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you won't find this in @60Minutes but #CAGOV @GavinNewsom, #NYGOV @andrewcuomo and #VAGOV @RalphNortham partnered with CVS, a key donor of them and their Democratic allies, for vaccine distribution…
Campaign finance reports skillfully obtained and extensively reviewed by the @FreeBeacon show that @cvspharmacy donated tens of thousands of dollars to the @DemGovs last cycle.…
Why does it matter? According to @CBSNews's piece on #FLGOV @RonDeSantisFL: "Distributing vaccines is lucrative. Under federal guidelines, @Publix, like any other private company, can charge Medicare $40 a shot to administer the vaccine."…
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Update on #RebekahJones situation in Florida: Agents raid home of fired Florida data scientist who built COVID-19 dashboard…

Background: Fired Florida Data Scientist Launches A Coronavirus Dashboard Of Her Own… Screenshot from https://t.c...
Support #RebekahJones. See details upthread☝🏼about police raiding her family’s home today.

#RightMatters #FactsMatter #ListenToScientists #FLPol #COVID…
Republican political appointee in Florida to resign over the issues related to #RebekahJones and the handling of #COVID data. Thank you for standing up for what’s right,
Ron F.
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We should do a whole thread of all the photos. We can call it the “I never knew the guy, I was dead at the time!” thread. 🙄 #Parnas #Fruman #LevAndIgor #Correia #Kukushkin
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Affidavit of Chelsey Marie Smith filed in Caldwell v. Snipes.
#FLSen #FLGov
The affidavit is from 2016 and is included as background to show a pattern of misconduct by Snipes.
Caldwell wants an injunction forcing Snipes to remove from the count absentees ballots that were received after the legal deadline.

He is represented by former U.S. Senator George LeMieux.
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[Thread] This week's Voting Rights Roundup newsletter: 2018 was a smashing win for North Carolina democracy, breaking the GOP's veto-proof legislative majorities & paving the way for the Dem-majority NC Supreme Court to strike down the GOP's gerrymanders…
Florida voters delivered a huge blow against a remnant of Jim Crow by automatically restoring voting rights to up to 1.4 million people who have fully completed their felony sentences. FL had barred 1 in 10 adults from voting, including 1 in 5 black people…
Michigan voters struck a critical blow against GOP gerrymandering by passing an independent redistricting commission. The GOP has won at least 1 legislative chamber despite losing the popular vote in 5 of the last 9 elections, including both chambers 2018…
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THREAD: No one is above the law. Especially not the President.

And across the country, Indivisibles are joining the @MoveOn #NobodyIsAboveTheLaw mobilizations right now 👇
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The Florida governor’s race is now within the automatic recount margin (at .47 vs a required .50). Gillum concession still stands as of now but he is calling for every vote to be counted. Provisionals and absentees still being tallied. #FLGov not quite over yet.
Also as some of you have mentioned in the replies, the Democratic candidate for Agricultural Commissioner, Nikki Fried, has now gone ahead of her Republican opponent in the recount, 50%-49.9%. Welcome to Florida elections, everybody!
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I wrote the thread below on Monday to preview #overlookedelectionstakes: stuff that's way-under-the-radar but so crucial. Now that you've digested the big-picture stuff, time to delve back into all that. In this new thread, I'll review the results of those stakes—& add new ones.
North Carolina: GOP's rumored hope to pack state Supreme Court was thwarted as civil rights attorney Anita Earls ousted Justice Jackson & expanded Dems' majority from 4-3 to 5-2. (Court can only have 2 more seats.) Matters for voting rights litigation. #overlookedelectionstakes
New Hampshire: Safiya Wazir, a one-time refugee, ousted state Rep. Dick Patten in a Dem primary. But Patten attacked Wazir for being an immigrant & a mother, & he endorsed Wazir's GOP opponent. Yesterday, Wazir won. She's heading to the state House. #overlookedelectionstakes
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ELECTION NIGHT THREAD: This will be my thread for the night, starting with this great story from @katherinemiller, with its hour-by-hour accounting of what is going on tonight and when it's (likely) going to happen.…
And ... polls are closed in Kentucky and Indiana.
NOTE: As happens every election, there'll be a couple polling places/counties in several states that stay open later due to issues from earlier in the day. So, check your specific county/polling place if you need to vote! For ex, Monroe County in Indiana:…
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Wait? The oh so charming Omar Smith from Gillum’s campaign was also the treasurer of a PAC? Aren’t they not supposed to coordinate directly with candidates? #FLGov
Should be noted the PAC’s status was recently revoked, Omar wasn’t a very good treasurer probably distracted by all the damn crackers.…
Last letter on file to Omar was October 1st🧐…
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Newsday --- October 28th, 2018 --- Sun
Nov 6th, 2018
9 Days Until Mid-Terms

Daily Reminder That Democrats...

