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1/5 #COVID19 key concerns 🇨🇦: multiple disease indicators show Canada is past the peak of the Omicron wave; however, the unprecedented size of this surge means high infection levels persist and the virus is still widespread in Canada.…
2/5 While we continue to take measures to mitigate the impact of #COVID19 on the health system and vulnerable populations, health authorities across Canada are looking ahead to longer-term sustainable management of the #SARSCoV2 virus.…
3/5 This includes working collaboratively on plans for the immediate future as epidemiologic indicators of COVID-19 disease activity continue to improve, allowing jurisdictions to begin the easing of restrictions. #PublicHealth
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/29/2021…
Variants of concern are overrepresented among post-vaccination breakthrough infections of SARS-CoV-2 in Washington State…

#VariantsOfConcern #PostVaccination #BreakthroughInfections #COVID19 #WashingtonState
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Good afternoon #PrimeMinister,
Reading the @Telegraph article below has caused me significant angst. As a healthcare professional who has seen just what #COVID19 can do, I am struggling to understand the rationale behind this decision.
Just as we are unlocking cautiously you want to risk the lives of more individuals by removing one of the few mitigations in secondary schools?
We know that #COVIDisAirborne & that we have several #VariantsOfConcern here already.
Have you seen this chart #PrimeMinister?
V few <40s will be vaccinated by May 17th & while their individual risk of serious disease or dying is low, their risk of #LongCovid is MODERATE!
Many parents & teaching staff are <40.
The numbers of #NHS & teaching staff w/ it already are horrendous. Why put more ppl at risk?
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1/4 The #PHAC-@McMasterU longer-range modelling forecast for March 26, 2021 continues to play out in the data we are seeing now. Current surveillance data (red dots up to April 9th) are plotting along the strong resurgence trajectory. Image
2/4 The March 26th forecast accounted for spread of #VariantsOfConcern, warning that stronger public health measures and strict adherence with individual precautions were needed to counter more transmissible #COVD19 variants.
3/4 The current trajectory reaffirms that measures in place two weeks ago were not stringent enough to prevent the strong resurgence we are seeing now. #COVID19Vaccines are starting to help, but our efforts are crucial as they roll out
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We haven’t been dealt a bad hand. What we did was loosen restrictions despite rising variant cases, allow out-of-province travel, stall in-school mask mandates, & did not enforce orders or tailor the message. The 3rd wave is the outcome of that inaction.1/ #bcpoli #COVID19 #bced
Neither the methods nor the messaging is working. It cannot only be up to individuals to deal with this crisis. We need coordinated response from gov’t that shows they are taking threat of COVID & #LongCovid seriously for healthcare workers and people. 2/ #COVID19 #bcpoli
As #VariantsOfConcern rise, modelling predicts they will become the majority of cases in our immediate future. Some modelling predicts they currently make up 40% of cases in BC. #Ontario is at >60%. Instead of bracing for impact, let’s mitigate it now. 3/ #COVID19 #bcpoli #bced
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1) Premier François Legault asserted Wednesday the #pandemic is “relatively stable” and “under control” in Montreal as he imposed lockdowns in Quebec City, Lévis and Gatineau. But as I will attempt to show in this thread, the situation in Montreal remains as precarious as ever.
2) As I reported in my column in the @mtlgazette tonight, the number of #COVID19 outbreaks in Montreal jumped by 50 since a week ago, hardly a sign of stability. The more contagious variants are proliferating as never before in the metropolis.…
3) Schools have been responsible for most of the latest #COVID19 outbreaks in Montreal, and this was before high school seniors were required to attend class five days a week. At least six schools in Montreal shuttered classes because of the #VariantsOfConcern on Wednesday.
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#SARSCOV2 & #VariantsOfConcern
#B117 #B1351 #P1
SARS-CoV-2▪︎Genetically related to 2003 SARS virus▪︎Named Feb 11 2020 #COVID19▪︎Feb 24 2021 Global Cases 112,409,584, Deaths 2,492,420▪︎Feb 24 2021 US Cases 28,313,003, Deaths 504,295

#UKvariant #B117▪︎Discovered Sept 2020▪︎80+Countries▪︎1st US Dec 2020▪︎Feb 24 2021 US Cases 1,881 across 45 States▪︎Estimated 30-50% more transmissible (spreads easier&faster)▪︎UK suggests the strain may cause more severe cases & 30% increased risk of death. /2
#SouthAfricanVariant #B1351▪︎Appx same time as #B117▪︎Feb 24 2021 US Cases 46 across 14 States▪︎Dominant strain in Zambia Dec2020▪︎Estimated 50% more transmissible▪︎No evidence yet of increased severity▪︎Mutated Spike Protein allowing latch to human cells easier/3
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1/3 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦 : It’s a lot do with #VariantsOfConcern right now. To tackle this latest hurdle, we need to keep doing what we’ve been doing, but with even more diligence to counter these more contagious variants.…
2/3 As of February 12th, 9 provinces have reported #VariantsOfConcern and at least 4 provinces are reporting evidence of community spread, including Newfoundland where recent outbreak activity has been linked to the B.1.1.7 variant.…
3/3 YOU (hyper vigilant) + #PublicHealth are needed to #VanquishTheVariants #WashMaskSpace #AVOID3Cs & aim for the fewest interactions, with the fewest number of people, for the shortest time at the greatest distance in the best-fitting mask.…
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1/3 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: we’ve made great progress during these very challenging weeks and we are now almost two thirds the way down this curve, BUT we need to keep putting the breaks on more contagious #VariantsOfConcern.…
2/3 Over 429 B.1.1.7 variants, 28 B.1.351 variants and 1 P.1 variant reported by 8 provinces, with at least 3 of these provinces reporting evidence of community spread and #VariantsOfConcern linked to outbreaks in various settings.…
3/3 #CrushingCOVID means working from our strengths. Collective Canadian effort & #COVIDKnowHow got us this far and we have more and stronger tools, in the form of #COVIDvaccines. The path of #COVID19 may not be easy, but we ARE stronger!…
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