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Alors que les médias dominants et les benêts qui les croient sont en horreur face au “dictateur” Maduro dans un scénario monté de toute pièce par la CIA, ils oublient les faits historiques sur l’ingérence impérialiste US partout. Petit Thread (bien incomplet) ⤵️
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Thread: I want to talk for a minute about governance, because @brazilcham is a nonprofit under IRS code section 501(c)(6) [business leagues, chambers of commerce, etc.] Generally, these nonprofit chambers of commerce lean very conservative, but due to having tax exempt status /1
they must maintain something of a "non-partisan" veneer. That said, business generally tries to play nice & ingratiate itself to whoever is in political power. But going to the length of puffing up @jairbolsonaro as their "Person of the Year" is simply a bridge too far. /2
As a nonprofit, these annual galas always comprise a giant chunk of their annual earned revenue; it's part of how they survive. So public pressure really puts the squeeze on them in very stark dollar terms, which is all they really care about & the only way to push for change. /3
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As of today, here are the sponsors still listed for @brazilcham's Person of the Year gala honoring Jair #Bolsonaro, to be held at @MHMarquisNYC.
Inner Circle:
@HSBC; @itau BBA; @BankofAmerica Merrill Lynch; @bancomaxima; @xpinvestimentos; @valorcapgroup; @UBS; @bancosantander /1
Inner Circle sponsors cont'd:
@FEBRABAN; @Forbes; @Citi; @CreditSuisse; @BTGPDigital; @Bradesco & Bradesco BBI; Safra National Bank of NY.
Platinum sponsors:
Merrill (a @BankofAmerica Co); @MoneyReportBR; @NWilians; @SkaddenArps; @UnitedHealthGrp; @BainAlerts; @modalmais; /2
Platinum sponsors cont'd:
@BNYMellon; Citrus Products Inc.; @CosanBrasil; @FirstData; @fs_security; @InstitutoLing; @jpmorgan; @lideglobal; @MattosFilho.
Gold level sponsors:
@Delta; Cacique International USA; Delta National Bank & Trust Co.; @MorganStanley; @banco; /3
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By @jaarreaza
Inmenso honor haber sido recibidos por el hermano Presidente de la República Árabe🇸🇾,Bashar Al-Assad. Cuánta experiencia, sabiduría y consejos para la resistencia, la victoria y la Paz.Le transmitimos el abrazo solidario del Presidente @NicolasMaduro¡Que viva Siria!
.@marcorubio I advise you to find a psychologist. I think your case is more serious than initially thought. You're completely insane...Someone with a good head, in the 🇺🇸,please close his twitter, because he's embarrassing the 🇺🇸 to the whole world.…
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Bolsonaro está com pneumonia sendo que já estava tomando antibiótico por conta da cirurgia. A chance de ser uma bactéria resistente é real #pneumonia #Bolsonaro
Considerando que ele estava tomando amoxicilina, o que foi relatado, a bactéria do pulmão provavelmente é produtora de beta-lactamase, uma enzima que degrada a estrutura antibiótica da amoxicilina.
Neste caso, seria necessário combinar amoxicilina com outro antibiótico ou com um inibidor de beta-lactamase produzido pela bactéria, tipo Clavulanato ou uma cefalosporina de 4a geração.
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- Jair, o presidente

- Marcos, o secretário

- Onyx, o ministro

***Siga o thread***

(Foto: Evaristo Sá/AFP)

#folha #iof #bolsonaro

(O presidente Jair Bolsonaro avalia elevar a alíquota do Imposto sobre Operações Financeiras para crédito pessoal para compensar a prorrogação de benefícios fiscais às regiões Norte e Nordeste)

(O presidente anuncia o aumento da alíquota do IOF)

