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My #BlacksForYang Series 21-28 October.

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Should @AndrewYang worry about reaching & SECURING the Black Vote? #YangGang

@AndrewYang Thread 1: Pandering Vs Meaningful Policy

In 2020..Politicians must spend more effort talking to us not at us..".that candidates’ efforts to engage black communities often focus more on symbolic gestures than MEANINGFUL interactions." #BlacksForYang

@AndrewYang What I really want the #YangGangFamily to understand ...ANYONE specifically talking to us about our own issues different to yours is NOT PANDERING...It's pandering when it's all about style (sounding cool, playing hiphop, photo ops etc..) and ZERO SUBSTANCE..no fake interest.
@AndrewYang We have a lot of new people to politics in the #YangGang & understandably many have told me that @AndrewYang has policies for ALL Americans & specifically talking about others eg Blacks..is not his platform..No friend! Please don't confuse or attack others when we talk about...
@AndrewYang Our specific issues...This is what i really want people to get before i go any further..home ownership maybe 10 times more important to us than you for example...so when we ask for specific policies to address such..it is okay, give us ideas other than say we are talking about..
@AndrewYang race too much or i see statements like "UBI will fix everything in Black community..what else do you people want?" Not helpful..the #BlacksForYang here are forgiving and try their best to stay rational and educate you..but don't expect the same out there...let me give example..
@AndrewYang DEMOCRATS have for many years pandered to Black voters..only to get elected & accomplish zero for us..meanwhile our wealth gap continues to widen..black maternal women die 3-4 times compared to whites..etc..so yes we must talk about race & DISLIKE statements like this..Not on fam
@AndrewYang So kindly #YangGang if we want to win & address racial injustices and start up a trickle up economy & close the wealth gap...you MUST be willing and ready to talk about RACE..i have told my white friends that in very clear terms and they agree..Yes you will uncomfortable..but...
@AndrewYang I have personally seen those white friends become more comfortable to talk about Black issues and join us in the fight. I HOPE i have put the best context for you on differentiating between identity politics and policy discussion...The Biggest challenge of our #HumanityFirst ..
@AndrewYang Campaign is we really shy away from deep uncomfortable racial discussions...which are NECESSARY to move us forward. I see Chief struggles with this a lot..and it reflects in the #YangGang too...it's like we are allergic to that nature of conversations and articulate so hard..or
@AndrewYang circle around the questions...If someone asks you.."what will Yang do for Farmers?"..do you try and answer that by giving an example of what he will do to teachers...of course not! They have different core needs and issues that may overlap but specific variations..#YangGang that
@AndrewYang Is where we need to be. If someone asks you about Latinos..don't hesitate and try to "Humanity First" away their LATINO questions..replace Latino with doctor cognitively and it may help you jump that mental loop that wants you to believe you are engaging in identity politics...
@AndrewYang By addressing core cultural concerns..you are not. Alright, recap of Thread 1..Black vote is critical to win Dem nomination (176-2020 data) @AndrewYang MUST ADDRESS Black people directly and #YangGang we must quickly learn to talk about race and reaching out to folks. 1/2
@AndrewYang 2. Pandering or taking black voters for granted in 2020 will not win votes..don't be surprised if Blacks some decide to vote for trap if he provides a better vision for Blacks between now and 2020..VoteBlueNoMatterWho is not a blanket rule..so DEMs must have a clear vision for..
@AndrewYang Blacks or lose. Simple as that & folks are just tired of lies. To conclude thread 1..here's an article & pay attention to very LAST PARAGRAPH...It captures everything am saying better..END THREAD 1. #YangGang #BlacksForYang

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@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang Twitter thread Break...I will be promoting #BlacksForYang content after each session...that way you get to learn & link up with others. First up beautiful chill music by @KamilaGem also one of us...shared by @YehsBeatsNo . Enjoy #YangGang

@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo As you enjoy the music i wanted to introduce you to a great #BlacksForYang member...here's her #myyangstory ...There's many of us...not on twitter hence why we need outreach..

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#YangGang #YangGangLove #Yang2020 #YangGangFamily

@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo Welcome Back to Thread 2 of my #BlacksForYang series...We've set some house guidance on how to approach the black voters and why importantly..what do they care about? start with this video..

#YangGang #Yang2020 #AndrewYang #HumanityFirst
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo Alright Welcome back to my #BlacksForYang series part 2. Today we talking about what Black voters want...check the intro video above you will notice that we are not a monolith..we think very differently and want different things but there is always ONE THING...We want a ..
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo Serious candidate who addresses our issues which happen to be every other Americans issue eg Jobs, Healthcare, Economy, Wealth Gap, etc...Every Black American will support whoever they want be it Cory or Klobuchar and we have to respect that first and foremost...very important..
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo I see often a lot of #YangGang start a conversation with.."How can you support Biden/Harris/Gillibrand etc...when there is @AndrewYang ?" Thats a terrible way to start a discussion...A better way may i suggest is asking them whats important to you this election cycle? That...
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo will open you more to the person and their own needs and priorities other than "bashing" or pouring "dirt" on them. A lot of Black folks respect Biden a lot & NOT because he was an Obama Vp..ASK them why..a lot of reasons.. unfortunately many assume. That said..what issues?
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo Remember the Flint water crisis? Is it even resolved ? Why not? Trust is hard to build in such places hence why we should talk directly issues first..not voting or candidates...this is critical to understand before engaging with Black voters..

