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So, something about this woman peaked my interest- have no idea why. Perhaps she looks like someone I once knew... Anyway, when something sticks out to me like this, I have to investigate further. Here are some things I have found interesting so far.....
2) First off she was Chief of Staff at FiscalNote.
Here's FiscalNote's mission statement:
Information Changes Everything
From people, to policy, to politics, FiscalNote is on a mission to reinvent the way organizations around the world understand the bigger picture.
3) From their website: 'FiscalNote began out of our desire to answer a fairly simple question: why isn’t there a way to keep track of what’s happening in government — at every level — in a simple, comprehensive, and reliable way?'
4) 'With a background in public service and a major in public policy, Co-Founder and CEO Tim Hwang — who at the time was a rising senior at Princeton — thought this was a problem worth solving.'
5) Tim Hwang & friends Gerald Yao, & Jonathan Chen spent the summer of 2013 hunkered down in a Silicon Valley Motel 6 with $2,000 of funding & a mission: to build a platform that combined global government data, analytics, and tools to better connect the world to its governments.
6) Today, FiscalNote supports thousands of organizations working in over 25 countries. As we've grown, our mission has expanded beyond government affairs into digital advocacy and issues management, uniting the work of professionals across public, corporate, & government affairs.
7) Wow! That sounds like this whole FB, Twitter and GOOG problem is right in their wheelhouse right? 'Digital Advocacy and issues management uniting public and government affairs'.
8) 'We’ve always believed that emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing hold the key to understanding and doing something about the biggest issues in connecting the digital world and governments.'
9) AI and machine learning? Sounds like we are creating bots to manage the data for big government. Wonder who would be interested in using this technology? Intelligence?
10) Here is a link of FiscalNote's leadership team. Feel free to dive into this rabbit hole at will.
11) Here are some of the things that FiscalNote can do:
12) 'While the concept itself isn't new, FiscalNote is the first technology platform designed to bring together the work of public, corporate, and government affairs across the different phases of issues management - Discovery, Planning, Execution, and Measurement.'
13) This company sounds like they were built to 'BRIDGE' the gap between public, corporate, and government affairs. Making it a hub for information sharing and collaboration between government officials and people in the corporate world.
14) So who would find this information MOST valuable? Lobbyists. You would be able to merge both sides of the lobbyist's world and use this information to manage issues for your clients on the corporate side with real time data analysis from the government side. INTERESTING...
15) 'FiscalNote’s customizable alerts and massive collection of live data — from state legislatures, to federal regulatory agencies, to governments around the world — help you stay aware of the things that matter, and filter out the distractions that don’t.'
16) Here are some of the companies listed on their website as clients:
17) Before I start sounding like a FiscalNote infomercial, I will move on. I just wanted you to understand the HUGE background of the company that the murdered young lady worked for.
18) SO. We know that she was Chief of Staff for a company that has potential HUGE ties to big tech and gov't affairs. While there are many possibilities as to why she was murdered, one thing is for sure- Their tech is CURRENTLY HIGHLY RELEVANT!
19) How many times has #Qanon mentioned 'Bridge'? 7 is the answer. Q once asked in drop 1962- What is the purpose of a bridge? In 2057, Q referenced the bridge connection people. In drop 2201, Q referenced the bridge and the msm.
20) But lets look at drop 1515 closely. The BRIDGE: Podesta Group. Bridge between media, FBI/DOJ, HRC+
So what was the Podesta Group? Lobbyists of course. Coincidence? Could be, but what have we LEARNED about coincidences over the past year?
21) NOW. Let's look at the photo of the murdered young woman. Her name is Wendy Karina Martinez. Murdered while jogging in northeast DC. She was an avid runner and trained in some way almost daily. Probably routinely.
22) Knowing someone's routine is important, if you are planning to commit a crime against them. Once you know their schedule, you are able to create a 'best case' scenario and eliminate the possibilities for failure or detection.
23) Where did the photo come from that is being used in all of the press about her murder? Facebook- Nope. Twitter- Nope. Linkedin- Nope. It came from a different social media platform.
24) Here is her profile on 'The Bridge'…
25) You can see from her profile on 'The Bridge' that she puts a lot of information out there. She was not concerned with someone being able to find her.
26) So let's look at 'The Bridge' : TheBridge is a community sitting at the intersection of tech, policy & politics. We’re increasing communication & collaboration between innovation & regulation, & growing a network of the influencers shaping the future of these industries.
27) WoW! That sounds an awful lot like the company she works for doesn't it.
28) Here is a screenshot of the type of information that is on TheBridge:
29) You see, TheBridge is NOT a social media site as we know 'social media'. It is a site that information is shared between certain individuals, companies, and government officials. Hmmm. msm information sharing? See drop 2057 and 2201 again.
30) Here are some of the recent TheBridge events:
31) Here is the 'About us' page on TheBridge website:
32) All of this could be nothing, or all of this could be key- but I know that when my gut sends me down a path, it is usually because there is something big at the bottom of that rabbit hole. Help to find answers. Wendy Martinez died for something connected here.
33) Check out the profiles of the people listed next to Wendy on TheBridge website. Communications Director of Reddit and Chief of Staff for Joe Biden & Al Gore? This young lady was NOT a nobody that was randomly murdered.
34) Interesting bed partners when it comes to 'Protecting your campaign online'.
36) Interesting article about FiscalNote:…
37) Perhaps the lobbyists are NOT FiscalNote's primary audience. Digging deeper- FiscalNote is looking to REPLACE lobbyists. “A lot of people say they’re going to disrupt lobbying. Tim is one of those people who actually has the potential to do that in the long run,”
38) That opens up a HUGE door to a room FULL of people who would have motives to send a message to the company leadership by terminating the company's Chief of Staff.
39) 'Best analogy for FiscalNote may be not Facebook but Moneyball. Lobbying, like baseball, no longer belongs to old-timers and their seasoned intuition: it is now being refined by computer data and forecasts.'
40) 'There are other new digital players in town, including PopVox and Quorum. But FiscalNote—which has 1,300 clients and is backed by $50 million in venture funding from top investors like Mark Cuban, Steve Case, and Jerry Yang.'
41) So I am going to attempt to summarize what FiscalNote does. They use their algorithms to scour websites to collect data and organize that data based on what there algorithms determine to be organic or bots.......
42) They use this data to present metrics to lobbyists and lawmakers to give them a 'big picture' analysis of 'what the people want'. As we know, ALL data can be skewed by these algorithms and what they are planning to do to 'revolutionize lobbying' will end up dictating policy.
43) The founder Tim Hwang, worked for the Obama campaign in 2008 as a teenager and has funding from people like Mark Cuban. Fairly certain that this is just another liberal revolution company. Interesting non the less. Keep an eye on them.
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