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Trump is having a rally in West Columbia, South Carolina. I will tweet tweets about it. Mute this thread if you do not want the tweets.
Trump's speech has been delayed. "Air Force One has been circling Columbia Metropolitan Airport for more than 30 minutes due to a storm," pool reports.
The president has landed in South Carolina. Air Force One circled the airport for more than an hour, pool reports.
Trump begins by making the following claim of his "rocky" flight: "They said, 'sir would you mind going back. Would you mind if we didn't stop?' I said, 'there's no way.'"
Trump tries to make fun of Mark Sanford, who famously claimed to be hiking the Appalachian Trail while he was with his lover in Argentina, but Trump calls it "the Tallahassee Trail."
Trump expresses best wishes to Republican candidate Katie Arrington, who beat Sanford in the primary and then suffered serious injuries in a car crash. He says she won "against a guy I've never liked too much. Never liked him too much."
The president is listing various states he won in the 2016 election.
Trump says "strong borders." The crowd embarks on a "build that wall" chant. There is fist-pumping.
Trump says South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster is good in varous substantive ways and also "sort of like this handsome guy." I believe he is commenting on men's handsomeness much more frequently in the last couple months.
McMaster, in a brief speech, says there was thunder and lightning "and then the REAL force of nature got off the plane."

"Donald Trump has kept every promise that he's made. We love him," he says.
Trump says that the "fake news" media is going to say it was "humiliating" to Trump if McMaster loses, "So please get your asses out tomorrow and vote."
The president on being in Asia and not the United States: "There's like this massive difference in time. Who knows."
"Look at all those fake newsers back there," the president says to encourage more booing.
Trump was about to accuse the "fake news" of not covering something today, then he got distracted by himself and never finished.
Trump is touting what he says are his accomplishments with North Korea, including getting prisoners back and a halt to nuclear and missile testing.
Trump is doing his routine about how he made the Olympics a success, because he got North Korea to participate, and that boosted ticket sales, because before, "People did not want to be nuked in a stadium as they watched the opening ceremonies."
Trump boasts that North Korea took down anti-American signs - "like I put up anti-media signs all over the place."
Trump criticizes the media for allegedly saying, of his North Korea meeting, "Hillary Clinton could've done that."

"I don't think so," he says. There is a loud "lock her up" chant.
Trump is doing some extended mockery of Hillary Clinton. "She blamed everybody for losing the election except for one person: herself. And you know the funny thing is..."
Trump is now *praising* Clinton because he feels people are calling her a bad candidate to minimize his own accomplishment in beating her: "Honestly she was a tough candidate. She wasn't a bad candidate. But they refuse to say I was a good candidate."
Trump is now boasting that filmmaker David Lynch thinks he might go down as one of the greatest presidents in history. The president is...not sticking to topics for a long period of time.
Trump says his supporters are the real elites. "You know what you are? The super-elites. I'm changing titles."
Trump on his base: "You're smarter, you're better, you're more loyal. We have the greatest base in the history of politics."
OK now we're on Jimmy Fallon. The president: "The guy screws up my fair, goin' back and forth. He was so disappointed to find out it was real, he couldn't believe. Well that's one of the great things I got. Everyone used to say my hair's phony..."
The president says his hair has been blown around in rainstorms and shown to be authentic. "If it's not your hair, don't run for office, folks."
Now we're on Stephen Colbert. "What a lowlife," Trump says.
Donald Trump: "I can laugh at myself...But there's no talent. They're not like talented people. Johnny Carson was talented."
The president on Jimmy Fallon: "He looks like a lost soul."
I don't say this lightly: this is one of the weirdest speeches I've ever seen Trump give.
Trump says NBC might be worse than CNN even though his ratings on NBC were so good. "And they wanted to renew my contract. They wanted to renew my contract."
The president notes that Arnold Schwarzenegger took over his show and got much worse ratings. He says his wife told him, "You know there's nobody that can take your place." He adds: "How smart is that?"
Trump on the first lady: "She has got a great style."
The president says the first lady had a kidney operation, didn't get a facelift. "I would let you know," he says.
The president says Gallup also "treats me horribly." He explains: "You know, polls are fake news also."
