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Here are the deadlines for all States to REQUEST an #AbsenteeBallot
All info, including links to Apply, Alternate ways to return - including & DropBox locations on #PostcardsforAmerica Website HERE:…
Medium Article:… Image
You also have alternate choices to RETURN your #AbsenteeBallot #VoteByMail other than #USPS
It varies by State.
In-Person, UPS/FedEx, Designate friend or family to drop it off for you & (in at least part of 36 States) Drop Boxes

Detailed info at…
Be sure to fill out your #AbsenteeBallot carefully & correctly exactly as instructed. (No #NakedBallots)
Here's a 50 STATE mega-Thread with detailed video instructions on how to fill out YOUR #VoteByMail ballot

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#DemCast #DemCastWI @GovEvers @SenatorBaldwin Wisconsin Voters: if you can, take your #AbsenteeBallot to the post office & request a date-stamp. Today, I went to a local small-town #USPS, and at first they refused! SEE MY THREAD👇🏻👇🏻… via @WiStateJournal
The postal clerk (who was ALSO ignoring the state #MaskOrder along with her co-worker) at first told me “She was told they did NOT have to date stamp ballots.” I pointed out to her that I had affixed two stamps OF MY OWN to the prepaid envelope, and again requested she stamp it👇🏻
I remained polite but insistent, saying that because MY OWN stamps were on there, I would like a post mark on my ballot. She finally said she would call their main postmaster in #Mauston, #WI—who told her she HAD to postmark my ballot. She did so, and I took a picture of it 👇🏻👇🏻
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Links for all States to REQUEST & TRACK your BALLOT #AbsenteeBallot
*Voters can track #absenteeballots in at least part of all States except MS & TX
#VoteByMail #EarlyVoting #Election2020
#EarlyVoting&In-Person Absentee Dates; 50 States
& other ways to RETURN besides USPS
If #EarlyVoting appeals, you can actually #VoteEarly in all States! Even ones that don't, technically, have #EarlyVoting?
(Some by #AbsenteeBallot which you can hand deliver if you prefer.)
If you see a list that says you can't vote early; it's wrong.
All Dates for all States⤵️ Image
Not sure how to request your Absentee Ballot?
#AbsenteeBallot Here's a handy guide
We can work around 45's attempts to 86 the #USPS
Fight #TrumpChaos Vote #BidenCalm #VoteBlue2020
See #PostcardsforAmerica website for more specifics for your State
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The key word in the California law allowing people to drop off their ballots at official drop boxes is “OFFICIAL” — not the unofficial (and hence unlawful) ballot boxes placed by the California Republican Party.

A thread:…
California passed and Jerry Brown signed a law providing for official, designated, (ADA) accessible ballot drop boxes. The regs are quite clear. See the website: Vote-by-Mail Ballot Drop Boxes and Vote-by-Mail Drop-Off Locations…
See “CA Code of Regulations Title 2. Administration Division 7. Secretary of State
Chapter 3. Voting Locations
Article 1. Vote-by-Mail Ballot Drop Boxes and Vote-by-Mail Drop-Off Locations Sec 20132. Drop Box Design and Requirements”…
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Major Threads Part 11
“Acts” Put Together by “Bipartisan” Congress Sound So Good, Don’t They??

Results are usually less than stellar. Before this bill becomes permanent maybe we should check out where the money is going to go. Could it be going to Democrat Owned “Charities” & “non-profits”?
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Have you got questions about Absentee Voting?
How to get your #AbsenteeBallot?
Dates for #EarlyVoting?

Well, we've got answers.

PS #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

THREAD 1/8 Image
These States are mailing #AbsenteeBallots OR #AbsenteeBallot Applications.
But, if your #MailInBallot doesn't turn up, followup & Apply.
Check all rules for & links to your State
All 50 States here:…
#AbsenteeVoting #VoteByMail

THREAD 3/8 Image
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New lawsuit: We’re suing #USPS for Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s emails. Again.…
In August, the USPS claimed, incredibly, that it had no records responsive to our request for directives or guidance from DeJoy, his predecessor, or the White House related to voting by mail or assessments of USPS’s ability to handle increased volumes of mail-in-ballots.
In July, we also filed a FOIA request for the emails of DeJoy and his chief of staff containing key terms related to voting by mail. USPS has failed to respond within the time period required by law, so we’re suing.…
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Okay this map of selective postal slow downs is nuts. If you were to just show me the map without any headers id say the dark red represented important voting blocks in the 2020 election. Why a slow down in Hawaii (blue state) but not Alaska (red state) for example?
And western versus eastern Pennsylvania is even more obvious. Image
You have 2 check out this animated interactive map the Guardian put together on the US Postal slowdown initiated by DeJoy. For ex. looking at the Upper Midwest area in mid-May well after the pandemic was in full swing & compared to August. WOW!! #usps… ImageImage
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URGENT: Please read this thread on why it is a terminal, irreversible mistake to send your vote-by-mail ballot back through the #USPS. I am a retired researcher and have read enough to be certain DeJoy-Trump destroyed the USPS for a reason. The destruction of our democracy is
2. being done with surgical precision. So here goes - here are the data points I've found convincing me to tell EVERY DEM not to return vote-by-mail ballots back via USPS

