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Andrew Yang’s Healthcare plan is not as awful as people are making it out to be. Let me tell you why.

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When Andrew Yang said that he supported the “spirit of Medicare for All” it made a lot of sense. Yang has many separate policies attacking different facets of what makes healthcare so expensive, because there is no magic bullet to make healthcare work for everyone.
Even @BernieSanders in his Medicare For All plan knows this, which is why his proposed bill has 11 sections, not just one. These sections include things like Sunsetting old provisions and the negotiation of drugs and equipment prices.
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My #BlacksForYang Series 21-28 October.

Sign up for Notifications each time I post...It will be like one of those Twitter Op Eds I did, helps put everything in one place.

Should @AndrewYang worry about reaching & SECURING the Black Vote? #YangGang

@AndrewYang Thread 1: Pandering Vs Meaningful Policy

In 2020..Politicians must spend more effort talking to us not at us..".that candidates’ efforts to engage black communities often focus more on symbolic gestures than MEANINGFUL interactions." #BlacksForYang…
@AndrewYang What I really want the #YangGangFamily to understand ...ANYONE specifically talking to us about our own issues different to yours is NOT PANDERING...It's pandering when it's all about style (sounding cool, playing hiphop, photo ops etc..) and ZERO fake interest.
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1/OK, so, here's a thread about Andrew Yang, automation, and UBI, as requested by some members of the #YangGang2020.
2/I've repeatedly said that I think Yang is wrong about the threat of automation. Though robots may put humans out of a job someday, it definitely hasn't happened yet, and isn't happening right now.

BUT, I like Yang's focus on UBI!

How can this be?
3/Well, I think there are many good reasons for UBI that DON'T rely on the threat of automation taking jobs and lowering wages.

UBI provides economic security to people, allowing them to start businesses, go to school, have kids, switch jobs, etc. without fear of destitution.
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Subscribe to The Portal podcast. In Ep. 8, my friend @AndrewYang stops by to discuss neurodiversity, the new Labor Economics of the age of AI, and the need to force China to liberalize by denying them infinite access to the fruits of our open democracy.…
We also discuss the centrality of Pirate Radio, Audio Samizdat, and Podcasting in the face of active media suppression of the Yang and Gabbard insurgencies, as well as our betrayal by an entrenched expert class:


You've heard Andrew Yang before, but even the hard core #YangGang2020 may find something new in part 1 of this interview set to continue when Andrew next comes to LA.

The political revolution for long marginalized neurodiverse families starts now with The Portal as Ground Zero.
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This is your official #DemDebate2 night thread. I am just getting settled here, drinking water only because my liver is still recovering from last night, and I turn on CNN and this dude is preaching to the audience about RAAAAACCCISM! I think he's the head of the DNC. #Hectic
I can already tell I'm going to have to risk gastro upset and head for the liquor cabinet. This is going to be a disaster. #PJMDrunkBlog #DemDebate2
@CNN thinks #KristenG thinks she's being beat up on because she called for #Franken to resign. I think she's a loser because she's connected up to her ears with #NXVIM #DemDebate2 #ChildTrafficking #PJMDrunkBlog
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Yang is on Point tonight!

#YangTownHall #YangGang #math #FreedomDividend
I love how effortlessly @AndrewYang talks about solving complex problems. #refreshing
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The real purpose of the 4chan backed #YangGang memes is re-electing Donald Trump in 2020 by driving a wedge through the Dem party. The goal is to repeat what Bernie did to Hillary in 2016, only this time with multiple candidates.

Dems: ignore the GOP's tactics at your own peril.
Do #Yang2020 #YangGang #YangGang2020 supporters realize Microchip's partner (Ricky Vaughn) was a GOP operative? Guess what that makes Microchip...
Oh, the former aide to well known anti-establishment figure Rudolph Giuliani! What could go wrong? 🙄
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