@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo "In the first 20 minutes or so in Flint, before a group of about 20 people, the words “vote,” “voting” and “election” never left Brown’s mouth. Not once." let that sink in from^^article.. don't tell black folks "vote for yang.." ask them first what's ur issue first??? 1/2
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo "Instead, she asked about the details of life in Flint, the challenges faced and the solutions imagined and tried. A retired General Motors autoworker bemoaned the city’s high rates of crime and joblessness among young black men. "
@JanellRoss reports. Issues...Issues...Issues...
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo @JanellRoss So what issues will win @AndrewYang the Black Voters? What's a "Black Agenda" & why do folks wanna hear that?Every Black person has their own top 3 issues so don't assume its weed legalisation (we all don't do weed btw haha...) ASK THEM..Here's an example:
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo @JanellRoss "Dems traditionally rely on the historical allegiance of black voters to the party — as well as on shouting “racism” and “white supremacy” every chance they get — to get the black vote..." This is something many don't understand #YangGang ....2020 is different no automatic
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo @JanellRoss vote from Black voters for the Dem Party...people have stated if you don't address their issues why vote?...."Democratic policy positions and the concerns of black voters presents an opportunity for President Trump and Republican candidates generally.'
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo @JanellRoss "Trump, however, has devoted more effort to courting black voters than any Rep pres candidate in decades. And the Dem are providing invaluable assistance by concentrating on matters that are of concern mostly to the social justice majors populating student ....." ^^read that
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo @JanellRoss Black people will not vote if they don't believe you are going to solve their issues. Period....Look at this data from 2016...if Black Voters turned out in full force Hillary would have won...data shows that not me. #YangGang #BlacksForYang #Yang2020

@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo @JanellRoss But, as Woody Allen said, “80 percent of life is showing up.” Republicans typically are MIA in black media and black neighborhoods during election season. (In my all-black neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio, I did see a GOP flyer. Once. In 35 years!!!" @AndrewYang if you are....
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo @JanellRoss reading this PLEASE I ASK you kindly start showing up MORE in Black Media please...word on the ground is u need to reach black people MORE....Hillary did a perfect job in missing to visit key swing states..she ASSUMED she had secured those votes...#YangGang we need to chase every
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo @JanellRoss Single Black Voter out there as if 1 vote=1000votes...I value all votes...but this is pure political strategy & we need a WINNING Intelligent plan...Dem party nominee must have won the Black votes...failure to secure Black votes guarantees @AndrewYang loses. JUST DATA. Period.
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo @JanellRoss Thread 1 why the Black Voters are key to @AndrewYang winning. In Thread 2 we talked about voter issues & how we in the #YangGang need to approach from an ISSUE perspective first & not a Vote/Candidate..ONE HOT ISSUE..right now among Black Voters is Reparations...what is it?
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo @JanellRoss "Reparations for slavery is the idea that some form of compensatory payment needs to be made to the descendants of Africans trafficked to & enslaved in the Americas as a consequence of the Atlantic slave trade" U may have seen #ADOS...that's what it means i know many aint aware.
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo @JanellRoss Reparations can be summed up in one question...Should the US have to compensate Black Americans for slavery? The answer for that is Yes, No, Maybe and/or Complicated depending on who you ask including the Black Voters themselves...#ADOS #BlacksForYang

@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo @JanellRoss To fully appreciate the #ADOS movement & quest for Reparations you have to grapple with and acknowledge the history of slavery in this country & the effects of that to this day. I have found many of my white friends..really really don't know how that era was deeply...In the 1/2
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo @JanellRoss Spirit of educating you so you have a more higher & intelligent discussion of Reparations..you have to look at the Past...Present...then set eyes on Future. It's a triangle process. Here is the reality of the Past to make you have a reference point..
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo @JanellRoss As you can see the Jim crow laws had tremendous negative impact on Blacks felt to this day...The issue of Reparations must be discussed openly from a place of understanding & not fear or blaming one another..it requires a deep honest look by the #YangGang & every American. 1/3
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo @JanellRoss #BlackWallStreet #Blacktwitter #BlacksForYang
A 2016 poll by Marist College Boston found that 68 percent of Americans do not think reparations should be paid to #ADOS compared with 26 percent who said they should. Among African-Americans, 58 percent support and 35% oppose.
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo @JanellRoss The big question upon us on Reparations is really whether the history of slavery n racism has an impact on Blacks today esp the wealth gap...It seems among Americans no agreement.. very surprising poll to me! I'd like some open discussion on this poll..what's ur thoughts on it?
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo @JanellRoss Here is another poll that includes Asian Americans..#YangGang...My question to you is do you believe the history of slavery has an impact on blacks today? Comment please..(all thoughts and reasons welcome..don't be shy;) and RT** I'd like to hear ur perspective on this poll
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo @JanellRoss When we try to reach Black Voters you cannot avoid talking about the issue of race for fear of being labelled as "identity politics" ..check thread 1 for definition. Race affects lives in America in various way including Reparations issue...#BlackTwitter #BlackWallStreet
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo @JanellRoss Reparations as you can see evokes different reactions from ALL ...That said what do other candidates believe in? Other than @marwilliamson who is definitely for it extremely comfortable talking about race more than Yang i must say...i dunno the others.
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo @JanellRoss @marwilliamson My experience is many white people really have no idea about how Reparations is or would work or race relations...so i encourage you to read @marwilliamson work to hear the perspective of a white person who is comfortable to talk race then open yourself to reading...
@AndrewYang @M_CouncilOfYang @KamilaGem @YehsBeatsNo @JanellRoss @marwilliamson Black writers on the issue to have an intelligent discussion of the matter that has a nice dose of emotions, rationality, empathy, compassion & logic...listen to both sides of the argument for & against by both whites/blacks/Asians...I will tag people who can provide you with...
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