different types of committees that are responsible for particular aspects of congressional work. 3/18 #demswork4usa #Congress
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Sometime in April
Many known events in Trump's life don't have a specific date, so I file them randomly in the correct month or year.

Here are posts that happened "sometime in" or around April throughout the years.

Sometime in the spring of 1986, Donald Trump grilled a Nobel Peace Prize winner about Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. Why?

"I intend to call my good friend Ronnie" and become ambassador to the Soviet Union.…
In April 1991, Trump gave a WSJ reporter a gift worth $3,000. The reporter was assigned to the Trump beat.

Months later, he wrote something Trump didn't like, so Trump reported the gift to the WSJ as a "conflict of interest," hoping they'd fire him.…
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ICYMI: We’re challenging excessive redactions of #USPS chief DeJoy’s calendar.

USPS’s shifting arguments for hiding DeJoy’s calendars from #FOIA requests threaten to create blanket exemptions for practically any USPS records.…
On Friday, we submitted a brief challenging an argument from USPS that was used to justify the near-complete redaction of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s calendars. We’ve been fighting for these records for months, but USPS continues to obscure the documents.
In July 2020, we FOIA’d DeJoy’s calendars to investigate the undermining of USPS.

But in August, USPS rejected our FOIA, saying the “calendar maintained on a USPS computer” was for DeJoy's personal use and the entries ”are not agency records subject to the FOIA.”
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NEWS: President Biden intends to appoint Ron Stroman, Anton Hajjar and Amber McReynolds to the three seats that remain open on the #USPS Board of Governors and cement Democratic oversight of the agency, two sources familiar tell me.
The appointments, which include two men of color and a woman, would greatly diversify the board.

The current board is made up of six white men -- all of whom previously had limited experience with the Postal Service.
Ron Stroman -- who had been the highest-ranking African-American in the Postal Service's history -- left the agency just prior to DeJoy's appointment. He became a noted critic of the new postmaster general as well as an often-cited expert about DeJoy's policy changes.
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Biden aims to fill the #USPS Board of Governors vacancies, "nominating officials who reflect his commitment to the workers of the US Postal Service – who deliver on the post office’s vital universal service obligation," a WH official tells me. Only the Board can replace DeJoy.
As the AP explains: "The Board of Governors, which selects the postmaster general, is currently made up of Trump appointees. ... If Biden fills all vacancies, then Democratic members would hold a majority, though the board is officially bipartisan."…
Here’s the full statement from the White House official who says Biden is focused on filling the #USPS Board of Governors vacancies:
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My office stood up to the Trump administration every time it tried to trample the rights of New Yorkers and Americans across the country. 
We worked tirelessly to challenge this administration's illegal attacks — and we successfully stopped some of its most dangerous ones.
We successfully:

✅Protected #DACA and the right of #Dreamers to live here.

✅Preserved the integrity of the #2020Census & stopped the citizenship question.

✅Defended access to the Trusted Traveler Program.

✅Guarded the health coverage of millions who depend on the #ACA.
➡️Took dozens of legal actions to protect the environment, including over 70 actions in 2020 alone.

➡️Stopped attacks on the #USPS and attempts to undermine our election. 
➡️Protected women’s constitutional right to an abortion and reproductive care.

and so much more.
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Thinking over the moments that motivated me this year & how powerfully & clearly this country revealed itself. It was confirmation of all I have known, but I also learned so much more. The clarity with which I see the challenges we face has strengthened my resolve beyond measure.
It started with one of the best days ever. My journey with the #USPS this year has been kind of “how it it’s going.” First, the unveiling of the #GwenIfillForever stamp in January. So grateful for this honor from the @USPS.
By November we were in a pitched battle w/the #USPS to ensure that absentee ballots were delivered on time after new postal leadership imposed measures that resulted in delivery delays in major cities.…
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Erie, #PA de @USPS El denunciante RATIFICÓ por completo sus acusaciones de que un supervisor manipuló las boletas por correo después de ser interrogado por los investigadores, según IG. Dice @OversightDems
🔴 Estos son los hechos: Richard Hopkins es un empleado de @USPS en Erie, #Pennsylvania

Firmó una declaración jurada con acusaciones de manipulación / fraude de boletas y se hizo pública a través del Proyecto Veritas.

