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Heartfelt plea to @BorisJohnson from a final year student midwife drafted in to help the coronavirus fight.
Hers is 1st cohort facing student debt of £60k plus 6% interest. And her year misses out on new £5k grant + support.
Can the PM and @MattHancock help those helping them?
Letter is impeccably polite but firm.
"As you have called upon us to respond to this crisis, I call upon *you* now to please make a special grant to our year group".
Given the PM's partner @carriesymonds is pregnant, he will be acutely aware of the sterling work being done by NHS midwives.
And given the relatively small cost of sorting this anomaly, maybe @MattHancock can sort it quickly?
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👉NHS Staff need to be tested
👉Drive-thru mobile test centres
👉Citizens with their families at home
👉Utility & Rent Levy to help poorest households
👉Rent Cap
👉Rationing of essentials
👉Living Wage of £10 asap
👉Billionaire’s Tax to fund foodbanks & Homelessness

👉Daily Updates via Radio/ TV
👉All events/ mass gatherings cancelled
👉Schools/ College/ Uni/ Libraries shut
👉Set Up temporary Youth Centres & Sports activities (with access to diagnostic facility) to help with child care
👉Quarantine Centres to have video conferencing facility
👉Transparency with International authorities
👉Co-ordination & co-operation with G-7, G-20, EU & other such organisations
👉Implementing Best Practices
👉Sharing insights
👉Work in collaboration with scientists world over to cone up with a vaccine
👉Set up weekly Action Plan
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Here's a story that's funny, sad& scary all at the same time.

"Twitter Thanos-snaps, half the Avengers suspended"

Do I have your interest? Keep reading.

Tuesday, Feb 4th, the morning after the Iowa caucus kerfuffle, @1Ironman2020 posted a tweet cautioning against falling prey to propaganda hashtags meant to divide us. The tweet was IMMEDIATELY swarmed with bots& trolls.
Minutes later, Ironman & 9 other #HeroesResist members who had responded to the tweet, supporting it, were suddenly GONE. They'd been mass reported& suspended under false pretences. 3/
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(THREAD) With Mario Draghi’s presidency coming to an end today, we look back at the past eight years and some of the key themes from his time as ECB President (1/9)
COMMITTED TO THE CURRENCY: Mario Draghi’s term was marked by the financial crisis. He is said to have saved the euro with his famous words #whateverittakes. At a time of concern, his words reassured Europeans of the ECB’s steadfast commitment to the single currency (2/9)
A SUPPORTER OF MULTILATERALISM: Mario Draghi stressed that we must work together across national boundaries to respond to worries about fairness, safety and equality (3/9)
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[THREAD] Mario Draghi’s Greatest Hits, a Best Of.
8 years, 185 speeches, 77 press conferences, several interviews. Any errors, omissions and biases are all mine.
3 November 2011: first press conference.
"Continuity, credibility and consistency are of the essence in the way we carry out our jobs."… (pics from…)
3 November 2011: first press conference.
"I have great admiration for the tradition of the Bundesbank. [...] As for the future, let me do my work and we will have periodic checks as to whether I am in sync with this tradition or deviating from it."…
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1) No one should be surprised:

“...Mueller Gang Threatened @GenFlynn’s Son, Forced General to Sacrifice Himself or See His Son Destroyed”

2) Yet...
Most Americans still have faith “in the system”.

This is misplaced faith in the face of facts.

Until forced into the [in]justice system, as a “good” American, you believe.🇺🇸⚖️

#PardonFlynnNow @GenFlynn
3) The incredible @SidneyPowell1 exposed the weaponization of the [in]justice system and the devastating destruction of “Prosecutorial persecution” in #LicensedToLie.
It continues against @GenFlynn

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++++Cosa sa la #Bce che noi non sappiamo? Nulla di buono. @ollirehn a @boersenzeitung : 'C'è bisogno di lanciare nuovi stimoli monetari, Bce si prepari al peggio'. E tassi Bund 10 anni scendono sotto tasso depositi Bce -0,40% +++++ #trading
@ollirehn @boersenzeitung @finanza_com @finanza_online @Borseit @pelias01 @AlienoGentile @carloalberto @ricpuglisi @albertobisin @monacelt @ollirehn : "Low inflation expectations are a 'great concern'; market based expectations are 'far too low'
Eurozone experiencing a longer phase of weaker growth, slowdown no longer temporary" VIA a @boersenzeitung In bocca al lupo #Lagarde
@ollirehn @boersenzeitung @finanza_com @finanza_online @Borseit @pelias01 @AlienoGentile @carloalberto @ricpuglisi @albertobisin @monacelt @ollirehn : "#ECB should prepare for stronger and prolonged slowdown, says better to prepare for the worst. ECB can change forward guidance, cut rates or resume #QE if needed VIA @boersenzeitung
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There shall be ZERO spoilers from me. Don't worry. This is one of the biggest cinematic moments of our lifetimes. I'm watching the midnight showing...
Good luck everyone.
Here's a recap of how we got here!
#WhateverItTakes #AvengersEndgame
I need Captain Marvel to be a more interesting character than Captain America. She was brilliant at the start of her movie. She was practically Tony Stark in warrior form. More of that personality please!! #AvengersEndgame
(Yes, I'm tweeting all my thoughts now, because you all know I haven't seen #AvengersEndgame yet, so none of these tweets can be spoilers. I'm not looking forwards to having to go into Marvel radio silence once I enter the cinema.)
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Thread by @LJT_is_me: "Really important! California Montana New Jersey Alabama South Dakota Mississippi New Mexico Mississippi Iowa Your free begins with making your voice heard! I want everyone to make their voice heard. That said, If they are liste […]"…
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#ForTheRecord 🤬🤬🤬 #ConfirmKavanaughNow
Some of you think it's the job of the FBI to investigate to reveal or verify facts. They do not. As was explained by every honest member of the Senate judiciary the FBI only submits a 302… via @RollCall
So what they'll do is find out when Mark Judge worked at the Safeway Supermarket (that's an IRS pull), and then what? They'll ask him why he "turned white" and was uncomfortable saying hello to #BlaseyFord the summer of 1982.. Except that Mark Judge doesn't remember 1982.
Then we are going to go to her lifelong friend Leland Keyser who also says the party NEVER happened and issued a sworn statement under penalty of perjury (but of course we should believe every woman EXCEPT her..). They are going to demand what exactly from her?
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