Wanna see why ES gets so much concession in DC. Did you know he was born in DC? Did you know his dad worked in the Nixon treasury dept? Did you know that starting in 1998 he began donating to both parties heavily?
#NothingToSeeHere #WhenGoogleMetWikileaks
2) In 1999 ES joined the board of The New America Foundation- THIS WOULD BE A GROUP YOU WANT TO DEEP DIVE ON- This foundation has 100+ on staff and they are used as an influence mill, placing hundreds of articles and op-eds each year.
3) The staff of the NAF are made up of National Security personnel, foreign policy engineers, and technology pundits. By 2008 ES had become Chairman of the Board for NAF.
4) As of 2013 the New America Foundation's principle funders (1,000,000+ contributors) were ES and wife Wendy, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, AND...... The US STATE DEPARTMENT! Yup, our tax $$ were/are being used to fund the propaganda machine.
5) Guess who else is on the board for the NAF: Seven members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Francis Fukuyama, Rita Houser, JONATHAN SOROS, Walter Russell Mead, Helene Gayle (Dig into her- VERY well connected), and Daniel Yergin.
6) The Chief Executive of the foundation as of 2013 is Anne-Marie Slaughter, Jared Cohen's former boss at the State Dept.- Cohen is ANOTHER one you should dig into.
7) ES, Cohen, and Anne-Marie Slaughter are all regular attendees of the Bilderberg conference. The latter was head of the State Dept's Policy Planning Staff in 2013, and called for Hussein to deploy covert ops to Ukraine and bomb Syria. She is apparently a go-getter.
8) Did you know in 2013, Google, under ES guidance, was caught red-handed giving PETABYTES (Quadrillion Bytes) of our personal information to the US Intelligence community through the PRISM program? See Q-Drops 1876 and 1948.
9) Google, upon initial research and what Google was originally based, was funded in part by Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA). The ties between Google and the Intelligence Community go back to it's origination.
10) Google's IC assistance program was in full swing back in 2003, long before PRISM, when they were allowing the NSA to violate FISA laws under the leadership of General Michael Hayden (YUP, that LOUD barking dog).
11) The name of this program was called 'Total Information Awareness' and under the guidance of the Bush WH, the NSA was collecting all information possible, sniffing it (keyword searches and associations) storing that data, and exploiting it to further THEIR agenda.
12) During this time, Google's publicly declared mission was to 'collect and organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful'. Useful for whom??? The NSA was 'donating' to that mission- over $2 million dollars.
13) In 2004, Google acquired the company Keyhole, who was a mapping tech startup. We know this now as Google Maps and that endeavor was funded by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the ClA. Are you starting to see a pattern here? Still wanna use Google?
14) What we get to see in Google Maps is NOTHING compared to what the gov't gets. Ever wonder how your phone knows to tell you how long it will get to your destination, even though you never entered where you were going? How does it know?
15) The maximum tech of Google maps is used by not only the Pentagon, but also most federal agencies and state agencies- all part of a multi-million dollar government contract.
16)In 2008, Google and the NGA teamed up again to launch the spy satellite GeoEye-1. Google shares the data from that satellite with US Military and Intelligence Communities. In 2010 the NGA awarded Google a $27 million contract for geospatial visualization services- Google Earth
17) In 2010, Google got hacked by the Chinese gov't- SUPPOSEDLY. They used that hack as justification to enter into an 'Official' relationship with the NSA, which allowed the NSA analysts to evaluate vulnerabilities in Google's hardware and software.
18) Through this maneuver, Google became involved in a program known as 'Enduring Security Framework' (ESF). This program opened the door for information sharing between Silicon Valley tech companies and Pentagon-affiliated agencies in real-time and at network speed.
19) ES & Sergey Brin, were so well connected, they were on a first name basis with Pentagon leadership. NSA Chief General Keith Alexander wrote to Brin: "Your insights as a key member of the Defense Industrial Base are valuable & ensure ESF's efforts have a measurable impact.
20) The Department of Homeland Security defines the Defense Industrial Base as "the worldwide industrial complex that enables R&D, as well as design, production, delivery & maintenance of military weapons systems, subsystems, & components to meet US military requirements.
21) The Defense Industrial Base (DIB) provides "Products & services that are essential to mobilize, deploy, & sustain military operations". This DOES NOT include the purchase of regular commercial services. Whatever makes Google a "key member of the DIB" is not commercial.