Trump says "15,000 or 20,000" people couldn't get into his Minnesota rally. He originally tweeted 10,000, then the next day said 15,000, now has added another 5,000.
After a build that wall chant erupts, Trump falsely says, "It's not build that wall anymore. It's continue building that wall. Because we're building it." Wall construction hasn't begun. Trump then adds his usual false claim about the wall being built in San Diego.
The president: "Some people have said I have the greatest political instincts in 50 years. I don't think so. But I have my own feeling."
After talking about North Korea - and himself, really - the president spent about 17 minutes speaking solely about himself, celebrities, and his wife, without even a hint of a policy issue.
Trump on Democrats: "They don't like Border Patrol. They don't like your police. They don't like anybody."
Trump is repeatedly accusing Democrats of not caring if criminals enter the country. "They don't mind crime," he says. He adds: "It's the party of Maxine Waters - do you believe her?" (Boos.) "No no, this has become the party of Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi."
Trump is repeating his almost certainly fictional claim that someone came to him and said they need 5,000 more immigration judges. One of his lie tells is when he tells a story about someone telling him something and calling him "SIR." "SIR, we need 5,000 judges."
Trump falsely says "we have thousands of judges already" on immigration. Congress has budgeted for 484 judges. Fewer than 400 are currently in place.
Trump keeps falsely claiming everyone thought there would be war with North Korea - but interestingly, in doing so, he keeps thoroughly explaining how damaging a war with North Korea would be.
Trump: "CANADA. You know Canada - nice guy, nice guy. Prime Minister. Justin. I say Justin, what's your problem, Justin. So Canada. O Canada. I like their national anthem. I like ours better, however."
Trump is now ranting about Trudeau's G7 press conference. He complains about Canada's milk tariffs, and he adds, "Their lumber is a disaster with us."
Trump on his connection to the European Union: "I had two parents. European Union."
Trump notes that he is threatening Canada with a tariff on "your cars." Many of those cars are made by American companies and have heavy American content.
Trump says Canada and the European don't allow access to US farmers. Canada is the top market for US agriculture exports. The EU is fifth. $32 billion total in 2017.
Trump criticizes the military spending of NATO allies. "I think we should pay the same as Germany," he says. Germany spends about 1% of GDP on defence, the US closer to 4%.
Trump falsely claims the US "lost $817 billion" on trade last year. The trade deficit was $566 billion when counting goods and services. The $800 billion figure ignores trade in services. This is about the 39th time Trump has said this as president.
Trump says he can tell a guy in front of him in the audience is successful. "I can see the eyes," he explains.
As he has at every recent rally, Trump angrily recounts John McCain's health care vote: "He went nooo. Well he campaigned on repeal and replace...perhaps he was grandstanding. Who knows what he was doing....everybody said what the hell happened?"
Trump says he has not been using the Teleprompter all night because it's "boring." He mocks his own regular speech lines, saying in an exaggeratedly boring voice, "America is back. Bigger and better and stronger than ever."
"Now it's 511 days," the president says of his 522-day-old administration.
Trump says American air is better than ever. The American Lung Association tells me this might be true -- because of regulations put in place before Trump, none by Trump.
Trump does his now-regular false claim about cutting more regulations than any president "whether it's four years, eight years, 16 years." The longest-serving president died after just over 12 years. He just keeps saying it.
Trump on the invasion of Iraq: "I believe it was the worst decision in the history of our country."
Trump says that "NASA is now open for business," but he says he prefers that wealthy men do their own space exploration: "You got rich guys, for whatever reason, they love rockets. We don't have to put up so much money."
Trump says that his government will "take all the credit" if rich guys achieve a big achievement with their privately funded space exploration. "Nobody's going to remember their name," he says, but they'll remember "our name."
For at least the 15th time, Trump falsely claims the U.S. has spent $7 trillion in the Middle East. He has wildly exaggerated a Brown University estimate of $5.6 trillion including estimated future costs.
Trump lists the branches of the military, then adds that there will be "Space Force." People love the Space Force, he says with a touch of surprise.
Well, that speech is over.
Obviously this should say "hair" and not "fair."
An important thing I missed:
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