#USPS IG comenzó a investigar la semana pasada.
🔴 Richard Hopkins es un empleado de la oficina de Correo @USPS en Erie, #Pennsylvania
Firmó una declaración jurada con acusaciones de manipulación / fraude de boletas y se hizo pública a través del #ProyectoVeritas.
La empresa #USPS, comenzó a investigar la semana pasada.
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BREAKING NEWS: Erie, Pa. #USPS whistleblower completely RECANTED his allegations of a supervisor tampering with mail-in ballots after being questioned by investigators, according to IG.

Here are the facts: Richard Hopkins is a USPS employee in Erie, Pa.

He signed a sworn affidavit with allegations of ballot tampering/fraud and went public through Project Veritas.

#USPS IG began investigating last week.
#USPS IG investigators informed Committee staff today that they interviewed Hopkins on Friday, but that Hopkins RECANTED HIS ALLEGATIONS yesterday and did not explain why he signed a false affidavit.
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About those #USPS delivery delays, something to keep in mind:

A future President Biden cannot fire Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

DeJoy serves at the pleasure of the Postal Service Board of Governors, all of whom are Trump appointees.
Biden would have to nominate new Board members when vacancies arise. The Senate would have to confirm each one, and it's not yet clear which party will have control.

DeJoy has signaled he'll restore his delay-causing policies once a court order lifts at the end of November.
So we could potentially see another round of #USPS service slowdowns in time for the Georgia Senate runoff *and during a potential COVID winter surge, during which more people will be relying on timely delivery than ever.
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From a 2018 post till today
*Red pill ans receipts gang*

Feinstein husband = Richard Blum
Richard Blum = usps(United States Postal Service)
Richard Blum = Avid Technologies
Avid Technologies = Voting machines
Dominion = Clinton Global initiative
#Pilluminati Image
Diane Feinstein hubby Richard Blum ties to the USPS(United States postal service) Image
*post from August its simple math*

Remember all the money that the dems were throwing around at the USPS through the stimulus relief package fund👀👀 think they were just being nice???
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#DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: RESTORING AND STRENGTHENING OUR DEMOCRACY: Strengthening the U.S. Postal Service
Only one party will protect the Postal Service’s universal service obligation as a core American value and ensure it is not privatized. 1/7 #USPS
The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is the world’s most efficient mail carrier, and #Democrats are wholly committed to supporting a public #USPS. 2/7 #DemPartyPlatform
#Democrats will fight all efforts to privatize the #USPS and will work to ensure the USPS is financially sustainable, including by repealing the mandate that the agency “pre-fund” retiree health costs. 3/7 #DemPartyPlatform #USPSsabotage
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It’s back to court in the #USPS suit today. @NAACP_LDF’s @SamSpital & @Public_Citizen at the helm. But first, let me share some of what we’re learning abt the meaning of the data sets we’ve received (including whether there are “300,000 lost ballots”).
The 300,000 reflects ballots that had origin scans but not destination scans. Doesn’t mean they weren’t delivered. B/c of the judicial orders requiring the USPS move faster, we learned that the destination scan process was omitted in order to speed up delivery for some mail.
On the troubling ballot processing score in places like Philly (70%). It’s doesn’t actually mean that 30% of mail was not delivered. It DOES mean that only 70% was timely - delivered (w/i the svc standard -2 days for local mail usually). So 30% was delayed. Which is a problem.
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.@Sifill_LDF on our #USPS suit: We focused on the transportation decisions that the new Postmaster General made. We wanted to make sure every ballot would be delivered...We're still fighting to get every ballot delivered even after the process.
"There was an order that was presented by the Judge that required the Postal Service to do sweeps throughout the day...In the evening, the Postal Service let it be known that they had not done the sweeps...Obviously, we were very distressed about this."
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President Trump is following the same playbook he has for months: undermining and discrediting mail-in voting.