1- Are Socialists
2- Want your guns taken away and your family killed.
3- Protects millions of Mexican Illegals
who will hurt your daughters (Mollie Tibbetts)
Newsday --- October 28th, 2018 --- Sun
Nov 6th, 2018
9 Days Until Mid-Terms

Daily Reminder That Democrats...

1- Are Socialists
2- Want your guns taken away and your family killed.
3- Protects millions of Mexican Illegals
who will hurt your daughters (Mollie Tibbetts)
Newsday --- October 28th, 2018 --- Sun
Nov 6th, 2018
9 Days Until Mid-Terms

I am adopting "The Wictor Block" Rule:

Be smart/playful/sincere....Feels Good Man

You come at me too hard and aggressively....looking for a response:
I will Block and Move On.
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Huge weekend for Democratic gubernatorial candidates getting major newspaper endorsements. (THREAD WARNING)
In #iagov, @FredHubbell got endorsed by the 2 largest papers in Iowa on Sunday.

1. @DMRegister: "He is perhaps the most qualified person in decades to seek Iowa’s governorship"

2. @gazettedotcom: "Hubbell is the best choice to dramatically change course at the Statehouse."
In #FLGov, Andrew Gillum got the endorsement of the @orlandosentinel and the @MiamiHerald. He's now been endorsed by the 4 biggest newspapers in Florida.

Sentinel: "His platform is geared toward the middle class"

Herald: "The best candidate to pull Florida back to the center"
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"James Stachowiak is a multiple felon who regularly posts online videos calling for black people to be shot on sight."

He & his comrades have also been harassing Stacey Abrams’ campaign, but please, tell us again about leftist mobs…
.@NYGovCuomo assigns NY State Police Hate Crimes Unit to assist NYPD in its investigation of the "Proud Boys" mob violence, calls for an FBI inquiry into the far-right attacks…
Under pressure after video showed "Proud Boys" thugs beating several protesters and responding officers not arresting anyone, the #NYPD now plans to charge at least 9 neo-fascists and 3 leftist protesters with riot and assault…
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Democrats in Florida have 2 chances to make history in 2018:

1. By electing @andrewgillum to #FLGov.

2. By taking the FL State Senate back after *24* years.

If you know of ANYONE in Florida, or have ANY Floridian followers, please share!
The Florida State Senate is made up of 40 seats.

22 seats are currently held by Republicans, 16 are held by Democrats, and 2 are vacant.

Democrats need a net gain of +5 seats in order to take the chamber.
Florida State Senate elections are staggered, so only 22 of the 40 seats are up for grabs in 2018.

Gaining 5 seats is tough, but the numbers prove it’s doable.

Please spread the word about these Democratic contenders!
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Rough 2018 TV spending numbers in #flgov primary:

Greene: $13,495,158
Levine: $10,685,644
Graham: $5,402,488
King: $3,877,897
Gillum: $98,490

But not all TV is equal. In gross rating points...
Broadcast TV gross rating points through this week:

Levine: 33,390
Greene: 32,990
King: 21,657
Graham: 9,490
Gillum: 0

What this means is...
Hypothetically, spread over 10 markets imperfectly because markets are different and not everyone is spending in all, the average voter has seen ads by these candidates this many times:

Levine: 33
Greene: 33
King: 21
Graham: 11 (number above was actually 11,417 GRPs)
Gillum: 0
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THREAD: We're fact-checking President @realDonaldTrump's speech tonight in Tampa in support of FL gov candidate @RonDeSantisFL. #TrumpTampa
We fact-check Rep. DeSantis over at @PolitiFactFL:… He is running against Ag Commissioner @adamputnam in the GOP primary Aug. 28
@RepDeSantis pledging to bring E-Verify to Florida. It did not happen for @FLGovScott…
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