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(THREAD) Today's news on Rudy Giuliani being interviewed by the FBI is a *bombshell*. It reveals that Giuliani has been *lying* about the #OctoberConspiracy that gave Trump the election for over a year and a half. I hope you'll read on for more details and share this with others.
1/ Back in October 2016, Giuliani said Trump had a surprise "up his sleeve" that would turn the tide of the election. He also said he was getting information from "current" FBI agents. But he wouldn't reveal what the surprise was and wouldn't reveal which agents he had spoken to.
2/ After the media began accusing Giuliani of having advance knowledge of Comey's decision to reopen the Clinton case, he did two things that investigators have clearly taken note of: the first is that he *lied* about the nature of the October "surprise" he had earlier spoken of.
3/ Giuliani told Chris Matthews and others in the media that he'd in fact been discussing a new "ad campaign" the Trump campaign planned to roll out pre-election. Matthews and others noted that this didn't track with the timeline Giuliani had offered or make much sense generally.
4/ Giuliani *also* backtracked on whether he'd spoken to "current" FBI agents (which would be illegal), even though he'd used the word "current" on-air *and* had specifically said that the current FBI agents he was speaking to didn't want their names known "for obvious reasons."
5/ Today's BREAKING NEWS that Rudy Giuliani was interviewed by the FBI weeks ago has blown wide open the lies Giuliani told on multiple media outlets just days before the 2016 election—and confirms these lies were part of a conspiracy to obscure FBI leaks.…
6/ Because Giuliani knew that lying to the FBI is a crime, he had to change his pre-election story *dramatically*—though who knows if even his *new* story is true. Critically, though, he revealed that his "ad-campaign" cover story was—as journalists had assumed—a bold-faced lie.
7/ From today's report: "Giuliani told the FBI agents who interviewed him that he...[was] speculating that FBI agents were so upset by Comey’s decision not to charge Clinton with any crimes that they would 'revolt' leaking damaging information about her or by resigning..."
8/ Moreover, Giuliani is refusing to tell the media the name of the second FBI agent he spoke with—the first being James Kallstrom, former boss of "True Pundit," an online fake-news purveyor who published leaked intel on the Clinton probe—though we don't know if he told the FBI.
9/ That Giuliani revealed he'd spoken to Kallstrom—who is retired—but won't reveal the name of the second person he spoke to seems to suggest that that person is an active FBI agent, just as he had said on-air in October 2016 before taking it back when he realized what he'd done.
10/ The bigger issue is this: we now know Giuliani went on a media blitz in October 2016 presaging that a massive "FBI revolt" would lead to "leaks" pre-election in the Clinton case—and then lied *ruthlessly* about what he was doing and what he was referring to when called on it.
11/ But it's clear Giuliani is still lying, and if he told lies to the FBI he can expect to be indicted for it. (That's right, yet another lawyer to the president getting indicted.) How do we know he's lying? Because the Trump campaign was much more involved in this than he says.
12/ How do I know Giuliani is lying? Well, the FBI "revolt" that would lead to "leaks" pre-election was being *led* by *yet another Trump lawyer*, Joe diGenova. I've done some threads on this—using all public sources—that I strongly urge everyone to read.
13/ In other words, people close to Trump weren't just *watching* this "revolt" from the sidelines—they were *offering material assistance* to the rogue pro-Trump FBI agents to *assist* them in getting their story to the media and to Devin Nunes in Congress *before the election*.
14/ *That's* why Giuliani was *guaranteeing*, on-air, that Trump had an "October surprise" up his sleeve. Because he knew that Trump compatriots would ensure that the targeted FBI leaks Trump wanted in the days before the presidential election *would* get out and be aired widely.
15/ I know about this story because I've been covering it since December 2016. My attempts to get the story into the mainstream media were unsuccessful, but now everyone is putting together the pieces I wrote about in three lengthy articles post-election.…
16/ The article in the preceding tweet is from December 22, 2016. The article *below* was written on December 15, 2016. It was met with only derision in the mainstream media, but now what I wrote about then—well over a year and a half ago—is breaking news.…
17/ *This* article about the #OctoberConspiracy was written on December 23, 2016:…
18/ On January 17, 2017, several days before Trump's inauguration, I then wrote a summary article that incorporated (via links) all three of my lengthy December 2016 Huffington Post articles on the #OctoberConspiracy:…
19/ We've now received *confirmation* from the DOJ Inspector General that what the New York Times wrote at the end of October 2016 was *correct*—Comey handing the election to Trump by reopening the Clinton case was in part prompted by leak threats from rogue pro-Trump FBI agents.
20/ The Inspector General confirms his investigation into the #OctoberConspiracy leaks continues—and that he will be issuing a separate report on the subject. This, coupled with today's news, suggests that there are more bombshells coming on this Watergate-level conspiracy. /end
PS/ In recent weeks, I've been involved in tracing the NYPD leaks to Erik Prince and the FBI leaks to fake-news website True Pundit—I'm working with multiple media outlets on this. I can say the latter leak looks to be tied to Flynn; the former may be connected to Michael Osgood.
PS2/ "Thomas Paine"—"True Pundit"—self-identifies as a friend and ex-employee of Jim Kallstrom, so Kallstrom has always been a major figure here. And like Giuliani he gave eyebrow-raising interviews to Fox News in October 2016. But Flynn's role ties this directly to the campaign.
PS3/ Not only did Flynn amplify the FBI leak True Pundit published, it seems he's tied to people there. More should be coming on this in the weeks to come. But we also have Judicial Watch-FOIAed emails confirming McCabe and Comey knew of FBI leaks to True Pundit pre-Comey Letter.
PS4/ So there's documentary *and* testimonial evidence that illegal FBI leaks men in Trump's orbit were encouraging, orchestrating, and disseminating pre-election *were* a key part of Comey's calculus in bucking FBI regs and making a decision data analyses say swung the election.
PS5/ I said in 2016 and will say again that the #OctoberConspiracy is as big a scandal as the Russia probe, as it handed Trump the presidency (whereas the Russia probe is revealing federal crimes—including impeachable ones—but is less clear about direct effects on the election).
NOTE/ Trump gave Kallstrom—not a typo: Trump gave *Kallstrom*—$1.3 million during the 2016 presidential campaign, leaving open the possibility Trump was stupid enough to actually *pay* Kallstrom for the active-FBI-agent access that gave him the election.…
NOTE2/ A note to investigators: don't forget that, on October 28, 2016, Giuliani told Lars Larsen he'd been told of the Weiner emails "three or four weeks" earlier—which means (a) he heard of them *days* (at *most*) after the FBI found them and (b) it's possible *Nunes* told him.
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