22) Let that sink in. Google, is ESSENTIAL to the US Military's ability to mobilize, deploy and sustain military operations. Puts everything that is going on in this operation in a new prospective doesn't it. Now we know why #Qanon has said that each string must carefully be cut.
23) Makes you wonder if Google is somehow at the heart of responsibility with these rogue missile launches as well. How much of our Military Industrial Base is dependent upon Google and the services it provides?
24) In 2012 Google was a big spender in DC- among the top spenders in lobbyists. More than Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman. So we know that the top lobbyists are usually military contractors and petrocarbon companies, so why is Google outspending them in DC?
25) It was all part of the Military Industrial Base marriage that had been forged. Google was now a MAJOR player in the military realm and wields all the power that comes with that relationship.
26) In 2013 Schmidt and Cohen wrote: "What Lockheed Martin was to the twentieth century, technology and cyber-security companies will be to the twenty-first. So as you can see, Google had a vision to get COMPLETELY intertwined into the Military Industrial Base, and succeeded.
27) Google has firmly entrenched themselves into the geopolitical landscape, not as a passenger, but as a driver. Within the Military Industrial Complex, they have taken charge through buying influence, a reputation for being a 'not evil corporation, & steering foreign policy.
28) In order to help fortify their new found power, Schmidt and Cohen authored a book published in 2013: 'The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations, and Business.' Sounds friendly, doesn't it?
29) This book had a lot less to do with the future of the internet, & a lot more to do with buttering the bread of Washington DC. That book was Google laying groundwork for how they were to become the preeminent geopolitical visionary. THEY NEVER THOUGHT SHE WOULD LOSE!
That is all you get for now. There will be much much more added to this thread in the coming days, so you may want to wait to roll it up. Much of the information I have shared here is from Julian Assange- 'When Google Met Wikileaks'. Assange is about to 'ARRIVE'
30) Julian Assange wrote a review of 'The New Digital Age' and it was published in the NYT on June 2, 2013. This was shortly before the first documents from @snowden were published in the Guardian and WaPo. It was titled "The Banality of Don't be Evil" #WhenGoogleMetWikileaks
31) Assange's opening line was "The New Digital Age is a startlingly clear and provocative blueprint for technocratic imperialism, from two of its leading witch doctors, Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen, who construct a new idiom for US global power in the twenty-first century."
32) This idiom was birthed by the marriage between Silicon Valley & State Dept. Forget not that Cohen was an advisor to Condoleeza Rice and HRC before he was the director of Google Ideas. ES and Cohen concocted this plan in Bagdhad in 2009- intertwining tech and US foreign policy
33) The idea behind this is to give all societies the tech needed to level the playing field. Look at what we have learned about how groups like ISIS and the Taliban have used tech to plan, organize, recruit, spread propaganda, etc.
34) ES and Cohen "fantasized about the future of "Well Resourced" revolutionary groups. A new "crop of consultants" will use data to build and fine-tune a political figure." In 2013 there were 1.5 million Android (GooG) devices activated WW per day. Let that sink in.
35) Think about what we know about ES's actions in North Korea. How about Iran? Why was ES in NK? Drop 559? 875? Why did ES (himself) arrange a C-link in multiple countries? Iran? Are you starting to see that Google is the engine that makes the DS operations run?
36) Google, as outlined in their book, takes aim at using tech to enable governments to have all data on their citizens. The government can then use this data to 'better govern' them. Google was also the 'tip of the spear' in forcing online profiles to be linked to real names.
37) This ideology is what has driven the censorship of opposition press in social media. You can say what you want as long as it fits into the boundary of what is acceptable. Who determines what is acceptable? Those who control the button of course. Think about Twit/YT bans- WHO?
38) Here is how Assange closed his review of The New Digital Age: "Without even understanding how, they have updated and seamlessly implemented George Orwell's prophecy."
39) "If you want a vision of the future, imagine Washington-backed Google Glasses strapped onto vacant human faces- forever. Zealots of the cult of consumer technology will find little to inspire them here, not that they ever seem to need it."
40) "But this is essential reading for anyone caught up in the struggle for the future, in view of one simple imperative: know your enemy" To sum up Assange's review- Google wants to collect, organize, manipulate, selectively share and weaponize the data of EVERYONE Worldwide.
41) The 'meeting' between ES and Assange had 5 players. This meeting occurred on June 23, 2011- Ellingham Hall, Norfolk England.