* David Williams resigned as a USPS Board of Gov Member because of the sabotage of USPS. He testified b4
3. the House Progressive Caucus. Google it

* Congressman Cummings was on Maddow talking about his USPS report that found the rates of mail slow down in heavily democratic cities. Catch it on MSNBC

* Follow @APWUnational
The American Postal Workers Union - read their concerns
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Internal Records Reveal Treasury Department Attempted ‘UNPRECEDENTED’ and ARGUABLY ‘ILLEGAL’ Takeover of #USPS

They made a $10 billion loan to the mail delivery service contingent upon the agency surrendering its autonomy.

The trove of documents included three email conversations from early April that made direct references to agency officials’ phone conversations with Treasury’s #Mnuchin

His department’s was charged with overseeing and distributing the $2 trillion stimulus in the #CARESAct

“By statute, Congress has given control over postal operations to the [#USPS] Governors and the Board of Governors. Under settled principles of constitutional law and statutory interpretations, the Governors may not ‘subdelegate’ that authority to another department... “

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🚨BIG WIN —> @DemocraticAGs score Major victory in their lawsuit to protect the U.S. Postal Service.

Yakima, WA Federal Judge issued **nationwide injunction** blocking policies delaying election mail. #USPS
Washington AG @BobFergusonAG led 1 of the 3 @DemocraticAGs lawsuits to protect the #USPS & protect the integrity of the upcoming election.

Electing Democratic AGs matter. There are 10 state AG races this year:

Republican AGs remain silent
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Also, please make this your morning read.

The #USPS had a plan "to distribute 650 million masks nationwide, enough to offer five face coverings to every American household."

That plan was dropped by this Administration.…
This, plus the story's coverage of USPS unions struggling to get help from the Administration to protect employees is a reminder to us - please keep calling the Senate about the Delivering for America Act.

Remember: it has only passed the House. It hasn't passed the Senate.
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NEW: Through #FOIA, we obtained nearly 10,000 pages of #USPS documents, reports the @washingtonpost.

The documents reveal a scrapped plan to send masks to Americans, a standoff with Amazon, and more.…
Here’s a breakdown of the key findings.

This 7 page memo—produced by an external law firm—explored whether Treasury could take over USPS. It concluded that was not legally possible.…
There is a draft press release for a plan for “U.S. Postal Service to Deliver Face Coverings to Every American Household.” This release suggests this plan made it pretty far off the ground but never came to fruition.
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NEW LAWSUIT: We’re suing the #USPS for Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s calendar.

In August, USPS claimed the calendar, which is kept on a government computer & accessed by agency staff, is a personal record not subject to FOIA.

Now we’re going to court.…
The calendars of senior government officials are routinely released to the public in response to FOIA requests. We have previously obtained and published calendars for dozens of top Trump administration appointees.

Why is DeJoy trying so hard to keep his calendars private?
DeJoy’s refusal to release his calendar has also sparked questions from Congress. In an August hearing of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. @AOC reminded DeJoy that his calendars are public records. The Committee later subpoenaed the documents.
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New: We obtained 9 pages of decision memos signed by Postmaster General #DeJoy from the beginning of his tenure through August 4.

The memos are about a transition in the COVID Response Command Team, endorsing the USPS Executive Cyber Risk Committee, and delegating authority on varying issues.
We’ve appealed this #FOIA response because we think there are likely more decision memos regarding the recent sweeping changes Postmaster General DeJoy has implemented at the USPS. This is part of our ongoing investigation into USPS:…
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To protect Colorado voters and our election system, our team worked late into the night to file suit against #USPS. We are taking action, working with SOS @JenaGriswold, to stop the Postal Service from misinforming Colorado voters and interfering with our election. Thread 👇 Image
Unless the court stops the #USPS, Colorado voters are expected to receive this incorrect statement, telling them that they need to request an absentee ballot to vote. That is false. Your ballot will be mailed to you. And even if not, you can still vote at a polling center. Image
Colorado’s vote at home system is a national model. Once you receive your ballot, you can mail it back or, as most do, deposit it in a drop off box. Our system makes voting easy, safe, secure, and reliable. Ideally, the Postal Service would be a partner in this effort.
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The #USPS sabotage threatens to undermine our election system and hurts individuals and businesses here in Colorado. The changes to mail delivery are dangerous, hurt Coloradans, and should be stopped by a court order, as we explained in today's filing.…
As this @9NEWS story explains, the undermining of our mail system hurts small businesses like Coco Gusto Chocolates--and threatens our vote at home system here in Colorado.…
To support our case, over 200 Coloradans reached out to us, explaining how slowed mail delivery hurt them. In addition to Coco Gusto, we detailed how an independent contractor was forced to pay overdraft fees to buy food & people faced delays in getting their prescription drugs.
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🚨 🚨#BREAKING @GovernorBullock suing USPS and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, saying the USPS didn't follow required procedures to make policy changes. He appears to be the first governor to make such a move, after multiple attorneys general filed suit in Aug. #mtnews #USPS
The suit says unlawful actions have directly harmed Montanans by "impeding the flow of mail, including medical prescriptions, replacement parts for farm machines, utility bills, stimulus checks, application materials, and other essential communications." #mtnews #USPS
The court filing specifically mentions our @NBCMontana reporting on leaked photos of disassembled sorting machines and removed collection boxes in Montana. It was filed in U.S. District Court in Great Falls just now. #mtnews #USPS
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.@repjimcooper tells me his question during DeJoy's House testimony about reimbursing campaign donations was informed by a tip he got.

