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• NanWoo/YeonCy AU•

In which Yeonwoo crushed in a cafe to study but only to be distracted by a part-time worker, Nancy.

SocialMediaAu! HighschAu!

#nancy #yeonwoo #momoland #nanwoo #yeoncy
Main leads profile —> beginner barista nancy, confident and popular yeonwoo!
Nancy’s bestfriends/workmates/friend-enemies: Jooe the annoying bestfriend of hers, daisy who’s always stuck with the bestfriends and ahin, who always get teased by a 2cm taller nancy
Yeonwoo’s main clique: 98liner’s obvious flirtings, Hyebin the third-wheeler and Jane the top dancer in school (in the same dance team as daisy)

All members are in the same school except nancy and jooe :)
Yeonwoo wonders why she’s still friends with hyebin and nayun
The squad panicking after finding out what yeonwoo did
Yeonwoo shares her embarrasement with her “supportive” squad
Nancy’s POV
Yeonwoo getting ignored by a shy nancy
Nancy didnt want to seem rude. But its maybe it just because she’s worried about Yeonwoo????
Yeonwoo realised nth is working out the way she wanted it to be.

She’s desperate and deadly serious.
Yeonwoo should thank Mr Kwon for holding her back
Yeonwoo finally showing her moves after mia-ing on Nancy the whole day.
“Dont mess with Lee Seungri”

Nancy teaches Daisy a lesson 💁🏻‍♀️😎
Poor hyebin 🤦🏼‍♀️
Yeonwoo finally scoring her dream date
Nancy follows back and Yeonwoo hope shes not the only excited one 🤭🤭🤭
Yeonwoo prepares for a perfect date
Jooe having the time of her life teasing her bestfriend
Yeonwoo barely breathing even before the date officially starts 🤦🏻‍♀️
How do you guys want me to post about nanwoo’s date?
Since the votes are pretty much equal, i’ll both 😂😂😂
If Yeonwoo was nervous, she did a great job in masking it.

“Hey. I’ve got this for you.” Yeonwoo smiles charmingly, holding out the pretty white baby breath.

“Its pretty.” Nancy accepts in with a smile.

“Not as pretty as the one holding it.”
Yeonwoo being nervous and suddenly being bold
Yeonwoo asking Nancy to brew her a coffee during their coffee date 🤦🏻‍♀️

“I’m going to ask you to make me coffee everyday from now on.”

“How are you gonna pay me?”

Yeonwoo lean forward, puckering her foam tainted lips.


Nancy facepalmed.
Yeonwoo sees some hope
Nanwoo tweets abt their little coffee date. Yeonwoo trying to ask nancy out for another (study) date again.
Nancy’s protective friends. Maybe the next “date” will be at the cafe?
Only 2 days had passed and Yeonwoo is already love sick. Maybe she forgotten that Nancy is following her on twitter...?
Seems like Yeonwoo would have to bear a little while longer to see Nancy 🤷🏼‍♀️ and will jooe keep her promise? 🤔 or will she end up eating her own fart? 💨 💨
Yeonwoo shamelessly asking for a selfie and gets a heartattack when she sees the finger heart
The squad realised that yeonwoo is in deep shit and Nayun forms a “Lee Dabin cupids” group to help the helpless playgirl.
Jooe standing up for Ahin who was being teased (?) by a staff while Nancy & Daisy the peace lovers, remains unbothered.
Operation 1: making friends with nancy’s squad
Shld I make...
Lazy diasy kicking nancy out of the grp and the 99liners are on board with Nanwoo operation 101
So sorry guysss been really imactive and busy :((( hope you all are still interested in this au hehe 😅😅😅
Nanwoo clique’s meet up and their 26 plans to make Nanwoo operation 101 succeed
Not really cupids anymore 👀 and smarty pants Taeha bribing Yeonwoo with Nancy list 🤭🤭
Yeonwoo gets suspicious of the list and decides to ask Nancy which perhaps made her look like a byun 😂😂😂
Yeonwoo digging her own grave 🤦🏻‍♀️
The start of Yeoncy / Nanwoo study date
Nancy’s clique live tweets about the study dates and Hyebin still stuck in the toilet 🚽
Daisy’s live update about Nanwoo Pt.2
Seems like we have a new ship name 😂 YeonNan! If yeonwoo and nancy says kts YeonNan then its YeonNan!!!! No? 😂😂😂
The full squad is here!
Dinner invitation
Yeonwoo secretly texts them while pretending to listen to Nancy’s explanations
Nancy noticed her friends getting along too well with her admirer’s clique.

“Yah, Lee Joowon. Since when do you know them?”



“We met up. Daisy introduced us to them.”

“without me??? Why?”

“You aint part of the operation squad.”
BBQ restaurant because they are meat lovers 🍗 🥩
< New cameo! >

Captain of the cheerleader team. One of Yeonwoo’s ‘girlies’. A platonic friend who plays along well with Yeonwoo’s flirts.

(Nope i’m aint making anyone a villain 😈)
Time for jelly Nancy to make her appearance 🙂
Reactions pt.1
Reactions pt.2
Yeonwo seeks help
Jooe being the middle person
Okay guys i need sleep 😂 i will update soon but just a quick qn! I’m planning to make a kwonchaeng / biyeon au (izone chaeyeon x eunbi) after this au and idk if i should 😅 are there any kwonchaeng + yeonnaen shippers here like me hehe
After 3 days... Yeonwoo is losing her mind
Stubborn ae-naen
Yeonwoo confessing online and hopefully nancy sees it
Credits to lee joowon
Impatient usain boat
Yeonwoo is all set and determined
Yes, Yeonwoo did booked an appointment to look her best because she has limited knowledge with make up (like me)
Nayun the love guru
At 3:15pm, she reached nancy’s school.
At 3:16pm, after receiving the text from Yeonwoo, Nancy ran out of the class.

“Where are you going?”
“Dabin unnie is here, is need to see her.”
Yeonwoo is extremely motivated now
everyone hoping that a miracle would happen to yeonwoo
Yeonwoo is jus so whipped
On the day of english test 😰
“MARSHMELLOW!” Yeonwoo dashed towards Nancy and hugged her tightly, “IM FINALLY DONE!”

Nancy chuckled and pulled back fo see the stupid grin on Yeonwoo’s face.

“you look stupid.”

“..and attractive.”

Yeonwoo flirts and Nancy (and everyone) agrees.
Hyebin is glad that her RUDE bestfriend has finally found the right one.
Gay panic
Yeonwoo could get used to this
2 months of dating
We are all Jooe
Jooe is cancelled 🤧
“Yah yah get out of my house!” Jooe hissed at the sight of her bestfriend side hugging her “girlfriend” and laughing at smth only the two knew abt.

Yeonwoo smirks and shrugged, pulling the younger girl to the door.

Yeonwoo is finally gonna pop the question out.
Time to celebrate 🎉
The nosy best-friends
Because YeonNaen is too lazy to reply to their respective gc(s)
|| END ||
Sooo here comes the end of my 1st ever AU 😢 Thanks so much for the amt of support & attention you guise had given for this AU. Thanks for reading it till the end and sorry if that its lacking in all sort of way 🙃 ——-
The ending was pretty much messed up but i did enjoyed myself a lot with this! This won’t be be the last YeonNaen or Nanwoo AU! I promise 🤗 maybe i might just write another one after my Kwonchaeng AU ✌🏻
Till next time 💕
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