1. Julian Assange- Editor in chief and founder of Wikileaks.
42) 2. Eric Schmidt- Executive chairman of Google; coauthor of The New Digital Age (TNDA); member of President Obams's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology; member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).
43) Jared Cohen- Director of Google Ideas; coauthor of TNDA; former member of the State Dept's Policy Planning Staff/ advisor to C. Rice & HRC; member-the Director's Advisory Board at the National Counterterrorism Center; adjunct sr. fellow at the CFR; cofounder of Movements. org
44) Lisa Shields- VP of Global Communications and Media Relations for the CFR; former TV producer for Good Morning America and Primetime Live; former girlfriend of JFK jr, and currently in a LTR with ES.
45) Scott Malcomson- Communications Director, International Crisis Group; editor of TNDA; director of speechwriting for Ambassador Susan Rice at the US State dept in 2011-2012; lifetime member on the CFR.
46) This meeting took place while Assange wan under house arrest. Assange had a tracking beacon attached to his ankle and three beacon relay antennas were installed in the home, to report Assange's movements to the British govt.
47) "The meeting began in the kitchen over lunch, continued briefly in a drawing room, and ended with a walk that was concluded by an approaching storm." Did you catch that? A STORM ENDED THE MEETING. How appropriate.
48) There is a recording of this 3-hour meeting on the Wikileaks website: wikileaks.org/Transcript-Mee…
It will be very difficult for me to summarize this interview, because there are bits and pieces of context that are needed to fully understand why something is said a certain way.
49) I will attempt to just give you the high points and if you want to go deeper you can check out the transcript listed above or buy 'When Google Met Wikileaks' and start reading- the interview begins on page 67.
50) ES wanted to meet with Assange as research for 'The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations, and Business' - A book written by ES and Cohen, published in April of 2013. Assange was assured personal review of his comments prior to publishing- Didn't happen.
51) ES opens with: "I want to talk a little about Thor. Right. The sort of whole Navy network..." Assange interrupted to correct ES: "Tor or Thor?" Now you have one of the most tech advanced people on the planet- do you really think he did not know what Tor was? Posturing!
52) So in his opening, Assange explains why he created WL. "I felt that there was a difficulty in taking observations and, in an efficient way, putting them into a distribution system which could then get this information to people who would act upon it."
53) Assange had laid out the information landscape- Those who acted, those who distributed the information on the actions, and those who consumed the information and acted upon it.
54) Assange saw the need for WL to be the 'middle man' in this process- to get information from the people who had it to the people that wanted it. He expressed that there was a breakdown in the 'middle' of the information chain- which has been replaced by the Fourth Estate-Media
55) That breakdown was caused by the censorship 'justice' system that had caused information to bottleneck and in most cases- never reach the consumers of information. This justice system required that those looking to publish accurate detailed information be anonymous- TOR
56) ES: "So here publishing means the question of the site [WL] itself, and making the material public?"
JA: "Yes, making the primary source material public. That's what I mean by publishing."
ES: "So the first step was to make that done correctly?"
57) JA: "It was clear to me that all over the world, publishing is a problem. Whether that is through self-censorship or overt censorship."
ES: " Sorry, is that because of fear of retribution by the governments? or all kinds of stuff?"
Pay attention to this next part- important.
58) JA: 'I describe censorship as a pyramid. On the top of the pyramid there are murders of journalists & publishers. On the next level there are legal attacks- which is simply a delayed use of coercive force, which doesn't necessarily result in murder but may result in....
59) .... incarceration or asset seizure. Remember the volume of the pyramid increases as you go down from the peak, and in this example, that means that the number of acts of censorship also increases as one goes down. There are few people who are murdered, there are a few ....
60) ....public legal attacks on individuals and corporations, and then at the next level down there is a tremendous amount of self-censorship. This self-censorship occurs in part because people do not want to move up into the upper parts of the pyramid- they don't want to ....
61) .... come under legal attack & coercive force, they don't want to be killed.' So as you read Assange's words above, you can see just how the media is controlled and why JA has had a HUGE bullseye on his back for a very long time. Check this out> archive.fo/Oyczc
62) Through the creation of WL, JA had decided to take on the challenge of getting the information protected in the top two tiers of the censorship pyramid into the public realm. Extremely dangerous\extremely costly. WL has been attacked every way possible, including JA isolation
I am going to stop here for today, so you can process this information in depth. Much more to come. Most of the information- minus commentary is derived from 'When Google Met Wikileaks' written by Julian Assange. You really need to buy this book. ps247.link/HBN
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