He also says “corporate CEOs pressuring employees to contribute to political campaigns” was the focus of his Harvard Law School thesis. #USPS
Rep. Jim Cooper adds: "With these megadonors, the question is always: ‘What did they do to squeeze these people [to contribute]?’ That’s the crux of it. The donations have to be voluntary."
I asked how Democrats would hold DeJoy to account, and Rep. Cooper noted that the committee has “124 former employees” they could subpoena, as well as the HR and payroll records referenced in the Washington Post reporting.
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1/ If you're disgusted about Trump's disrespect for service, take a minute and consider how perfectly his statements reflect our America's abandonment of any commitment to public goods.

What he says out loud about people has been real policy in this country for decades.
Teachers have to crowd-source school supplies because we won't spend money on public goods. And the whole school financing system is built around not having to pay for *those* kids, just *our* kids (where those kids are Black and brown).

DeVos-style education policy...
3/ predicated on contempt for public service. For-profit charter operators, online academies, and fraudster "colleges" monetize our ambitions and use public coffers as ATMs, scoffing at the very idea that school could exist for some reason other than enriching shareholders.
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With all respect for those who want to vote Trump out of office - voting him out means letting him stay until Jan. 20.

He does not deserve to remain Commander-in-Chief for one more day.

If you agree, here are 3 things you can do TODAY to make #TrumpResignNow...
1) Call the White House at (202) 456 - 1111. They will ask you for a BRIEF comment. Need a script? Here you go: "Donald Trump is #UnfitToServe as Commander-in-Chief and should resign today."

Let's flood their phone lines!

2) Visit the White House website and leave a comment on their "contact" page.

Don't know what to say? Try, "Donald Trump is #UnfitToServe as Commander-in-Chief and should resign today."

Let's crash their server!

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A worker at Postmaster General Louis DeJoy's former company tells us of sweatshop-like conditions. Lakeisha Nelson says harassment was rampant, some pregnant workers suffered miscarriages, and one worker even died of cardiac arrest.

Part of my #USPS report today with @SRuhle:
Many of these incidents are documented in published reports:

NYT: XPO Logistics Will Close Warehouse Where Some Pregnant Workers Miscarried…
TSDMemphis: "This much is known about the death of Linda Neal: She died Oct. 17, 2017 on the warehouse floor of XPO Logistics, where she worked."…
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1) I’ve lost all respect for Democratic leaders in Congress! This orange imbecile & his cronies, are emboldened by your inaction! Do you think Cheeto Tang gives a fuck about your disdain? Your anger? Your statements? Your tweets? Your appearances on cable news? Can you appreciate
2) now why this orange piece of shit calls you the “do-nothing Democrats?” In his eyes you have DONE nothing to stop him!
#usps? Brought DeJoy in...not a Fucking thing happened
#Russia election meddling? It’s still going on...nothing
#ODNI more briefings..nada
#HatchActViolations his admin. thumbed their noses at you..u tweeted, hemmed & hawed, nothing! He held his nomination acceptance on the south lawn of the fucking White House for fucks sake..crickets
#Wall diverged money for a wall he said Mexico would pay for...nothing!
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Here's #VoteByMail info for ALL 50 states
Includes all 1st dates to APPLY for
& ALL alternate ways (besides #USPS) to RETURN your #AbsenteeBallot #MailInVoting
AUG 29 Update
On Website…
On Medium…
Did you know you can ALREADY apply for your Absentee Ballot in 30 STATES?
Do it NOW!
Spread the Word.
*We can work around 45's attempts to 86 the Post Office.
Let's do this!
*More detailed information for each State on #PostcardsforAmerica website here:…
Not sure how to request your Absentee Ballot? Here's a handy guide for all participating states.
We can work around 45's attempts to 86 #PostOffice
Fight #TrumpChaos
& See #PostcardsforAmerica for more specifics for your State
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