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Remember that "Young Brexiter: the Movie"?
It led to interesting findings.
As, aside from featuring the "MBGA" red caps far right wing of Vote Leave...
(Thread here if you want details: )
It also features people who "kind of" tend to show that there truly was only one huge, coordinated Vote Leave campaign.
And not just because they were campaigning/working together (not just Vote Leave/BeLeave: more of them) or invited at Vote Leave HQ to use their phones.
Not only do email show groups working together -well, Vote Leave taking care of their communication material (and footing the bills?)...
But it must be noted that the same staff was used for different group.
To illustrate that, let's take a look at the "independent" BeLeave team.
Or to quote (Vote Leave CEO Matthew Elliott) Brexit Central's Jonathan Isaby, "Darren's no Vote Leave puppet" team.
Well guess what? Aside from "getting" VL (AIQ) money & Darren campaigning for VL ( -124/132)
3 Beleave members were app. members of VL
1 was the head of Students for Britain
1 was involved in 4 other campaign, altho 2 were app. the same (explanations later)
Let's start with Vote Leave members.
Here you have Jonathan...
Featured here in #BeLeave Action Day movie on 8 avr. 2016 -As a BeLeave campaigner
Funny that: Young Brexiter movie says Vote Leave campaigner.
Same story with Luis: Here he is a member of "independent campaign" BeLeave...
Or is it Vote Leave?
Or Liberal Leave?
(You can see another BeLeave campaigner here -Will come back to her later, let's focus on Luis for now.)
Can Steve Baker help here?
OK, so Liberal Leave.
Another "crossover" found in the movie: Here is Joe Prebble, from "Young Independence"...
(Sorry what?)
Featured here on Student for Britain's facebook page, as "just Joe".
He also can be seen on SfB's banner, together with BeLeave/Vote Leave Darren Hutchinson -sorry, Grimes now.
(Is "Just Darren" Darren?)
Now let's take a look at Beleave campaigner Tom Harwood (recently hired by Guido -You know, HK/KN company of Matthew Elliott's friend/former associate Paul Staines, linked to both the Kremlin &the global think tanks' network funded by billionaires? No? 👉)
Funny that!
In "Young Brexiters: The Movie", he's (also) listed as a Students for Britain campaigner!
But hey, maybe the movie just got it all wrong?
Let's look further...
Er -no, definitively part of Students for Britain (Vote Leave).
(As in both are linked?)
Even better: Its National Chairman.
Ooh... And here is something else that's interesting...
So Students for Britain produced the condoms used by here Vote Leave campaigner Darren as Vote Leave campaign material? (Also promoted by BeLeave)
Oh, right, they did.
Calling it *their* campaign material.
But then why write "Vote Leave" on it?
Why not "Students for Britain" -like for the beermats?
(Also who paid for that? Anyone knows?)
OK, so I have to assume that Students for Britain was indeed considered a part of Vote Leave and never ever pretended to be an independent campaign, as an independent campaign probably wouldn't have been directly briefed by a Vote Leave campaigner...
Or its CEO.
So, clearly, joint campaigning, joint expenses, etc.
Right @ElectoralCommUK?
It seems pretty clear those two campaigns were just one campaign, guess it was official? -Just wait to see what's coming at the end of the thread though.
Thus it makes me wonder if there was any coordination between SfB and Vote Leave re: the data gathered by Students for Britain.
It's hard to get info from their website, that has now become this:
"Quick Ways to Develop Money on Online Gambling Sites"
(Sorry what?)
Also note that the website of another campaign (Liberal Leave) became a Japanese legal blog offering advice on Hepatitis B claims. (Again -sorry, what?)
It's now time to get back to the most interesting part of this thread -namely Liberal Leave.
You remember Vote Leave/BeLeave Luis was a member.
Let's now look at its other BeLeave member, Anne Cremin.
(The happy winner of our "multicampaigner" award)
Here she is in the BeLeave's video..
Same images -different caption in "Young Brexiters: The movie"
Here she is as a Women for Britain campaigner (as, you know, two leave campaigns weren't enough.)
(Hey, look who's there! The woman campaigning with BeLeave Darren for Vote Leave - something the BBC -and a few other- knew for sure but seem to have forgotten -claiming the law was not at all broken as they never worked together.)
(But maybe it's not a blatant lie, you know, just a new way of talking by using terms supposed to mean the exact opposite of what they normally mean.)
Just like when Matthew explained Vote Leave had never joined forces with the other campaign -barely using/promoting a movie partially funded by LeaveEU and Vote Leave donors with Vote Leave campaigners in it. If you want details, here they are (207-223):
But anyway, let's go back to Anne Cremin, BeLeave / Liberal Leave / Woman for Britain campaigner...