Here’s an overview of how the president has undermined voting by mail during a global pandemic, and how we’ve been investigating.
In April, the White House threatened to veto the CARES Act if it contained funding to ensure USPS’s stability. Many predicted USPS would be especially important in the election as more voters would vote by mail during the pandemic.…
That same month, Trump said "Republicans should fight very hard" against attempts to increase access to vote-by-mail.…
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: RESTORING AND STRENGTHENING OUR DEMOCRACY:
Protecting and Enforcing Voting Rights
Only one party recognizes the right for every American to cast a vote as a fundamental, sacred, constitutional right. 1/14
#Democrats will also fight for emergency funding for states to help make vote-from-home and vote-by-mail universally available during the pandemic, while ensuring that all jurisdictions take steps to ensure continued meaningful, safe opportunities to vote in person. 2/14
#Democrats recognize that the United States Postal Service is more than ever a critical component to our democracy and must be supported to guarantee timely and efficient delivery and return of vote by mail ballots.3/14 #DemPartyPlatform #USPS #VotingRights
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My former boss—Robert S. Taylor, who served as Acting General Counsel at Department of Defense—with a strong warning to federal employees across departments and agencies.

Two federal laws that could punish #ElectionInterference.


2. Two laws — Hatch Act and Antideficiency Act — can impose stiff penalties (including prison time) for federal employees who illegally undermine the election.

The latter could apply to federal actions that use funds that have not been appropriated by Congress for that purpose.
3. "Every federal employee should assume that if he or she carries out an activity intended to impair or impede the election... their conduct will be judged by people deeply upset over the effort to entrench a President viewed as a threat to the very foundations of our democracy"
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New: USPS has agreed to release Postmaster General DeJoy’s calendars in response to our #FOIA lawsuit.

USPS previously refused to do so & had claimed the calendar, which is kept on a government computer & accessed by agency staff, is a personal record not subject to FOIA.
In September, we sued the #USPS for DeJoy’s calendar.

Today, in a joint filing with the court, USPS agreed to process non-exempt portions of the calendar.…
We haven’t been the only ones trying to find out how Postmaster General DeJoy has been spending his time. USPS also refused to produce them to Congress in response to @AOC’s request, and Congress ultimately issued a subpoena:
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#DemCast #DemCastWI @GovEvers @SenatorBaldwin Wisconsin Voters: if you can, take your #AbsenteeBallot to the post office & request a date-stamp. Today, I went to a local small-town #USPS, and at first they refused! SEE MY THREAD👇🏻👇🏻… via @WiStateJournal
The postal clerk (who was ALSO ignoring the state #MaskOrder along with her co-worker) at first told me “She was told they did NOT have to date stamp ballots.” I pointed out to her that I had affixed two stamps OF MY OWN to the prepaid envelope, and again requested she stamp it👇🏻
I remained polite but insistent, saying that because MY OWN stamps were on there, I would like a post mark on my ballot. She finally said she would call their main postmaster in #Mauston, #WI—who told her she HAD to postmark my ballot. She did so, and I took a picture of it 👇🏻👇🏻
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Links for all States to REQUEST & TRACK your BALLOT #AbsenteeBallot
*Voters can track #absenteeballots in at least part of all States except MS & TX
#VoteByMail #EarlyVoting #Election2020
#EarlyVoting&In-Person Absentee Dates; 50 States
& other ways to RETURN besides USPS
If #EarlyVoting appeals, you can actually #VoteEarly in all States! Even ones that don't, technically, have #EarlyVoting?
(Some by #AbsenteeBallot which you can hand deliver if you prefer.)
If you see a list that says you can't vote early; it's wrong.
All Dates for all States⤵️ Image
Not sure how to request your Absentee Ballot?
#AbsenteeBallot Here's a handy guide
We can work around 45's attempts to 86 the #USPS
Fight #TrumpChaos Vote #BidenCalm #VoteBlue2020
See #PostcardsforAmerica website for more specifics for your State
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The key word in the California law allowing people to drop off their ballots at official drop boxes is “OFFICIAL” — not the unofficial (and hence unlawful) ballot boxes placed by the California Republican Party.

A thread:…
California passed and Jerry Brown signed a law providing for official, designated, (ADA) accessible ballot drop boxes. The regs are quite clear. See the website: Vote-by-Mail Ballot Drop Boxes and Vote-by-Mail Drop-Off Locations…
See “CA Code of Regulations Title 2. Administration Division 7. Secretary of State
Chapter 3. Voting Locations
Article 1. Vote-by-Mail Ballot Drop Boxes and Vote-by-Mail Drop-Off Locations Sec 20132. Drop Box Design and Requirements”…
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