"Infelizmente, foi assinado decreto nesse sentido para quem tem aplicações fora. É para poder cumprir uma exigência de um projeto aprovado, tido como pauta bomba, contra nossa vontade"
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1. Have been exploring relationship between shift to #RegenerativeEconomy, #SustainableDevelopment + #Diversity, which has led to discussions on tolerance/hate, racism/fascism, political divides. Maybe atypical territory for sustainability, yet it's key imho. Some findings:
2. Beliefs are hard to change, "convincing" people is not a viable tactic, arguing w facts only serves to further entrench if listener isn't seeking to understand. Can be frustrating - feels like arguing against gravity sometimes. Critical to realize I too am entrenched. #Listen
3. Focusing on what's wrong/bad generates energy, but not the energy we need. Better: emphasize real e.g.'s of positive alternatives, while not ignoring horrific realities. Reminds me of #BuckminsterFuller's "build new better system/render old obsolete" guidance. #Evolve
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Imagine if Canada received a “terse statement” when Canada elected far-left socialist party in 2015 by only 39% of its population.

Why not respect the will of people of Brazil who democratically elected a party with a very high vote of 55%. (10 point win) not 39% as in Canada.
2/ Did Canada send stern letter at completion of election in
-North Korea

Vile election where people had no choice.
#JustinTrudeau spared countries his wrath because these are countries he admires- socialists like Trudeau hate when people express their free will.
3/ More on #JustinTrudeau lecturing Brasil #Bolsonaro Win.

Trudeau 2015
39% x 68% turnout = 27%
= 10M people

Bolsonaro 2018
51% x 80% turnout = 41%
= 86M people.

So telling 86 Million Brazilians they are stupid, wrong, racist etc is what the liberal left call tolerance.
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Why does #Brazil's election of Jair #Bolsonaro matter so much?

Well, first up, people are going to die.

Brazil already has the highest rate of indigenous murders in the world, and Bolsonaro has repeatedly attacked them in hate speech…
. @Global_Witness said 57 land defenders were murdered in Brazil in 2017 and warned even before Bolsonaro that laws were getting less strict on protection…
There are some pointing to Brazil's relatively robust institutions, suggesting Bolsonaro won't be able to legislate to push through some of his most damaging pledges. But he doesn't need to change the law to ruin the environment.
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He's promised to murder indigenous people, strip them of their land rights and destroy the Amazon, so Canada is pretty happy. @CBCAlerts #JairBolsonaro #brazilelection #cdnpoli
The true Canada: #OpCanary. Environment caregivers had better show solidarity with Brazil's indigenous like never before.
Nazi cheerleaders everywhere. BBC calls torture and indigenous genocide refreshing. CBC gushes over fresh opportunities for planetary destruction.. Buzzfeed says the pig Bolsonaro is 'borderline' fascist, like he hasn't quite hit their bar.
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1 / BRAZIL ELECTS THE FAR-RIGHT CANDIDATE - the atmosphere is of terror and threats, democratic activists murdered and promises, from #Bolsonaro, to RETURN TO THE DAYS OF THE DICTATORSHIP. Below: results with 92% of the votes.
2 / Yesterday I read the public letter from a man my age whose father was tortured and murdered in the "dungeons of the dictatorship", as we called the DOI-CODI.…
3 / He described the expression on the family dentist's face as they were called to collect the bones. I kept thinking about him the whole day. I wrote to him and offered help, any help. I can't imagine what he is going through now.…
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Pour avoir lu sur #Bolsonaro et scruté #Trump, il me semble que la comparaison de l'1 à l'autre "écrase" les singularités du Brésilien:
1) la revendication d'1 militarisation à venir du régime politique
2) 1 probable élection majoritaire massive au suffrage universel direct.RT+
2) Qu'on le veuille ou non, et sans présumer des évolutions futures, #Trump s'est toujours plié à l'ordre constitutionnel US, et son administration est contrainte d'obéir aux normes de droit public (cf. le Travel Ban retoqué et finalement amendé)...
3) ces #midterms2018, comme toutes les élections partielles depuis 2016, se sont déroulées dans des conditions équitables et transparentes pour l'opposition démocrate à #Trump qui a remporté d'ailleurs de nombreuses partielles. #Bolsonaro n'a pas du tout le même projet
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