Featured at Vote Leave events...
(Please note the German people who reported that apparently confused her with a simple Vote Leave member.)
Maybe because Vote Leave didn't have enough space to list all the campaigns she was a part of when it mentions her.
Which makes her -for some people, at least- a Vote Leave member.
And as we are going to see later, she apparently technically was.
Anne Cremin also happened to be part of "the young people taking part in this year's BBC Generation 2016 project for the EU referendum on 23 June"
Like Student for Britain / Young independence Joe...
Like Vote Leave / BeLeave / Featured on Students for Britain website Darren Crimes...
(Seriously? How were these people selected, and why is there no mention of their involvement in Leave campaigns? What's next, BeLeave / Students for Britain Tom Harwood?)
Then Anne ended up with a gig at the IEA -and got a job at HoC (got recommended for her political works by HoC colleague Tom Harwood - also Credit Suisse Private Fund Group guy?) -but weirdly forgot to boast about all the Leave campaigns she was a part of.
I note that ex-Leave campaigners who were part of the "senior team" and didn't say anything about law-breaking all seem to have gotten pretty nice jobs afterwards. A reward? Or a way to silence them with cash&careers?
(Just a theory)
Now let's take a closer look at Liberal Leave -As this specific group link to Vote Leave is raising a quite interesting question.
(A few questions too about member Matt Pursey -Like is there any chance he would have a clue on how Matthew Elliott went to be an electoral strategist in the countries he also worked in? Just in case it could be the same clients? Anyway. Later.)
As what I believe to be the most interesting in this (long again, eh? Blame the Leave teams for having so many intertwined links, not me) is that
*Liberal Leave was one of the groups that supported Vote Leave to help it become the official Leave campaign*.
Like Green Leaves - You know, Green Leaves?
Apparently established on March 24 (6 days before to send a letter of support? Correct me if I'm wrong) funded by RMB Associates, owned by UKIP donor Robin Birley and whose Twitter account got suspended for whatever reason.
Liberal Leave followed a quite similar path.
Not launched yet on March 10 (How did Tom Harwood know that BTW?)
Launched on the 12.
Letter to support Vote Leave 11 days later.
But wait -Is this guy saying Liberal Leave was a part of Vote Leave?
As in "Vote Leave auto-supported its application"?
(One thing for sure, Vote Leave helped Liberal Leave to write the letter.
Now -maybe I misunderstood technicalities here, or got wrong information. (Any info @shahmiruk?)
But just in case I didn't -Was Vote Leave allowed to auto-support itself in its application to become the official campaign?
@carolecadwalla @peterjukes @AdamRamsay @brexit_sham
Oh and here comes another interesting support for the Vote Leave campaign.
Conservatives for Liberty.
Now guess what network they are a part of?
Well of course.
The Atlas Network.
The Atlas Network linked to Matthew Elliott, Steve Baker, a few billionaires, Mercer's Heritage Foundation that claims to have been instrumental in bringing Brexit, and so many others...
More here:
"Funny story" considering the topic of that thread, the Atlas Network that advocates "coalition building".
Link to Steve Baker (and pro-hard Brexit think tanks like the IEA...) here...
(Summing up why an Atlas Network's arm involvement matters for those who don't have the time to read the whole research)
Steve Baker who also was a fan of coalition, advocating to build many group for the same campaign to break the spending limits -and many (supposed to be independent) groups (with staff in common and VL supervision) there were.
But hey, despite their link to the Atlas Network, maybe Conservatives for Liberty actually are a group fighting for the people against the Establishment?
So there you have it.
There was 1 VL campaign cunningly split in officially independent groups acc. to Steve Baker's plan, &VL might have never been the official campaign if it wasn't for the support of itself &the tea party billionaires' mouthpieces network.
"Will of the people"
Here are a few exchanges btw the "for Britain family separate legal entities" coming right after Baker's "cunning plan to break the spending limits" letter.
Note: No evidence that Liberal Leave (that supported VL application) was a "separate legal entity".
And here's the Telegraph basically saying:
"Shall there be a new Referendum, Leave campaigns could be unfairly prevented from breaking the law!"
-Which shouldn't be a problem though, surely it's not like lawbreaking was a necessary condition for Leave to win?
(Oh wait it was).
If Brexit isn't stopped, I "get a feeling" the police investigations will remain stalled forever. The coup is not upcoming, it's in the making, and each and every MP that will let him happen will win a place in a History book in a chapter about Fascism.
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